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The New Couple

In the village where I lived, life moved at a snail’s pace. The place suited me and was what I had planned for my early retirement. The one drawback was that my sex life was not flourishing, because sadly, there were not any straight men who appeared to be interested in playing on the wild side. As a gay man, although I was always on the lookout for ‘strays,’ I soon realized that my pipedream was merely a silly fantasy.

As one would expect in a largely farming community, male talent was never-ending. Regrettably, the only thing that was on the farmer’s minds was real pussy.

My limitations, thankfully, were not too severe. Between visits from fuck-buddies, and the odd few days spent in a not too far off city, my constant masturbation was not my only form of release.

This situation finally ended one day, surprisingly. Before readers jump up and down for joy, however, I must report that it did come at a price. Although I had fucked a few women in my youth, my preference was strictly for men. Men, who in particular, were versatile in bed.

One morning as I sipped my coffee in my front garden, a godlike creature approached my gate and spoke to me. The man’s name was Loki, a nickname, in all honesty, named after a Viking god.

“Hi, I’m Loki,” he announced.

“Hi, I am James,” I answered.

“I just thought I would introduce myself because we will soon be neighbours,” he concluded.

As I looked at the stocky frame before me, I almost pissed in my pants with excitement. Loki had a luxurious full beard, heavenly brown eyes, and a smile that could light an entire city. From the t-shirt and shorts he was wearing, tattoos smothered Loki’s arms, and legs. Pensively, I imagined his ink-covered torso. Above all, his chrome-dome mesmerized me because I had always loved bald men.

Loki then mentioned that he and his girlfriend, Sylvia, had decided to opt-out of the rat race and build a home in the village. While their home was getting built, the plan was that he and Sylvia would be renting a cottage from a woman with whom I had become friendly within the village. Excited as I was after he departed, my hormones subsided as I regained my composure.

A few weeks later, I got an invitation to Sheryl’s home. She was the female that had rented a cottage to Loki. I was rather excited when Sheryl mentioned that Loki and Sylvia would be joining us for dinner.

When the couple arrived for dinner, Loki was wearing an argyle sweater, and he looked even hotter than I had remembered. Sylvia was attractive but nondescript to my gay eyes. The most pleasing aspect of their arrival was the heavenly bear hug that Loki gave me.

Jesus, he is so fuckin’ hot,’ I lustfully ruminated.

As we all began to enjoy Sheryl’s breathtaking spread, things just got more and more interesting that evening.

As we savoured the food and profusely imbibed the wine, our conversation turned to music. Loki then mentioned a German male rock star that he particularly liked, of whom I had never heard.

“Fuck, James, you should google him. He is so fuckin’ hot that every time I see him, all I wish to do is jump on the stage and rip his clothes off and fuck with him,” Loki exclaimed.

As if that was not weird enough, Sheryl then concurred. It felt like I had entered an alternative universe. During the evening, Loki also mentioned that he had been a bouncer at a nightclub and enjoyed the rough interaction of the job.

When proceedings finally ended, I got an even more vigorous hug from Loki.

For the next several weeks, I did not see the couple until there was a knock at my door late one Sunday afternoon.

I should mention a habit that I had developed over the past years of living in my village. Sundays were cooking days for me. I would prepare soups and stews, which I decanted into smaller containers and froze in my chest freezer. In this manner, I did not have to endure the daily grind of cooking for myself. I always had a plethora of meals that I could thaw and warm for my daily sustenance.

As it so happened, on that day, I had made a large pot of vegetable soup and stunning soda bread.

“I know it’s dinner time, but if you don’t mind, can we have a quick glass of wine with you,” as he held up a bottle of white wine.

“Do you like beef and vegetable soup?” I announced.

“Shit, buddy, we don’t want to impose,” Loki embarrassedly declared.

“Bullshit, besides, I have also just baked a fantastic soda bread,” I proffered.

Without hesitation, Loki beckoned Sylvia, who was sitting in their vehicle, closer with the command that Sylvia bring another two bottles of wine with her.

Shortly, my two visitors were comfortably entrenched on the two large sofas in my lounge as they sipped on their wine. As I went about getting our supper ready and setting the table for dinner, Loki joined me in the kitchen for a refill of wine. As we spoke, Loki idly raised the front of his t-shirt to give his stomach a scratch. Upon doing so, my eyes focussed on his tattoos.

“Geez, you are really into tattoos,” I casually mentioned.

From the lounge, Sylvia promptly commented, “Loki, take your t-shirt off and show James your tattoos properly.”

“Sure,” Loki answered before nonchalantly removing the garment.

Viking symbols littered the front of his torso, which he pointed out with brief explanations. When he finally turned, the tattoos on his back were spectacular and had obviously, got done by a master of the craft. The tattoos were of Viking gods in their full regalia. Loki was not very hairy and, the extra few extra pounds he carried did not perturb me in the least. He was pleasingly hunky.

To my delight, he even pulled his shorts down slightly to show me the tattoos on his backside. My mouth almost watered as I saw the delectable hairy crack.

