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The shortcut

How a shortcut from school turned into someone’s slut

I was dressed in a skirt rolled up shorter cause it was to big it sat above my knees. I was wearing a black shirt with my sleeves that went halfway between my shoulder and elbow with a cardigan. Im 15 quite small chested and a bum that guys like to stare at. It was a nice day and it was half day today so I started to walk home. I first cut through a park. Then I got to the residential area and I decided to take a shortcut. Going up a few steps then passed through a sketchy areas instead of walking all the way around and up a hill. As I was walking along the path with the houses connected right to it with small porches in-between. A few houses ahead there was an older man sitting outside. I could see him staring at me but I thought nothing of it and tried to ignore it and walk straight past. I got closer and I saw a smirk and a glisten in his eye. I walked faster not making eye contact trying to get out of there. “Hey there girl” he smiled
” hi ” I replied bluntly trying not to engage.
“What are you doing in my neck of the woods”
“I just finished early and now I’m heading home excuse me”
Oh come on you only just got here” he still had a look of last in his eye as I went to carry on walking. He suddenly stuck his leg out making me trip. I landed with a smack on the concrete grazing myself up. “I’m sorry sometimes I can’t control my body” I tried not to cry but it really stung. I looked around and there was no one no cars no noise. “Here let me help you up” he said getting of his chair and picking me up under my arms. ” I have a first aid kit inside ”
“No ill be okay thanks” he now pulled me up and still has a hold of me “I insist” he starts to drag me inside with his door already being open. ” No. HELP! SOMEBODYY!” I screamed but no one was there to hear my cries. He dragged me in, dropped me to the ground and locked the door with a key and took it with him. “Please let me go, what are you doing” I cried. I lay on the ground on my hands and knees wishing I wasn’t here. He came back in the room with 4 ​handcuffs. “Time for you to strip” he demanded. “What” I trembled “no please let me go i promise I won’t tell anyone”.
” nope not till I say so. Better hurry before I get my belt out”
I cry a little and take off my cardigan. I look up at him and he’s still waiting dead serious. I take of my shirt showing my black bra with my small chest only enough to full the cups. I pause feeling humiliated. “NOW!!”
I stand up to take off my skirt now in my underwear.
“Mm yes I love your little body maybe you should think twice next time about trespassing.” He said
“I’m sorry”
“On your knees ” he said and I obeyed. He got his phone and took some photos.
“Underwear off” I got up again and took them off and got back on my knees. He again took some more photos.
“This is for the future so I don’t need to encourage you next time. And for my personal use.”
​I’m doomed I thought.
“You have a perfect little body I can’t wait to explore it.”
” this isn’t right please no””
“Listen here you little slut I’m assuming you don’t want these photos out I know where you go to school I could upload them for everyone to see and you’ll actually be ruined. Listening to me will stop that, I’ll have my fun and afterwards I’ll let you go” he said
“Fine” I admitted defeated
“And any other time I see you walking on by”
“Come over here ” he was standing in front of a long rectangle table. I obey
“I want you to lay on top of here tummy down.” I did it was cold. He pulled out the handcuffs and locked my wrists to each table leg and then did the same with my legs I was spead wide on the table wide open. I then heard multiple clicks I think from different angles.
“I’m gonna have my fun now I hope your ready” I hear his pants drop then his boxers. He then comes to my front and gets on his knees. His cock is positioned right in front of my mouth. It hits me what’s about to happen. He starts jerking himself to get hard. And it’s a massive 9 inch cock and a little thick. “Open wide you slut” I have no choice but to listen I’m trapped. He slowly pushes half of it in and stops I manage to keep get it in alright without gagging. I look up and he’s on his phone, click. He put the phone down and places his hands behind my head. He moves it back and forth with all his cock down my throat. I start to gag and choke trying to move with him. He got faster and took short pauses with my mouth at his balls I choked and cried I knew I had black tears running down my face. “I’m close I want you to taste what submission feels like.”
He thrusts more and more I feel his cock twitch and a load shoot down my throat I swallowed since it was already down. “Good little whore. Time for another hole” he gets up and walks towards my back and gets on his knees. I feel him rub my ass then slap it. “OWW” I yell.
“Oh you like that you little whore?” I hear some rattle and drop to the ground. I suddenly feel a sharp burning pain whipped against my ass. Then more times one after another. I whine and yell trying to be quiet with no luck. Then whipped another couple of times before it drops.
“Do you like that hm? Like that you are mine and there’s not a thing you can do but lay there spread” he laughs
“Yes sir” I manage to get out still ashamed.
I feel his fingers inside me i try to wiggle to get them away but i got another hard smack. He put his fingers in and out then rubbing my clit I let at a soft moan to the feeling
“You are socked you dirty little slut I knew you liked it ”
His fingers back inside me fucking me another on my clit.
It felt like my body was betraying me I this random man was raping me.
“You want my big cock now huh?”
“Please no I don’t want it I don’t want this I’m sorry”
“Wrong answer” he laughed.
He rammed his cock inside me “AHH” I cry and whimper from the impact I felt him hit a wall or something inside me. He kept thrusting and fucking me pushing me more and more into the table but after the pain I felt the pleasure. I felt the waves washing over me. I feel tension build up and my leg almost shaking. My body was betraying me again. I was going to cum i felt it. I moaned more gripping onto the table leg as I came onto his cock giving him more lube. “I’m close to cumming as well get ready.” With more thrusts I felt it shoot inside me I was dripping as he pulled out. ” that’s a good slut. Now I’m gonna use you everyday after school even someday just for a blow job and others something else we’ll see. Understand?”
“Yes sir”
“Good, you don’t want your photos you naked, hogtied or sucking a cock posted to the school websites for everyone to get a notification to?”
I shook me head. Knowing I’m screwed in every way. Everyday I have no choice. He started to unlock me I felt sore and stiff.
“Your free to go now I’ll see you on Monday afternoon.” I went to get dressed and he unlocked the door.
“You can see yourself out, bye slut.”
He walked into another room. I was now dressed and ran out of there dreading Monday

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