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The pedosexual debour

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How I became the sick minded pedophile I am today

So where do I even begin?

Just some precursor for you guys as this is my first composition of any kind, I’ve been using these websites as a healthier alternative to well, the hard stuff. And while nothing can compare to seeing the petite innocent bodies take cock for real, stories of these sexual adventures will suffice for now. I’ve read a lot of these stories and as great as they are some are so vague and unconvincing, getting off to something so imaginary, something so crafted and manufactured just doesn’t do it for me.i hope you will enjoy a more realistic story of my very first experience in the world of, we’ll you can guess

I was a young man, I’d still believe myself to be quite young man now, but than I was even younger. I can’t give out to many clues to my identity as that would complicate things but I was a young man, Madly in live with a 17 year old girl, she was absaloutly breathtaking, perfection if you will, the body of a young goddesses. Auburn red hair that glistened in the sun catching hues of red in the light, and bright fiery blue eyes that capture your soul in them. We had been falling asleep together on the phone together for months and decided we didn’t want to spend another moment apart, little did I know my love for, let’s call her scarlet would lead to a life long realization for me, I was attracted to girls much younger than myself, and she was only the first. But more on that later, she was 17 and dazzling and I had to make her mine. With her mother’s signature at the court house we were married. Her mother stayed in our hotel room that night as I couldn’t afford to hotel rooms at the time…but I didn’t care. That first night was magical and I did not even realize how lucky I had become, she wanted to run up and down the halls, and play hide and seek like the child she still was, and hours later I was stripping her in our room and fucking her in every position I could. Later that evening we were in the indoor pool. She wore a skimpy batman themed black and yellow bikini and it was just to much for me to handle so I fucked her again in the pool..both of us Cumming repeatedly. And even though our first night together isn’t really even the main event of the story..I Just wanted to give you some background into this young angel who has changed my life forever.

It’s months later and us newly weds are still settling into our new home and loving every day of if together, the sex is still phenomenal and often…and the longer I had sex with her, the more I began to realize how hard I got off pounding a girl who wasn’t 18 yet…at first it surprised me but i focused on it, I obceccesed about it, sex become about innocent role plays that everyone does…teacher student, plumber customer…etc etc. But they became more elaborate. Daddy daughter, uncle niece…mommy’s boyfriend and me…you catch the drift. It wasn’t to my knowledge that scarlet had been abused when she was much younger until right than…she told me exactly how it all went down with her uncle and other male members and relatives. I was getting off to her abuse stories and recreating the moments so we could experience them together. One time she told me one of her mothers x boyfriends would buy her Ben and Jerry’s ice cream after molesting her to reward her for being such a good girl, so naturaly I would keep Ben and Jerry’s at the house for her. She wasn’t aware and maybe at the time neither was I. But I was programming her to be the perfect pervert pedo accomplice. Things progressed quickly and I began to crave more than just her 17 year old mind and body…I wanted more. Before her and I met I had never used kik much less heard of it. Scarlet knew of my secret fantasies and desires and showed me that you could find groups full of hungry pedophiles sharing photos and videos of the most obscene and delicious, provocative things and i was absaloutly hooked, we both collected together for some time and at one point even ran our own group..it was absaloutle bliss..often we would put the porn on the big screen and just fuck repeatedly. Scarlet wasn’t always into pretending she was my 7 year old daughter all the time…but imagine how lucky I was to scroll through hundreds of pictures and videos on my phone of young under aged girls, licking, sucking and fucking grown adault men while scarlet sucked me off. It was pretty amazing but I really don’t even consider the days I’ve just described to be the best of the best. Sadly scarlet and I are no longer together we split some years ago but there was one night I will never forget.

