It had to be a miracle, or something close to it, especially after parting ways with a sizeable portion of our science faculty, but we were able to keep everything on track to close up the semester only one week late. It was the last day of classes, then there would be a dead week for studying before the final exams.

The weather had turned cold, we even had a few light snowfalls, but the campus seemed warmer than ever.


I was still teaching but my history class was a complete one-eighty from what it was before. Every seat was filled, but instead of the dead-eyed rows of fear and tension, the room was filled with small groups of women arguing passionately over the context of the age of revolution in Europe.

I roved around the groups, listening in, making corrections and answering questions. When I got to Deborah Xu’s group, I leaned over to help clear up a timeline for one of her partners. As I was finishing, I felt a hand sliding up the inside of my leg. I didn’t react, and it moved higher, eventually grabbing tight onto my cock.


The class monitor, in her flawless uniform, popped her head up from her group.

“Yes, sir?”

“Take down Deborah’s name for one demerit. Unsuitable behavior in class.”

There was a teasing, “ooooo” from the entire class, followed by scattered giggles. Deborah gave an exaggerated pout.

“I didn’t do anything, Principal Lee!”

“You know you did, Deborah. We’ve only got this one class left and we need to get this review prepped.”

By that time Susan was at our side and filling out the demerit form.

“Spa, admin, or service?”

We had changed up the demerit system a bit after I came back. Students could still work off demerits by working in the spa, although they got paid now, and there was a waiting list from non-demerit students who wanted to work there. But they also could work for Kimberly in the administration building, or work at the whim of any teacher who needed help. To be fair, it wasn’t a very consistent system as far as punishment goes, as we had a real problem with recidivism. But we didn’t have any serious behavior problems. I don’t think we had anyone complain about that though.

“Deborah, you are already working in the spa, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, then, why don’t you see if Ms. Lashgari needs any help with her extra-curriculars.”

I swear Deborah gave a deep giggled moan in excitement to help out Jennifer with her ‘extra-curriculars,’ But she kept her face down. Jennifer was in charge of most of the extra-curriculars now, so there was a lot to be done, and I was sure that Deborah would be put to work in a serious way, but I was equally confident that Jennifer would leave time for some cool-down work and plenty of stretching and massage. Can’t leave anyone in danger of straining anything, can we?

Susan filled in the form, trying to maintain the seriousness that she strove for in all of her duties, but I could see the hint of a grin on her face as she pushed it over to me for my signature.

“Ok, now. Back to work. You guys haven’t even started the section on colonial influences. Hop to it.”

A cheerful chorus of “Yes, sir!” rang out as I moved on to another group, but there was a bit of whispered teasing before they got back to the assignment. I didn’t mind. Honestly, the new atmosphere was much conducive to learning, and I wasn’t worried about anyone’s grade in that class.

Eventually time was up. I released everyone and the room echoed with backpack zippers and cheerful chattering.

I was heading back to the office, but took a detour through the gym, hoping to catch Jennifer after her yoga class.

The yoga class wasn’t a credit bearing course, but enough students called for it that Jennifer put it together, and it had been a real hit. In the short time she had run it, it was such a success that we were already planning for other activity classes. Swimming, massage, and live-art drawing seemed to have the most interest. We were also looking at opening some classes to the community.

The gym was silent, so I entered quietly myself in case the class hadn’t ended yet.

I was right. The room was stiflingly hot, and it felt like someone had turned up the humidity so much that I felt beads of sweat running down the small of my back within seconds of coming in. Jennifer had told me this was all part of the course design.

There were a couple dozen students on mats in loose ranks facing away from me toward Jennifer at the front of the class. She was only recently off crutches, but still had a cane that she absolutely hated to use. Her doctor was stunned at how well she had been recovering from the gunshot, but of course Jennifer was frustrated that she couldn’t get back to full intensity training immediately.

Next to her was the student that had helped out with her class on the morning after the storm, I thought her name might be Liz, but wasn’t sure. She must have been in front of the class to model the poses, since Jennifer wasn’t able to show the more difficult ones.

