The Start of Something New

Thinking back over the years, I tried to recall some of the crazy things I had done and experienced sexually in my life, and my mind always ventures back to the first time me and my wife’s life changed forever.

I won’t get into too much detail as to how long ago this was, only that my wife back then was turning twenty-two at the time. So instead of celebrating her birthday by going out, we invited five close couples over to our house and have a party.

Now, my wife Brenda and I were married for four years already. We wed right out of high school. I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, way too young to get married!” But in reality, she was the only woman that had ever touched my soul, so to me, getting married was an easy decision.

At five foot eight, she was only four inches shorter than me. The rest of her measurements were 36x24x34 with C-size breasts.

As you can see from those measurements, her figure was very appealing. But what I really love besides her sexy physique was her light-colored blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. It was very typical for most girls in the Midwest, but my god, those eyes of hers would make me melt every time I looked into them!

Now that you have a good idea of what my wife looked like, I guess I should get back to telling you my tale about what happened to us on this special evening.


As I stated, we invited some friends over. After setting up some food, along with mixed drinks and beers, we figured everything was set for when the guests arrived and didn’t have to wait long before people started to show up.

About half an hour into the party, I surveyed the surroundings and figured everything was going well. People were drinking, eating, and mingling all over the house while my wife was smiling and having a great time.

We even played a couple of stupid adult drinking games after eating. We then broke off into groups to do other things like play some poker or dance in the adjacent room.

Brenda didn’t like playing poker as much as I did, so instead of joining me at the poker table, she was enjoying herself dancing with Brian, a buddy of mine. At the same time, his girlfriend Lisa sat next to me and played cards, along with another couple.

Now Lisa, my buddy’s girlfriend, was like my wife: very attractive and also blonde-haired. Only unlike Brenda’s long, straight hair, her hairstyle was shoulder length and curly. She also possessed this wonderful smile that warmed you up from the inside.

We played poker for about an hour. I could see my wife having a delightful time dancing in the next room from where I sat, so I thought little about what was happening with my buddy. At the same time, Lisa appeared to be interested in finding out about my life in general, which I found a little odd. But I explained what I did for a living and about my family and stuff like that.


While I was talking to Lisa, I caught my buddy out of the corner of my eye, leaning over and whispering something next to my wife’s ear. They were dancing relatively close since there was a slow song playing.

When Brian pulled his head away, I saw my wife smile just before noticing my buddy’s hands had slipped off my wife’s waist and were now resting firmly on her ass.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. For him to be this brazen to do something like that while I was present hit a nerve. I was also a little confused why Brenda had made no attempt for him to remove his palms from her buttocks.

A mix of emotions filled me at that moment. Yes, I was pissed at my friend but strangely excited at the same time. To see another guy grasping at my wife’s derriere and for her to let it happen willingly for some strange reason was getting me excited.

Brenda then looked at me, so I figured she was aware I knew what was taking place and then pondered if this was some kind of test. I was just about to rise from my chair and confront him when the song ended. His hands fell away from her ass as they walked towards me.

My gaze stayed focused on Brian as they approached, with Brenda following in tow. Finally, when he was just about standing in front of me, I opened my mouth to confront him when suddenly Lisa abruptly said, “God, Bob, I wish I had a guy like you!”


Instantly I turned my head in shock and looked at her since I couldn’t believe she made a comment like that right when her boyfriend was next to us.

However, Brenda swiftly replied. Sternly, I might add. “Too bad! He’s already taken!”

Okay, I have to admit what both girls said had made me temporarily forget what my buddy had done. Of course, no one could blame me since it appeared I was the focus of their attention. And being a guy, it went right to my head.

Then Brenda put a smile on my face when she sat on my lap before giving me a very loving kiss. It was as if she was showing my buddy’s girlfriend I was definitely only hers. In the process, I had put my hand around my wife’s waist while her hand went over my shoulder.

When the kiss broke, I gazed into my wife’s eyes and said, “I love you, honey.”

She replied, “I love you too,” before we both looked down at the cards I was still holding in my free hand.


I played one more game of cards before remembering what my buddy did and decided it was a good time to stop and have a talk with my wife about it.

“Care to dance?” I asked. Of course, she agreed, so out to the other room, we ventured.

While we danced, I waited for a good opportunity to arise before questioning her. Then, when a slow song started to play, I figured this was it.

Dancing lazily with my wife, I embraced her and asked, “So, earlier when you were dancing with Brian like this, what did he whisper to you?”

“Oh, you saw that, did you?”

“Yea, I did, and also how he grabbed your ass.”


Brenda paused for a second as she looked at me and whispered, “Honey, you’re not going to make a scene, are you?”

“What? No. It’s your birthday. I was just wondering why you didn’t stop him.”

“For the same reason, I asked if you were going to make a scene. He’s pretty drunk already, and I figured it would be best if I didn’t draw attention to what he was doing at the time.”

“Oh… Okay. That makes sense,” I said.

“So you’re not mad?”

