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The ugly duckling

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My little cousin Sophia is the ugliest girl you’d ever see in your life, seriously, she is nasty looking. But I couldn’t resist fucking.

My cousin Sophia, just turned 11, is the ugliest girl I’d ever know, seriously, I’m not saying that to be mean, she is just ugly.

She’s about 4’ tall, slim build with a hint of chubbiness to her, if you know what I mean, she has dark ginger curly hair that is never brushed that has fluff and lint all over it, she wears huge chunky black glasses, her face is covered in zits with a huge white heat spot just below her bottom lip on the left-hand side, two big front rabbit like teeth with braces that look like they’ve gone rusty because she hardly ever brushes her teeth.

A nose that never stops running, she always has a line of green snot rubbing from her nostril down to her lips, its gross when she licks it off her face, she wears horrible, horrible, clothes, when I see her come home from school in her dirty school skirt and I can see her bare legs covered in cuts and scrapes and scabs, her fingernails and all chewed and dirty underneath, she’s just so nasty and ugly.

However, last month I was at her house because it was her birthday and her parents threw her a garden party, she didn’t have any friends though, not one, the only people who were there were me, my mom and dad, her mom and dad, their neighbour and Sophia.

They put up an inflatable pool in the garden and had part food on the table with a cake in the middle, I was standing by the table tucking in to the food when Sophia came running out of the house, she was wearing a bright pink swimsuit, I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she ran by me heading towards the pool, she had a tight little ass and the front of her swimsuit was being swallowed in to the crack of her pussy, I saw her in an entirely different way in that moment.

She may have been vomit inducing ugly in the face, but everything from the neck down, was very nice indeed, I spent the afternoon watching her splash around in the pool, I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass for a second.

Once she’d blew the candles out on her cake and we sang happy birthday and gave her presents and all that shit, everyone went back in to the house as it started to get dark, my parents had been drinking so they decided we were going to spend the night there and drive home in the morning.

My parents were given the spare room and I had to share Sophia’s bed with her, it didn’t seem to cross their minds that I was a 14 year old hormonal boy, then again they probably just figured I wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole because she was that ugly anyway.

So, there I was, sleeping side-by-side in Sophia’s bed, she was wearing the pink satin pyjamas she got for her birthday, and I was in a t-shirt and boxer shorts, she was snoring her head off, she actually sounded like a snorting pig laid facing away from me, my bare legs were touching her soft satin pyjamas, I just thinking about her ass so I started to rub it over her pyjamas and I quickly got a throbbing erection.

I knew she was a heavy sleeper so as I slid my hand in to my boxer shorts and started to rub my cock, I nudged her a couple of times to see if she would wake up, I even nipped her butt cheek, she just kept snoring, so I sat up and with me no longer there propping her up, she rolled on to her back.

I rubbed my hands up the soft satin pyjama legs and up her top, feeling her form, then I started popping open the buttons on her top and pulling the sides apart revealing her naked torso, I then rubbed my hands over her naked skin, her skin was softer than the satin pyjamas, as my hard throbbing cock popped out through the flap at the front of my boxer shorts, I slowly pulled down her bottoms.

She was wearing white panties, that were piss stained yellow at the front, she really had no pride in her appearance what-so-ever, or concern for her hygiene, once they were off I gazed down at her bald little pussy and rubbed it with my fingers, it was so soft and juicy.

I spread her scab covered legs and slid my crotch down between them until I was laid on top of her, she snorted a few times when I pushed my hands under her back to hold her then, I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to look at her ugly face and then I enjoyed rubbing my cock along the crack of her pussy for a little while.

My cock started to twitch and it was getting painfully stiff, it wanted more, it could sense her pussy and it wanted in, I couldn’t stop myself any longer, I pushed my hips back, lifting my ass up in to the air which allowed my cock to slip down her crack, then I pushed forward and my tip lodged itself between her delicate flaps, I pushed harder, then a bit harder, until it finally slipped inside her.

I opened my eyes after hearing her moan, she arched her back just a bit and then relaxed and began to snore again, so I continued, pushing my cock deeper and deeper in to her tight pre-teen pussy, when I felt my tip hit her cervix I knew I could go no further, so I pulled back and then began to slowly fuck her, moving my cock in and out of her amazingly tight hole again and again.

I got really excited, her pussy made me feel so good, I laid myself completely on top of her, moving my hands down and holding on to her firm little ass, I started kissing her, it was gross but I couldn’t help it, even getting a mouth full of snot didn’t put me off, she woke up when I started to pound her pussy in to dust.

She started moaning pleasurably, a little girl’s moans sound so innocent, so angelic, and they intensified the sexual pleasure, I released a powerful ejaculation and drowned her cervix in my hot spunk, that was a moment she seemed to enjoy, her eyes widened and sparkled when she felt me come inside her.

As she laid there with her flat chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath, I told her to shush, she just stared at me but didn’t say a word, she looked down as I pulled my cock out from between her legs and my spunk started to run out of her hole.

I let her touch and examine my cock, being it was the first she’d ever seen, she was curious, fifteen minutes later I got hard again and this time fucked her up her tight little ass, she has a beautiful little ass.

Half an hour after that I decided to put her ugly face to good use, I pulled her head in to my crotch and pushed my cock in to her mouth, she quickly learned how to suck cock and it was magnificent, I held her head down at the end, and I ejaculated straight down her throat as her tonsils tickled the tip of my cock.

Fucking Sophia in every hole was so good, even she enjoyed it, I have been using her as my cum dump ever since, she’s still ugly, but at least she knows how to take a cock now.

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