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The Other Couple 2/2

We both took the older couple’s hands, and they brought us up. Even as we were slightly naked, we all just stood there for a moment and stared into their eyes. I had Ron in front of me while Tammy was in front of Brian.

Although, I peeked at Brian for a few seconds, and he did the same. We both had small smiles on our faces with a hint of confusion though. We just nodded, but then he went right to me and kissed me.

He placed his hands on my butt and brought me even closer to him. They got the opportunity to watch us make out for a few minutes, and I let my hands over onto his wood. I rubbed it through his trunks for a moment, and then our lips parted.

“If it turns us into them, why not, babe?” Brian asked.

“Just be careful with your baby maker, if you let it off the leash, it might do something bad.”

“I understand, Cadence,” he stated before he kissed me again. “I love you.”

“I love you too, now and forever.”

Then I went to Ron and Brian went to Tammy. I couldn’t fully comprehend the intended proposal, but yet, I found myself more than intrigued, and I saw that Brian definitely had an attraction to Tammy as well as we all got dressed.

We both took their hands, and they escorted us to their room. No one said much of anything on our trip back, but Brian and I did jiggle a bit. We made eye contact a few times and just smirked at one another.

Whether or not we’d regret this little adventure was unknown to us at the time, but for the time being, we weren’t about to worry about the future. I sat down on one bed with Ron and Tammy sat down on the other with Brian.

They didn’t even speak to us, they just leaned in and pressed their lips onto ours. Ron placed his right hand on my left boob and gave it a firm squeeze. I shook a bit and grinned again, but his lips didn’t come off mine.

I couldn’t just let my hand come onto his crotch, because I felt to be in shock somewhat. Ron blocked my view of Tammy and Brian, but I did hear some slight moaning coming from their bed. After another moment, Ron placed his other palm onto my other bosom, and his lips came off mine.

He just looked at me for a moment and scanned my body. “You are beautiful, Cadence. Would it be alright if I undid your top?”

“Aren’t you a gentleman?”

“Yes,” he answered, bringing his hands to my back.

I voluntarily allowed him to do it because I felt my pussy getting rather wet and Brian seemed to be enjoying himself as well. I failed to peek at them for the time being and enjoyed the this odd, but sexy turn of events. Ron dropped my top on the floor and peeked down at my boobs.

“Your widened eyes suggest you like them.”

He didn’t speak, he just placed both of his hands back on them, but didn’t cover my nipples. He lowered his head down to my left nipple and let his tongue fall out too.

“Oh, you are a kinky older man.”

“Who says a man can’t be kinky when he turns fifty-two?” he questioned before he glanced at Brian and Tammy. “Oh, your quirky husband is finger fucking my wife with her bottom still on, Cadence. You aren’t jealous, are you?”

I bit my bottom lip for a few seconds, but then I looked over there. “No, I’ve got you,” I added before I turned back to Ron and kissed him.

“And you’re kinky too,” Ron mumbled, kissing me.

He kept his hands on my hooters and then I took the opportunity to bring my hands to his rod. I rubbed it through his trunks again, and suddenly my body shook even more. My heart, head, and pussy were all fighting metaphorically, and I knew which one had the others pinned down.

“Go ahead, dig in there, what’s inside won’t bite,” Ron whispered, taking his lips off mine.

I took his advice and let my right hand make its way into his trunks. I swiftly grabbed onto it and angled it up pointed at his face. He even helped out by pushing his trunks down so his wood could come out into the light.

Then I had to glance back down at his cock. “It looks even better now that I have it in my hands, Ron.”

“It has that effect,” he muttered before he grabbed onto the tied straps of my bottom.

He undid that for me as well and pulled it off me. Then he both checked out one another’s bodies for a moment.

“Just be good to my wife, and I’ll be good to yours, Ron,” Brian pointed out.

“Deal,” Ron agreed before he gently pushed me down.

He peeked at me and slowly lowered himself back to my breasts. Both of his hands landed back on them and kept my nipples uncovered again.

“Oh, your beard tickles me, Ron,” I giggled, placing my hands on his head.

I felt him take my entire nipple into his mouth and I closed my eyes. I cheesed as much as I could and cherished every second of his sucking pleasure. I scrubbed my back onto the bed going back and in minimal movements.

I caressed his head as much as I could, but of course, his thrilling made my strokes minimal. Nevertheless, with each passing second, I found myself bought a little more. I was skeptical at first as we got into the room, but then Ron convinced me.

