The Sexual Education of Madison Parker Continues

JefferyB and I teamed up again to continue Maddi’s sexual evolution. We hope you enjoy!

Madison woke up late on Saturday morning. She grabbed her phone from the nightstand and noticed it was almost 11:30. She stretched as she thought about what happened the previous night.

After attending the high school football game with Dennis, they headed to their favorite parking spot to fool around. Dennis had turned out to be a good and thoughtful lover. He did his best to see to it that she was satisfied. However, Madison couldn’t help but draw a comparison between Dennis and Robert. Besides the fact that Robert’s tool was considerably larger, he was just more experienced.

On the way to their favorite parking spot, Maddi treated Dennis to a hand-job while he drove. It was a little dangerous, she supposed. But she knew he would last much longer if he’d already cum once before they parked for some naughty fun.

Dennis had been especially interested in her breasts last night. Now her nipples were feeling raw and sensitive from his sucking and biting. But all in all, she had enjoyed their playtime and was hoping they might get another chance soon.

Rolling out of bed, Madison ran her fingers through her hair, brushed her teeth, and pulled on an extra-long T-shirt, not bothering to put on panties. Too lazy to shower, she used a soapy washcloth to clean her private parts, making sure to get rid of the evidence of dried semen on her thigh. She made a mental note to inspect the panties she was wearing last night. She didn’t want her mother to find crusted spunk on her underwear while separating the laundry. She swiped some deodorant on her underarms and figured it was time for something to eat.


By the time she opened her bedroom door, it was a little past noon. Maddi could hear her mother in the kitchen trying to decide what to take out of the freezer for dinner later on. Betty Parker wasn’t an outstanding cook but tried to prepare the evening meal for her family every Saturday. Since she and her husband worked full-time jobs, they tended to eat a lot of carry-out during the workweek. The pizza delivery guy knew their address by heart.

When Madison walked into the kitchen, Betty glanced over, saying, “Good afternoon, Sunshine. Did you have a good time last night?”

“Yeah, Mom,” Maddi answered as she opened the refrigerator door and took out a carton of milk. “We stopped off for a couple of cokes before we headed to the bushes for sex.”

Betty cut a quick look at her daughter and caught her grin. “Many years ago, I told my mother the same thing. And I’d bet that you were telling the truth just then the same as I was back when I was in high school.”

Maddi nearly snorted milk out of her nose. “Are you telling me that you were having sex when you were in high school?”

“Sure, I was,” Betty replied as she turned and smiled at Madison. “And I was a bit of a slut, too. I suppose the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in that regard. Why else would I agree to let you start taking birth control? You are my daughter, and I knew you were going to have sex soon if you hadn’t already.”


“What makes you think I’m having sex?”

“A mother knows these things, Madison. I recognize the look on your face, sweetie; it’s the same look I saw in the mirror on my own face after I became a woman.”

Unwilling to fully admit to being sexually active quite yet, Madison considered her mother’s reaction for a moment. “So, if I were having sex, it wouldn’t bother you?”

“No, of course not. You’re not a little girl anymore, Maddi; you’re seventeen years old. Sex is as natural as the sun coming up in the morning. And, with a body like yours, I’m sure every boy in school wants to get into your pants. You are a smart girl; you know they want you and just being aware of it gives you the itch. I’ve been there, Maddi. I understand it.”

“When was the first time you had sex?” Madison wanted to know.

“Just a couple of days past my sixteenth birthday,” Betty said as she took some potatoes out of a basket. “I was with Will Thompson; he was a senior. We went to a movie, and he felt me up. At first, I was scared, but his hands did incredible things and made me feel all tingly inside. There was no denying that I enjoyed it and wanted more.”


Maddi was stunned as she listened to her mother talking about her first experience.

Betty continued, “Eventually, he put my hand on his crotch so that I could feel his erection. When we got to his car, he took his stiff cock out and told me to kiss it. I wanted Will to like me, so I did exactly as he asked, even though it seemed daunting. Once my lips touched his tool, my mouth instinctively opened, and I sucked on his dick until he blew his load in my mouth.”

“You gave a blow job at sixteen?”

“Well,” Betty answered as she washed the potatoes, “at sixteen, I probably gave about twenty blow jobs. And, honestly, I enjoyed every one of them, and I swallowed every drop of semen. What can I say? I loved sucking cock. I still do!”

“Oh, my God, Mother! How many different boys did you go down on?”