But Jennifer wasn’t passive. She moved purposefully down the rows, despite her limp. She offered quiet advice and adjusted body parts here and there.

Did I mention they were all nude? The students wanted to recreate that earlier class completely, including the lack of clothes. That morning after the storm, there was still more than a bit of residual effect of the trick, but I wasn’t anywhere nearby when they put this together. Jennifer knew that I wouldn’t stand in the way of the class, but she still gave me a good pitch, including all manner of benefits to body and mind.

I’m not proud to say that I can’t remember any of her pitch, but I certainly could see the benefits from where I was standing.

When Jennifer got to the back row, she noticed me standing there. She smiled warmly, then shot a glance at the clock on the wall.

“Alright, ladies. It’s time to move into a couple of cooldown poses. Let’s start with the bridge, then move into the regular final group. Liz, model for us. Everyone, take a look at Liz, that’s what you want to look like. We’ve done the bridge before, I know, but focus on the small things. Feet parallel, shoulders and the length of your arm all touching the mat. Good. Okay, shift into your pose. Liz count us out.”

Everyone was glistening with sweat in the heated room. I did remember that it was supposed to help with loosening muscles, Jennifer said. But as the girls got on the ground and lifted their hips into the air, I sighed at the row on row of all sizes, shapes, and colors of slippery flesh. They were arching their backs up which made the breasts of the more endowed women side back and up toward their heads. New lines of sweat ran down tight thighs and perky breasts into little puddles on the mats.

I was lost in a daze, just looking over them all.

The students silently held the pose as Liz counted out the time. Jennifer moved slowly toward me. I couldn’t help shifting my attention to the most physically fit women I have ever known as she approached. Of course, even though she wasn’t participating, for the sake of unity, she was also nude. Well, she did have a kind of compression binding on her thigh, but other than that she was completely bare, and utterly flawless, just like some Greek goddess of fitness. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, but matted at the temples. The sweat was rolling off her as well, running trails down the firm lines of her hip and thigh. There was a heavy bead of sweat clinging but not quite falling from her left nipple that just transfixed me.

“Eyes up here, Lee.” Her smile broadened as she reached out to lift my chin.

“I’m sorry, it’s just…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I don’t mind. I just don’t trust you in a room full of girls like this. I told you, this isn’t a sexual thing at all. This is a serious body fitness regimen.”

I lowered my voice. “So, you aren’t turned on at all at this view?”

I stepped forward and turned her around by the shoulders.

Liz was still counting off the pose. I stepped up behind Jennifer and pressed up against her back.

“You’re telling me that none of this does anything for you?”

She mumbled something low and incomprehensible.

I moved my hands down, wrapping her up by the waist.

“Just look over there at the redhead. What was her name?”

“Marie…” It was obvious that she has already been looking quite closely at the Amazonian Maire. She was tall, taller even than Veronica, and she had an adorable coltish awkwardness that I was certain would appeal to Jennifer’s natural desire to help out. I imagined the diminutive Jennifer stretched out against the long lanky Marie.

Because I am so much taller than Jennifer, I had to lean down to whisper in her ear. My hands naturally lowered slightly from her belly as well. Her belly was slick with sweat.

“It looks like Marie needs some help with the bridge pose, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t you be over there, lifting up her back? Running your hands all over her, helping her keep good form? She might need some help, wiping that sweat off of her. You wouldn’t want it to get into her eyes, or mouth, would you? Maybe you wouldn’t need a towel. Maybe you could just use your mouth. You could just lick your way up…”

Jennifer had been leaning back into me, her gaze locked on the wavering figure of Marie as she tried to hold the pose. She shuddered and moaned slightly as I described what I knew she wanted to do.

She grabbed my hand and quickly dragged it down over her need. I pressed a finger into her, eased more by her sex than her sweat. My other hand darted up to her breasts, fondling with the force that I knew she preferred.

“Ms Lashgari?”

Liz’s voice rang out in the quiet of the big room.

“Ms Lashgari? Should we do the extra cooldowns, too?”

Jennifer groaned, but stepped forward, untangling herself from me.

“No, that’s okay, Liz. Excellent job, Liz, and everyone, well done. I’ll see you again for one more meeting before finals. If there are no questions, let’s all hit the showers.”