My eyes stayed closed for the time being, and I couldn’t stop moaning to save my life. I failed even to imagine that it was Brian gratifying me, the emotional and physical spikes were perfect for Brian and me.

“Oh, yes, shove those slick fingers in there for me, Brian. Do it as my hubby sucks the life out of your wive’s nipple,” Tammy moaned.

Then I managed to turn my head and open my eyes. I saw him looking right back at me, and I blew him a kiss. He smiled and did the same for me.

“I love you,” Brian mouthed.

“I love you too,” I mouthed back.

Even as he was busy pleasuring Tammy and Ron was busy thrilling me, Brian and I managed to keep eye contact. Our eyes said nothing and everything, but we both knew the message to one another. Regardless of what we were doing, we found ourselves comfortable.

With each passing suck and lick I received from Ron, I felt a little sexier. For Brian and I to know that we could arouse this older couple made us feel pretty damn good. I didn’t fully understand how to deal with it all, but we both seemed to take it one second at a time.

I couldn’t stop any tears from forming on my face either, they came out slowly, but surely. From one second to the next, Ron switched to my other nipple, and he angled his head up. He looked right into my eyes.

“You aren’t trying to make my hubby look bad, are you?”

He shook his head no, but failed to stop pleasuring me. After another couple of minutes, I felt to be in a sauna, and he gently pushed his body onto mine somewhat. He didn’t move up onto my figure, but pressured me a little bit more. I felt the tip of his cock press onto my pussy lips, but he failed to let it in there just yet.

“You certainly know where my soft spots are, Ron. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve had Brian sucking on my nipples; he knows how to pleasure me.”

After another gratifying moment, he lazily let his lips off my nipple and climbed up with me. He pressed his lips onto mine and grabbed onto my shoulders too. Needless to say, I also felt his wood press onto my pussy somewhat more.

Again, he didn’t let in there just yet, but it seemed like he was working up to it. His facial hair tickled me again, but I kept a lid on my giggling. I didn’t want to hurt the mood at all, but after a tickling moment, his lips slowly drifted off mine.

“So, is it confirmed that we like each other, Cadence?”


He nodded and lazily brought his hand to his dick. I smirked at him, and he took that as permission to allow it into my slit, rather than just massaging it. As I felt the head pushing onto it a bit, he grabbed onto my right thigh and shoved it into my pussy.

“Oh, you are a little tight down there, Cadence,” Ron moaned, rising somewhat and placing his other hand on my thigh.

“Fuck you, Ron,” Brian whined.

“Go ahead, let your schlong inside Tammy’s snatch and find out how far it is stretched out because of my dick, Brian. Now shut up and screw my wife as I fuck yours.”

Ron and I looked back into one another’s eyes, and he began making sweet love to me. He kept his body close to mine, but left a tiny gap towards our chests. His eyes also didn’t part from mine.

“Holy shit, you weren’t kidding, Ron, I’m sorry,” Brian said.

“It is alright, Brian, just enjoy my wife,” Ron replied, failing to break eye contact.

“Crap, your pecker is big, Ron,” I commended him, grabbing onto his shoulders. “It is already making my twat a little sore, but keep going until you have to cum.”

“Well, be forewarned, thanks to my hot wife, I can last a long time, so prepare yourself.”

Both of our mouths opened up a bit, but let some room for improvement. I fought with every fiber of my being not to cry or shake around too much. I knew Ron was still a sweet man and surely didn’t want to make me uncomfortable.

Although, he was still out to pleasure me so he pushed his wood into me as far as he could, so I felt his pubes down there. He kept his entire member in there for over a moment and forced me to break eye contact.

“Don’t worry; Tammy had to get used to it too, even though it was smaller when we first got married.”

“I can tell, now start thrusting again,” I moaned, applying pressure to his shoulders.

Then he angled his head back, and I noticed he closed his eyes as well. He still kept his thrusts very slow, and quite pleasurable too. I certainly felt my pussy stretching out to its limitations with each passing thrust of his member.

That added more and more pleasure mixed with pain to the whole situation. Sweat dripped down from his face, so he let me know how worked up he was as well. From his vibrating dick to his face which featured an out of breath look, I knew he loved the sex too.

Even with the moaning and bed creaking coming from the other bed, nothing seemed to distract us and empowered us. Ron leaned up a bit, creating an even more significant gap between us and he grabbed onto my thighs a bit harder too.

“Where would you like me to cum, Cadence? On your stomach or tits, your face, or would you feel more comfortable on the floor?”

“No, douse my wonderful wive’s hooters, Ron. I’m going to cum all over Tammy, so have some fun with her while you can,” Brian pointed out.

