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The New Speaker In Town

When I was in my late twenties, I moved to another city to follow a job opportunity. It was a job in the Media and Public Relations department for a communication company. I began as assistant manager and after about six months, Simon, the manager, called me in his office to announce his resignation. 

“What? You’re kidding, right?” I asked, in dismay.

“No, Linda. We are having a family issue and we have to move to New York within the end of the month,” he said, clearly sad. Then added, “Believe me, this is not something I’m doing lightly, but I have no choice. One day maybe I’ll explain you. Right now, I need you focused on the task.”

“Yes, of course. I’ll do anything to make things easier for you. Do you know who’s taking your place?” I asked, perplexed. In my experience, once you lose a great boss, you’ll get a mean one. There was no hope to get two great bosses in a row. 

“I’m recommending you, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Lawrence would listen to my recommendations,” he said.

“Me? Why? I have been here for six months. There are others more experienced. Steven, for example, or Nycia,” I said, puzzled.

“Because you’re the right person, and they know that, I’m pretty sure. Can you imagine Nycia? She can’t find her glasses on her nose, and Steven never leaves a minute later than his hours,” he explained. Then he added, “Linda, you’re the right person. You’re organized, focused, you know our partners, you know the team and you have the enthusiasm for this job. I’m sure I leave this place in the best hands. You’ll do great. Starting tomorrow, I want you to shadow me. I’ll explain everything during the weekly meeting tomorrow morning. OK?”

That night, of course, I couldn’t sleep. The following morning, I arrived in the office at 8 sharps, as usual. At 8:10 I got a call from Laura, Mr. Lawrence’s assistant, saying I was expected in his office. Mr. Lawrence was the CEO of the company, and he confirmed I was going to be the new Manager of the Media and Public Relations department. I was excited and scared at the same time. I was excited because I loved challenges, and that was a big one. I was scared because I wasn’t sure I was able to fill that role, and I didn’t know how the rest of the team would take the news. 

During the 10 am meeting that morning, Simon gave the announcements of his resignation and my new role as manager. As I expected, at the first announcement the whole team was clearly sad. What I couldn’t expect was the reaction at the second announcement, that I’d be his replacement. A few of them applauded with joy, some had a sigh of relief, and some stood up to hug and welcome me. I really didn’t expect such a warm reaction. They all seemed sincere.

After three years of being the manager, I can say that our team is working like a well-oiled machine. Ours was one of the most profitable departments. I was in charge of the department for two years when, during a kick-off meeting, I presented the idea of an internal radio station. Mr. Lawrence loved the idea and gave me the green light to go ahead. Of course, I had to hire new people, consult with experts, find the space for the station and all the equipment necessary, and do that within the budget given to me. 

To find the best team, I spent part of my free time googling and listening to the radio stations and podcasts to find the right speakers. I already had an idea for a woman speaker, but I wanted a male voice to pair with her. 

I needed someone with a nice voice, good diction, and who had the ability to capture the listeners. One morning, while I was stuck in the traffic, I heard a voice that was perfect: happy, perfect diction, and I was mesmerized listening to him. He was talking about World War Two. A man with culture, what was better than that? I immediately called my office and asked Phillip to find a contact for the speaker. 

I hired David after five minutes in our interview, and he didn’t hesitate to accept. He liked the idea, and the paycheck, of course. To work with us, he had to move from out of town and we gave him a good incentive. 

In addition to a great voice, David was handsome, probably my age or so, light brown hair and eyes, tall, and a butt that screamed “Squeeze me!” I didn’t squeeze it, of course, but he was the subject of our gossip that day at lunch with my pals.

The day he arrived to start working with us, I welcomed David, showed him his desk, the radio station studios, and then I introduced him to the team and to Sofia, his work partner. 

I have to admit I felt jealous. I know there wasn’t a reason as David had clearly no interest in me. But I liked him. Not only his butt and his incredible eyes, but all of him.

After a couple of weeks, I went to his desk to check how he was doing, “Hi David, how’s it going?” Yes, I did the same for Sofia, but with less enthusiasm, I admit.

“Everything’s ok. I like the team and the job is inspiring. Sofia is a great partner,” he answered. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, though.

“Cool. And did you find a place to stay yet? Do you need any help?” I asked, curious to know where he was living.

“Actually, not yet. I should see a couple of houses this weekend, but…” he hesitated, then said, “Well, never mind. I will deal with it.”

