The Study Room

“Oh my god, would you hurry the fuck up!” Jan moaned out loudly.

Her lover had one hand with its fingers pinching and toying her nipples while the other was popping open the buttons on her skirt. The fingers toying with her nipples pinched harder as if to answer her complaint. This caused her to cry out in surprise before moaning in pleasure. It was at that moment, the last button on her skirt slid open, and it fell to the floor.

The hand left her breast and joined its mate around her hips, pulling her groin into the waiting mouth of her lover. She felt the warm breath on her skin, thanking heaven that she decided to go bare today. Then the soft lips touched her skin just above her bare mound. This was driving her nuts with the uncertainty of their situation.

Those lips started applying kisses on her skin, tracing down each thigh before returning to just above her mound. Then the kisses trailed over her bare mound, causing her to tingle with anticipation. When they stopped, she felt the tongue slip between her pussy’s lips and slide its way along them as they swelled from the attention.

Just as she inhaled sharply with more anticipation, somebody hit the door to the study room they were in. Jan jumped at the sound of the door rattling on its hinges, but her lover held her hips tight as they drove their tongue into her pussy, slipping it between lips, into her silky tunnel. Her lover worked that tongue along her warm inner walls as her heart tried to slow from being startled by the door, but it refused to slow as her lover excited her even more.

As her lover continued to tongue and lick her pussy from inside to out, all Jan could think about was somebody opening the door to the study room. She knew rationally it didn’t make sense because the door was locked, but she also knew they would be missed soon. Running a hand through her lover’s hair, she said, “Hurry baby before we are missed!”


This was all the encouragement her lover needed to take her ever closer to an orgasm. The tongue moved to her clit. It started stroking back and forth in broad strokes. Then one hand let go of her hip, and its fingers slid into her swollen pussy, burying itself as deep as it could. Before Jan could get used to the fingers buried in her pussy, they began to start stroking back and forth, pumping her deep with each stroke.

Before she could stop herself, Jan moaned out loudly, scaring herself that somebody might have heard. To keep from moaning out again, she grabbed her suit jacket lying nearby. She bit into the sleeve to stifle her moans. She continued to moan and whimper as the tongue worked her clit over and the fingers delved into the depths of her pussy. She felt herself nearing the edge. So could her lover, who went from licking her clit to sucking on it. It would be pulled deeply between her lover’s lips only to be released and drawn in again.

Jan was getting frantic now with her desire to cum. Her lover was pushing her to the edge quickly. Between the fingers in her pussy and the mouth working over her clit, the edge became a cliff for Jan. The final push was when her lover slipped a pair of wet fingers into her ass. Jan couldn’t hold back any longer; she grabbed handfuls of her lover’s hair and pulled them tight against her pussy as she erupted in her orgasm. Her lover dutifully drank up her gushing liquids the best they could.

Jan bit down even harder on her suit jacket sleeve, stifling her scream, but she finally had to let go of it to catch her breath. She was taking in huge gulps of air as if she had run for miles. If she hadn’t been leaning against the edge of the table in the study room, she would’ve for sure fallen to the ground. Then finally, she let go of her lover’s hair, allowing her to pull away.

As Jan caught her breath, her lover stood up. Before Jan could say anything, they leaned in and kissed her. The kiss was wet with Jan’s juices, smearing them all over her lips. Jan closed her eyes before running her tongue along her lips. She loved the taste of herself when applied from her lover’s lips. When she opened her eyes, her lover was slipping out of the study room’s door.

Jan quickly straightened herself out. She bent down, pulled her skirt up, fixed her bra, and buttoned her blouse before tucking it in. Then grabbing her suit jacket, she slipped it on, feeling a large wet place on the sleeve where she had bitten it. Finally, composed, she slowly opened the door to the study room and slipped out. Her lover was nowhere in sight, but one of her female students was staring right at her with a knowing smile.


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