The Parking Lot

I know her work schedule by heart. Her shift starts at 3:00 pm and it ends at 11:00 pm.

She is on my mind constantly and I can’t stop myself from wanting her, needing her. Just the thought of her makes my cock hard.

These past few weeks I’ve been coming into the Quick Shop just to see her. She probably thinks I’m a creeper. Sometimes I have to hang back as she deals with other customers.

Watching how she charms and flirts with her customers makes me jealous and horny. But tonight is the night I’m going to make my move.

“Hey, Silvi can I have a pack of Marlboro Shorts, please?”

“Sure baby, how are you tonight?”


In my mind, I’m thinking, “I want to fuck you. I want to bend you over this counter and fill your pussy with my cock.”

But, what I say is, “I’m doing good sweetheart. Could I buy you a beer after work?”

I’m sweating bullets waiting for her answer.

“Yes, buy a couple of beers and we can enjoy them in your truck after I close the store,” she says finally.

My ears are ringing, my cock is throbbing in my jeans and I’m on cloud nine.

Fifteen minutes later we’re sitting in my truck, drinking beer and listening to country music. Her perfume is driving me crazy as I’ve never been this close to her before.


I’m watching her pull a long swallow of beer and she’s looking at me. Then she’s straddling my hips as her mouth is covering mine and I’m swallowing the beer.

I can’t believe what she’s saying to me. “Fuck me like we’re strangers, fuck me like a whore, make me take your cock.”

The adrenaline rush I’m feeling is stronger than cocaine. I’m not even thinking as I’m opening my truck door. Pulling her with me.  

The air is warm, and muggy.

She’s trying to fight me, but I’m stronger than her. The more she fights, the more turned on I’m getting.

Lifting her into my truck bed I’m quickly covering the bed of my truck with a plastic tarp.


My hands are shaking as I lift her skirt to her waist. I’m pulling her panties off and she’s bucking like a wild mare, trying to bite my hand.

I’m pushing the silk panties into her mouth. Then I’m removing my belt and wrapping it around her mouth, firmly securing the panties.

Her moans get louder when she feels my two large fingers being forced into her soaking wet pussy.

She’s whimpering into the panties. I can tell that she’s fighting it and I’m turned on even more.

Her wetness on my fingers makes me drool. I need to taste her pussy, feel her clit between my teeth.

I’m not saying a word to her. My concentration is focused on the sounds her vagina is making every time my fingers are slammed in and out of her. My thick fingers pumping her pussy without any tenderness.


My cock is harder than ever before I can’t take it anymore. I need my cock inside her now.

Frantically I’m pulling my fingers out, and pulling my hard cock out of my shorts. Positioning myself over her body. Then, I’m driving my cock hard into her juicy, cunt.

Her screaming is muffled by the panties in her mouth.

Her hot juicy, pussy is stretching to accommodate my huge cock inside her.

I’m impatient. Drilling her even as her screams.

Her pussy is being stretched beyond anything she’s ever felt before. My women are always satisfied by my girth.


The feeling of her pussy getting tighter around my cock is making me crazy. It feels like a warm blanket.

My strong fingers wrapping around her neck as I’m pulling her head up, as my cock goes deeper into her.

I’m feeling her body start to change as her orgasm begins to build to a huge finale. I’m not stopping until she cums for me.

I’m yanking her huge boobs free from her bra, destroying it in my haste.

My fingers milking her nipples, pushing her body over the top.

Her moans are building in strength.


Within a few minutes, her pussy is locked around my cock. Then within seconds, my cock is drenched with her honey.

Three more pumps into her pussy and I’m unloading my sperm deep inside her vaginal castle. My soldiers swimming freely inside her, trying to breed her.

My cock is still dripping cock inside her as I remove the panties from her mouth, and help her out of the truck.

We are standing outside of the truck with my huge body pressing against hers.

My mouth is dry sucking her neck leaving my mark on her skin.

“How was that my pet? Did I please my woman?”


“I’ll show you baby when we get home

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