Betty looked up at the ceiling, seemingly considering her answer. “After Will, there were three or four, maybe. I don’t recall exactly because one of the boys I dated through high school was the lucky recipient of regular blow jobs while we were together. But I will say that I got really good at it and never left a boy unsatisfied.”


Madison was utterly shocked. First, her mother admitted she gave blow jobs in high school, and then she confessed to enjoying it.

Betty put the potatoes down and turned to her daughter. “If I had to guess, I’d say that you weren’t having intercourse with your boyfriend until fairly recently. But I’d be willing to bet that you’ve played around the edges for a long time. Am I right?”

Deciding that she had been cornered, Madison said, “Okay, yes. It’s true. I admit that Dennis and I were getting pretty close to going all the way.”

“What made you decide to pull down your barriers and let him in?” Betty inquired.

“Two things,” Maddi said. “First, knowing I was safe from getting pregnant, and second, well, um, Robert.”

“Robert?” Betty said with a frown. “Who is Robert?”


“I think you call him Bobby,” Madison answered shyly. “Next door. Robert King. He just finished his junior year at college.”

“Ahhh, a college boy,” Betty said with a big smile. “You were seduced by an older man, just as I was.”

“I wasn’t hard to seduce,” Maddi admitted.

“I wasn’t either, baby,” Betty confirmed as she hugged her daughter. “May I assume that you’ve introduced Dennis to the wonderful world of sex?”

“The first night he got home from baseball camp,” Maddi admitted.

Betty laughed. “You didn’t waste any time, did you! Good for you.”


“I didn’t tell him about Robert.”

“And you shouldn’t,” her mother agreed. “Robert should just be your little secret. Men can be a little odd about accepting the fact that they aren’t the only ones who have had previous experience. Fortunately, I can say that your father was very understanding and didn’t expect his bride to be a virgin on her wedding night. He was smart enough to want a woman that was already broken in and knew what to do.”

“Do you and Dad have a good sex life?” Maddi wanted to know.

“I wouldn’t call it good; I’d say it’s outstanding,” Betty said with confidence. “We dated for two years before we got married, so we’ve been together now for almost twenty-five years. We both enjoy keeping things fresh and sexy. I think it’s the secret to a successful marriage.”

“I’ve seen you have sex,” Maddi admitted with a blush. “I’d have to say it appears that you really enjoy it.”

“When did you see us?” Betty demanded.


“A couple of months ago. It was around 11:00, and I wasn’t sleepy, so I went out to the pool. I heard a noise coming from your end of the house and went to see what it was. Your windows were partially open, and your drapes weren’t closed all the way. I couldn’t help myself. I just stood there and watched.”

“Oh!” Betty said, blushing. “Well, what did you think?”

“First of all, let me just say that I was impressed with your body, Mom. Your ass is still really firm, and I can only hope my tits look as good as yours when I’m your age. It was arousing to watch you go down on Daddy. It looked to me like you enjoyed it as much as he did. Then he put you on your hands and knees and took you from behind. You were kinda loud.”

“I guess you heard my dirty mouth, too,” Betty said.

It was Maddi’s turn to blush. “Well, yes, you were quite vocal. You seemed to like Daddy slapping your ass while he fucked you.” Madison stopped talking and looked up at her mother. “I’m sorry. I meant while he made love to you.”

“No, honey,” Betty laughed. “Your father and I were fucking. If Daddy was slapping my ass, we were fucking like rabbits and enjoying pure unadulterated pleasure! Not that we don’t enjoy tender lovemaking too, but sometimes we just like a good hard fuck.”


Maddi’s face turned red. It was so weird to be talking openly with her mother about sex.

“When I was with Robert, he taught me not to use formal words. He said sex was better if you called it like it is. Calling it a dick or a cock and a pussy just makes things easier.”

“I would have to agree with Robert,” Betty replied as she pulled some steaks from the refrigerator. “We have our word choices. When I was your age, women weren’t supposed to say those words, but I found it very freeing to use them once I met your father.”

“How often do you two do it? I mean, how often do you have sex?” Maddi asked.

“About three times a week,” Betty admitted while she mixed the marinade for the steaks. “More often if you and your sister are away. When we were first married, it was probably three times a day. But children and work slow things down.”

“Is it enough for you?” Madison wanted to know.


“I would be happy to have sex more often, but things get busy, and your father has a lot on his plate right now. But I’d say we still have sex more often than many couples our age.”

“Have you ever cheated on him?” Maddi asked her surprised mother. “I mean, if you want sex more often than he does, does it make you want someone else?”