“Nope, not at all. I know how he can get when he has one too many.”


“Good. Because I’m sure, that’s also why he whispered what he did to me.”

“What did he say?”

“Well,” she said before pausing again, “he said that if I was his wife, he would be ravaging my body right now.”

Okay, so I was a little upset hearing that but also again strangely excited when my mind pictured him making moves on my wife. I replied, “Well, I can’t blame him. I mean, after all, you are the sexiest woman here.”

Brenda giggled when she lovingly slapped my arm before saying, “You are such a sweet talker.”

“No, I’m serious! As a matter of fact, while the guys have to wonder what it would be like to make love to such a gorgeous creature, I’ll be actually experiencing what they have to dream about as soon as everyone leaves.”


Brenda nibbled on my ear before whispering, “I’m going to hold you to that.”

The rest of the party was uneventful except for the fact that Brenda was a little tipsy herself by the time people started to leave. Around two in the morning, just about everyone was gone. That is everyone but my buddy and his girlfriend.

It was very clear to me they both were in no condition to drive. So I offered to take them home when out of the blue, Brenda said, “You know if they want to, they can spend the night here with us.”

Okay. You have to understand our place only has one bed. Yea, it’s a king-size bed, so it can comfortably fit two couples, and it isn’t like we hadn’t shared a bed with another couple in the past before we got married. I mean, we were a bunch of horny teenagers back then, so it wasn’t a problem to have sex with Brenda while our friends fucked next to us.

But things were different now. We weren’t horny teenagers anymore; we were adults, and this wasn’t our teenage friends. These were a couple of people she really didn’t know at all. So yes, I found it odd she would make such an offer out of the blue like that.

“Well, Brian?” Brenda said, and I looked at my friend to see what his answer would be.


His eyes were halfway open, let alone the fact he also almost fell over a couple of times just standing there. His words were almost incomprehensible since most of them were slurred, so Lisa spoke up instead and said, “Staying the night sounds like a good idea to me.”

Shit, my dick actually jumped when she said that. I mean, Lisa is sexy and now hearing she would be resting so closely next to me kind of got me a little excited at first.

But that’s as far as I let that sexual thought go since I was happily married and way too in love with Brenda to do anything that would jeopardize what she and I had. So now, knowing they would be staying, I went around the house and closed everything up for the night while Lisa and Brenda helped my buddy into our bedroom.

Then once I had finished, I joined them inside the bedroom but stopped and pondered when I noticed the girls stripping my buddy down to his underwear.

You see, I had forgotten that both my wife and I like to sleep in the nude and wasn’t sure if taking off all my clothes would be an appropriate thing to do since Lisa was, of course, just a guest.

Thankfully Brenda spoke up while I stood there and asked, “Lisa, would you mind if we get naked?”


I swallowed hard when she replied, “Not at all. I enjoy sleeping nude as well.”

My god, it took all I had not to stare when she undressed next to me! I kept my back to her while I stood by my wife and took off all my clothes as well.

Still, with my back to Lisa, we all climbed into the bed once Brenda had finished stripping with me. I entered the bed first on the right side before my wife followed suit, putting her to the right of me.

Once I got settled into a spooning position behind my wife, I realized unlike me; it wasn’t my buddy to the left of me but Lisa. This meant she had to have climbed over him to be in that spot.

At first, I found it odd that she did that, but I figured she must have thought it was easier to crawl over my friend than to try to move him towards the middle of the bed since he was already dead to the world and snoring away.

Nuzzling my nose against my wife’s ear, I whispered, “Did you have a good time tonight?”


“Mm-hmm,” she replied before nudging her ass into my groin.

“I’m glad,” I said while moving my left hand up to her bosom. Gently I cupped her right breast in my palm and whispered, “Good night, love.”

Only as I enjoyed feeling her naked body pressing up against mine, my wife had other ideas. I rapidly found out she was really horny when her ass started to grind against my crotch until my dick was completely stiff. Her breath became rapid as little moans escaped her lips while gently nudging my dick nicely between her ass cheeks.

“Hey, did you forget we got company?” I whispered.

But she didn’t say a word. Instead, her hand slithered behind her back until her nimble fingers were fumbling with my ball sack.

“Fuck…” I lightly groaned, knowing full well when she’s like this, there’s no stopping her.


But I made another attempt and said, “Honey, what are you doing?”

This time she replied and hissed, “Holding you to what you promised.”

“Yeah, but that was before… Oh, fuck…” My voice trailed off as her hand moved up and down over my manhood now.

Okay, did I mention my wife was also very good and jerking me off? So instead of fighting over something we both wanted to enjoy, I went along with her daring little sex game she wanted to play and returned the favor by dipping my hand down until my fingers were scratching on top of her mound.

Brenda softly moaned as I wiggled my digits between her little slit and thought, “Fuck, she’s already wet.”

With that notion, I grazed my index finger over her clit, causing her to whimper as she squirmed around.