“What? Is there a problem? I might help. Except for more money, that’s all I can offer,” I chuckled. 

I really wanted to help him. Yes, I was trying to engage with him, finding an excuse to talk to him and spend more time with him. Was I flirting? Well, maybe. 

“I really don’t know the town, I don’t know where a good place to live is, and I’ve never been house hunting. I have no idea what to look for,” he said, hesitant.

I giggled then I placed a hand on his arm, a firm, muscled arm, and said, “David, please, don’t worry. If you’d like I can go with you. Not that I’m an expert, but at least four eyes are better than two. And I know the right neighbors where to live.”

“Are you sure? You won’t mind? You are my boss, are you sure it’s appropriate?” he asked.

“Let’s make it clear, I’m responsible for this department, but I don’t want to make anybody feel uncomfortable because I’m the manager. I’m trying to be friendly. The other team members will confirm to you that I’m a very friendly boss. Tell me which hotel you’re in and I’ll pick you up Saturday by 9 am,” I said, while in my stomach a swarm of butterflies were coming alive.

“I can pick you up,” he promptly said.

“I know but I know the roads and it’s easier if I’ll be the driver,” I explained. 

Friday afternoon before leaving, I stopped by David’s desk, but he was in a meeting. I left a note reminding him of the appointment and leaving my phone number in case of a change of plans. 

After we visited a few houses that Saturday, we had pizza for a late lunch, or an early dinner. 

I told him about a few places to visit in town, when he said, “I love movies. Do you like movies?” 

We talked about movies, actors, and Oscars. At the end of that day, I knew a lot of things about David, and at that point, I knew he wasn’t only handsome but also smart and a good person.

Monday morning, he knocked at the open door of my office.

“Good morning Linda, thank you for your help Saturday. I’ve decided on the house on Meadow Street. I’m going this afternoon to sign the lease,” he said.

“A very good choice. Congratulations!” I answered, but he didn’t leave my office, not that I minded, but I asked, “Can I do something for you?”

“Actually, yes, but I want you to be honest if I’m asking too much,” he said.

“I promise,” I said, trying to hide my excitement. 

“Would you mind going with me to Ikea to buy a few things?” he asked, “I need at least a bed and a couch to start, and a few accessories for the bathroom and kitchen and you probably know better what I really need.”

I could see the hope in his eyes. He got me at “bed”. A girl is always allowed to dream.

“Sure, no problem. Do you have the measurements already?” I asked.

“I’ll have the floor plan tonight,” he answered.

“Well, before buying the bed, it’d be better to have some measurements and decide how to arrange the house. I have a little experience in that as I had to help my sister. If you want, Friday after work we can stop at Rosati’s, grab a pizza, and eat at your new house while deciding how to decorate it,” I proposed, hoping he’d say yes.

“That’s an amazing idea! Thank you, Linda. Thank you, thank you,” he said with a smile that lighted up his eyes.

I helped him to decide how to decorate, we ordered the bed, the mattress, and the couch online, so we didn’t need to rent a van, then we went to the store to buy other things we thought it’d be better to see in person, like sheets, towels, kitchen’s tools, and stuff like that.

I also helped him to assemble everything after work the following week. Then on Saturday night, after we had the house furnished and decorated, I was collecting my stuff to go home, when David asked me to stay.

“I can’t,” I said, “I need a shower and a change of clothes.”

“I have a shower here. And the new shower curtains and the new towels,” he said. 

“And the new bed,” I thought. I didn’t say that, of course, but I wanted to. Instead, I just said, “I don’t have a change of clothes and I can’t put these clothes back on.”

“Well, I have plenty of shirts and sweatpants, you can wear them while I run the washing machine and fix dinner. I’m a good cook.”

I couldn’t find any other excuses, and I didn’t want to. I simply said, “Well, if you insist, I think I can do that.”

After my shower, I put on his sweatpants and his clothes and no underwear. It was exciting. His sweatpants were large, even if I wasn’t really in the small sizes.

When I opened the bathroom’s door, I smelled food and I felt a little rumbling in my stomach. In the kitchen, David was fixing dinner. I stopped by the jamb to observe him – bare feet, blue jeans, and a blue t-shirt. From behind the view was entrancing. What’s about men in jeans and bare feet? Why are they so sexy? And that butt should be illegal.

He probably sensed my presence because he turned to look at me, he scanned my body and said, “You look nice in my clothes. Do you need socks?”

Looking down at my feet, I said “No thanks. The floor is warm enough. Can I help?”

