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The Private Eye and the Public Dick

Karen Stark awoke at the sound of her boyfriend, Joe,
gargling in the bathroom. He’d been up for the better
part of an early morning hour while she slept to the
sounds of his preparations for leaving. They had been
seeing each other for nearly a year. A mutual friend
had brought them together because, as she had said,
“You both have such exciting careers.” Joe was an
airline pilot and Karen was a private investigator.
At least, Karen thought, her friend had been half
right. While his job was mostly tedious attention to
detail, from time to time there were moments where a
cool hand and steady nerves saved the day. Her job,
despite its seeming glamour, was just plain tedious.
She spent most of her work time gathering facts for,
and making reports to, insurance agencies. She spent
her days with reports saying: yes this guy is really
hurting, or no you better watch that doctor he has
so many patients he could use a revolving door.

Like most couples their jobs weren’t the only things
that kept them together. They liked the same food,
movies, hobbies etc. And the sex, the sex was great.
They only had one disagreement in the bedroom. He
liked it in the morning and she just couldn’t get in
the mood for regular sex that early. They compromised.
The morning sex became a sort of parting gift to Joe
before he left on his days away in the wild blue

The door to the bathroom opened and Joe came toward
the bed, a fully erect cock leading the way. Karen
yawned and stretched languidly as she rolled onto her
back. She pulled the sheet away exposing a pair of
generous breasts to Joe’s gaze. “You seem to have been
up for a while, “she said with a smile, fully
intending the pun.

Joe strode quickly to the bed. Grinning widely, he
hopped on the bed and threw one leg over Karen so that
his knees were on either side of her waist. “I always
wear a hard on around you, babe,” he said as he leaned
forward until his cock nestled into her cleavage. Then
he cupped his hands around the sides of her breasts
and pulled them together to cover his cock. As he
began to swing his hips back and forth Joe growled,
“Yeah, there’s nothing like a good titty fuck in the

Karen knew that this fake macho bluster was supposed
to make her laugh and even though she tried to stifle
herself she let out a giggle. “You think this is
funny?” he said in mock outrage. “It won’t be so funny
when I drown your tits in cum.”

Now she really laughed out loud. He always knew how to
put her in a good mood. As Joe partially pulled his
cock out of the warm tunnel between her breasts Karen
reached up and grabbed it. “Hmmm…” she said, “maybe I
ought to save my poor breasts from the flood.” And
with that she pulled on his manhood until she was
able to slip her lips around its head. As she began to
suck on the silky smooth knob Karen also jacked her
fingers along the engorged shaft.

“Oh shit, yes…..uhhhh.” he gasped out. Joe hadn’t
expected this. In less than a minute it felt like the
cum was going to boil out of his cock. “Uhhhh….I’m
cuuuuming Karen,” he managed to get out just before
the first burst of cum erupted out of his swollen cock

Karen continued to hold onto his pistoning cock as she
swirled her lips and tongue around his now super sen-
sitive cock. For long seconds Joe couldn’t even breathe
as the sensations coursed through his body. Finally
Karen released her hold and Joe was able to stagger off
the bed and begin to dress.

As he went through the routine of putting on his
clothes Joe kept up a running patter of how much he
loved her and how great they were together. But when
he turned to the bed, Joe could see that she had
turned on her side, curled into a little ball and
returned to sleep. Joe smiled and tenderly kissed her
on the forehead and quietly slipped out of the apart-

An hour later Karen awoke to the electronic bleating
from her radio-alarm clock. She stretched and inhaled
the warm and sexy mixed scents of Joe’s soap, shampoo
and after shave. It was a nice way to begin the day.

She performed her morning routine with one ear tuned
to the most popular early morning radio feature in Los
Angeles, the morning traffic report. In an hour she
was out the door, coffee and a bagel in hand, wearing
what she thought of as her serious business suit. It
consisted of navy slacks and light weight blazer with
a white on white embroidered sleeveless shirt. Her
shoulder length auburn hair was held off her face with
a navy clasp.

Today she was to interview a prospective client, named
Schmidt, at his hotel room. That was a little unusual,
but as her Uncle Max had said, when he gave her the
assignment, “If he’s got the money honey, then you’ve
got the time.”


