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The Summit

There’s not a friend I hold dearer or have had longer than Sue.  As kids in elementary school, we chased each other on the playground and spent many days playing at each other’s homes. Sue’s herculean efforts were the only reason I passed Advanced English in high school.  Then there were the countless hours in college studying together and going on outdoor adventures together.  Yet, for all that time together, our relationship has remained a friendship only. 

Sue’s currently living with her boyfriend, Robert. They’ve been together for a little over a year, and while Robert seems a nice enough guy, I can’t help but think he’s a mismatch for twenty-seven-year-old Sue.  Sue is outgoing, well-traveled, professional, loves the outdoors, and is always active, while Robert seems like a reclusive video game couch potato. Perhaps it’s a case of opposites attract, or maybe I wouldn’t think any guy was good enough for Sue. 

I’m Thomas. I’m twenty-seven, single, and have a promising career as an engineer for an environmental recovery company. I recently broke up with a girlfriend of two years. When Sue heard of the breakup, she prioritized cheering me up as a project and has insisted I have dinner out with Robert and her on Friday nights. I resisted at first, but now I look forward to and enjoy these dinners.

This last Friday night, the idea of the three of us hiking to the summit of a nearby mountain came up. We discussed it and agreed on an early rendezvous for the hike the following morning. 

Thinking back, Sue and I did most of the talking and planning as Robert silently sat back. But that’s not unusual for our Friday night conversations. Sue and I usually do most of the talking, but I always throw Robert a line to include him as well.

The following day, I arrive first at the trailhead parking area, and when Sue and Robert arrive a few minutes later, there was still no one else there.  I notice Robert stopping their car a ways off from me, and I can see them discussing something with the car running. Finally, just before I’m ready to walk over and ask what’s wrong, Sue exits from the passenger side with her daypack, slams the car door, and walks towards me as Robert does a u-turn in the parking lot and hastily drives back the way he came.

I take a moment to appreciate Sue as she’s walking towards me.  She’s wearing grey running/yoga shorts and a black spaghetti strap tank top. She’s trim yet athletic, and her movements convey grace.  Her skin almost glows, and she has a natural tan. Her hair is long, dark, and in a ponytail that swings from side to side with her stride.  Sue’s inherited many appealing physical features from her grandmother, who is Japanese.  

I’ve known Sue long enough to read her moods, and I can tell she’s annoyed and a little angry.  Approaching me, she abruptly announces, “Roberts not feeling himself this morning so he’s going back home.”

“We can cancel if you want,” I replied, but in my head, I’m hoping she’ll want to stay.

“No, Robert’s okay, and I’m looking forward to the hike. Besides, he told me to do whatever I wanted, and so that’s what I’ll do,” Sue responds, with a bit of determination in her voice.

“That great, I’ve missed hanging out together,” I respond with a grin. 

“I’ve missed that too!” Sue states with a smile.

Grabbing our day packs, Sue and I began the trail to the summit just before sunrise. The route is easy at first, but later, it will be challenging and a real workout nearer the top.  For the determined hiker, there are spectacular views and often sightings of wildlife.

As we walked, the route becomes rockier and wet, making for treacherous footing requiring concentration.  However, I find myself distracted.  Sue is in the lead, and as we climbed the rugged path, her shapely legs plus peeks of tan line butt cheek below her athletic shorts contributed to more than one stumble on my part. 

I swear she knows the effect she’s having on me and pulls her shorts up higher while giggling at my distraction.

“Your such a damn tease, Sue!”

“Why Thomas, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Sue replies, barely able to keep a straight face.

“Yes, you do!  Guys and even some girls always giving you a second look. You know you’re an attractive, sexy, and desirable woman,” I say, revealing more about my feelings than I wanted.

“So, is that the way you think of me?”  Sue asks with a sudden seriousness in her voice.    

“Yes, but you’re also my best friend,” I say quietly. 

“Interesting,” is what I think I hear Sue whisper as she continues up the track.  

We walk on in silence, and I can’t help but entertain thoughts about Sue. Of course, there were previous occasions when I’d admired Sue’s toned body. And after meeting Robert, I indeed wondered about the sex she and Robert were having. But now I find myself thinking about her and me.   

It was a beautiful but hot day and a strenuous climb. We’re both breathing hard, and I feel sweat running down my back and chest as I note a damp streak down the back of Sue’s top as well.  So, at the halfway point, we decided to take a much-needed break. Sitting on rocks in the shade, we drink water and share trail mix while talking. Sue asks how I’ve been doing since my breakup.