“I will, wife fucker, but you better fuck her hard if you’re going to do it doggie style. She has really high standards when it comes to fucking that way.”

“Don’t worry, Ron, he knows what he is doing. Now, shut up and fuck me as my husband screws your wife,” I ordered him, turning his head to mine.

Then no words were dropped from anyone’s mouth, but of course, everyone breathed heavily and moaned a bit too. Ron began speeding up his thrusts a bit also, which made my pussy hurt a little bit more.

I took it with a grain of salt and held onto his thighs as well. I gave them an extra firm grip, but made sure not to dig my nails into his flesh. Although, his cock certainly made it no easy task as my cunt felt a little more out of it.

My jugs shook around quite a bit, but yet, Ron kept his eyes on mine and just continued to assault my pussy with his huge pecker. I resisted the temptation to say how good at fucking me he seemed to be and just endured the painful pleasure.

‘Damn, I don’t even know if I want Brian’s cock to get this big, because Ron’s is huge, but I suppose my cunt could get used to it after a while. Also, with the given intimacy Brian could have after he learns to love me the way Ron loves Tammy, he could have us being the power couple that Ron and Tammy clearly are. Shit, I’m feeling jealous now, they’ve been married for over a generation now, and they can swing with total strangers? They just met us four hours ago, and they are already fucking us. Brian and I took a few months before we began having sex. I can’t possibly envy or admire them more.’

I desired to keep that intimacy intact, but I couldn’t turn down the temptation to peek down and check out his body once again. Even at his age, he seemed to be at least ten years younger than he was.

I loved the luxury of pained joy, as it seemed to be uncharted territory. I never felt my pussy hurt so much, yet feel so good before with Brian, but Ron made that happen without even trying. I could commend him more with words that the results I gave him.

“Do you like that, Cadence? Do you feel your twat expanding so I stick a little more of my wood in there every few minutes? I see those tears, don’t worry, they won’t turn me off,” he informed me before he lowered himself back to me and kissed me. “I love women who are human; you don’t have to fight the urge to fret. If I fucked you on a regular basis, your snatch would be bigger, and my schlong would be able to thrust so much easier. A tight beaver can still make it difficult to thrust even with all of your juice lubing it up, sexy lady,” he explained before he wrapped his arms around my head. “Just between you and me for now, could we see you again?” he whispered.

I kept my widened eyes on his for a few seconds before turning my head to Brian and Tammy. “Holy shit, Tammy, I have to cum.”

“Already?” Tammy asked, looking back at him.

“Yes, I’m sorry,” he moaned, taking his pecker out of her slit.

“Don’t be, hot stuff,” she alerted him, getting up on her knees and taking it in her hands. “You’re in the honeymoon stage now, just wait until you can make yourself hold your load, and then you’ll be able to fuck Cadence for hours,” she mumbled, stroking it with pointed straight up at her rack. “Now douse me as our spouses watch.”

Brian glanced back at me. “I love you, babe.”

“I love you too,” I replied, failing to look at his eyes.

I watched his rod move frequently until that very last second where his white stuff suddenly shot out and splattered all over Tammy’s knockers and stomach.

“Shit,” Brian let out, cumming nonstop. “Keep rubbing it, Tammy.”

Ron and I watched Brian shoot at least five different shots of his seed up onto the foreign destinations which were Tammy’s rack and stomach. Although, Tammy never stop moving her hands, so she made it all drench the two intended targets.

He also managed to spread his orgasm out somewhat, so he lasted for about twenty seconds or so. Even after he his cock couldn’t let out any more cum, Tammy continued to stroke his rod, but at a slower rate.

She leaned up to him and kissed him. “Wow, you may need to work on holding your load, but still, Cadence is quite a lucky woman,” she praised him before letting go of his dick and bringing her fingers up to her bosoms. “You got me good, Brian,” she mentioned, rubbing in his seed on her nipples.

Ron and I watched them the whole time, but he never stopped thrusting his wood. As I watched the spectacle, I barely even noticed the actual pain he gave me with his member. They just sucked my mind out so to speak.

I couldn’t be sure if Ron kept his eyes on me the whole time, but I surely knew he enjoyed fucking me and he didn’t want to stop. As my eyes weren’t on him, I felt Ron thrust his johnson a little faster.

“Now they’re kissing,” I whined, peeking back at Ron.

“Then how about we get even?” Ron asked, lowering himself back to me.

He pasted his lips to mine and encased his arms around me as well. I placed my hands onto his butt and fondled it a bit. Even as he held me rather tight, he still managed to thrust his schlong just a little bit.

