The Queue In The Post Office

Steve Prentice was aged twenty-five, and he was currently in quite a long queue to be served in the local post office. He was not in an exceptional hurry, but neither did he plan to spend a big chunk of his morning standing in a queue. The queue suddenly got more interesting for him when his eyes moved down to the backside of the woman in front of him. She was a well-built lady and judging by her hair colour and her clothing, she was not young, but what Steve was fascinated by was her arse.

The woman had a wide and rounded-looking bottom, and it was being put on view to its best advantage by the tight grey skirt that enclosed it. Steve, who was unmarried, had a liking for ladies’ bottoms of all ages, and the one in front of him in the queue was causing his penis to stiffen in his jeans. As customers got served, Steve, and therefore the woman, got nearer the front.


It got to the stage that the person in front of the woman was being served, and the woman noticed in the reflection in the glass between the customers and the cashier that there was a young man behind her. Not only was he behind her, but he appeared to have his eyes fixed on something at a lower level, which the woman deduced to be her bottom.

The woman was named Gabrielle Harrington, and she was aged sixty, although she looked several years less than that. A smirk crossed her face because the young man seemed to be quite good-looking, and in the last few years, Gabrielle had developed a passion for good-looking young men, especially if they had a large penis.

Gabrielle was lost in her thoughts and did not notice that the person in front had completed their transaction and had departed. “Next please,” said the lady behind the counter.

“Oh I am so sorry, I was miles away,” said Gabrielle to the cashier.

“No problem, madam, sorry that you have had to wait so long; we are short-staffed today,”  responded the cashier.

Gabrielle told the cashier what she wanted and, as she was preparing that, Gabrielle again looked at the reflection in the glass. That confirmed two things to her; the young man was indeed good-looking and he was indeed looking at her bottom. She decided to liven things up a bit and put her elbows on the counter, which caused her backside to be thrust backwards slightly. She then crossed one ankle over the other, which she knew would further emphasise the roundness of her bottom inside her tight skirt.

Steve’s cock had hardened to full erection in the time that he had been focusing on the woman’s arse, and her movements at the counter did nothing to reduce his stiffness. The woman’s transaction was duly completed, and, with one more look at the young man’s reflection, she left the post office but with the intention of speaking to the young man when his business was completed.

Without the distraction of the woman’s bottom, Steve got his mind back on the transaction that he was in the post office to do, but that vision would be in his head for a while. He concluded that unless he got lucky with a lady, which he often did, he would wank thinking about that arse at home in the evening. The hardness of his cock diminished whilst he got his transaction done, and he then left the post office.

When he got outside, he came face to face with a woman who, in hair colouring, build and clothing, was identical to the woman from inside, so it was a fair assumption that she was the woman from inside. She was older than he had suspected but she was extremely attractive. His penis started to stiffen again.

“Were you looking at my bottom in there, young man?” the woman asked, going straight to the point.

The question stunned Steve, but he was quite a confident man, so he did not attempt to deny it. “Yes I was, actually. It seems to be an amazing bottom,” replied Steve, and he had the confidence to keep his eyes locked on the woman’s eyes.

Gabrielle did not lack confidence either, and she held eye contact. “I will take that as a compliment; does your wife have an amazing bottom?” retorted Gabrielle.

“I do not have a wife; do you have a husband?” said Steve, continuing the sparring.

“In name only, not for anything else,” replied Gabrielle, and Steve quickly deduced what she meant by that, and his cock was again close to full hardness.

“Do you have anyone else for the, um, anything else?” asked Steve, believing that he was in with an excellent chance of shagging this woman.

Gabrielle liked her lovers to have confidence and this young man seemed to ooze it. “Several, but not all at once,” smirked Gabrielle.

“Can I buy you a drink?” asked Steve, who Gabrielle was finding very attractive.

“Not until you tell me your name, young man,” said Gabrielle, still with the smirk that Steve was finding incredibly exciting.

“Steve. Can I ask your name?” replied Steve gallantly.

“Gabrielle, but my lovers tend to call me Gaby,” replied the woman with her eyes now off Steve’s and on the bulge in his jeans.