“Well, if you don’t mind, there’s the salad to dress and the table to set while I’m taking a quick shower too,” he said. 

Jeez, I was setting the table and working with my fantasy imagining him in the shower. I heard him whistling and his steps getting closer. I sensed that I was leaving a wet spot in his sweatpants.

We had dinner chatting of futile things, then I said, “Well, I have to admit, you’re good in the kitchen. This steak with stir-fry vegetables was delicious. Thank you.”

“I always prefer a homemade meal than eating out where you don’t know what they really serve on your plate. And I needed to thank you for all your help.”

I was nervous. I’ve never learned how to answer a compliment, probably because I wasn’t used to them. Instead of answering, I said, “Now you’re probably tired. If the drier is done, I better go home.”

Reluctantly I took my clothes from the drier, changed clothes, and left. I wanted to stay, I hoped he’d invite me to stay, but, well, I didn’t feel his interest in me in that way. I was the team manager after all, and he already said it wasn’t probably appropriate to ask for my help. Now I had to convince him it was ok. 

The firsts few days of the following week I was busy at work, meetings, reports, phone calls, but once at home, I had time to think about my feelings and find if it was appropriate or not. I thoroughly read Internal Employee Handbook and found that the dating policy provided guidelines our employees should follow when they’re romantically or sexually involved with a colleague. There were some standards for acceptable behavior when flirting with colleagues in order to avoid awkwardness or problems in our workplace. This policy applied to all our employees regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristics. That meant it was fine if it was consensual. Good. I felt better.

Thursday morning, we had a scheduled meeting to take stock of the situation. At the end of that meeting, I was collecting my stuff when I found a sticky note that wasn’t there before, “Call me after work, please. D.”

I didn’t know why he wanted me to call, but I was looking forward to the end of that day to make that call.

When I got home and changed into a more comfortable attire, I called David.

He picked up and said, “Hello, Linda. How is it going?”

“I’m fine, a little tired. It’s been a tough week so far, but I can survive one more day. What about you? How’s working with Sofia? How’s living in the new house?” I asked.

“Work with Sofia is ok, I never worked with a woman before, so I have to adjust a little. She’s a little whiner, but I’m handling it well. I love the new home. It’s warm and cozy and I can be at work in less than fifteen minutes. But…” he hesitated a moment then said, “I feel a little lonely.”

“You should organize a housewarming. I can help you, if you’d like,” I said, but in reality, I was hoping that he felt lonely without me. I’m a hopeless, romantic dreamer. I sighed.

“Would you like to come for dinner tomorrow? Well, today would be better but I don’t know if you already made other plans,” he asked.

That was unexpected. 

“Actually, I’m already relaxing after a long day and I’m about to immerse my tired limbs in the bathtub. Tomorrow will be fine,” I answered.

“Deal. And bring your pj’s so you don’t have to drive home, and we can drink,” he said with a happy voice.

“Sounds great, but last time I checked you don’t have an extra bed,” I replied.

“I can sleep on the couch. See you tomorrow then,” and he hung up, leaving me hopeless. When a man suggests you bring your pj’s, that means he has no interest in seeing you naked. Darn it, another one-way situation in my life.

I took my bath with my loyal friend, my new vibrator that I called My Master, because after his touch, I felt totally helpless.

The day after was casual Friday, so I had a button-down shirt and blue jeans, with 3-inch heel leather shoes. As for underwear, I had my favorite set of black lace thong and bra. Thong and jeans are my favorite combination. Actually, my favorite combination is jeans with no panties at all, but that was too much for a workday.

It was a long day, but eventually, it was five and David knocked at my open door.

“Ready?” he asked, winking.

I have a weakness for a man who winks at me.

“You have no idea how ready I am,” I thought. But I said, “I am,” clearing my desk and turning off my laptop. I locked the door, as per company policy, and we left, together.

In the elevator, I said, “My car is in the garage, first level.”

“Oh yeah, you’re the boss and you have your spot in the garage. Sorry, we mortals have our cars in the lot outside, under the sun. See you at my place then,” and winking, he left the elevator, leaving me alone for one more level. My legs could barely hold me standing.

He caught up with me at a traffic light. I saw him from my rear mirror, and he was waving at me. I waved back. When we arrived at his house, he opened the garage and gestured me to park inside as it was a two-car garage.

When we were inside, he said, “I’m going to put on something more comfortable. Make yourself at home. If you want something to drink or a snack, well, you know very well where to find everything,” he said chuckling, while I pulled off my shoes.