“Oh, your wife is crying now, I think tears of joy are colliding with pained tears. Damn, you are going have to screw her more often and make sure you get her twat as expanded as possible. Don’t worry, Cadence, if you want to tell Ron to stop, you are allowed to do so. This MILF, DILF and your hubby won’t judge you,” I heard Tammy tell me.

“Fine,” I moaned, gently pushing Ron’s lips off mine. “Give my pussy a minute, please, Ron,” I pleaded.

He kissed one more time before calmly leaning up and letting his johnson out.

“Son of a bitch, you have a huge prick, Ron,” I sobbed, rubbing my lips somewhat.

“Lie down with her,” Tammy ordered Brian, grabbing his arm.

He followed her order and lied down on top of me. Of course, he didn’t try to let his member into my slit, but he did kiss me. My melons also collided with his chest, and our husband/wife intimacy came back to life.

“You’re the only woman I want to be with, Cadence.”

“You did love fucking Tammy though, didn’t you?”

He stayed silent for a moment and broke eye contact. “Maybe.”

“Don’t worry,” I consoled him before I smooched his neck. “In twenty-six years, you’ll still be having sex with me in our bed. You’re not going to lose me.”

He nodded and encased his arms around me. I closed my eyes, but didn’t hear the floor creaking or bed moving. So, we knew they were just watching us, but still possibly kissing or doing something else on the other bed.

“There is nothing better than watching somewhat young, but married love, Ron.”


We just used one another’s bodies to rub each other for a little while as my cherry cooled down. Our chemistry seemed to become stronger as we watched each other have sex with someone else, and I couldn’t feel more loved by him.

‘He’s also pecking my cheek, neck, and shoulders many times and telling me he loves me. Nothing and no one could replace him, but Ron did make his case. The other evident thing is he wouldn’t mind testing an older model if he got the chance, so it widens our relationship capabilities, I think.’

I brought my mouth to Brian’s right ear. “His cock is huge, but your is perfect for me, Brian. I’ll make it bigger for you if you want, I’ll suck it, and let it into my snatch as much as you want to get it bigger, but it is still the flawless size for me,” I whispered.

“Good to know,” he muttered before he kissed me. “Your pussy is perfect for me too.”

“What about my bosoms?”

“Superb to say the least, I love you, Cadence.”

“I know, I love you too, hubby. I didn’t marry you because of your johnson, but because of you. You love me for me too.”

“No kidding?” Tammy pondered, coming up to us and sitting down. “Are you feeling better now?”


We saw her bring her fingers down towards my pussy lips a few seconds later and then Brian got off me.

She lied down with me and caressed my slit. “Don’t worry, we’re not judging you or making fun of you,” she assured me before kissing me.

My eyes widened again, and she finger fucked me.

“Maybe I’m coming off as an overbearing, but kinky mother figure, but I can’t stress this enough: he has a big dick and not every twat can it take the first time or even after the sixth time. If he fucked you like once a week for a few months, you’d be good by then. I know he was good to you, I wouldn’t even have to be nearby to know it, because there hasn’t been a single day where I’ve even questioned my love for that hunk. Our kids know that we were their power couple role models, so all three of them are married with a kid. Yeah, so it is no surprise you took such a liking to us, I’m still flattered a bit, but I still have to thank you for it.”

“Your welcome.”

“I can tell you like having a MILF finger fuck you, or is it just because I’m me?”

“The second one, I’m not a lesbian, Tammy.”

“You don’t have to be, I’m just getting you comfortable again,” she whispered before she smooched my cheek. “Now let’s go to one another’s men again and have some more fun, what do you say?”

I kissed the tips of my pointer and middle fingers on my right hand and placed them on her lips before I got up off the bed. Then we both crawled to the men and grabbed onto their dicks.

“Wow, your wife must love you dearly, or you’re fortunate, Ron,” I pointed out, stroking his wood.

“Both,” Ron answered, leaning down towards me. “How’s your beaver?”

“Better now.”

“Good,” he said before he kissed me and sat back down.

Then we both got close to their schlongs, and I licked the head of Ron’s. “Wow, that’s good, Ron.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t bite, sexy lady,” Ron mumbled, placing his hands on my head. “Ease into it if you need to, Cadence.”

“No, deep throat the horndog, babe,” Brian moaned, lying back and covering his face.

I grinned tor a few seconds and opened my mouth. Then I calmly lowered my head to his johnson and slowly allowed it in there.

“Holy shit, your lips feel even softer down there,” Ron let out, lying down as well.

