The shortcut part 2

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I’m now being blackmailed with naked photos of me for sex

It’s now Monday and a few days after my first attack. It was halway through the day and I had knots in my stomach so torn on what to do. On one hand I won’t be embarrassed, disowned and a reputation ruined. On the other I get played with a little it’s a no brainer I have to do it. A few more hours pass by and we’re let go and I start my walk going down one street then down another. Finally I’m at the bottom of the steps and I freeze I know my fate and what I have to do. I look up and see him on the porch looking down on me. I go up to the stairs and up to him.
“Hello dear I’m glad you made the right choice”
“Hello” I replied
“Come in come in make yourself at home”
I followed in after him and look around and there was nothing unusual.
“Follw me we’re going to my bedroom” he said and I followed. “You know the drill time to strip”
I did that and as I did noticed ropes attached just the head board but not at the feet. There was a glass object it looked like a round tear drop with a flat top. I now stood naked.
“You look amazing as ever I can’t wait to tear up that body.
Climb up on here you little slut on your back your arms go in here.” I was scared but I did it giving up my control again
I climbed on like he said and put my hands in the straints as he then tightened them enough. He was over top of me doing it then started kissing down my body my neck chest nipple biting them each then down stomach then on top of my pussy. I startled to feel warm and tingly inside. He got up and took off his pants and underwear off and climbed back on top of me. Now on top of me “open wide” I do
He put tip of his cock in it was soft. I stuck my tounge out licking around it feel it get a little hard. He stuck more in and i moved my head back and forth with it now hard in my mouth. “Mm that’s a good bitch”
I start to gag as he sticks it all but move with him to still choking but not as much. I hope he’s quicker this time but it feels just as long. I feel a little warm grow inside down there. He then got off to my suprise and went to the desk next to the bed opened the draw and grabbed a tube called lube. He then grabbed the round object. “This is going to prepare you for a little later. It might be uncomfortable at first” he laughed
I was so scared. He went over between my legs “bend your legs back” he demanded. I lifted them up so I was spread more open. He open and got a small peice of lube he then put around my ass. “What are doing no nothing goes up there” I said scared. I closed my legs. He opened then back up.
“Listen I left out the restraints for your legs because you know that I own you am I right?! That means I can do what I want and I want your ass” He said sounding mad
I paused for a second only to give in “yes sir”
He rubbed around again before sticking a finger in “oh fuck your so tight I might actually rip you open”
He grabbed the item from beside him and pushed only the tip in my ass. I winced in pain trying to get used to it.
” get ready this’ll hurt like a bitch” he slowly pushed it all the way in till it was inside me. I screamed and cried in pain as it went in it hurt so bad.
“Now that your all plugged up I can move on to your pussy while your ass stretches” he smiled.
Without any hesitation he rammed his cock inside my pussy I screamed again not being wet enough. I felt full and hurt. He fucked he hard and fast almost plowing me. I moaned so loud at the feeling of it all I was still really tight. After a while it felt good I got wetter which helped him out. At times he hit my clit which felt amazing it was tingling I felt the tense moment it was going to happen again. He kept going with no care at all only to destroy me. The feeling building up more and more until it was to much. I came all over his cock while doing that he came at the same time. I could feel his cum inside my womb.
“After the pleasure comes pain” he laughed. He took out the plug slowly with a pop i cried a little and he lubed up his cock. Then he put his cock at the entrance of my ass. “You ready? ”
I nodded ready as I’ll ever be I thought. He slowly pushed it in all the way in. I moaned loudly trying to grip the rope to embrace what was coming. I think the plug helped a little but it was still painful in my virgin ass. He went slow at first but I still screamed and moaned wishing it’d be over. He picked up his speed fucking me harder. He grabbed my tits to hold onto then he pinched my nipples and i moaned more. He was pushing and pulling my tits up and down only by my nipples. It hurt but it was good. It started to feel okay after a little while.
“You like that you little bitch? I know you do, this’ll be a regular thing me stretching you out, using you like a little cumslut. You’ll learn to love it and beg for it soon enough”
I stayed silent thinking about it. After a little while more I felt his cock twitch.
“Mm fuck I’m gonna cum and have you leak from both holes.”
He goes faster and harder I’m moaning in pleasure and pain with him at my nipples still. I enjoyed it being used like this. I knew I was going to cum again. This time felt bigger I acrhed my back while he could fuck me a little better. I moaned louder “mm yes.. mmm” I got out. I felt like I was going to explode that’s when I felt his load shoot inside my ass that’s when he pulled out. It felt good I then squirted on his cock. I felt embarrassed
“I knew I could turn you into my little slut in a matter of time. Maybe we won’t need you tied next time.”
He climbed up over me first he leant down to kiss me his tounge inside me I kissed back. He stopped to untie me almost making me want more.
“You are the perfect girl I’ll think about what I want to do tomorrow. You can get dressed and let yourself out again” he went off and turned on the shower. I felt dirty myself but also amazed by cumming he knows what he’s doing.
I get dressed again and head out feeling more excited about next time.

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