My buddy’s snoring, along with his girlfriend’s breathing, was becoming increasingly louder. I figured they both were out of it as I tickled my wife’s nub a little faster while adding more pressure. This made her ass push back into my stiff member.

“Yes! Oh yes, honey,” Brenda breathed as her hand jerked on my cock with more passion, causing me to get more brazen myself.

“You like being naughty when we have company, don’t you?” I croaked while easing two digits inside her warm, welcoming pussy and causing her to moan loudly.

“Yes… I do. It makes me so fucking horny doing this.”

“Then let’s see how hard you can come on my fingers,” I said, adding a third digit inside her wet cunt.

She was hot, and I enjoyed making her that way. To please my wife at that moment was my only goal, and I couldn’t wait to feel her coming to my touch.


Only she then turned around and faced me, and I could feel her hot breath racing over my face before she kissed me hard. And as we passionately kissed unabated, her hand worked on my dick while I inserted my fingers back inside her.

Moans and whimpers filled our mouths as our excitement grew until she broke the kiss. Then, in-between panting breaths, she sighed, “Fuck me, Bobby. Fuck me now!”

I kissed her hard as her hand stroked over my cock while I removed my fingers. Then, as my wife rubbed my stiff member over her snatch, I felt something brush against my ass, causing me to pause briefly.

But my hesitance must have been too long because Brenda then asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I replied and was just about to nudge my mushroom head inside my wife’s waiting pussy when I felt it again. This time I was sure I knew what it was. A woman’s hand, and realized it was Lisa’s fingers tracing over my backside.

However, as her hand was skating across my ass, it didn’t stop until it went between my legs.


“Oh, fuck!” I huffed, and in a panic, heaved forward, sending my entire dick completely into my wife.

“Yes! Oh, fuck, honey! Give it to me! God, I want to come on your cock so bad!”

Again, I shoved my dick into my wife when I felt Lisa’s hand squeezing my balls while Brenda thrust her pussy against my meat.

Fuck! I was so confused. What do I do? I didn’t know. I had to do something. Yes, it was thrilling to feel Lisa’s fingers ever so skillfully massaging my nuts while I was fucking my wife. But no way was Brenda aware of what she was doing, and I sure didn’t want to ruin this moment with her. So, being desperate, I did what I thought would pull Lisa’s hand away and rolled over onto my back.

Brenda stayed with me before spreading her legs over my waist and inserting my dick back inside her wet pussy.

“Oh, yes, honey! I just love fucking you this way,” she cooed while gyrating her pussy over my cock.


Taking a deep breath, I felt a sigh of relief, realizing Lisa’s hand was now gone while my wife was riding me to her heart’s content.

Only as my wife was moaning above me in a lustful state with her eyes closed, I felt Lisa’s hot breath on my shoulder. Then she whispered, “Would you like to see me make her come?”

Hastily I glanced at Lisa and heard her murmur, “I could have her coming on my tongue if you let me.”

I could feel the sweat building on my brow as my wife’s pussy clutched at my cock. For sure, she was going to climax any second. But what Lisa just said had sparked something wicked inside me.

Lisa had ignited a hidden fantasy I had kept to myself: I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to see my wife actually coming from another woman instead of only in my dreams.

But I also wasn’t sure how my wife would respond to having another woman touch her sexually.


“Oh, honey! Keep going! Yes! Fuck yes! I’m so close now. Oh god,” Brenda whimpered as her juices started to flow out of her cunt.

My body and mind were in turmoil as my wife approached her climax. Then I heard Lisa whisper, “If you give me a chance, I can prove she’ll love having my mouth on her pussy. I bet she’ll even be begging for more.”

That made me so excited I wasn’t thinking clearly. I gave Lisa a nod and watched as a wicked smile raced across her face right when I felt my wife’s legs start to quiver while she wailed above me.

Brenda was coming and coming hard. As she did, I croaked while heaving my hips upward, “That’s it, honey. Come on, my cock!”

“Oh!!! Fuckkk!” Brenda whined as her body convulsed while she braced her hands on my chest.

I held my dick stiff inside my wife’s pussy as she rode out the last of her orgasm, giving me time to think about what I was about to do. Yes, I knew it was wrong to have accepted what Lisa said, but that dark desire inside me just needed to see my wife getting sexually stimulated by another woman. So when I was sure Brenda had come down from her climactic high, I threw caution into the wind and, for a second time, rolled my wife over. Only this time in the process, Lisa’s arm got trapped between Brenda’s thigh and mine. My wife commented in a low giggling voice, “Oh shit, Lisa’s arm is under us now.”


“Oh?” I lied, knowing full well Lisa’s hand was there from the start. “I’ll move us over then.”

However, as I scooted myself to the right away from Lisa a smidgen and was ready to pull Brenda off our guest’s arm, Lisa brazenly moved her trapped hand swiftly until it was on top of my wife’s pussy. She murmured when she started to scratch her fingers over my wife’s clit. “There’s that little pussy that’s been having all the fun.”