I was about to suggest that if he felt comfortable naked, that was totally fine to me. But I didn’t say a word. Sometimes I have the insight of disconnecting brain and tongue so as to not put myself in an awkward situation. I probably needed something strong to drink, but I thought better and opted for a lemonade, and I took a beer for him. 

“How did you guess I wanted a beer?” he asked, startling me, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he promptly said.

“It’s not your fault, I was lost in my thoughts, and I didn’t hear you. Well, I don’t know, I just pictured you as a beer type,” I said while sitting on the couch. “Can I put up my feet?” I asked, pointing to the coffee table.
“Make yourself at home,” he said.

“I like how this is turning out. The house, I mean. It’s warm and cozy, as you said,” I said while he turned on some country music in the background. Then I added, “You probably need some pictures on the walls.”

“Yes, I was browsing online. If you want, later I can show you what I like,” he said, sitting on the couch beside me and putting his feet beside mine on the coffee table.

“Gladly,” I said. He could have chosen the chair in front of me, or a further spot on the couch, instead he chose to sit right beside me, our thighs almost touching. I could feel the warmth of his body through my clothes. I leaned my head back on the cushion and closed my eyes.

“You look tired. D’you wanna take a nap while I fix dinner?” he asked, looking at me.

“Oh, I can help you,” I said, opening my eyes and starting to get up. 

“No way. You rest here. I’ll let you know when dinner’s ready,” he said, placing a peck on my cheek. Once he disappeared in the kitchen, I touched that spot where he left his warm peck and closed my eyes smiling. The feeling was pleasant. After a moment, I felt his hand on my cheek, and I heard him calling my name.

“Linda? Linda, honey?” he was whispering. 

“What?” I asked, opening my eyes, and finding his smiling face right in front of me.

“Honey, dinner’s ready,” he said, smiling.

“Already? That’s the fastest dinner ever,” I said, checking around to find what time it was.

Laughing he said, “Well, you slept an hour. I had time to make a cake too.”

“An hour? You sure?” I didn’t realize I was sleeping. 

“I still cannot believe I fell asleep without realizing it,” I said stretching and yawning.

After dinner, massaging my full belly, I said, “I cannot believe you’re such a great cook. And the cake? That was delightful.”

“Because I’m a man?” he asked.

“Probably. Men can cook, if they want, and those who cook are great, but generally, they are not into baking cakes. At least for my personal experience,” I replied. Personal experience, like I had a horde of men in my life.

We cleared the table and together we washed the dishes, talking some more.

“You know,” I said, finishing drying the crockery, “I like talking to you, it comes naturally. I feel I can tell you all about me and you can tell me all about your life, and I’d never get tired. I feel at ease with you. You’re a good friend and a good listener.”

“Having three younger sisters helped,” he chuckled.

I was hanging out the dish towel when I felt his hands on my shoulder. He made me turn to him and hugged me, and it wasn’t a hug of a friend because I felt a lump pressing against my stomach. 

He then placed his hands on the sides of my face and stared at me, at my mouth. 

“Am I just a friend?” he whispered in a husky voice.

“I hope not,” I manage to say, wanting to rub my belly against his erection.

“I want to eat you up,” he said an instant before pulling me against his mouth and kissing me. 

It started as a soft kiss, then he began to trace the edge of my lips with his tongue. I slightly opened my mouth to allow his tongue to enter. After a few moments, our tongues were making love going back and forth from my mouth to his.

He broke the kiss, lifted me up and carried me toward the bedroom, while I kissed his neck with small, soft kisses.

When he put me down to pull down the covers on the bed and turning on a small light, I started to unbutton my shirt. When he turned to look at me, I was in my underwear.

“Christ, you’re beautiful,” he said, and hugged me and I could feel his cock very hard, pressing against my now naked belly.

I helped him to undress and when he pulled off his pants and briefs, his erection jutted out, proof that I wasn’t the only one aroused. His body was toned, firm.

“Wow!” I said, looking at him head to toes and back, “talk about sexy!”

He hugged me, he unclasped my bra and, bending down, with his firm and warm tongue, started to lick my breasts, all around my nipples, the curve beneath each breast, and then he sucked my nipples one at a time.

My leg became noodles and I had to hold on to him to stand.

He then squatted in front of me, leaving a wet path with his tongue, from my breasts down to my belly button, and down to my mound still covered with a black lace thong. He groaned stroking my butt cheeks with his hands and teasing my mound with his nose. 