That was the night I met Taylor, if you thought scarlet was young, Taylor was younger. I had absaloutly no idea things would go down the way they did but I’ll never regret it either. Scarlet was babysitting as she had not found a job yet. I was working and returned home to find my house a mess and full of kids I’d never met, it was a usual accurance and I had just kind of gotten used to it. Now I know what your thinking. Your a pedophile and you have a house full of preteen kids. And yes I understand what your thinking, but to me my pedophilia was only a game or a fantasy to enjoy with my wife…but I had never had an experience with a young one, nor did I even feel a want/ need to. I headed through the living room missed my wife and headed up the stairs, I would later shower and retreat to our room. After a long day at work I really didn’t want to deal with the yelling, screaming and crying associated with the circus down the stairs. There was one little one who cried and screamed the most though. Scarlet could not leave her alone for long before she would scream loud enough for the whole neighborhood complex to hear her. I guess Scarlets game plan was to keep her close and eventually she would stop crying and play a little. Later that evening scarlet went into the kitchen. She was boiling hot water to make boxed macaroni and cheese for the young ones busy at play, but the fussy little girl was having none of it, the fussy little girl screamed until scarlet decided she had, had enough. She put the child on her hip and Carried her up the stairs. I’m in our room completely unaware to what’s going on sitting in my chair in nothing more than a pair or comfy sweat pants playing video games. Scarlet comes through the door places the young girl on the bed and says…this is Taylor, she pulled her dress back towards her head and removed her small Trainor panties, this is all happening so quickly I don’t even have time to react. Scarlet steps away from the bed and towards me…she whispers in my ear…I know you want this I feel her reach her hands into my pants to grip my stiffening cock. She quickly jerks away remembering her boiling water downstairs. She says loudly as she quickly leaves the room, “you know what to do” in a playful way as she closed the door behind her leaving just myself and little Taylor in the room alone together

My young wife had just consented to me having my way with the young girl who was now perfectly quiet. i wasted no time removing my pants as the sight of her bald puffy pussy had my mind running circles. I began to touch her all over as I touched myself as well, the young one had never seen a man’s fully erect penis and seemed mesmerized by it as it swayed in front of her. Soon I was teaching her how to rub it up and down with two hands as I continued to explore more of her. I pushed her shoulders into the bed forcing her to lay down, back to the soft mattress, her body looked so small and precious in comparison to the large white California king mattress, it was at that moment scarlet came back through the door. She was unzipping her jeans as she made her way to the bed. She knew exactly what she expected me to do with the young girl laying in front of me, I looked up at scarlet who was removing her t shirt, now all that remained was her white bra and red thong panties. There were two undressed angels in my bed and all I could do was rub my swollen cock, scarlet sat down close to Taylor’s little head and stroked her hair as I began rubbing myself oh her puffy pussy. Back and fourth I went stroking myself back in fourth separating her precious little lips exposing the untouched vagina. I wanted more than anything to plunge myself into her filling her to the brim with my pedophile cock. But scarlet had other ideas, she leaned over and retrieved the purple vibrating dido I had purchased for her out of the nightstand drawer and turned it on. She wanded the young girls privates for several minutes asking her if she liked it periodically, only to recieve a tooth filled grin from Taylor who seemed to be loving it. After turning off the vibrator she used a finger to wipe up the moisture from the young girls privates and licked her fingers deeply, my 17 year old wife was molesting the young girl right in front of me, she brought the young girl to orgasm and and enjoyed every moment of it, I was in a daze completely confused and pleasures at the lurid perverse sight. I thought maybe she wanted to kiss the girl but she crawled onto the bed on top of the young girl strateling her signaling to me to come up behind her pulling the red lacey long to the side. I knew exactly what I needed to do, spitting on my engorged cock and sliding into scarlet fucking her slowly as she kissed Taylor’s young neck. For some reason, I believe the rocking of the bed upset little Taylor and she began to cry. Scarlet removed her panties and used them as a lacey gag to shush the child as I fucked into my obviously horny sex drunk wife. I knew I couldn’t fuck the young girl that lay beneath my wife but honestly I was willing to accept finishing on her face as a second best so I whispered into Scarlets ear, she pulled herself off of me only long enough to shift herself to the floor, she began rubbing me sucking me any thing she could do to coax every little drop of available pedo cum out of me. It was happening I was going to spray my load all over this young girls face. It was like every video I had ever seen and experiencing it was more than I could handle. I finnaly let go and spurted several streams all over Taylor’s young face. Bits dripping off of her chin onto her flat chest. scarlet waisted no time licking up the milky white substance that now covered them both. Everything happened so fast and before I knew it, it was over. It’s all just a memory now, and if you ever met her she’d deny it all. Like it never happened, we split sometime after all that happened and we’ve never talked since, but deep down scarlet will always be my slutty pedo accomplice bride, and that moment will always be the moment I knew I’d always love the little ones most, these days I’m still looking for another woman who could help me relive the ecstacy of that evening if your out there. One of these days give me a holler

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