“Oh, goodness no, honey,” Betty said as she stroked her daughter’s hair. “I have a nice assortment of sex toys. Sometimes I use them when I’m alone, and sometimes I let your father watch me use them to get him in the mood after a long day. There are even times when he uses them on me.”

Since they’d gone pretty far down this road being open with her mother about sex, she decided to press on.

“I have a toy,” Maddi announced. “Robert gave it to me before he left town. It’s a Rabbit.”

“I have two of those,” Betty said with a grin. She figured she might as well keep things candid and straightforward since Maddi was confiding in her about sex. “I have several dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs. To be totally honest, your father loves to watch me use them. In fact, he gave me a new toy several months ago. Let me show it to you.”


Maddi gasped. It was a little shocking that her mother was being so forward. She was grateful for having the opportunity of discussing sex with her mother, but it was still surprising.

Coming back into the kitchen, Betty was holding two things and wearing a grin. “I think you are going to like this,” she said to her daughter. Holding out her hand, Betty said, “This part goes inside your pussy. Would you like to try it?”

Maddi blushed and was unsure how to react.

Betty winked. “It’s okay, sweetie. I’ve cleaned it since I last used it.”

“Oh, I figured that. It’s just. I mean. You want me to put a toy in my pussy? Right here, in front of you?”

“Sure, I do,” her mom said with a chuckle. “It’s the only way I can show you how it works.” Betty walked around the island to stand in front of her daughter. “Lift your T-shirt,” she said.


Feeling quite shy, Madison slowly lifted the long shirt.

“Oh,” her mother said, “You’ve shaved all of your pubic hair.”

“Yeah, Mom,” Maddi said, rolling her eyes. “You can’t have pubic hair and wear a bikini anymore.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Betty acknowledged. “Well, it is lovely. Now, open your legs for me, and I’ll show you how to put it in.”

Madison was suddenly happy she’d washed the crusted cum off her thighs. It felt awkward, but she spread her legs open, revealing her naughty bits.

“Oh,” Betty sighed. “Aren’t you just beautiful? I can’t imagine any man seeing you and not wanting to bury his face between your thighs.” Betty smiled at her daughter. “Now then, I want you to take this and push it in gently until just the tail is on the outside.”


Maddi followed her mom’s instructions. She thought it would probably feel good if her mother wasn’t watching. When just the so-called tail was outside, she looked up at her mother. “Now what?”

Betty smiled and walked to the kitchen sink with her back to Madison. Suddenly the thing inside her began to vibrate. Seconds later, it began to move.

“Oh fuck!” Maddi cried out. “What is that?”

Betty turned around, showing a big grin. “That’s a remotely operated sex toy. Your father gave it to me so that he could tease me when other people were around.” Holding up her hand, she showed Maddi a disk in her hand. “This is the remote control. I can make it do things that will drive you crazy and probably bring you to an orgasm.”

Maddi’s mouth flew open as her mother played with the remote.

“Oh, fuck, Mom,” Maddi shrieked. “Oh, my God.”


“You like it, don’t you? It’s almost as good as having a hard cock in your pussy. It’s one way that your Dad can please me when he’s too tired to do the deed himself.”

Gasping again, Maddi pushed her hands against her tummy.

Betty could see her daughter’s nipples were hard and pushing through the light cotton of her shirt. She wondered if Maddi would be able to relax enough to have an orgasm in front of her mother. She didn’t need to worry. It wasn’t long before Maddi’s eyes rolled back as she gasped, and her entire body shook.

Betty walked back to her daughter, opened her legs, and slowly removed the toy, coated in her daughter’s juices. A trickle of nectar ran down Maddi’s thighs. “Did you like it?” Betty asked.

“Are you kidding?” Maddi answered. “It was incredible! If you have one of those, you don’t need a man.”

“No, baby,” Betty said as she hugged her daughter. “You always need a man. This little machine is never going to hold you and tell you that you are the sexiest woman in the world. It’s never going to nibble on your ear and tell you how much he wants you.” She held up the toy. “These things are good to fill in the gaps or get things going, but you’ll always need a man. In my opinion, there’s nothing like the real thing.”


Betty took the toy to the sink and washed it. Suddenly she turned around to look at Maddi. “How would you like to have a real demonstration of how it works?”

“I thought I just had one.”

“I was thinking you might like to watch your father use it on me,” Betty said with a grin.

“How could that happen?”