“Well, I miss the companionship, having someone do stuff with, and of course the sex and physical intimacy. But near the end we hardly talked, seldom had sex, and it was apparent we were both unhappy. Breaking up was the right thing to do so I don’t feel bad about it. But I do miss having someone, the right someone, and as of yet I just haven’t wanted to look for anyone else.”

“Thomas, how did you know when it was the right time to end the relationship?”

“One day I realized we’d become more adversaries than friends and that’s when I knew it was game over.”

“Wow, that’s pretty mature for the Thomas I know. I’m not sure I could be that rational in a breakup,” said Sue.

“I’ll be happy to share more of my vast mature wisdom later if you ask nicely but we need to get back on the trail now, Sue.” 

Playfully tossing a twig she’d been holding at me, Sue gathers up her daypack and heads up the trail laughing while calling back, “All your vast mature wisdom, Thomas, would take less than two minutes for you to share.”

Grinning and shaking my head, I gather my things and slog up the trail behind her. She’s probably right about those two minutes.  

Two-thirds of the way up, the trail is steep, with a near-vertical fifteen-foot rock ledge requiring hand over foot scrambling to climb up and over.  

Sue begins her climb but misplaces a foot throwing her balance off. She’s hanging on the rock face and can’t safely climb up or back down without the danger of falling. 

“Hey Thomas, I need a little help here,” she calls with a bit of exasperation in her voice. It’s not easy for Sue to have to ask for help. 

Sue’s six feet up on the ledge, head high to me, and I can see her predicament.  She needs some support so she can reposition her foot.  

Without thinking, I reach up, cupping her butt with both my hands to support her weight long enough for her to reposition. I feel Sue’s butt clinch as my hands take her weight, but she begins shifting to move that misplaced foot. She rotates, causing my hand to slip, leaving my fingers pressed into the softness and the heat of her crease.  I hear an “Oh!” escape her lips as she regains her balance and finishes scrambling to the top. 

With a strange look on her face, she peers down at me and says, “Thanks for the help.  Did you enjoy that?”

Caught unprepared, I stammer, “Hey, it wasn’t planned, but yes, and I doubt I could hide that I did from you at this moment.”

I pushed the bulge in my shorts to one side before scrambling up the ledge to join her. 

We continue the remaining short distance to the top in near silence, but I can almost hear both our brains working overtime.
Reaching the summit, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder upon a rock outcropping absorbing a panoramic view of the valley far below. It’s breathtaking, well worth all the effort, and it seems fitting when Sue slips her hand into mine. We stand a while before making our way off to one side, finding seating among a group of boulders.

Her hand still in mine, I turn to ask Sue, “What’s this with us all about?”

“I not sure, Thomas. I’m kinda on autopilot here. Please don’t ask a bunch of questions,” Sue quietly says. We sit silently, enjoying the view and the company.  

I feel Sue reaching a decision when she releases my hand, placing hers on my leg. With only a slight pause, she slides it up the inside of my bare thigh, inching beneath my shorts. Her fingers work to push my underwear aside as she softly grasps my cock and begins to run her fingers along its length.

“I can’t fuck you, Thomas. There’s still Robert. But there are other things,” Sue says while continuing to stroke my cock.

In moments I’m fully aroused, and Sue removes her hand. She unzips her daypack, pulling out a rain jacket which she spreads on a small flat patch of earth further back within the boulders. 

I move to her as she directs me to lay down on her jacket on my back. Looking around, she unfastened my belt and pants and removed my shoes. 

“Lift up,” she says as she slowly works my pants and underwear down and off my legs.   

I’m exposed, a little embarrassed, shocked but excited. Sue’s taking us into uncharted territory, and while I don’t know her expectations, I’m happy to go along with her.

A deep low moan escapes my throat as I feel the heat and wetness of Sue’s tongue and mouth engulf my rigid member. Any uncertainty I might have had about sex with Sue is over as she slowly sucks me deeper within her mouth and throat until her lips reach the base. She begins a slow, steady rhythm, and I know I can’t last long like this. 

I reach down behind Sue and begin to run my fingertips across the heat and dampness I find between her legs.  She responds, moaning around my cock and tipping her hips as I apply more pressure. 

“Sue, I’m nearly there,” I say, giving her warning when I feel my body tightening.   

Sue hesitates, then stops and stands, quickly removing her shoes, shorts, and panties. There’s a neatly trimmed dark triangle just above her lovely pussy, which is glistening and wet. She steps astride me and, in a smooth motion, lowers herself using her hand to guide me into her silky channel. 