I placed my hands down at the base and so did Tammy for Brian. All of a sudden, we were two horny cocksucking honeys pleasing the guys.

‘Damn, his member is so damn big, I’m afraid to go down even more than a couple of inches. It is just so thick and long that I’m afraid that I might start to gag. Shit, that would still be a mood killer, but maybe I work up to sucking more of it. I certainly can’t deep throat Ron, not with this dick,’ I thought before I glanced at Tammy.

“Son of a bitch, Ron, you have some wife too. She definitely knows how to deep throat a guy.”

“And she can take my entire pecker in her mouth too,” Ron mentioned, looking Brian’s way. “Just treat your woman right, dude. Do that, and she’ll love you more than anyone. You’ll have a rock solid marriage and an increasingly hot sex life too. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ron and your wive’s lips feel even softer on my schlong too.”

“Caress her head then, dummy.”

“Sorry,” he apologized, placing my hands on Tammy’s head.

I stopped watching Tammy, but I looked straight down at Ron’s pubes and attempted to focus as much as possible. I kept my lips towards the top of his rod, and let them rub on it ever so softly in little thrusts.

Even as I heard Brian praising Tammy’s name, I just did my best to put them out of my mind. I evidently wanted to please Ron, regardless of what the actual reason was for our sexual adventure. I held the base somewhat tight, but it was pointless at that point as I didn’t put much pressure on it.

I took a deep breath and did push my lips down just a little bit further. Although, I brought it right back up as I felt the reflex coming right away. I continued to thrust my lips in those small movements, but then I had to view Ron again.

‘He is blowing me a kiss, how sweet?’ I thought before I let his cock out.

I just caught my breath for a few seconds and stroked it for him. We both just looked at each other, but he smiled as I felt frustrated. Needless to say, Brian couldn’t keep a lid on his mouth, and it made me vibrate a little bit.

“Relax your neck, mouth and throat a bit, Cadence. You can’t just do it,  pace yourself first. Take those baby steps if need be, but don’t get discouraged because my very experienced wife can fuck like nobodies’ business.”

I rose up a little bit. “I am experienced though, I’ve given him like a hundred blow jobs, and never had an issue like this. Maybe it is just because I’m here with them, but this is hard.”

“Don’t worry yourself,” he assured me, setting my hands on his dick again. “Just because you mastered one length, doesn’t mean you can just start on a longer and thicker one without missing a beat. Whether it is in your mouth or your twat, it is still a size increase, and you have to know what you can take, and what you can’t. I know you will be able to do it sooner or later, as my wife pointed out, you’ll get this wood to be so big, he’ll need a wheelbarrow to walk around. A beyond gorgeous woman like you will get it done, I know it,” he explained, moving my hand up and down with both of his.

I kissed him once and leaned right back down to his member. He wasted no time lying back down again and locking eyes with me too. I took the deepest breath I could and slathered my lips as well.

Then I opened my mouth and immediately went back at least a couple inches. ‘Yes,’ I thought, letting out a sharp exhale.

“There you go, Cadence, suck that big and juicy piece of meat down there and make me cum too. I’m sure our spouses would love to see it, but take your time though. We have all night, don’t we?”

“Yes, I don’t mind spending some quality time with these tow helpful people, because they are perfect for us: they have wisdom and sex advice for us to make us love each other so much more,” Brian moaned.

Then everyone stayed quiet once I managed to get a little more of his pecker into my mouth. I still couldn’t and wouldn’t push myself past the halfway point on it, but for the time being, I had an older man loving my pleasuring and caressing my head too.

Once again, I placed my hands at the base of his johnson and held it in place. It still seemed redundant considering the speed of my mouth, but I still felt him jiggle a little bit and let out more moans with each passing second.

I nearly thought he’d cum early, but I remembered just how good he was at holding his load. I couldn’t be positive either way, but as I graduated passed my training wheels, I knew all bets were off.

His hands went all over the back of my head and even a little bit of my neck as well. I felt loved by Ron, even though we just met. It seemed with every little bit more of his pecker I took into my mouth; he won me over a little bit more.

Sucking his dick and feeling the veins and vibrations coming off it made the whole experience even more special. I made sure to expand my thrusts and give him more pleasure, but it seemed he loved it no matter what.

‘Yes, moan just like that, you hung man. I got a little over half of your dick in my mouth now, do you like that? Do you enjoy having some random chick sucking on it for you? You may admit it to me; I won’t judge you either.’