“Your father will be home from golf around 4:30,” Betty explained. “He’s always horny after playing golf. I have no idea why, but I don’t care. I’m just glad that I’m here to take care of his needs. Before dinner, I’ll hand him the remote control and let him know the toy is inside me. He’ll tease me with it throughout dinner and turn me into a needy little slut. When I give you the cue, you’ll excuse yourself from the table but find someplace where you can hide and watch us enjoy the effects of the toy.”

“You’d let me watch you and Daddy fuck?” Maddi asked, blushing from intense embarrassment.


“You have already watched us once,” Betty said with an arched eyebrow. “What difference would once more make? Anyway, you’ll be able to see how crazy I get and how dominating your father can be. I’ll make certain that he takes me right there on the dining table.” Betty grinned.

Maddi’s head was spinning. “Oh, my God, Mom! On the dining table? We eat there!”

“Relax! It’s not like I don’t wash the table after we have sex there,” Betty mused.

“You’ve done it there before?”

“Many times, dear. Now, are you interested in learning more about sex or not? This isn’t an offer most mothers make to their daughters. But you’ve acquired some knowledge from the male perspective. I think it’s important to see the female side of things as well. Are you game?”

“I’d be foolish to say no,” Maddi admitted.


Betty smiled. “You’re not a fool, are you, Madison?”

Maddi shook her head. “But what if Daddy finds out?”

“Trust me, sweetheart, he will be too involved in what he is doing to me even to suspect anyone would be watching us, least of all his teenage daughter.”

“So, you are seriously okay with me watching you and Daddy?” Maddi asked, making sure her mother wasn’t kidding around.

“Absolutely!” Betty replied. “And try not to feel awkward about it, darling. Just think of this as an opportunity to expand your sexual education.”

“Well, at least then when Dennis asks me how I learned to do what I’m doing, I can honestly say it’s from watching my parents. Honestly, I don’t know why he hasn’t asked or suspected anything. I went from barely letting him touch me to full-on freaky sex in only a month.”


“Well, dear, maybe you weren’t the only one learning things during that time you and Dennis were apart,” Betty said, raising an eyebrow.

Slowly it dawned on Maddi what her mother meant. “Oh! Well, I don’t know, Mom. He was with a bunch of guys! And I really don’t think Dennis is into guys. Not after the way he, well, um…” Maddi let her sentence die in the air.

Betty laughed. “It’s okay; I know what you and Dennis are up to, sweetie. But just so you know, there are men who are bisexual and like both males and females as partners.”

“I just don’t get that vibe from him,” Maddi said.

“Well, maybe he and a couple of the other boys snuck away at night and found some local girls. Or maybe he knew stuff from previous girlfriends and was just enough of a gentleman to wait until you were ready. Either way, stop worrying about him finding out about what you did with Robert. It enhanced your relationship with Dennis; that’s all that matters.”

“That’s true. Thanks, Mom!”


That evening, while Dad was grilling the steaks, Maddi set the table while her mother made the salads. She looked at that table differently now! She was somewhat embarrassed that the thought of her parents fucking there made her damp.

“Thanks for setting the table, sweetie,” Betty said.

“You’re welcome,” Maddi answered. “So, um, is it in?”

“Yes, and your father has already made me cum twice while I was cutting up the cucumbers and celery for the salad,” Betty said, laughing.

Maddi blushed a little. It was weird knowing that the same toy that had been in her own pussy earlier was now in her mother’s. It was even stranger thinking about her mother’s pussy being wet.

While eating dinner, Betty made a little sound that sounded like a mix between a cough and a sneeze.


“God bless you!” Maddi said. Then she noticed the smirk on her father’s face. A glance at her mother seemed to confirm that Betty had just had an orgasm right there at the table. How had she missed this before?

When the meal was over, Maddi got up to clear the dishes. Her father often helped, but tonight he sat stationary, finishing his drink. Oh, God! Did her dad have a hard-on because of all this? She was on overload. Her parents were supposed to be, well, parents! Not hot-to-trot sexual beings!

Still, she acknowledged her mother’s cue and said, “Well, if it’s okay with you guys, I will be in my room studying. I’ll probably have my earbuds in, listening to music. So, if you want me, you’ll have to come knocking on my door.”

She excused herself and went to her room. Two minutes later, she tiptoed silently and hid in the front closet. With the door slightly ajar, Maddi had a good view of the dining room table. Now she just needed to wait for her parents to get frisky!

It didn’t take long. Her father took her mother into his arms and kissed her passionately. “Oh, Don,” Betty said in a breathy voice, “I love when you take advantage of me!”