When Karen was a growing girl, Max was a mysterious
man who always brought her presents and told her how
pretty she was. He was in the military and would appear
and disappear from her life at odd intervals. Karen was
told by her parents to never pester her uncle about
where he had been or what his job was, although some-
times they let slip the words top secret and black
operation. Then one day he announced his retirement
and his intention to open an office for private inves-
tigations in L.A.. Karen, who was in high school by
then, began working for him after school and during
summer breaks. She would answer the phone, do the
filing and mailing and be the general go-for gal.

She never thought that this little part time job would
amount to anything. Like just about every other female
in LA she had grown up dreaming about becoming a
movie star. From the time she had begun junior high,
Karen had been told she was pretty enough for the
movies. The boys were quick to let her know that they
appreciated her ample breasts and shapely legs. She
even took acting classes, but she soon realized that
her teachers could only refine a talent that already
existed and she really didn’t have much for them to
work with.

Her uncle’s business expanded through her college
years and her responsibilities grew along with it.
Karen learned to do covert surveillance, how to trace
people and any number of other techniques and tricks
of the trade. It had seemed only natural to join her
uncle full time after graduation.


By ten o’clock she had pulled into the parking garage
of the Hollywood Blue Moon Hotel. She made her way to
the front desk and asked for Mr. Schmidt’s room. The
desk clerk announced her and called for a bell hop to
take her to Mr. Schmidt’s suite.

The bell hop turned out to be a young blonde thing who
wore her uniform pants and top a bit on the tight side.
On their way up in the elevator Karen said, “I bet a
lot of the men who you show to their rooms invite you
to stay.”

The young woman turned and looked Karen over. She wet
her lips and said, “And a few of the women too.”

“Oh really?” said Karen, her voice higher than she
would have liked. “I’m just here on business.”

The door to the elevator opened and the two women
stepped into the hallway. The young blond gestured to
a door and said, “Here you are.” As she turned and
walked past Karen the blonde’s hand seemed to acciden-
tally brushed Karen’s firm ass. “You’ll have to stay
the night with us sometime,” she said with a seductive
smile as she reentered the elevator.

Karen took a deep breath. She had to get mind back to
business. She was about to enter the hotel room of a
stranger. Karen took her car keys from her purse. The
key fob looked liked a large cylindrical, multicolored
arty thing that women liked to carry. Actually it was
a gift from her uncle. If she pushed, hard, on a reces-
sed button, a metal baton would telescope outward. Her
uncle had made her practice until she could whip out
the weapon and break an inch thick pine board in one
smooth move.

Karen removed her credentials from her purse and
holding them so that her ID was visible through the
peephole, she pressed the room’s buzzer. In a few
seconds the door was opened by a man who looked to
be in his middle thirties. Swinging the door back he
ushered her in saying, “Please come in Ms Stark.” She
followed him down a short hallway into the suite’s
common room. Most of the room was a tastefully dec-
orated casual area. In a corner, a space was set up
for business with phone, fax machine and a copier
sitting on a huge desk. Seated at the desk was an
elderly man speaking softly on the phone.

The first gentleman saw to it that Karen was comfor-
table in an overstuffed chair. She refused an offer
of food and drink, her bagel had been quite enough,
thank you. Shortly thereafter the elderly gentleman,
who turned out to be Schmidt, her appointment, stood,
put on a suit coat and approached her. The first man
introduced them as if he had known Karen for years
and then faded to a far corner of the room.

Mr. Schmidt took Karen’s hand and bent over it. “How
do you do my dear,” he said with a sort of clipped
Spanish accent. Karen smiled and there followed the
usual chit-chat about the weather and the traffic and
just exactly what kind of car did she drive to get
around in such a huge city, etc. etc.. After Karen
again refused an offer to add inches to her waist
line, Schmidt shook his head, smiled and said, “You
North Americans are always so eager to discuss
business. Very well, the reason I am here is to find
my son. I freely admit that about twenty three or so
years ago I had a bit of an affair with a much younger
woman in Argentina. Her father didn’t approve of the
match and sent her away to live in the United States.
It wasn’t until her father died, years later, that I
discovered she had been pregnant with my child before
she left.”