I made a huge fuss about the artistry, which delighted him. Sadly, my show ended when he pulled the t-shirt back over his head a returned to the lounge.

Not long after, we sat at the dining table before enjoying our meal. If I am to blow my own horn, I must admit that my bread and soup was sublime, a sentiment echoed by my guests.

As we dined, they asked if I would show them videos of the music I had bragged about at our previous dinner. Of course, I agreed.

Once we settled back in my lounge, Sylvia sat on the two-seater sofa to the left of the television screen. Loki instantly sat on the far right of the three-seater sofa, opposite the television. Ignoring the two chairs on the right, I sat on the same sofa as Loki on the far left. As had always been my habit, my feet soon annexed the seat between Loki and myself.

As our show began, Loki’s backside soon commenced sidling towards my feet and got ever closer after every wine refill. It did not take long before my feet snuggled under his left bum cheek.

Loki’s hand frequently rested on my knee when the videos were in motion, as he approved my musical selection.

My impulse about Loki’s preferences paid off handsomely because I had a notion that he liked burly men, and all the artists I chose were all hairy and bearded. I was also convinced by now that Loki swung both ways. Intriguingly, the rougher the men in the videos looked, the more animated he seemed to be.

As one of the rugged-looking men began to sing, Loki was beside himself.

“Jesus, he is so fuckin’ hot. That daddy could make me his bitch any day,” he exulted.

What now blew me away the most was that Sylvia scarcely reacted to Loki’s utterance.

Fuck me! What is up with these two?’ I pondered.

As the evening flew by, at one point, when Sylvia was engrossed in the television, Loki’s hand slipped down and encased my knob. As had been the case most of the evening, my cock was rock-hard. As he gently massaged my dick, he got a blissful smile on his face. I am certainly not the man with the biggest cock in the world, but I am above average. In particular, I have a knob with girth. After hastily sating his inquisition, Loki removed his hand.

As I sat there dumbfounded, I kept wondering what their modus operandi was. Loki was a no-brainer, but Sylvia, sweet as she was, held no attraction for me.

Our evening ended a short while later when Sylvia expressed that she was tired and ready for bed.

That night as I lay in bed, my mind was in turmoil. I felt like a child anticipating a birthday gift that he hoped would materialize. I pondered if they liked threesomes or if Loki preferred to perform his M2M indiscretions privately.

Over the following few days, I kept an eye out for him, hopeful that I would see him pass by my house. Fortuitously, a few days later, I saw him pass by.

Coffee in hand, I made sure that I was close to my gate as he made his return journey from our small store in the village. Acting surprised as I saw him, I was pleased when he walked up to my gate. As casually as I could, I then joined him. After again thanking me for dinner a few days before, we continued our conversation.

“As you no doubt realized, I am sexually ambidextrous,” he finally uttered mischievously.

“Mmm,” I answered without elaboration, waiting for him to make the next move.

“Well, I am bisexual, and Sylvia knows that. She is also open-minded, and so we get along very well. Our biggest problem is that although the inclusion of another female is no problem, MFF does not do it for me. I prefer the MMF scene, but unfortunately, most men having a problem with full-on interaction in that regard. Much as they enjoy other men fucking Sylvia, all I generally get out of it is voyeurism, which is okay for me… Nevertheless, nothing beats having your cock in a pussy, and a big cock in your arse. One like yours,” Loki concluded with a lustful smile.

“Are you asking me for an MMF threesome?” I asked, cutting to the chase.

“Yeah,” he answered bashfully, before adding, “Of course, you and I can also frequently swap positions. Sylvia loves DP,” he mischievously added with a grin.

As I stood there speechless, Loki had an imploring look on his face.

“Why don’t you give it some thought, James? Besides, we owe you a dinner,” he concluded.

I acquiescently nodded before I watched his bulky frame sauntering off.

Later that day, Sylvia phoned, and in the sweetest voice, invited me for dinner that Friday evening. Unpredictably, I could not say no.

Much as Loki appealed to me, the Sylvia factor was hardly overwhelming me with enthusiasm. I had to admit that the scenario intrigued me.

With a modest bunch of flowers that I managed to pluck from my garden and a bottle of good wine, I made my way to Loki and Sylvia’s temporary home on Friday.

The welcome I got was more animated than any former greeting from them. Sylvia kissed me on the mouth, and Loki’s sustained hug even included a nibble on my ear. Loki and I then sat side by side on a sofa in the lounge as Sylvia busied herself in the kitchen. Shortly, Loki’s hand rested on my knee before commencing a leisurely journey up my thigh. Once his hand reached my crotch, he gently began to grope my dick through the fabric of my shorts as if it was the most natural thing in the world. His hand soon slipped into my pants and encased my erect cock. As his hand began toying with my knob, his lips moved to my ear.

“Mmm, I can’t wait to feel this in my arse, big boy,” he purred as my body shuddered with excitement.

Loki’s hairy mouth now covered my mouth as his tongue slithered between my lips. I was too thrilled to observe whether Sylvia was watching.