“Well Gaby, let’s get a drink,” smiled Steve and that smile, together with the bulge in his trousers, had Gabrielle close to cumming in her knickers.

“They have a rather nice bar in the hotel over the road,” said Steve as Gabrielle’s mind was working on exactly where she was going to bed this young man.

“They also have rather nice bedrooms,” smiled Gaby before adding. “But that can wait until another time,” as she smirked and licked her lips. Now it was Steve that was close to staining his underwear.

They were both dying for a fuck, so Steve had another suggestion. “We could, of course, go to my house; it is not far away,”  he said.

“Not far away sounds good; my home is out of town,” said Gabrielle, who was longing to get her lips on Steve’s and her hand on his cock.

“It is just a short walk, along the riverside,” said Steve.

“I imagine that you would like me to walk in front,” smiled Gaby.

“That would be nice; we can go down this side-road,” said Steve indicating the short road that led to the river.

“That is convenient; I have my car parked down here, so I will put this in it,” said Gabrielle, indicating the shopping bag that she was carrying.

“You are not likely to be back for a while, and there are parking restrictions down here,” warned Steve.

“Not where I park. I own the florists and I park behind there,” announced Gaby.

Steve watched her bend over, more than necessary, as she put the bag in the boot of a Jaguar. “You could drive to my house if you wish,” volunteered Steve, who was getting anxious to get naked with this woman.

“No, a walk beside the river is fine,” smiled Gaby, who now had just a shoulder bag in which she put her car keys.

Gabrielle turned and put a deliberate sway on as she walked, with Steve a few paces behind. “I am going to give you such a fucking,” Steve said to the woman that he had only met just minutes before.

“Yes, I imagine that you are,” smiled Gaby back over her shoulder.

So a sixty-year-old woman and a twenty-five-year-old man, although neither knew exactly the other’s age, were heading for the young man’s home to fuck, even though they had not yet actually touched.

A short distance along the river, Steve informed Gabrielle that they had reached their destination. “Just through this gate on the left, Gaby,” said Steve, indicating a gate that led to some steps and then a smart-looking house.

“This is yours?” asked Gabrielle in almost disbelief, although the house which she and her husband shared was also very impressive.

“Yes, well, my parents own it, actually, but they spend most of their time abroad,” said Steve.

Steve opened the gate for Gabrielle. “I suppose you want me to lead the way up those steps too?” smiled Gabrielle.

“Yes please,” replied Steve, who knew that he would be seeing that arse bare very soon.

Steve watched her buttocks ascend the twelve steps, and then he unlocked the back door to the property. The front door was at the end of a short driveway off the main road.

With the door closed, the couple touched for the first time, and hands roamed and lips met. The kiss was long and deep and sensual, and when it finally finished, Gabrielle complimented Steve. “Mmm, if you fuck as well as you kiss, I am in for a fun time,” she said with her eyes ablaze.

“I get few complaints and a lot of compliments,” replied Steve, who had great confidence in his abilities to pleasure a woman.

“So do I get to see your bedroom?” Gaby pouted.

“Yes, but I want your skirt off first, please,” said Steve.

“Okay, but I want your jeans off,” replied Gabrielle.

“Be my guest,” said Steve, holding his arms out to the side and giving Gaby access to his jeans.

Gabrielle moved in close, and they had another kiss before she undid his belt and his jeans. She smirked at him before sinking to her knees and dragging his jeans down as she went. His underpants were stretched at the front by a bigger than average looking penis.

“Is that for me?” asked Gaby as she gently stroked his cock through the material before Steve stepped out of his jeans.

“It certainly is, but now I need to see what you are offering me,” replied Steve.

Gabrielle stood and spread her arms as Steve had done, giving him access to her skirt. “Turn around please,” said Steve. They were both highly aroused but were both enjoying the delaying of the sex.

“Oh, you want to see my arse first,” smiled Gaby as she turned her back on Steve.

“Yes, well, it was what attracted me,” said Steve, who ran a hand over Gabrielle’s backside before unclasping and unzipping her skirt and having it drop to the floor. Before his eyes was her large but shapely bottom in black knickers.