“What the fuck!” I heard Brenda say while watching her look of astonishment.

My wife didn’t even have a chance to react to Lisa’s invading fingers before Lisa reached around with her other hand and took hold of my wife’s tits.

Brenda started to squirm around, grasping at Lisa’s wrists when she whimpered, “Lisa, what are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Lisa teased, “I’m going to make you come as your husband did. Truthfully, dear, I’ve been dying to get my hands on this little pussy of yours all night.”


“Lisa! Oh… I… Oh, God. I’m not a lesbian!” My wife exclaimed as Lisa then licked and sucked on her neck like a vampire looking to feast.

“Neither am I,” Lisa expressed as she inserted two fingers inside my wife while running her tongue over her ear. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sexual pleasure I’m about to give you.”

Brenda’s body started to squirm even more while her hands still grabbed at Lisa’s wrists. But then her body stopped squirming, and her hands lessened their grip when she sighed, “This is… oh… so wrong… You shouldn’t be… Oh, fuck! Doing this… to… meee.”

“Mmm. You say that sweetie, but I can feel how your pussy is grabbing my fingers. You can’t hide your sexual arousal from me. I can tell how much you’re enjoying this now. You only have to let your mind accept the fact that having another woman’s fingers inside your pussy is getting you excited.”

“Oh god… Lisa… I… I can’t. It’s wrong… for me… to… Oh!!!” Brenda sighed as her eyes closed while her breath became heavy.

“Mmm. Good girl. You’re almost there. Just enjoy the pleasure my fingers are giving you,” Lisa brazenly said as she continued to seduce my wife while I watched a look of pleasure wash over her face slowly.


It was working. Lisa was bringing out my wife’s hidden lesbian desire, and I was having the pleasure of witnessing it.

“That’s it, sweetie,” Lisa cooed when my wife’s hips started to jolt up from the bed while her whimpers came more frequently. “Let yourself go. Come for me. Come for us. Show your husband how hard you can come on from a woman’s touch.”

“Lisa! Oh, God. Oh, fuck, honey… She’s doing it! She’s… She’s… She’s making me!!!” I heard Brenda expel softly as her legs quivered while her eyes rolled upward before snapping shut.

“Come!” I croaked while stroking on my dick. “She’s making you come! Do it, honey. Let go! Let yourself go! Come for us. I want to see how hard you can climax!”

“Oh fuck! Oh, fuck! OH, FUCK!!!” Brenda moaned as her body shook rapidly while Lisa sucked on her neck and clawed at her breast.

My god, Brenda was coming so hard, and as her back arched while her hands grasped at the sheets. I noticed how Lisa held her fingers deep inside my wife as she wailed in pleasure.


Brenda’s body then went limp while her breath raced. I watched as Lisa rolled my wife onto her back, and as she did, got on her knees between both of us. She lightly toyed with my wife’s clit again and said, “See, I knew you had a little lesbian inside you. Now let’s see if I can bring more of it out of you.”

Again my wife was whimpering as Lisa increased her finger pressure on my wife’s little bud. But then Lisa also reached over with her other hand and rubbed it over my stiff wood while giving me a playful wink and mouthing shush with her lips.

Holly fuck. Never would I think such a thing could happen, but it was. And I was sinfully letting Lisa stroke on my dick next to my oblivious wife while she was attempting to make her come again.

Maybe I should have protested, but when I heard my wife moaning louder when Lisa once again inserted three fingers inside her snatch, I really didn’t want any of this to end!

It was apparent I was hooked on this new sexual act. Brenda’s ass started to lift off the bed as Lisa’s fingers jabbed deep inside her pussy while she also stroked on my cock with a vengeance. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the waves of pleasure she was giving me.

Fuck, I could feel every twist and stroke her hand was making over my cock, which of course, was already dripping pre-cum by the bucket loads. My wife moaned in her own pleasure next to me.


This little minx was going to make both of us cum while her boyfriend was soundly sleeping just inches away from us, and I was sinfully letting all this happen.

“Lisa… Oh, fuck, Lisa…” My wife whimpered as her body twisted and gyrated over those prying digits.

“Mmm, that’s a good girl. Oh, yes, I think you’re really enjoying this now, aren’t you? Coming on another woman’s hand is better than you thought, isn’t it? I bet it is. And I can tell by the way your pussy is gripping on my fingers again you’re going to be coming any second now.”

“Yesss. Oh god, I am!” my wife hissed as her ass rose, meeting Lisa’s fingers as they fucked deeply inside her pussy.

“But I have a better idea,” Lisa teased with a devilish smirk. “I think it’s time for my mouth to make you come.”

Brenda’s eyes popped open while she rose on her elbows just as Lisa quickly let go of my member. She promptly dived between my wife’s legs and latched onto her pussy, causing my wife to squeal, “Lisa!!!”


It was no use. Lisa’s tongue was buried deep inside my wife’s pussy while her fingers were masterfully rubbing over her clit, causing Brenda to fall back onto the bed and groan, “Oh fuck! Your tongue! It’s… it’s inside me.”