For several minutes Karen asked the obvious questions
that might help her find Schmidt’s son. It seemed that
all he knew was that the man in question would be in
his mid twenties, probably with blond hair and blue
eyes. Karen wondered how he could be so sure of that
since the son’s mother was a dark Latin type, but that
was nothing next to the massive lack of information
with which she was apparently expected to work. She
was about to protest that they had better chance of
finding particular grain of sand in the Sahara, when
Schmidt said in an offhand manner, “I also learned
that the boy was trying to find a place for himself
in the film industry using the name Richard.”

“Richard?” Karen asked, eyebrows raised in question.

“I can’t believe that with all of the fine actors
named Richard, he is trying the conceit of being known
by one name.”

“Yes, well…frankly Mr. Schmidt you haven’t given me
much to work with, but I’ll certainly do my best.”

“That is all I can ask my dear.”

After the formalities of billing and payment, Karen
was out the door. She met Schmidt’s aide as she walked
down the hall to the elevator. They smiled in passing
and a few minutes later Karen was in her car on the
way to her office.

It was almost noon when she sat down to her desk. Most
people would be surprised at how much paperwork existed
in this business, most clients insisted on complete
documentation for their money. Karen opened a new file
in her computer for Mr. Schmidt. She really had only
one lead, the name Richard and the fact that he might
be an actor.

Karen clicked on the office Internet server, it boasted
an incredibly fast fiber optic connection, and in a
minute she was logged onto their account with a firm
that provided background for virtually anyone who
worked in the film industry. This site boasted that it
listed details for everyone, from the biggest names in
pictures on down to people who might work once a year
as an extra.

She brought up the search form and filled in the few
details she had. Her first search returned a couple of
thousand Richards, Ricks and Riches. She revised the
search and brought it down to a couple of hundred
blonde haired, blue eyed Richards. She sighed, if
Schmidt was wrong about this last name business then
she was in for a long and fruitless afternoon. On a
hunch, she clicked until she reached the bottom of the
list, where someone without a last name might be, and
there she found him, a blonde and blue known only as

Now she had a choice of reading a resume about her
man or looking at a scene featuring his cinematic
talents. Karen opted for the scene. Might as well see
if there’s any resemblance to Schmidt, she thought.
After clicking on the play button, Karen was finally
rewarded with close up of her find.

The screen filled with the full face of a young man
who looked to be in his mid to late twenties. Yes,
there were the blue eyes, nice ones she thought. And
he certainly had a full head of blonde hair, parted
in the middle and swept back, with loose sexy locks
falling over his forehead. He smiled, forming dimples
in his cheeks and revealing even white teeth. Hmmm…
Karen thought, he doesn’t closely resemble Schmidt,
but from her personal point of view, he’s not bad.

The camera pulled back to show Richard wearing a tight
tee shirt tucked into baggy tan shorts. He was carrying
a pole and net for cleaning swimming pools. Then the
camera panned to show two women lounging on deck chairs
next to the pool where Richard was working. They were
sipping on sodas and discussing their woeful lack of
a love life.

Both of the women were in bikinis. One of them had
brittle looking blonde hair, the other was a softer
looking brunette. The blonde had a nice, if thin face
and a real Barbie doll figure, slim legs and hips plus
a waist that practically wasn’t there. But she made up
for her lack of body weight by having an obviously
man made bust that practically overwhelmed her bikini

The brunette, Karen thought, was much prettier. She
had a fuller face and figure. And while her breasts
probably weren’t entirely her own either, at least
they look natural. She must be a runner, Karen could
see well defined muscles in her thighs when she moved.

The blonde smiled to her friend and called out to
Richard. Would he mind terribly rubbing some suntan
lotion on her back? She arranged her chair so that
it flattened out and then she laid face down, unty-
ing the string on her bikini top.