We made eye contact again, but my lips never stopped moving though. It seemed with each passing thrust; I made myself love his johnson a little more. I felt the warm and soft flesh on his wood, and it thrilled me to no end.

“Fuck yes, Tammy, I had no idea a GILF could be so life-affirming like this, you’re the bomb.”

I did my best not to let it get the better of me, but I heard the slurping from Tammy and all the moaning Brian put into the airwaves too. I couldn’t help it, but after I just heard so many different things coming from them, I felt the need to push myself more.

“Oh, yes, Brian, and she is eager to please too. You hit the damn jackpot, you lucky son of a bitch.”

“And what about me?” Tammy asked.

“I think we’ve established that,” Ron pointed out, leaning up.

She did the same, and then they kissed each other.

‘Wow, even as she had Brian’s dick in her mouth? I’m sparking a couple more tears and even physically pushing my head down an inch further. Damn, you are doing things to me, Ron.’

I never could totally comprehend the whole event, but in the end, I loved that Brian loved it. I knew he’d never cheat on me or make me feel bad, so I went with it and let the sexy results take over.

“I love you, Tammy. No one could replace you,” Ron stated, looking at her.

“If you say so,” she mentioned before she took Brian’s cock back into her mouth.

“I do, intoxicating woman.”

I grinned as much as possible, but I angled Ron’s wood up somewhat. So, we looked at each other again. No words dropped from his mouth, but of course, his eyes said everything. Although, then he casually got up and stood on his feet.

I failed to let his dick out, but then I found myself in a better position to suck it. I put more pressure on the base and then I slowly, but surely sped up my thrusts. I did it not to please him more, but I felt more confident in myself to do it right.

“Oh, are you cock hungry, Cadence?” Ron asked, taking several strands of my hair in both of his hands. “Do you prefer to give blow jobs while the guys stand? I thought so, and now it seems like you love sucking even more. Am I right?” he pondered, looking directly into my eyes.

I nodded and moved my head back and forth.

“And you’re getting more creative too, what’s not to like about that?”

No one answered that question, but Ron’s physical responses said everything. He moved around a bit as if he was dancing, and I pushed myself to go down further and further. I knew no matter what I did; I’d still never be able to deep throat him.

‘I want to suck his dick so well, that he has to shoot his load way across the room, but it won’t happen. Although, if I can still make an older guy like him love my blow job skills, I’ll call it a win. Your wife is still making my hubby moan, and I hear the bed creaking too, so you two are a match made in heaven.’

I looked up at Ron for as long as I could and kept my lips continually moving. My brain seemed to develop sexually with every passing minute where I found myself getting more and more sexually energized.

Ron’s hands went through my hair endlessly for a few minutes as he began jiggling around more and more. The naughtiness seemed to be getting to him as she also made kissing faces to me. He failed to let any words drop from his mouth, but a little drool.

He moaned and pulled my hair somewhat, but he didn’t hurt me much. I knew it was coming from a pleasurable place, so I dismissed it. I also saw Brian having quite the sexy time as well: caressing Tammy’s head and licking his lips as well.

“Make Ron cum all over your face, Cadence. Let Tammy clean it off you.”

I slowly let Ron’s schlong out and peeked at Brian’s face. “Sounds good to me,” I added, rising to him. “I love you, Brian,” I stated before I kissed him.

“I love you too, Cadence,” he mentioned, placing his right hand on my right tit.

“Does she suck your dick better than me?”

“No, absolutely not.”

“Good answer,” I giggled. “You mean everything to me, Brian, and the fact that we can do this just shows me that we will have a rock solid marriage.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” he said before he kissed me again. “Now finish the old dude off, Cadence.”

I went back down to Ron’s wood and took it right back into my mouth. Tammy and I instantly transformed back into the cocksucking chicks we were and sucked the lives out of those rock solid peckers. Ron grabbed onto the back of my head firmly and moved his body back and forth slowly.

I made sure to thrust my lips as quickly as I could without causing myself to get a headache. I thoroughly enjoyed having the effects coming upon Ron from having my soft lips rub nonstop of his johnson, just as I had felt so many times with Brian.

“Yes, Cadence, just like that. Thrust those lips not too slow or too fast. You’ll be Brian’s blow job queen, and be able to please him so freaking easily. In no time at all, you’ll have to show him your naked body, and you’ll make him cum. You’re that beautiful, I swear.”

I grinned somewhat, but didn’t stop sucking his member. By then, I wasn’t even sure just how long I had been blowing him, but I knew I was making progress as I saw the signs. I enjoyed seeing it, but Ron was still a pro.

“Oh, shit, Tammy, I have to cum now,” Brian moaned.