My wife’s hand grasped Lisa’s hair as she was skillfully bringing another orgasm out of her. I went back to stroking on my cock and said, “Fuck this is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Brenda was gyrating, thrashing, moaning, and whimpering as Lisa showed no sign she was going to let up her assault on my wife’s pussy.

“Oh, fuck! Oh god! Your tongue! Lisa! Mmm! Mmm! Ahh!” My wife howled as she was going crazy from the pleasure Lisa was bringing her.

I was so fucking turned on now I couldn’t help but croak, “Make her come, Lisa. I want to see my wife come on your face.”

Lisa’s mouth was plastered tightly over my wife’s pussy when your mouth started to make these sucking sounds, and I watched as Brenda then arched her back before letting out this long exaggerated sigh.


“Oh god, Lisa! Oh, ffffuck!!!” My wife wailed as her hands clutched Lisa’s hair while her legs squeezed together, trapping Lisa’s head between her legs.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” My wife gasped as her body thrashed around. And then, I saw how she tried to remove Lisa’s face from her pussy. Only, Lisa wrapped her hands around my wife’s thighs, forcing her face even harder to her mound.

“Please, Lisa! Please, I can’t! I can’t take anymore!” I heard Brenda beg, but Lisa kept at it, and I watched as my wife’s back arched as another orgasm was about to overtake her.

Brenda’s face was flush by the time Lisa finally came up for air. Then, as she lightly ran a finger over my wife slit, she said, “I think you’re still hiding another orgasm from me.”

“Oh, no… Oh, God!” Brenda whimpered when Lisa’s head went back down between her legs.

Seeing my wife orgasm so many times from another woman’s mouth brought out an excitement I had never felt before. I thought nothing could be better than this.


Or so I thought because in between sexual squeals and lust-filled eyes, I heard my wife exclaim in a cracked voice, “Fuck her, honey! Fuck Lisa!”

Never would I have expected my wife to have suggested such a thing. But she did, and I hastily got behind Lisa.

However, before sending my throbbing dripping meat missile inside this woman that wasn’t my wife, I asked, “Are you sure, honey?”

Brenda lifted her head while holding Lisa’s hair and shouted, “Yes! Fuck her! Make her squeal!”

Rapidly I sent my already excited dick deep inside Lisa with a mighty push and didn’t stop until my balls were touching flesh.

Lisa let out a loud moan inside Brenda’s pussy, and I watched as her face went into a blissful state before her head once again fell back onto the bed.


My god, it had been years since my dick had felt another woman’s pussy! I relished in how much pleasure it was giving me as my cock easily motioned inside her warm pussy.

Every pump and push of my cock was causing this sinful desire to fuck the living shit out of Lisa to build greatly. Thrusting, heaving, and pushing, I was fucking Lisa with all I had while both women were moaning and whimpering in front of me. Fuck, this was fantastic! I closed my eyes as I savored in this new sexual encounter I was experiencing with my loving wife.

“Oh fuck! Lisa! I’m coming! Oh, fuck! I’m coming again!!!” Brenda yelled while I made Lisa whimper on my wife’s quivering pussy.

Taking hold of Lisa’s hips, I pulled her ass up high as I pushed my cock inside her pussy. Faster and harder I went until her head popped up from Brenda’s box, and she screamed, “Fuck! Your cock! It’s so deep! Oh, fuck, it’s going to make me come!”

“Yes, honey! Keep going! Make this little slut come!” Brenda ordered.

Well, hearing my wife talk like that had also caused my sperm to rise hastily. And when I felt Lisa’s pussy tightening around my shaft, I realized I probably should pull out. Only… I didn’t.


Instead, I went faster when I felt this deep, dark, sinful desire to fill her fertile pussy with my juices. So when I felt her body below me start to quiver in ecstasy while she screamed she was coming, I released my seed inside her with a mighty heave, holding my dick still as she climaxed.

The sweat poured off my body as I moved Lisa to the right of me before crashing myself between them. My wife then quickly leaned over and kissed me hard with her panting lips.

Brenda, through slight eyes, gazed into mine and asked, “So how did it feel to fuck and come inside another woman right in front of your wife?”

“Incredible,” I said. “Just incredible!”

Only after I said that I felt two sets of hands toying with my tool while Lisa’s hot breath blew in my ear. I groaned, “Oh fuck…”

My god, I can’t explain what it feels like to have two women at the same time playing with your balls and stroking on your shaft. But of course, I was super stiff again and as I cherished this newly found sexual bliss.


Then I heard Lisa bluntly ask, “Do you mind if I suck your husband’s cock?”

“Not at all,” Brenda hissed with a smile. “As a matter of fact, why don’t we do it together?”

With that, I watched as both girls lowered themselves down towards my penis before taking turns licking their tongues up and down my shaft.

“Oh god. Fuck honey! Jesus, this is amazing!” I croaked lightly, rubbing my hands over both their faces while they looked up at me with lustful eyes.

