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The Transfer Portal Part 1

I shook hands with John and Ty and suggested we head to the bar for a post-round beer. It wasn’t often that Carl, my regular golf partner, and I took the University’s head football coach and his agent for any money on the golf course. John, in addition to being a former NFL cornerback, was a three handicap but, like any great athlete, could up his game when the pressure was on. Ty was no slouch at a six, but today we took them on both sides for $200. A victory beer was in order. Carl and I play to a five and a six so our matches were always close.

Over a beer, we discussed next year’s team. The University was proud of its athletic department but graduation was gutting next year’s defense. John said they were going to scour the transfer market to buy a rebuilding year. If they could shore up the linebackers, get a great cornerback and a decent wide receiver he was sure a New Years Day bowl bid would be assured.

“We are still figuring out the NCAA transfer market, it is just a different style of recruiting. These guys know they have leverage if they are good and others are just looking to land somewhere. But we still need to convince them we are the best place for them to land,” Coach said as he nursed his second Sierra Nevada. “I can’t tell you how important this is to the program. Getting a couple of these needs filled is critical.” He looked at Carl and I. We understood.

Carl, one of the local businessmen was a big financial supporter of the program. My wife, Suzanne, was a grad and had always supported the school. Her girls were students and when I married into the family it was a requirement to become not only a fan but a booster. Coach was no fool, he followed the rules, but he knew that we understood his needs.

John’s agent, Ty weighed in as well. “I called Suzanne and said we had a couple prospects lined up to visit over the next couple weeks. We appreciate all you guys do.” He held up his beer and knowingly tipped it in appreciation.

I realized the next few weeks could be interesting.

That night Suzanne and I went out to one of our favorite Italian restaurants and we were enjoying a terrific Barolo after the main course when I mentioned the conversation I had had after golf. Suzanne was not surprised, having received a call from Ty.

“Honey, you know this will work, the staff will vet the potential transfers and see which ones really have a shot to help and then decide what it will take to get them to sign.” She blushed slightly, “If we can help you know we will. It’s fun!”

By “we” she meant herself and her daughters, Char and Lia. The three of them had taken recruiting to a whole new level. The very best targets, if it was determined they could be swayed were shown around campus by my step-daughters. One recent “get” also met Suzanne. Crazy as it seemed, there were no recruiting issues. The recruits just learned there were additional benefits to be had.

“Mark, that reminds me, David will be over for lunch tomorrow. You will be at the office right?” I nodded, grinned, and said that I had not forgotten.

David was a former four-star linebacker, now a redshirt sophomore starter, who was considering transferring. He was a nice kid, a bit shy for a football star, and was awkward with girls. Suzanne ostensibly tutored him in Literature. Once every couple of weeks, I wasn’t actually sure how it was all arranged he could reach out to Suzanne and come by. The reality was she was tutoring him in much more important aspects of college life.

“He is still afraid you will get mad, I told him it is fine but he is still unable to get over the time you saw us” She laughed because she knew how silly that concern was.

What had occurred was an accident, I had forgotten he was coming over and had stopped by the house after a sales call. I walked in to find Suzanne sitting on the kitchen counter, naked from the waist down her blouse open, legs parted instructing David how to eat pussy. He was completely nude, on his knees, cock at attention, hands, and mouth between her legs licking away. When he realized I was there he had terror in his eyes.

Although we tried to convince him not to worry and it was ok, he still left. He was just convinced he was about to get serious trouble. Suzanne actually had to go over to his on-campus apartment that evening and then a second time to convince him not to worry. After the second visit and second blow job at his place, which included a text from me saying hello and to enjoy her body while she was there, he finally believed her. But, we all understood, he did not want me around ever again.

“Is him transferring off the table honey?” I asked.

She nodded with a sly grin.

“Honey not only is he reading Chaucer; he has a girlfriend now and from what he says she is very happy with his techniques. Baby he really can lick pussy, he makes me cum every time. He is more confident in himself and to be honest I think he drops by now more to really visit than he does for sex.”

