The Old Man Down The Road


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I got tired of babysitting, I had broke up with my gf and was having a boring summer. I had helped Kevin for a while, but he was bitchy at times

I got tired of babysitting, I had broke up with my gf and was having a boring summer. I had helped Kevin for a while, but he was bitchy at times and I never got to know him. With Covid things kept changing. I was 13 and I missed hanging out with my Uncle, but I had a plan.

I helped this ederly lady clean her house, she was selling it and had moved everything out. I spent a week with her and asked her about her friends, if any of them needed help with anything. She told me about a man named Jacob, he lived by himself, was in his 60’s and had bad knees and was missing part of his arm from the military. I told her if he needed help to contact my mom.


2 weeks later my mom said that Jacob had contacted her and she was going to meet up with him. After meeting up with him she told me he did need a good house cleaning and someone to clean weekly. She said that she heard good things about him and since he wasn’t able to get around very well she felt safe with me being alone with him.

I was excited and my mom went with me to meet him, he was decent looking, tall and I gave him a hug when we met, which Im sure he liked. I didn’t do any makeup or anything, I had to wear a mask in his house anyway. He said he would pay me $50 a day and feed me. So I came the next day and started to clean.

It was mostly dusty as hell, he kept a neat house, very little furniture or anything. He always fed me good and we talked a lot which he seemed to enjoy. I had dressed normal, nothing to show off my figure, but that would change.

After going there for 4 days the first week I went Monday and Thursday from then on. He had called Wednesday night and said he was feeling a bit bad and not to come the next day, but I planned on seeing him. My mom left for work at 8:30 Thursday morning, I wasnt going to clean today, I was going to do a friendly visit to check on Jacob. I showered, put on my Vanilla body lotion, I had painted my nails blue the night before.

I put on my white shirt that said I’m not your baby and a blue skirt that came to my knee. Of course I didn’t wear any panties, unless its winter I dont wear them with a skirt or dress anymore. It was an hour walk to his house, it was hot and humid so I would look a mess when I got there, but I had a friend. Brad from my previous stories was still in contact with me, he lived 2 hours away but he owed me a favor, I would skype with him sometimes and let’s just say he would do anything for me in exchange for a special skype show with me. My mom got off at 2 so Brad was going to be my uber there and back, and he got a skype show Saturday in return.

I got to Jacob’s house and knocked the door, when he opened it and saw me he was shocked. I hugged him and said I was sad he didn’t feel good so I was checking on him. I could tell he was happy to see me, I came in and took off my shoes, I could see him looking at me, not in cleaning clothes now, in a teasing outfit. I wasn’t wearing a mask for the first time, so I had on makeup.


We talked and I could tell he was feeling bad, so I told him to lay down in his room and we could watch tv and talk. He layed in bed and went to lay beside him. He asked when I was doing and I said making you feel better. He just smiled as I cuddled against him, I told him to put his arm around me, he did and his had went to rest on my back. I put my leg on his leg, I was hoping he liked that, and he did comment that he liked my blue nail polish.

We layed in bed and cuddled, watched some north woods law show about fish and game stuff. I had my head on his chest and my arm around him. He said his daughter use to cuddle with decades ago. I told him well you have me now, he just smiled. I rubbed my foot on his leg, he was wearing pj pants. He asked if my mom knew I was there, I said no but she wont mind.

As we watched tv I made my move, my right hand was on his stomach, I slid it slowly down to his crotch and when I found his dick, I let my hand rest there. He never said anything, he let my hand rest on his dick, when I started to move my hand back and forth he spoke up. He told me that wasnt a proper thing for a girl to be doing, I kept doing it, his words never led to him moving away, it wasn’t until my hand went inside his pj’s that he jumped.

He moaned as my hand stroked his soft dick until it got hard, it felt big, but it was still in his pj’s. I could tell he loved it, he didn’t tell me to stop, he just kept saying it had been so long since a woman had touched him. His moans got louder, his dick got harder, his right arm was around me, I slid up in bed a bit and his arm that was on my back went down under my skirt and found my naked ass.

He asked me why I was doing this, I told him cuz I wanted to. I felt his hand squeeze my ass as I stroked him faster. It wasnt long before he came, he cursed alot, mostly fuck yeah about 10 times. I kept stroking him after he came, I was using his cum as a lube by then. He said what did we just do, I said we made you feel better. I kept my hand on his cock as we watched tv.

I asked him if he could order us some cheese steak and fries for lunch. He said anything I wanted, I layed there with my hand on his cum soaked cock as we finished the tv show. I reached up and kissed him, he kissed me back, not as a friend, but as a lover, I got my tongue sucked and I loved it.


He said he felt alot better, I smiled at him and said wait until you get my bill. He asked how much, I said does it matter?


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