But then Brenda sat up on her knees while taking hold of Lisa’s hair and guided her mouth over my dick.

Lisa wasted no time taking my entire cock down her throat while my wife pushed and pulled on her hair and said, “I guess since you tasted my pussy it’s only fair I get to taste yours now.”


Oh my god! I couldn’t help but grab Lisa’s hair when my wife let go of it before motioning Lisa’s legs apart.

“Let’s see if I can make you come as hard as you did me,” I heard my wife assert before putting her head between Lisa’s legs.

“Mmm mmm mmm,” I felt and heard Lisa hum as she raced up and down my shaft while listening to the slurping sounds my wife was making as she licked our new bedtime guest’s pussy.

Of course, my sperm was rising quickly once more, and I was sure I was going to blow again.

Lisa popped my dick out of her mouth and moaned, “Fuck Brenda, you’re making me come!”

Lisa was jerking on my dick hard as she climaxed, and I grunted when my hips heaved upwards. I was going to explode, but before I did, Lisa quickly inhaled my cock deep inside her mouth. Finally, I croaked, “Fuck…”


My wife then sat upright now that she made Lisa come. With a smile, she looked at me while she wiped the pussy juice that covered her face and said, “I can see why you liked to eat me out, honey. She tasted fantastic!”

I was still pumping what was left of my sperm down Lisa’s throat at the time and could only nod at her remark. But even though I was finished coming, Lisa kept bobbing her head. She just kept sucking and sucking.

I heard my wife say, “I think she really likes your dick, honey.”

Again I only nodded and then was surprised when Brenda said, “So I guess you wouldn’t mind if I sucked on Brian’s cock since she’s so obsessed with yours.”

I was a little stunned at first, but what could I say after all that has already happened. So I hesitantly replied, “No, honey. I don’t mind.”

Brenda smiled as she looked at me. Then I watched as she crawled next to my buddy’s legs.


Is she really going to do this? I thought as I watched her ease his shorts down. I felt this wicked feeling fill my body when she leaned over and kissed the very tip of his dick.

Of course, he was still asleep as she ever so slowly sucked on his tool. She was bringing it to life with her mouth while my unknown desire to see my wife do this unthinkable act caused my cock to sinfully respond.

Seeing my wife giving another guy a blowjob while Lisa was skillfully sucking on mine had me hard in record time. I then noticed my buddy had stopped snoring and was actually moaning in his sleep, as my wife was now bobbing her head harder on his stiff meat stick.

But then Lisa lifted her head, causing me to look at her, and saw this devilish grin on her face as she straddled her body over mine. Then, while her pussy hovered over my stiff cock, she hissed, “I need to feel your cock inside me again.”

Slowly she eased her pussy down onto my dick. My god, her pussy felt great! Even though my dick was in her earlier, it felt much tighter this time. I closed my eyes as I relished how good it felt sliding up and down on my shaft.

Only I heard my wife make a loud moan and looked over just in time to see Brenda was doing just about the same thing and as she slipped my buddy’s cock inside her pussy. She cooed, “Fuck… This is the best birthday ever!”


My cock jumped inside Lisa’s pussy from seeing my wife fuck another guy for the first time in front of me. It left me a little perplexed why I was finding this so fucking hot to see. But it was, and while Lisa was fucking me like a horny little rabbit, I couldn’t help but thrust up even harder.

Only in this position, Lisa was in control, and the way her hips were moving over my dick, I could only enjoy the pleasure she was giving me. And yes, it was pure pleasure. My god, could this girl ride a cock with passion!

Then in my sexual bliss, I heard my buddy no longer moaning but grunting. I looked over to see he was finally awake and holding onto my wife’s hips while she was resting her hands behind herself and lifting her pussy swiftly up and down on his cock.

I reached up and fondled those luscious tits of Lisa as she rode me with all she had while listening to her whimper and moan. Only that caused my sperm to rise promptly, while my wife was also moaning and whining loudly herself.

The sounds of grunts and moans filled the room as I watched my buddy fuck my wife. Then when Brenda almost screamed when the first signs of her having an orgasm hit her, I almost came from seeing it.

But before that happened, Lisa leaned forward and whispered, “I guess your wife was wrong about you being taken. Because I have a feeling your cock is going to be coming inside me more than just tonight.” With that, she kissed me hard while rubbing her clit on me at a fever pace. I could feel her pussy clutch at my cock, and then felt her body tighten up.


However, before she climaxed, she sat upright while clawing at my chest and shouted, “I want you to come with me! Fill my pussy with your cum again!”

She then let loose and was coming hard. Of course, I couldn’t stop myself either, and with a mighty heave, held onto her ass as I exploded for a second time inside her. I filled this other woman’s pussy full of my child-rearing seed I should be only giving to my wife. Lisa crashed her body onto my chest, and I just lay there feeling her pussy squeezing what juices I had left out my dick.

Meanwhile, my buddy now had my wife on all fours and was wildly fucking her from behind.