I had to stop blowing Ron right at that second and looked at Tammy.

“Douse my face, Brian,” Tammy commanded him, bringing it close to his schlong.

“Clean her face off after the fact, sweetheart,” Brian proposed, stroking his rod.

I nodded and stared at his dick as it moved around a bit. I slathered my lips frequently for a few seconds before I saw his white stuff burst out ever so quickly, like a squirt gun.

“Oh, son of a bitch, Ron,” Brian moaned, letting his first stream out. “You have a great wife, and your schlong must be indestructible.”

Ron and I watched Brian hurl out six shots of his load, and he exclusively right onto her face. We saw it drip down to her knockers and neck, but he made sure to drench her face like the horny man he proved to me that he was.

The whole thing lasted for over thirty seconds, and I undoubtedly cherished every single second of it too. Even though Brian came on another woman’s face, I loved the sight. I could only figure that it was due what it meant for us being an actual couple.

“Holy shit, you submerged her face, Brian. I’m almost jealous,” I stated, placing a couple of fingers on the right side of her face.

Tammy just smiled at me right before she nonchalantly leaned towards me and placed her palms on the back of my neck. “You are stunning, Cadence,” she complimented me before kissing me on the lips.

“Thank you, are you quite sexy too, and you are a perfect power couple,” I endorsed her before my tongue slipped out.

I began cleaning off Tammy’s face ever so slowly with my eyes closed. I did it blindly, but flawlessly. She lazily wrapped her arms around me and let our bosoms come together too. So, it seemed that everyone loved each other in some way in that room.

I fondled her face nonstop for over two minutes, and I was sure the men were watching like hawks. I still couldn’t fully comprehend everything, but again, I found myself more and more thrilled with each passing moment.

His cum tasted even better coming off her face, and I made sure to lick it all off as slowly as I could. Although, even with the vast quantity he displayed on her face, it didn’t last forever. After I there wasn’t another drop to lick off, I opened my eyes and went right back to Ron’s dick.

“Yes, suck his giant pecker, Cadence,” Tammy cheered me, rubbing my butt. “Get down here, Brian and salute your wife as she commits adultery right in front of us.”

He followed her order and placed his hand on my other butt cheek. I opened my eyes and saw them both smiling and ready for me to make Ron shoot. I put my hands back at the base yet again and paced myself.

Never before had I ever been so turned on, and sexy at the same time. I couldn’t believe the whole thing was taking place, but yet it was all happening right then flawlessly. Even as Ron’s cock seemed to get harder and more prominent, I just made myself take even more of it without even trying.

“Oh, you horny skank, you have about three-quarters of his wood in your mouth now. You’re almost there, show your husband what you are made of, Cadence. Let that ravishing sex queen show herself and make this older hunk cum all over your face. Turn his rod into a damn fire hydrant,” Tammy moaned, smooching my cheek and rubbing my ass.

“Don’t worry, let those tears out, sweetheart. There is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing at all, you hot piece of heaven,” he whispered, rubbing his body onto mine.

I cried somewhat, but never stopped sucking on Ron’s cock. No matter what, I knew that our honeymoon was going to be one definite high point in our marriage. With them cheering me on, I knew there was no stopping me.

‘I’m going to make him cum, and I saw just how much he shot on Tammy earlier, so I just wonder how much he’ll explode when he has me sucking on his cock for him. I’m covered in sweat, my heart is beating and seemingly about to burst out of my chest, and I feel like I could just pass out at any moment now. I still can’t stop though. I’ll keep going, but shit, Ron is one stubborn bastard.’

I went on for over ten minutes as I just gave him head, and our two spouses applauded me and rubbed me frequently. Whether it was all a dream, or completely real, I felt to be up on a sexual cloud where nothing could go wrong.

Everything was perfect, except for the fact that Ron really made me work his cum. I had no problem, but of course, my lips did get tired, and I have a slight gag reflex too. Those seemed to be the only two issues in my sexual heaven.

Tammy got down on her knees next to me and smooched my cheek.”I know what you’re feeling, this guy holds onto his seed like a penny pincher holding onto their wallet. He will not give it out so willingly, but once you earn it, you’ll feel on top of the world. No other sexual victory will ever live up to it, so I have to say keep your chin up, sexy lady. Also, if you want him to love you, that is a good way to get it done too. I’m sure you already knew that I’m sure you’ve made Brian cum a river by now just by giving him head, haven’t you?”

I nodded and angled my head up to see Ron’s eyes perfectly.