There were sighs and contented noises mixed with girls chatting as they stood and put away the mats.

“Oh, Ms Lashgari?” I smiled to see that Maire had approached us. She was looking everywhere but at Jennifer’s godlike body.

“Yes, Marie?”

“Um, well, I was talking to Liz about my upper thigh. It’s kind of stiff and tight. She said that… She said that you gave her a massage once that really helped her and I was hoping…”

“Oh, of course, Marie. Let’s get to it now, while you’re all hot. I’ll find you in the showers.”

The flush that spread across Marie’s face and chest was almost certainly not from the heat. She smiled awkwardly, looked at me and blushed even more, then turned around and sped off to the showers with a “Thank you!” thrown back over her shoulder.

“‘While you are all hot?’ You’re worse than I am. And I should trust you in a room of girls like this?”

She laughed a low laugh that sounded more than a little bit hungry. Her eyes were on the door that led to the shower.

“Yeah, I suppose I am at least as bad as you are.”

“So anyway, the reason I came by was to give you a heads-up. I’m sending Deborah Xu to you for demerit service. I figure you could put her to work closing out the extra-curriculars for the semester. Or, you know, whatever you have that needs doing?”

She took her gaze away from the door and looked back at me with an arched eyebrow.

“Or whatever I have that needs doing? I’ve already got three girls working off demerits with me right now. You could send her to Veronica with her hush hush special collections project. I’m sure she could use the help.”

“Ah, thanks for reminding me. I need to go check in on her, too. But as for Deborah, well, she was particularly excited when I suggested she could work for you. Are you telling me that you couldn’t find any position she could fill? I know with your leg still not at one hundred percent, you might need a little more assistance.”

“Yeah, damn. I am as bad as you are. Maybe worse.” Her eyes lost focus, and I could tell she was thinking of all the assistance she might be able to get out of the four students she would have working for her.

I thought I’d help her along a bit.

I looked into her unfocused eyes. The funny thing was that I could see in her mind what I already knew. She had put her lust to one side when running the yoga class. She was a professional and a good teacher. So I just pulled down the barrier for a moment and let the lust run free.

I moved forward quickly and kissed her. She pushed back at me hard, pulling my head down to her and running her tongue up and into my mouth.

She pressed herself to me, molding her nakedness to my body with the desire that had been unleashed.

But I pushed her back. She held my bottom lip delicately between her teeth as I stood up straight, separating us.

“Now, now, you’ve got a tight upper thigh in that shower room that desperately needs attention.”

She lowered her head, and make a little happy growl.

“I’ll catch up with you sooner or later. Go take care of your girls.”

I spun her around and gave her a swat on the butt to get her going. Her ass was probably the only place on her body aside from her boobs that had any fat at all, and I enjoyed the way it reacted. She looked back and gave me a mock scowl, I don’t think there was anyone else she would allow to do that, particularly any man, but she was already moving with a purpose to the showers. Her limp was barely noticeable.

In the beginning, I had planned on stopping by the library, but a whole room full of women doing naked yoga can really throw off your focus. Thanks to Jennifer’s reminder, I aimed my feet in that direction.

The intricate carved hardwood and polished brass made the library probably one of the most beautiful places on campus. But it couldn’t hold a candle to the woman who was standing at the circulation desk. She was handing over a small stack of books to a student who seemed caught in a haze of fear and adoration.

Veronica towered over nearly all of the students, but not just in height. She was basically a geek, a loner and sometimes painfully socially awkward. But she played this to her advantage in so many ways. She loved the image of the sexy librarian ice queen, and she was so very good at playing the role. Just like Jennifer, she has a perpetual crowd of worshipful students attending her, hoping to receive a boon from their idol.

That day, Veronica was wearing her standard kit: long black pencil skirt, but with a dangerously high slit up the side to her thigh, dark tights or hose, unnecessarily high high heels, and a tight white blouse that seemed to act like a corset, unbuttoned just low enough so that even the most prudish person of any persuasion couldn’t help but take a peek. She wasn’t voluptuous, but she took great pleasure in wearing clothes that showed off the very real and delicious curves she did have. Her dark hair was done up with two pins, maybe chopsticks, in a classic bun.