He ran a hand over her knickers. “As I said, amazing,” said Steve.

“Now can we go to bed?” said Gabrielle, trying not to sound desperate but thinking that she probably did.

“Yes, to bed; I will follow,” said Steve.

“Ha, of course, you will,” replied Gaby, pleased that the fucking was getting ever closer.

As she started to climb the stairs, Steve grabbed the top of her knickers and pulled them down as far as Gaby’s upper thighs. Although surprised, Gaby giggled and kept climbing, now with most of her arse on display to the young man that was about to give her a fucking. At the top of the stairs, Gaby had no idea which of the five doors she was supposed to enter.

“Second on the left,” said Steve’s voice from behind her.

Gabrielle opened the door to find a sizeable room with a king-size bed and seemingly countless mirrors. She was stood just inside the door, looking straight ahead into a mirror when Steve got behind her and his erection, still in his underpants, pressed against her bare arse.

With his cock against her backside, Steve started fondling Gaby’s generous tits through her blouse and bra. She wanted to both close her eyes and savour the moment and look straight ahead into the mirror. She managed to keep her eyes open as Steve started to undo her blouse and, having completed the undoing, removed it.

Gabrielle was whimpering as Steve first caressed her tits through her bra and then undid and removed the bra and cupped her naked breasts as he kissed her neck. All this time, his penis was pressed against her arse crack. Although Gaby’s knickers were pulled down at the back, they were still more or less in position at the front, and her cunt inside them was soaking wet.

As Steve continued to cup her tits, Gaby reached behind and managed to get her hand on Steve’s cock and, with a bit of effort, get it out of his underpants and the pants lowered slightly. She then had his naked penis touching her bare arse. Steve was longing to get on with fucking, but he was trying to get Gaby to beg for it. Gaby was mentally begging for it but was trying hard not to verbally request it, so the mutual arousal continued.

Steve lowered his hands and pulled Gaby’s knickers down a bit at the front; he could now see in the mirror that she was quite hairy, something else that added to his excitement. Gaby could wait no longer. “Please fuck me now,” she murmured as she felt dampness from Steve’s precum on her bare arse.

“Oh yes, Gaby, I so want to fuck you,” said Steve, who removed his hands from her body, and she turned and they had an open mouth kiss. Steve’s hands went to Gaby’s bare buttocks as his penis pressed against her body. Gaby dragged Steve’s t-shirt off, and they both took off their own lowered underwear before they kissed once more with her tits mashed against his chest.

They shuffled their way to the bed and then they were on it, with Steve above Gabrielle. Gaby usually liked to have some sort of control during sex, but she was doubtful of keeping any control with this young man. She had his long and thick penis in her hand, and she guided it to the valley in between her thick thighs.

“Oh shit!” exclaimed Gaby as Steve’s hard member slid into her.

Steve loved fucking women but what he liked the most about the process was knowing that the women were getting maximum pleasure. He now set about giving maximum pleasure to the woman whose cunt his cock was currently sliding in and out of. Steve varied his speed and the depth of his thrusts, and, as she suspected might happen, Gabrielle had no control over the situation as she writhed and groaned and moaned as this stud pleasured her.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, mmm, shit,” wailed Gaby as she came with her fingers scratching at Steve’s back and a slight smile crossed Steve’s face at the knowledge that he was giving this woman a memorable fucking. Steve continued to excite Gaby by varying between slow and deliberate thrusts and fast and short ones, and she sweated and groaned through another orgasm. She was helpless in as much as it seemed that the young man could make her cum exactly when he wanted her to.

Steve had Gaby cumming a third and a fourth time, and she was starting to wonder if it was possible to die by orgasm, but Steve was now feeling his ejaculation not far away. He could possibly have delayed it a bit, but he knew that he had more than satisfied Gabrielle, so when he felt himself close to cumming, he let it go.

Gaby shrieked into another orgasm as she felt the powerful bursts of Steve’s climax blast into her soaking cunt. He came long and hard, but he eventually stopped spurting, and the pair of them, eventually, stopped breathing so heavily. “Fucking hell Steven, I don’t know how many times I came,” said the well-fucked Gaby.