Don Parker loved his wife. He was a faithful husband and had a great sex life with her. But when it was golf day, he came home exceptionally randy. Some delightful young women ran the beer carts on the course where he played, and they were none too shy about brushing up against Don and his buddies with their tits barely covered. Occasionally, these sweet young things would ask for golfing tips and back their hot little asses up against Don and the others when they would try to show them how to swing the clubs properly.


It was all very titillating, and it made him horny as hell. So, he loved to come home to his sexy wife and make her wear the remote-control toy to tease her pussy into a frenzy. Betty was always more than willing to play along. She’d gotten good at cumming right in front of the girls without them catching on.

Don and Betty would head to the bedroom and have sex as quietly as possible when their daughters were around. But when they had the house to themselves, they fucked like animals.

“Betty, get your ass on the table and spread your legs for me,” Don demanded. Betty made sure to position herself so that Maddi would be able to see all of the action. She secretly found it very arousing to know that her daughter would be watching her get fucked good and hard.

Don watched his wife shudder as he turned the toy on to the highest setting. It made his dick so hard to watch her writhe in pleasure like this!

After making her cum several times, Don pulled out the sex toy, covered in Betty’s juices, and sucked it clean. Maddi nearly gasped.

“Fuck, you taste good, baby!” Don said, setting the toy aside. He used two fingers to draw out some nectar from his wife’s dripping pussy and lubed up his rock-hard cock. He held her legs open wide and plunged his stiff shaft into her in one swift thrust.


“Oh, God, Don!” Betty cried out. “You feel so fucking good in me!”

Maddi slipped a hand into her panties and discovered she was just as soaked as her mother. Watching her father’s dick pound into her mother’s wet hole was hot as fuck!

Betty turned her head toward the closet and grinned. “Oh, Don, my nipples need some attention while you fuck me, baby!”

Maddi watched while her father took one of her mother’s erect nipples between his teeth and bit down while he twisted the other nipple with his finger and thumb.

“Oh, fuck!” Betty cried out. “I need to cum again, Don!”

“Mmm, go ahead, baby. Cum again for me. You’re such a hot little slut. God, your pussy feels so good on my cock!”


“Talk dirty, Don. Please! I’m so fucking close! I need you to call me names to help me over the edge.”

Don pinched each nipple tersely and yelled, “That’s right, slut! Take my cock in your juicy little cunt and cum hard for me like a dirty little whore!”

Maddi watched her father reach down and rub her mother’s clit hard and fast while he called her filthy, vile names. Her mother’s back arched as she screamed, “Oh, fuck, yes! Fuck my slutty cunt! Make me squirt all over your cock, Don!”

Maddi couldn’t help but reach down and rub her hard little nub while her parents fucked like sex fiends on the dining room table. Her orgasm knocked her on her ass in the closet, and she bumped into the vacuum cleaner.

Fortunately, her father couldn’t hear a thing by this time because he was making some animalistic guttural sounds before shouting, “I’m gonna fill your dirty cunt with my seed, bitch!”

Don collapsed on top of Betty and panted loudly. Maddi wasn’t sure what to do but thought it best to stay put for the moment. Besides, she was enjoying her own private afterglow. Who knew watching her parents go at it like that could make her so hot and needy? She was sure this was probably a little taboo. But it wasn’t like she had had sex with her parents. She just masturbated while she watched them fornicate.


A few moments later, Don kissed Betty and said, “You know I only say those things in the heat of the moment because I know it makes you hotter than hell, right?”

Betty smiled and put her hand on Don’s face. “Of course, I do, dear! I know you love and cherish me. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little wild when the mood strikes us!”

Maddi caught on to what her mother was trying to say. Lovemaking was important in a relationship, but so was hot and heavy fucking. And that talking dirty during sex didn’t mean you didn’t respect each other.

Eventually, Maddi was able to slip out of the closet and head back to her room. She put her earbuds in and opened a book, just in case her dad came to check on her.

Sure enough, half an hour later, Don knocked on his daughter’s door. “How’s it going, honey?” he asked. “Are you learning good stuff?”

Maddi grinned and said, “Oh, yeah, Dad! I’m learning all kinds of important things!”


“Good, honey! Glad to hear it!”

After her father closed her door, she sent Dennis a text.

Hey, do you wanna go fool around tonight? I’ve got something I want to show you!

Maddi grinned. It was time for Dennis to meet the Rabbit!

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