I combed his hair with my fingers, holding his head against me, enjoying that sensation. 

He got up and helped me down on his bed, then he sprawled out beside me. 

We kissed again with more and more passion, while he moved a hand over my body, discovering every single curve of my soft body, and I kept my hand busy on his body, down, down until I reached his very hard erection.

Stopping my hand, panting he whispered, “I want you to cum first, but if you touch my cock, I’m not sure I can keep the promise.” 

I snickered.

Then finding a boldness I’ve never felt before, I pushed his back on the mattress and straddled him.

Surprised, he said, “Oh, I like it!” moaning.

I pulled his hands on my breasts and he began stroking. 

“You’re so incredibly sexy,” he said.

Never before that very moment I felt sexy, but with him, I felt it.

I rubbed my pussy against the length of his cock. It was excruciating but amazing. I spread my wetness on his cock and it was so erotic.

Meanwhile, he played with my breasts. He then sat up to suck my nipples, first one, then the other. 

I let my head fall back, gasping at these amazing sensations. I got up on my legs, with my hand I guided his cock right to my entrance, and slowly, oh so slowly, I went down again, impaling myself, feeling his cock stretching my pussy, touching that hidden spot, so sensitive it made me cry. 

Still sitting up, he hugged me, we kissed, he went back to suck my nipples, stroking my butt with his hands, spreading my cheeks, and stroking between. It was a delirium of sensations. I wanted to hold the moment still, but I couldn’t, it was too much. Going up and down on my legs, feeling his cock thrusting deep inside me, his fingers teasing my rosebud, and my nipples inside his mouth, was all incredibly exciting. I could smell the intense, musky scent of sex around us.

Suddenly I felt like a warm waterfall inside me, I couldn’t control my body and I let go. My movements became faster and faster; holding my breath, I slipped a hand between us to open my lips and feel my clit rubbing against David’s groin, and that was it. Crying and panting, I reached an orgasm like never before. 

He waited a few seconds and when my body stopped shaking, he wrapped his arms around my waist and started thrusting faster. I saw his jaw tightened, I rubbed my pussy some more against his groin and I came again, with him this time.

We fell on the mattress; I was still on top of him, with my breasts mashed against his chest, exhausted, panting, and happy.

Once I recovered and was able to breathe again, I said, “Well, that was something. I think I want to do that again.” 

“Later,” David said, still panting and sweating.

Giggling I said, “Of course. I give you time to recover.” I kissed him, then I moved down to his neck, his collarbone, down to his chest, taking time to suck his little nipples, then moving down to his hard stomach. I took a moment to rub his cock between my breasts, and I felt it was coming back to life. I moved down and, with a hand stroking his balls, I slowly took his now hard cock in my mouth. I never gave a blowjob before and I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing, but the twitches of his cock in my mouth and his moans were a clear signal that I was doing something right.

After a moment, he began pulling his hips toward my face, but he suddenly stopped. He sat up, grab me from my armpits, and flipped me on the bed.

“Sorry, it was amazing, but I can’t do that,” he said. He kissed me, preventing me to say anything. 
He broke the kiss and quickly moved down. He made me bend my legs to spread them open wide and began literally eating my pussy. He made me cum in a way that never happened before. Nobody ever ate my pussy so deeply, with his tongue literally fucking my pussy. 

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming David,” I cried out, feeling a warm waterfall down in my groin, probably drowning his mouth.

When he kissed me, I tasted my excitement in his mouth, and it was so arousing that I closed my eyes, rubbed my clit with my fingers, and I came again.

When I regained consciousness, I opened my eyes finding David looking at me with a smirk, “You are something, my dear,” and I felt his cock twitching, “This is going to be a long night.”

“I guess I don’t need the pj’s after all,” I said giggling. 

The following week our radio station was on-air and David’s broadcast was a success on all our sites. Well, David and Sofia… Well, his voice was amazing, and all the women of the company loved him. 

Nobody knew about us, yet, and that allowed me to hear all the hot comments from the women, in the restrooms, at lunch, at meetings; they all were talking about him and how they’d use him for their pleasure. Instead, he was mine, and I was his.

One night I tried again to give him a blowjob, but he wasn’t ready yet. I didn’t know what kept him. In the end, we made an agreement, he allowed me to complete a blowjob if I allowed him to tie me on the bed. I couldn’t say no, could I?

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