“Oh god! Brian! You’re so deep! Fuck! Oh, fuck! I’m going to come again!” I heard my wife express while he took hold of her long hair and pulled it back while ramming his dick into her cunt.

“That’s it bitch! Take it! I knew you wanted this cock inside you! Now I want to hear you say how much you love it!”

“Yes! Oh yes, Brian. Your dick feels so good inside my pussy. Give it to me. Fuck my cunt with your hard cock!”


“Fuck!” Brian grunted. “Your cunt is gripping my cock so fucking hard! You’re going to come, aren’t you?”

“Yes! Oh yes, I am!” Brenda squealed.

“Then beg for it, bitch! If you want me to make you come, I want to hear you beg for it!”

“Please, Brian! Please give it to me. Please make me come!” My wife whined and then watched as he took hold of her hips and jackhammered away, causing my wife to drop her chest to the bed while her ass stayed high.

“I’m coming! Oh god, Bob! I’m coming on his cock!” Brenda screamed.

I saw how my buddy held his dick deep inside her while grunting, “This pussy is mine now, bitch!”


Okay, everything was pretty exciting right up to that moment. Drunk or not, no way was he going to talk to my wife like that, and he sure the fuck wasn’t going to put ownership over her! But before I could get up, he suddenly collapsed next to my wife and appeared to be out of it again.

Brenda rolled on her back and, while panting profusely, looked at me and said, “Don’t take what he said to heart, honey. He’s still drunk.”

Only Lisa then spoke up while slowly slipping my spent pecker out from her pussy and cooed, “Yes, she right, Bob. Her pussy sure isn’t only his, by any means. Not as long as I’m around.” With that, she dove once again between my wife’s legs.

“Lisa!” Brenda whined when Lisa started to suck all of my friend’s cum out of her.

Fuck! Truthfully, I’m not sure how much more of this I would be able to take. But of course, I was hard again when I saw how Lisa lifted her head before reinserting her fingers inside my wife, making her enjoy another lesbian encounter.

My hand went to my cock once more, and I stroked it in sync with Lisa’s fingers. But then, as my wife’s climax was nearing its crescendo, Lisa suddenly stopped, pulled her fingers away, and hissed, “You want me to make you come again, don’t you?”


“Yes!” Brenda said.

Lisa reinserted her fingers, slowly pumped them in and out, and teased, “Then, naughty girl. Tell me how much you like it.”

“I do, Lisa. I like it. I like it a lot!”

Lisa increased her tempo, and my wife was once again bucking off the bed.

“Oh! Yes, Lisa! Oh god… Oh yes! Oh! Oh! OH!” Brenda moaned. Just when she was about to release, Lisa suddenly stopped and held her fingers completely motionless while still buried deep inside my wife.

“Please, Lisa! Please! Don’t stop! Make me come! I need to come again!”


“So my naughty girl wants to come, does she? How about we make each other come instead?” Lisa asked as she spread her pussy over Brenda’s face before lowering her head down between my wife’s legs.

It didn’t take my wife long before she was moaning and bucking hard while sucking on Lisa’s cunt. I heard her scream when Lisa finally had her coming inside her mouth.

Lisa then lifted her head from my wife’s sopping pussy. She sat upright, pushed my wife’s panting mouth back to her mound while holding it there before saying, “I think your wife needs another hard cock inside her as well, wouldn’t you agree?”

Lifting my tired body from the bed, I got on my knees while spreading my wife’s legs and nudged my dick inside her soaked snatch.

Grunting and thrusting while Brenda was moaning from my pounding, I heard Lisa hiss when she started to rub my wife’s clit. “Let’s make her come together, shall we?”

Brenda was moaning loudly while Lisa was grinding her pussy on her face, and I fucked her with what strength I had left. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could even come anymore but felt that familiar twinge when I heard Lisa whimper, “Fuck she’s moaning right on my clit. I’m going to come! Bob! She is making me come! Oh, fuck Brenda! Keeping doing that! Keep… Oh shit! I’m coming!!!”


Brenda’s pussy was grasping at my shaft when her legs started to shake. I watched that blissful look wash over Lisa’s face right when my dick let loose inside my wife.

All three of us were grunting, moaning, thrashing, and quivering now. I think I almost passed out myself when Lisa fell forward, holding onto my shoulders as she rode out her climax.

Exhausted, I crashed next to my wife. Lisa hastily bent over and sucked my juices out of my wife before lying next to me as well.

Panting breaths filled the air as the three of us lay on our backs before both girls put their heads on my shoulders.

That was the last thing I remembered before passing out.

However, come the next morning, I was awakened by someone stroking my tool. I looked down to see it was Lisa’s hand that had brought life back into it.


Turning my head as I looked at her, she quickly whispered, “Shh, they’re still asleep. I wanted some alone time with you before they wake up. That is if you’re alright with that.”

Fuck, I wasn’t sure how to respond to her request. Last night was one thing. I had my wife’s permission, but I wasn’t sure if that continued until the next morning.