Karen smiled, was this going to be some sort of tits
and ass movie? She’d seen a few porn videos and this
clip certainly didn’t look like a cheap video produc-

Back on the screen, Richard put a generous glob of
lotion on his hands as he straddled the deck chair
and began to rub the liquid into the blonde’s back
and shoulders. His hands moved down until they were
brushing her generous breasts that bulged on either
side of her slim torso.

“Mmmmm…lower,” moaned the blonde. Richard wasted
no time in sliding his fingers under her bikini
bottom and kneading the blonde’s slim, yet firm, ass
cheeks. After squirting more lotion on his hands,
Richard applied it to her long tapering legs. With
each pass his hands moved higher on her inner thighs.
The blonde reacted by spreading her legs to give him
easier access to where she evidently wanted those
hands all along.

Karen stared in rapt attention to her computer screen.
Not much doubt as to the rating for this movie. The
point of view changed from the blonde’s passion con-
torted face to Richard’s fingers as they pulled aside
the crotch of her bikini bottom and then flicked back
and forth across her clit. Karen felt a sympathetic
twinge in her own pussy when the blonde suddenly
squealed and came as her hips beat against the deck

Karen figured that would be the end but the clip ran
on as the blonde turned over, sat up and began to pull
at Richard’s shirt. He grinned down at her and pulled
off his tee shirt to reveal a well muscled torso. Not
the heavy muscles of a body builder, Karen thought,
but closer to the sort of physique that she really
liked, more like a swimmer or gymnast. Then she unzip-
ped Richard’s baggy, long legged shorts and began to
pull and pull and pull out what Karen thought must be
some sort of rubber dildo. She peered at the screen.
That couldn’t possibly be a real penis. It had to be
some trick of perspective or just a fake.

The blonde ran her hands over Richard’s cock as if it
were some kind of pet. She kissed and licked on the
head while her hands stroked, rubbed and petted the
shaft. Karen watched as his cock ballooned, for lack
of a better word, into the biggest hard on she’d ever
seen. Karen couldn’t take her eyes off it. Most long
cocks were just that, a longer shaft and not much
else. But the base of Richard’s cock seemed to fill
his crotch and then the shaft tapered slightly up
to the head that must be the size of a door knob.

The blonde pulled Richard’s cock until it was level
with her mouth. There’s no way she’s going to get that
thing in her mouth, thought Karen. But she did, just
barely. She could do little more than sort of swivel
her head back and forth on his cock head as she con-
tinued to use both hands on the immense shaft. She was
certainly having an effect on Richard. His eyes were
half closed, lost in a world of sexual stimulation.

And the brunette wasn’t exactly taking a nap. Her eyes
were locked on the couple next to her. She was cares-
sing her breasts through her bikini top while one hand
eased down her stomach, apparently in anticipation of
giving herself some jollies.

Karen suddenly realized that the brunette had a great
idea. She jumped up and went to her office door. She
checked the outer office. Since it was lunch time,
there was no one moving about. Karen softly closed and
locked her door. With a little thrill, she practically
ran back to her desk. She knew she shouldn’t, but she
quickly unzipped and pulled down her pants and panties.

Back on the screen the blonde reclined on the chair,
spreading her legs and pulling Richard to her by his
hips. Karen licked a finger and began to lightly pet
her pussy lips. She hoped that blonde had a lot of
lubricant or she’d never get that monster cock in

As Richard brought his cock toward the blonde, the
question of lubrication was solved. Karen was amazed
once more as she saw the precum flowing from his cock
head like a leaky faucet. Richard painted the blonde’s
pussy lips with the clear liquid from his oversized
penis and rubbed her clit until the blonde was moaning
and begging Richard to fill her. When her moans were
about to turn to screams, he finally gave the woman
what she yearned for. He nudged the huge head into her
eager pussy and then withdrew it. He increased his
stroke until a few inches of that overwhelming cock
were packing her pussy when the blonde screamed out
another orgasm.

Karen was fingering her own clit at a terrific rate.
God what a cock, she thought, just imagine that thing
filling her and bring her to cum after cum. With a
whack as it slapped back against his stomach, Richard
withdrew his cock from the blonde’s freshly fucked
pussy. He was far from finished though. The brunette
had thrown off her bikini and was on her knees, waving
her firm butt at Richard.

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