“I know I said we couldn’t fuck, but I need this!” Sue confesses as she begins to ride me. 

My thoughts swirl as Sue places two fingers to my lips to quieten any response I might have. She’d used these two fingers to guide me into her, and I smell her arousal, and her juices are upon them. Opening my mouth, I suck her fingers in, tasting her. She looks at me and grins as I begin to meet her downward strokes with matching upward ones of my own. I reach with my hands and slide under her shirt to her breast and hard nipples. They are a small handful and lovely as I knead, squeeze, and lightly pinch them. Sue moans and closes her eyes tightly. 

The sensation from Sue’s hot tightness thrusting down on me has my full attention. But I try to distract myself, so I’ll last until she cums; she feels so wet, tight, and smooth.

“Sue, I’m close again,” I say.

“Yes, almost there, just a little more,” Sue hisses in response.

I arch up harder, and after several thrusts, I can hold no longer and feel my cum erupting deep within her. Sue bends forward over me as her body also starts intense orgasmic spasms.  I kiss her gently as I wrap my arms around her. 

We lay together, entangle and exposed to nature and our needs. Soon Sue gracefully pivots off me to again take my softened cock within her mouth. I reach for her leg, and she allows me to swing it over me, so she’s on top in a sixty-nine position.

My mouth proceeds to orally worship her pussy as my tongue traces each line and fold of her outer and inner lips, playfully circles her clit, before probing deeper.   Our fluids slowly escape her and are swiftly consumed by me.

My member is again stiff, and I find I still have an overpowering need for Sue, a need to let her know I wanted this as well.  I position her on her hands and knees as I move to my knees behind her. I reach around her to cup her breasts and then plant gentle kisses down her silky smooth back and across her wonderfully enticing butt. 

I slowly insert my erect cock into Sue’s wet slit until she groans as I bottom out against her. My emotions are all over the place. I feel lust for her, at a level I’ve never felt before, love for her as the one person I’ve known and trusted for years, and a vast fear this may end our friendship. But when she glances back and smiles, and I feel her pussy twitch and tighten on my cock in anticipation, lust and love overtakes me. I want her!

I begin to fuck her from behind, first slowly but soon quicker and hard. She matches every move I make, and we soon reach a fast pace as I piston in and out to the sounds of Sue’s groans and moans and says, “Oh this feels so good.  Fuck me, Thomas.”

There were probably my sounds of pleasure and physical strain mixed in there as well, but at that point, I wasn’t aware of them.

Strangely I remembered something my Grandpa once privately told me about his first time with Grandma. He said, “I knew she was the one because she got me so hot I was banging her like a screen door in a tornado!”  For the first time, I realized how fitting a description that was for a moment like this.

Sue climaxed with a suppressed scream and collapsed forward to the ground as I was cumming. She pulled off me, so my final ropes of cum landed across her butt and back while against her tan skin. Staying upright on my knees, I milked the last of my cum from my cock before laying down beside her.  

We’d barely caught our breaths when we hear distant voices and laughter. Scrambling to clean up, dress, and we tried to look casual as we exit our boulder hideaway. 

There was a knowing glance from a young couple who has just arrived on the summit, and as we made out way past them, the guy turns and quietly says, “That’s a good spot isn’t it?” I responded with only a grin as his girl gives him a brutal hit to the arm. 

Our hike down the trail was uneventful and silent. Sue was solemn and wouldn’t look me in the eyes, so I resigned myself to give her time and space.  God, my fear this was the end of our friendship, our relationship, was so overwhelming it ate at my soul.

 When we got back to my car at the trailhead, I finally turned to Sue, “Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Thomas,” she responds rather flatly.

“And are we okay?” I then ask.

“Ask far as I’m concerned we’re good, I just have lots to think about.  Are you good about us, Thomas?” Sue’s voice slightly cracked.

“I’m good, but things have changed haven’t they?” I say, fearing how she might reply.

“Yes, they have, Thomas,” Sue softly says.  

I start the car and drive to the apartment Sue shares with Robert. It’s a forty-minute drive, and during that time, the conversation becomes easier between us. By the time we arrive, we’re starting to laugh and kidding each other again. I cling to the hope we can at least be friends still.
As Sue gets out of the car, I roll down my window and ask, “Are we still on for dinner next Friday?”

She looks at me through the window for a moment before saying, “Of course we are,” and then adds, “but it will be dinner for two,” as she smiles coyly before turning and walking away.

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