The New Boy In The Office – Part 3

Things had happened so fast in the lives of forty-eight-year-old Ruth Edrich and eighteen-year-old Liam Tabram since Liam had started work at the company at which Ruth was employed, some ten days earlier.

Since Liam started work, he had become infatuated with Ruth and, after a little more time, she had returned his affection and in a big way. The last two evenings, the colleagues with the big age difference had had sex, and Ruth had also masturbated Liam the last two lunchtimes in the local park. On top of that, Ruth’s husband Dave was in the process of moving out to live with his girlfriend, although that had nothing to do with Liam, of whom Dave had no idea.

At this point, none of the other eight people that worked in the office knew of Ruth and Liam’s relationship, although one of them, Christine Haversham, had her suspicions.

The previous day, Tuesday, Ruth had told Liam that they had better not have time together at her house the next evening in case Dave turned up. He had been away the previous night and would be away the Tuesday night because of work but would be local again on Wednesday, and until he completed his moving in with his girlfriend, his appearing at Ruth’s house was a possibility.

Ruth had also warned Liam not to expect to get wanked in the park every lunchtime, not least because of the distinct possibility of getting caught.

It was Wednesday, and the where and when of their next sexual contact was uncertain, although they both wanted it to be soon. The morning was passing with them both wanting to get their hands on the other, but they were both sensible enough to keep their minds on their work, albeit with difficulty.


Ruth went to the kitchen to make herself a coffee. All staff normally made their own, but Liam saw his chance to have a brief moment with her and he followed.

“Hi baby, it is difficult being so close but not able to do anything, isn’t it?” said Ruth to Liam on his arrival in the kitchen.

“Yeah, I am dying to be with you,” replied Liam, who started to caress Ruth’s arse over her tight-fitting skirt.

“Mmmm, I love having your hand on my arse,” smiled Ruth.

Even Christine Haversham did not really know if it was a coincidence or whether she was trying to confirm her suspicions, but she arrived in the kitchen to find Liam stroking Ruth’s backside and Ruth’s face lit up in delight.

“Oh shit!” Christine exclaimed, and the two lovers turned to see her standing there.


“Chris, Chris, don’t tell anyone, I will explain,” said a startled Ruth, who knew that they could not keep it a secret forever but had not expected it to be discovered like this.

“Nothing to do with me,” said Christine, whose eyes were drawn to the obvious bulge in the front of Liam’s trousers with him now having turned away from Ruth.

“No, no I want to tell you, I need to tell you,” said a flustered Ruth.

“I did warn you that he fancied you,” said Christine, talking about Liam as though he wasn’t there.

“Let’s go for a coffee or a drink at lunchtime, I will tell you all then,” Ruth almost pleaded.

“Okay, but like I said, it is nothing to do with me,” replied Christine.


“I will tell the others this afternoon, but I want to explain to you first,” said Ruth.

All this time, Liam had been standing in silence, although his stiffness had seemed to soften. He had had a bewildering ten days or so. Ruth then seemed to remember that Liam was still there and turned to reassure him. “It is alright love, it will all be okay,” she said, although she was not certain that it would be.

The three of them went back to the main office, with their coffees, but all were a bit confused. Liam knew that Ruth’s arrangement with Christine meant that he would not be getting wanked in the park today, but he did not know if he was included in the lunchtime meeting.

“Pub or cafe Chris?” Ruth asked Christine as everyone got sorted for the lunchtime shutdown of the office.

“Pub, more relaxed I think,” replied Christine who then glanced at Liam who obviously wondered if he was going too.

Ruth picked up on his dilemma but had to be careful what she said. “See you after lunch Liam,” Ruth said.


Liam was unsure whether he was unhappy or not about not being invited, but he was certainly unhappy that he was not spending lunchtime in the park with Ruth.

Ruth and Christine went to the pub and each got a soft drink and went and sat down in a quiet corner.

“You don’t have to tell me anything,” said Christine, although she was very curious.

“I know, but is best if it is out in the open, I think,” replied Ruth, although part of her wished that it could have been a secret forever.

“I warned you to be careful last Friday, didn’t I?” said Christine, who was ten years younger than her friend.