Again Lisa whispered, “Your wife is one lucky gal. I meant it when I said I wish I had a guy like you. But if you’re uncomfortable with me doing this with you now, I understand.”

Seeing her face in the daylight and how her eyes were gazing into mine caused me to lean over and kiss her. She willfully accepted this with great passion.

Quietly we embraced each other while caressing each other’s bodies. This was bringing out a sinful desire a husband shouldn’t be feeling.

But it was, and as we rubbed and let our thighs mingle together. While still kissing passionately, my lust for her only grew greater to the point where I couldn’t stop myself when I rolled on top of her.


Fuck, I knew it was wrong, so wrong to want to keep going further with this adulterous act. But once my stiff shaft nestled over Lisa’s folds, I couldn’t stop from gently rocking my dick over it.

“Oh… Mmm. Ah. Your cock feels so good doing that, Bobby,” I heard Lisa sigh in my ear as I slipped my meat over her mound. It made me want to proceed with this sinful deed right next to my sleeping wife.

I was too far gone to stop now, and as I glided my dick patiently over her slit whispered, “I have to tell you I honestly loved how your pussy felt when my dick was inside you.”

Lisa nibbled on my earlobe when she whispered back, “Then show me how much you love it. Fuck me again. Fuck me as if I was your wife.”

Sliding my cock lower between her legs, I nudged it forward, spreading her folds apart. Then, when I felt my mushroom head getting swallowed up by her warm pussy, I said, “If I wasn’t with Brenda, I’m sure you would be the one.”

“Oh god…” Lisa sighed as I eased my entire girth deep inside her welcoming womb.


Slowly I pumped, trying not to make too much noise as I gently increased my speed. Lisa’s legs and arms wrapped around my body.

“Yesss. Oh, yes… Just like that. Fuck, your cock feels so good inside me again,” Lisa sighed.

Heaving a little harder, I groaned, “You like it, honey? How my dick fills your entire pussy?”

“Oh yes. Please keep going. Fuck me just like that. Tell me how much you love doing this with me.”

Grunting and huffing, I plowed into her harder and croaked, “Oh fuck! I do. I really do love it. I love how your pussy wraps around my dick.”

I could feel her legs grasping at my sides as her pussy clutched at my cock. As I went even faster, I demanded, “Come for me, Lisa. I want to feel you come on my dick again.”


“Oh, Bobby! You’re making me want to only have your cock inside me!”

“What about your boyfriend?” I croaked.

“Your dick is so much better. It’s like it was made for my pussy. Please, Bobby, go deeper! Go deeper! I need to feel more of you inside me!”

Quickly I got on my knees. I lifted her ass off the bed and rammed my throbbing meat stick as deep as it could go. She wailed loudly, “Fuck, yes! Oh god… That’s it! You’re hitting it! My god, you’re hitting it! I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Heaving and thrusting, I exploded and almost fell on top of her when I came so hard. Just then, I noticed my wife start to stir next to us.

Slowing my pace while making light grunts and whimpers, we both rode out our orgasms. Once finished, I leaned over and kissed her hard once more before easing myself back down between both of them.


Only as Lisa panted, she gently got out of bed. I asked, “You’re leaving?”

“Yeah,” Lisa replied while her breath still raced. “I got a lot of things to do today.”

“What about Brian?” I said.

“I guess let his drunk ass sleep. I’ll just call for a ride.”

“You don’t have to do that. I can give you a ride.”

“No. It’s fine. Besides, I’m sure your wife is going to want you to be next to her when she wakes up. I know I would.”


“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Lisa then quickly started to dress and, while doing so, said, “I had a great time, and please tell your wife I hope we can get to do this again real soon.”

“I will,” I said with a smile.

“Bye, lover,” I heard her say just before leaving the house.

I was in my own world when Brenda startled me by asking, “So how did you like your morning fuck with her?”

“Oh! Shit, honey! I didn’t know you were awake. So you heard all of that?”


“Mm-hmm, I did,” Brenda cooed while grasping my dick in her hand. “And I expect you to fuck me just as hard as you did her right now.”

And that we did. I can’t even describe to you how passionately we both made love to one another that morning before Brian finally got his ass up.

I guess I can’t blame him for being a little shocked when he found out his girlfriend had left him all alone. However, before he left, I also made it very clear that if he ever grabbed my wife’s ass again or called her his bitch, he would live to regret it. He did apologize before leaving. I think he was a little hurt when my wife also said she hoped he enjoyed fucking her because it wasn’t going to ever happen again.

Then she shocked me when after he left, she said, “If anything, I think you’re the owner of Lisa’s pussy now.”

“What happened to you saying I’m already taken?”

“You are, honey. But that doesn’t mean we can’t share Lisa’s pussy between us.”


“I really love you. You know that.” I said and kissed her hard before stripping naked and fucking her again on the living room sofa.

So that was the beginning of the new chapter in our relationship, one of many more new and exciting sexual experiences we would share together over the years.

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