But it was her face that raised her into the pantheon of beauties in my book. She had the most incredible lines, like she was carved from a deep mahogany-tinted marble. Some might think her face was too severe, but only if they had never seen her smile. With a smile, those lines, jaw, cheekbone, nose, all seemed to soften into pure joy. And anyone that heard her laugh, well, that unihibited, pure snorting geek laugh was simply music to my ears.

I mean, I loved all of my three girls, but Veronica, Veronica was just something special in every possible way.

She must have sensed that I was staring at her, because she glanced over in my direction, and I saw the smallest hint of a grin and an eyebrow raised in curiosity.

I was shaken out of my reverie and moved to the desk.

A small clump of students huddled around us expectantly.

Veronica turned back to them, her mask recovered.

“You have your books?”

One of the braver girls replied. “Um… Yes, Ms Rai.”

“Then do you need to be here?”

There was a pause as they shifted their weight from foot to foot, clearly hoping to find a reason to stay around.

Veronica tilted her head meaningfully.

“Yes ma’am… umm… Thank you Ms Rai. Principal Lee.”

A few others mumbled the same and the troop of students shuffled out of the library.

I looked over at Veronica and tried to stifle a laugh.

“Your little worshipers are adorable.”

She turned her entire body to face me, then leaned on the desk. For someone who struggled to talk to a stranger, she had a perfect innate understanding of how to make the most sensual lines with her body.

“Do you really want me to shush you, right here?” Her face was stern, but her eyes sparkled with joy, betraying her amusement.


She sighed in resignation. “Not here, anyway.”

She glanced around and found a student who was pushing a reshelving cart.

“Ginger. Take the desk. I will be in a meeting with Principal Lee.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Ginger was a serious looking girl with long jet-black hair. She looked like she wanted to model her every action on Veronica. Even though she wore the same uniform as everyone else, her’s seemed somehow darker and more severe. She parked the cart to one side and them moved behind the desk, every movement clean and with purpose.

“Very good, Ginger.”

Veronica made sure that I saw her hand reach out to Ginger’s shoulder. Veronica moved slightly behind her, then looked me right in the eyes as she moved her hand lower. Veronica winked at me, telling me what to do. I smiled and looked to Ginger’s eyes.

When I looked her in the eye, she returned the gaze, her expression not quite as in control as she might have hoped.

I didn’t want to enter into her mind. I figured Veronica only wanted to get her worked up a bit, so just pushed gently.

Her eyes opened wide, then wider. In my peripheral vision, I could she Veronica’s hand sliding lower, from her shoulder down her back, then over to her side, right above her hip, continuing lower.

The library was almost totally silent, only the sound of pencils on paper and muffled tapping of laptop keyboards as background to our little game.

Even without seeing in her mind, I could feel Ginger’s arousal. She had already been a bit worked up. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that she was always a little on edge in the library. Veronica had that effect on a lot of the girls. Her arousal was coming off her in small little waves. It was also clear that this was not the first time Veronica had played with her, but having me standing right there watching, that was something new. And as much as she was putting all her effort into locking down her expression, the flush that turned her face a bright red and the glistening of sweat showed her struggle.

Then Veronica stepped closed and leaned slightly over her, placing her breasts deliberately into the girl’s back. The movement naturally helped her hand slide, gently down and forward from Ginger’s hip. Veronica leaned in slightly more, lowering her face to her ear. With her other hand she lifted Ginger’s hair up and over her ear so she could get even closer.

I thought it was hardly fair that Ginger was the sole focus there, so I pushed at the lust of both women. I knew Veronica’s mind and body so well that I had to be careful lest I overcharge her. Ginger’s eyes fluttered slightly as she felt the effects of my trick plus the exploring hand of her boss.

Veronica’s mouth was right at Ginger’s ear, but her eyes were on me. Her smile was wide and predatory and sexy as hell. She whispered something in her ear, and then bit down gently on the lobe, right above a silver cuff that was hooked there.

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