“Yeah but nothing happened Friday really; Well he did tell me that he loved me,” said Ruth, with a weak smile.


“Shit! What did you say?” enquired Christine.

“I told him that it was the drink talking, then I gave him my mobile number,” reminisced Ruth.

“You stupid bitch, or did you want him by then?” responded Chris.

“I think part of me wanted him then,” said Ruth, trying to remember exactly when she started to fancy Liam.

“Yeah, seeing that bulge in his trousers this morning, I can guess which part,” laughed Christine.

“Fuck off,” laughed Ruth.


“So when did you, um, you know, fuck?” asked a curious, and slightly aroused, Christine.

“Monday evening the first time, but I did toss him off in the park Monday lunchtime,” answered Ruth.

“Fucking hell, you slut, is he any good?” giggled Christine.

“Fucking amazing actually,” replied Ruth as she squirmed in her seat.

“You will be making me jealous,” said Christine, whose thoughts were back to the lump in the front of Liam’s trousers.

Ruth did not respond to that, but said. “So now you know; I will tell John and the others after lunch.”


“But where do you go from here; what about the future?” asked Christine, seriously.

“I don’t know, enjoy it while it lasts I suppose,” replied Ruth philosophically.

Ruth then thought that although she intended to tell the other seven people in the office, she had better speak to Liam about it first, and the best way to do that was probably by phone before he got back to the office.

“Hi, baby, where are you? Can you talk?” said Ruth when Liam answered.

“I am in the park, on my own,” said a sad sounding Liam.

“Aww, nobody to give you a wank?” teased Ruth as she smiled at Christine.


Christine mouthed the word ‘bitch’ to Ruth.

“No, but I wish you were, what is wrong?” replied Liam

“Nothing wrong, I have told Chris about us and I am just warning you that I am going to tell John and the others this afternoon,” said Ruth, now being serious.

“What do you think they will say?” asked Liam.

“Don’t know, shocked I suppose but everyone should know,” responded Ruth.

“I suppose,” replied Liam.


“See you soon,”  said Ruth.

“Love you,”  said Liam.

“Yeah,” was all that Ruth could say as she looked at Christine. She had not yet committed herself to say to Liam that she loved him.

“How do you think everyone will react?” Ruth asked Christine after her conversation with Liam had ended.

“Ha, probably the men will be jealous of Liam ‘cos he is fucking you and the women jealous of you ‘cos you are getting Liam between your legs,” laughed Christine.

Ruth did not respond but did think that there might be some truth in what Christine had just said. Other than Liam, all of the staff had been there quite a while, and they all seemed to get on well together, but also, other than Liam, everyone was married.


After lunch, Ruth first went to see the office manager, John Stewart, in his office and explained all to him. He was shocked but understanding, but not surprisingly, he was concerned that neither Ruth’s nor Liam’s work was affected by it and also concerned that it did not harm anyone else in the office in any way. He also said that he would have to talk to Liam about it in private.

It was thought that it was best that John spoke to Liam before Ruth made her announcement, and John stressed to a rather embarrassed Liam that he must not let it be detrimental to his work.

John then indicated to Ruth that she could make her announcement, and with Liam standing close to her she took a deep breath and went ahead. “Um, there is something that you all should know,” she started, although there were only six of the ten total staff that did not know.

“Um, Liam and I are an item,” she said, and she held her right hand out, and Liam took it in his left hand.

There were few gasps but Ruth continued talking. “We are anxious that it does not upset things here in any way so if anyone has any questions or anything to say, then please ask now or see me after work.”

Ruth looked around the shocked looking faces, but it did not look like anyone was going to speak, but seemingly after a bit of thought, one of the women, Sheila Cotts, did so. “But Ruth, you are married.”


“Actually, Dave has left me, although it is nothing to do with this, honestly,” said Ruth, although the look on the face of another woman, Linda Bridges, suggested that she did not believe her. “Honestly Linda, you might not believe me, but Dave told me that he was moving in with his girlfriend before Liam and I had, um…” said Ruth, although she decided not to complete the statement.

She turned and smiled at Liam, who was quite red-faced.

John, as office manager, then spoke. “Right, if there is nothing else, then we should get on with our work, but if anyone has any issues with this, then please let me know.”