“Five, I think, but I am not sure,” replied Steve.

“Shit, was it?” said Gaby, whose body was still buzzing.

No words were spoken for a while and Steve rolled off of Gabrielle’s body, but something then crossed her mind. “I think that you should have a good spanking for looking at ladies’ bottoms,” she announced. Gaby had spanked a few of her lovers, both male and female.

Steve had spanked a few lady friends but had never thought of being spanked himself, but the idea of going over this woman’s knee was very erotic. “I think that you might be right, Gabrielle,” replied Steve, as his penis started to harden at the thought.

Gaby got off the bed and moved a chair into a more prominent position. The various mirrors in the room added to the potential spectacle. She sat her big arse on the chair and then summoned Steve. “Over my knee, young man,” she instructed, and Steve lay across her lap with his now erect penis in between her thighs.

“I will teach you to look at ladies’ bottoms,” said Gaby as she stroked Steve’s firm and quite rounded buttocks. She then commenced spanking him and very soon got up to full speed and force. It was not hurting him too much but his bottom was starting to glow and it was certainly smarting as the mature woman landed a succession of SLAP after SLAP after SLAP on his bare arse cheeks.

Steve was finding it hugely exciting, especially as he was able to watch it in one of the mirrors, and his penis was rigid. Gaby was also finding the highly charged situation to be exciting, and her cunt was again wet as she went on and on with the spanking. She was out of breath when she eventually stopped, and Steve had tears in his eyes and he was sort of whimpering.

“Will you look at ladies’ bottoms again?” asked Gaby, as Steve struggled off her lap.

Gaby looked at Steve’s rock-hard cock and licked her lips at the prospect of getting another fucking. “Yes, I will look at ladies bottoms again; in fact, I am going to look at yours now because am going to fuck you from behind,” answered Steve.

Gaby hurried off the chair and got on her hands and knees on the bed with her arse pointing at Steve. He took in the view for a moment before getting himself positioned behind her and then having her gasp as he slid his prick into her cunt again. This was just a hard and fast fuck, and Steve rammed Gaby from behind and quickly had her cumming. He was not going to last long, and he started spurting soon after her second orgasm arrived.

They rested for a while after the fuck as Gabrielle thought back over the events of the day so far, which had started in a queue at the post office. “I want to book us into The George for a night. Do you have any preference for when?” said Gaby, who was now a bit more in control.

“Why a hotel? You can stay overnight here,” replied Steve, who just assumed that Gaby’s husband had no say in the matter.

“I could, but a night of sex in a hotel is more sordid and decadent, don’t you think?” grinned Gaby.

“I think if you are going to be sordid and decadent, you should have a good spanking,” responded Steve.

“Yes, you can spank me in the hotel after we have fucked; now, which night?” pressed Gabrielle.

“Well I don’t need to work and only work when I feel like it, so any night,” replied Steve, who did some graphic design work but more as a hobby than a business.

“Give me your phone number, and I will let you know when I have arranged it,” said Gaby.

“Does your husband mind you being out overnight?” asked Steve.

“He is used to it; I just have to tell him when I am not going to be home,” said Gaby.

They exchanged phone numbers, and then Gaby started considering getting dressed, going to her car and going home. “You certainly gave me a good fucking Steven, sensational in fact,” complimented Gaby, who had mentally just promoted Steve to her number one lover, and by a long way. She was not yet going to tell him that, though.

“You were pretty sensational yourself, so glad I stood behind you in the post office,” laughed Steve in reply.

Steve, whose backside was tingling from the spanking, then said that he would walk Gaby to her car, although they agreed that they both needed a shower first.

They showered and dressed and then took the short walk along the river, back to the florists at which Gaby was parked. With Gaby in the driver’s seat of her car and the window down, they had one more kiss.

“Thanks for the fuck, looking forward to the next one,” said Steve.

“No, thank you, and I am looking forward to the next fucking too….and the spanking,” smiled Gabrielle.

Two people who only met by chance earlier that day had now fucked, one of them had been spanked, and more fucking and spanking was planned.

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