I scoffed that he wasn’t interested in her. I told her it must be the “Mom complex” now.

“I am dead serious Mike, the last time he came over we talked and I actually had to ask him if he wanted any. I think I wanted his cock more than he wanted me! He was happy to let me suck him off, which is truly hot for me, but it wasn’t like the first couple times where walking in the door he was a dog in heat. Let’s be honest. It is better if he wants it from his girlfriend. I can’t have too many players on my list. It gets too complicated.” She laughed but wasn’t upset at all. It wasn’t like he was the only young stud she had access to. There were a select few players Suzanne had taken a shine to.

We ordered dessert and a Sauterne to go with it and changed subjects. We discussed work, hers, and mine; she mentioned she was thinking about a new lease car, and then she mentioned Vail. We had been talking about a four-day trip in February. We both loved to ski. One of her old flames was in Denver and they had been talking. She was curious if I was up for him and his new girlfriend joining us? I knew that this was one of those questions that she didn’t want an answer to other than yes, so that’s what I said. She smiled, knowing she had me wrapped around her finger, in a good way.

When we arrived at home she checked her phone and saw she had missed two calls. She returned them while I got ready for bed. When I came out of the master bath I had on just my robe and to my pleasure she had put on a sexy short nightie, was looking very hot and I was all for it. I climbed in bed next to her, we kissed, and our hands were all over each other in seconds. I could tell she was in the mood. She wanted to fuck.

How I ended up with this sexual dynamo will always be a mystery to me but I am not complaining. Since we met and got married I just thank my lucky stars. The only thing I knew was that right now was that I was on my back, in our bed, in 69 with my wife, looking up at a taunt, tanned, nicely trimmed pussy, a beautiful tight little rosebud, and holding on to ass cheeks that spent a good ninety minutes at least every other day at the gym. While I was loving this view, my cock was down her throat, her tongue massaging my shaft, her petite hand wrapped around the base. I was very content with my station in life.

We spent the next few minutes enjoying each other. She tasted delicious and I licked, kissed, and gently sucked her lips and clit. She was getting me so close to cumming and then backing off I had a tough time concentrating on her. I worked her clit the way she liked before she tilted her ass sending me a different but very understandable message. I move a bit higher and began to eat her ass. I knew that’s what she wanted.

I had rimmed other women I had been with but Suzanne, as with everything else she did, brought me to a different plane. She told me how she loved it and how it turned her on to have men do it to her so I had become a very willing accomplice. We were still in 69 so it wasn’t my best effort but I went for it. My tongue probed her back door, my mouth was like a little suction cup on her skin and I did everything I could to enhance her pleasure. She had taken care of herself before climbing in bed. I tasted her cologne, sensed an oil of some sort. Both sensations added to her natural musk. I was really turned on. She was still sucking me and then I felt her finger probe my ass and slowly slip in it into me. That did it! She pulled me from her mouth, started pumping my shaft, her finger deeper in me and I just exploded!

She wasn’t done, after I finished spraying my cum she leaned back and ground her pussy into my face, and whispered for me to make her cum. I gladly accepted the challenge and about five minutes later felt her tense, squirm, lift off my face just a bit and then spasm. I tasted her and felt her juices flow all over my mouth before she lifted completely off me and turned to face me, smiling then kissing me deeply.

“Mike, that was just what I needed!”

I agreed and told it was perfect. She sat back and we looked each other in the eye; content. She said she needed to clean up and I realized she had most of my cum drying on her neck and upper chest. I couldn’t see since she had on the nightie but I assume some had run down to her breasts. She was so sexy, I just watched her and knew I was blessed.

She came back to bed and nonchalantly told me that the messages on her phone were from Char. Apparently recruiting began this week. She smiled and turned out the light.

I admit I couldn’t wait.

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