As his mouth once more moved to my ear, he hornily whispered, “I like it rough… Don’t show me any mercy.”

Sylvia brought us out of our reverie as she announced, “Sups up, please move to the table.”

After disentangling ourselves, Loki and I followed Sylvia’s command.

Her dinner was reasonably good. A little too under-seasoned for my taste, but thankfully, salt and pepper appeared on the table.

After dinner, we sat in the lounge for another hour, sipping our wine and chatting.

Sylvia interrupted our banter when she finally suggested we move through to the bedroom. For me, the decisive moment had arrived, and I hoped that I was going to cope with the female factor.

I got left in no doubt as to what would follow as the two of them unceremoniously removed their clothing. Sylvia had a lovely body, but to be honest, my eyes focussed on Loki. Although Loki’s cock was not the most substantial I had ever seen, his uncut cock was awesome. I had always liked ample foreskins, and he had enough for two men. The dangling overhang off his glans had me tremendously excited.

Sylvia now instantly moved toward me and sensually commenced kissing me.

“Loki wasn’t lying,” she gushed as her hand encased my knob.

Like a temptress, Sylvia guided me toward the bed before lying on her back. As she pulled her legs back, I instinctively knew what she wanted. The only previous time I had muffed a woman, the smell had left me stone cold.

To my amazement, her pussy smelled rather pleasant as I began to lick, and shortly I was lapping like a dog at a plate of gravy. In addition, as Loki’s stimulating hands caressed me, this added to the enjoyment.

Game on,’ I thought to myself as I amorously licked her cunt. In unison, Loki now commenced licking my backside.

Jesus… I am enjoying this,’ I disbelievingly thought to myself.

Now fully into the scene, my fingers entered the fray and began stimulating Sylvia. A bonus was the din of three lusty voices reverberated in the room.

After a blissful melee, a voice from behind me instructed me to fuck his girlfriend. Sylvia’s gratifying grunts excited me more than I would have believed as my thick cock got embedded in the folds of her pussy. As I began thrusting, Loki’s tongue broadened its scope and began to lick my balls as well.

The entire scenario now got elevated as Loki began grunting how beautiful the sight before him was.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck, yeah. Your fat knob looks magnificent, James,” he cooed as his tongue tried to enter the fray.

Loki was going ballistic behind us as he licked, prodded, and gushed obscenities. “Fuck this cunt, fuck this cunt, fuck this cunt,” Loki excitedly intoned.

As his vocal repartee escalated, he manically commenced demanding, “I want a cream pie… Oh fuck, cream pie her pussy,” he implored.

With all the exhilaration, my cock exploded into Sylvia. As I pulled out of her and moved to the side, the sight of Loki’s mouth attacking Sylvia’s snatch was breathtaking. Grunting like a hog, he ravenously slopped at her cunt like a pig at a trough. It was mesmerizing!

As Loki finished with Sylvia, he lunged at me and gave my cock a thorough cleaning.

As we moved back to the lounge for some more wine, Loki looked at me seriously and asked, “James, I hope you are not in a hurry to get home?”

“Not particularly,” I honestly replied.

“Great,” he countered with a broad smile before suggesting we have some more wine.

The wine proved tricky to consume, with the groping taking place in the living area. Fortunately, Loki’s mouth dominated my lips as Sylvia’s mouth took control of my dick and balls.

Once we raggedly made our way back to the bedroom, Sylvia lay on her back with her head off the side of the bed as Loki commenced skull-fucking her.

I felt like Odin in Valhalla as I looked at the ink-riddled arse that I was about to fuck. Remembering his earlier invitation, I began animatedly spanking Loki’s backside. His lustful whimpering instantly signalled that my actions met with approval. Egged on by this, my hands began to sting as my arms swung back and forth. The pinkish discolouration sent a message to my cock, which now became unbelievably rigid.

As I lodged my dick on the pale pink twinkling starfish, an exhilaration I had never felt before overwhelmed me.

Oh, Jesus, I am going to punish this hole,’ I thought as my laboured breathing became louder.

In one fell swoop, I rammed my cock into Loki as I watched his head trash about manically. Any fear that I may have hurt him evaporated as he began gushing sounds of approval. These sounds got followed by pleas for me to spear him even harder.

As I did so, a voice from below began pleading for us to take it easy because Sylvia’s mouth was taking strain from my manic momentum.

I instantly decided to pull Loki’s hips upward before moving his body next to Sylvia’s head. As I continued to fuck Loki frenziedly, Sylvia turned and looked up at me approvingly.

“Give it to him… Give it to him hard, James,” she gushed.

Loki now sounded like a tortured pig as he fought for air through his excitement.

In the heat of the moment, I even began slapping his head and back vigorously. His submissive groans were mesmerizing.

Given the intensity of our actions, it was not long before I unloaded into his arse.

For the finale, I leaned over him, and after biting his ear, I whispered, “From now on, you’ll be my bitch.”

Despite many threesomes that followed, my prediction proved to be true. Whenever Sylvia went shopping for the day, Loki would visit me on his own.

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