The Secret Life : Anal Scandal

“Oh, Elena! You’re ravishing. Why don’t I see you on TV anymore?”

Her frolic fingernail traces my taunt neckline and rows through cleavage.

“Directors have lost interest in me.”

“World is full of such fools,” she smirks before stabbing a butt-plug into my luxe ass.

“Amanda, you sassy bitch,” I squirm, then zip my maroon-bodycon dress.

“Afraid of paparazzi?” she giggles.


“No one follows me around, darling, not anymore.” Adjusting skinny dress, I blow a goodbye kiss.

Morning paper reads, ‘Celebs-&-Sex: Something in Elena’s Alley.’

Phone rings! I am a directors’ sweetheart now.

The scandal! I’m disgusted yet thankful.

Updated: August 11, 2021 — 4:08 pm
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