“I’m sorry that I’m not sorry, but I like you too much to make you wait, Cadence,” Ron stated, rubbing my forehead. “We’d love to see you two again,” he mentioned, gently pushing my head off his cock and taking it in his right hand. “Here you go, enticing woman,” he muttered before he let his first stream blast out which almost covered my face entirely.

“Yes, Ron, get her, horny man,” Brian praised him.

Even as my face already felt soaked, Ron lived up to the hype built up and gave me another five shots of his seed. Each other got right onto my face, but from a slightly different angle. It seemed like never I had ever experienced before: having my face submerged, but then having it done at least a couple more times after that, making it overkill.

Of course, I had to keep my eyes closed and wait for him to finish, but I couldn’t possibly ever want it to end. I knew he would run out sooner or later, but he did some impeccable shooting that went on for over a moment.

I couldn’t imagine how Ron felt precisely, but I knew he had to feel depleted by the time he couldn’t dole out another drop. I also thought about how much fun Tammy was going to have cleaning my face.

By the time he reached his breaking point, I had heard him let out a huge deep breath, and I heard a slight bang. Not a word dropped, but of course, I suddenly felt two soft pieces of flesh come onto me and something slick on my face too.

“So, is it safe to say that you, Tammy, are pushing your jugs onto mine and licking the cum off my face?”

“That’s a safe bet, babe, and you made Ron have to lie down,” Brian pointed out.

“Sweet,” I laughed.

She took much longer to finish the job than I did, for both having so much more seed to clean up and to make it sexier.

“Oh, that tickles, Tammy,” I giggled.

“I don’t want to displeasure you, Cadence,” Tammy put it out, taking a small break.

It took a few minutes for her to finish cleaning my face, but after she did, she kissed my cheek once. We just looked at each other for another moment, but we didn’t say anything. Although, then she calmly rose up and went to Ron.

She wrapped her arms around him. “Did you like that?”

“All too much, dear,” he answered, placing his hands on her butt and right before he kissed her.

They began making out as the lovers they were, and I just had to stare. As I viewed the spectacle, I felt Brian get behind me and press himself onto me. His hands also made it onto my breasts, and he squeezed them slightly too.

“So, is it safe to say we have role models, Brian?” I pondered.

“Yes, it seems so, we’re going to have to stay in touch with them.”

“Sounds good to us, as we said, we come here at least once a year. Maybe we can arrange for us to visit the same time next year, and maybe a few more after that,” Tammy proposed, peeking at us. “What do you say?” she asked, putting her hand out and as Ron did the same.

“Its something to think about, it appears we stumbled upon a marriage goldmine.”

We both took a hand they helped us up, and they couldn’t help, but to get one more kiss from us too.

“On the other hand, it is only Friday night, and we’re not leaving until Sunday afternoon, so you could come over here again if you like,” Ron let us know, getting behind Tammy and letting his palms onto her melons.

“Well, maybe, we did have some fun, but this is our honeymoon, and now we do have a standing invitation from you two, so I think we might be good,” Brian pointed out, getting behind me as well and placing his hands back onto my tits.

“You know what room we’re in if you change your minds, but thanks for your sexy time. We could just have a meal together too, besides only hang out in the hot tub. We’ve never done it with another couple, and we’ve been married for twenty-six years now.”

“Us either, but I think we only had a quota of one to meet.”

Then we all smiled at each other and said nothing for a moment. It wasn’t an awkward silence, but a nothing needs to be said silence. Although, after that moment, Brian and I grabbed our bathing suits and put them back on ourselves. Without speaking a word, we both waved, and they waved back.

We made our way to the door, went right out there and shut the door. We exchanged looks again, and he pulled me to him with my right hand. He kissed me for over moment as we both wrapped our around each other and he gently pushed me on the wall. He failed to let his lips off mine for five minutes, and we heard footsteps too.

‘People seeing us isn’t going to stop us from having one hell of an emotional connection. Never before had I felt so loved and felt the loving feelings for someone. I definitely made the right choice.’

After those five minutes, I nonchalantly pushed his lips off mine. “I love you, Brian, now take me back to our and put a baby in me.”

“I love you too,” he responded, leaning away from me, but putting his hand out. “After you.”

I took it and then we made our way down the hallway to our room while holding hands.

“Wow, did I ever prove you wrong,” I boasted, dancing around just before we made it to our door.

“Hey, no showboating, it is unladylike,” he wanted me, opening the door.

“You know you love me,” I reminded him, walking in the room.

“Don’t you dare ever stop emphasizing that,” he told me, coming into the room and shutting the door.

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