So now all the staff in the office knew, which was a relief to Ruth in a way, and hopefully, there would be no repercussions or problems. Everyone got on with their work in the afternoon, although Ruth’s announcement was on everyone’s mind to some extent. There would be no need for Ruth and Liam to not be seen in each other’s company at the start or end of the day or at lunchtime, but it had already been pre-determined that they would not be getting together at Ruth’s house this Wednesday evening. They could, however, spend a little time together when everyone finished work.

They were holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes, outside the office, when another woman from the office, Mary Dickens, approached them. “Excuse me, Ruth, you did say to speak to you after work if, um…” said Mary.

“Yes, Mary, what is it? asked Ruth, although she was still holding hands with Liam.


“In private, no big deal, but, um, if you don’t mind,” said Mary.

“Yes, sure,” said Ruth who then spoke to Liam. “I will see you in a few minutes,” she said, although she did not know what Mary was wanting to say or ask.

With Liam having moved away, Ruth addressed Mary. “What do you want to say, Mary?” she asked with a smile.

“Well, we have known each other a long time, and I have always thought of you as sensible and level-headed,” said Mary.

“Yes we have, and I like to think of myself in that way too,” replied Ruth.

“I just hope that you know what you are doing because one or both of you could get badly hurt,” said Mary.


“It has all happened very suddenly and I do see the dangers, but for now, we are fine,” assured Ruth.

“I hope so; sorry for putting my oar in but I like you Ruth, and Liam seems nice too,” said Mary.

“Thank you for your concern Mary, you are a good friend,” replied Ruth.

Mary then left, and in fact, everyone had now left, so Ruth saw an opportunity to have a quick kiss and cuddle with Liam before the office cleaner arrived in about forty-five minutes. John, as the last one to leave, had set the burglar alarm and locked the office up, but Ruth had an office key and also knew the combination for the alarm.

Ruth approached Liam as she saw the prospect of a quickie fuck. “You know you said that you wanted to fuck me over a desk, how about now?” she grinned.

“Yes, yes, that would be great,” said a delighted Liam, who had thought that his chances of sexual contact this day were non-existent.


Ruth re-opened the office and turned the alarm off, all of which she did with Liam groping her arse. “We will have to be quick because the cleaner will be in soon,” Ruth warned before they kissed once inside the office.

“How soon?” asked Liam when the initial kissing stopped.

“She should be here in about forty-five minutes, and we do not really want her catching us with you fucking me over a desk,” replied Ruth.

“We will use John’s office, he has a bigger desk,” announced Ruth, thinking practically.

They kissed again in John’s office with Liam pawing Ruth’s buttocks before Ruth undid Liam’s trousers and had them and his boxers pulled down to below his knees. She gave his already erect penis a couple of strokes before undoing her skirt and having that drop to the floor and then, having stepped out of her skirt, removing her knickers.

They kissed again with Liam twisting two fingers inside Ruth’s already wet cunt and with Ruth having Liam’s cock in her hand.


She bent over John’s desk thrusting her gorgeous arse towards her young lover. “Fuck me, Liam, fuck me good,” she breathed.

Liam would have loved to have spent some time playing with that arse, but with time at a premium, he held the tip of his large penis against Ruth’s slippery cunt and then slid in. Again, with time being short, he went straight into hard and fast thrusts despite his wanting to have started slowly.

The hard and fast thrusts were certainly getting to Ruth, and Liam had not been fucking her for long when she cried out. “Shit, fuck, oh yes, oh yes,” as her young stud induced yet another orgasm in her body. Liam kept going with his trousers and boxers at his feet as he shafted his mature lover over an office desk.

Ruth came again before Liam felt his spunk rise, and he shot his cum deep inside Ruth’s wet cunt. They both groaned as his penis expelled jets of semen. When Liam had stopped cumming and Ruth was getting close to breathing normally again, Ruth giggled. “We can cross fucking over an office desk off the list now,” she laughed, with Liam still inside her.

Liam withdrew, and Ruth straightened up and turned, and they kissed long and hard. “We had better get cleaned up and get out of here,”  suggested Ruth.

They both went into the ladies, and Ruth licked some mixed sticky cum off Liam’s cock and realised that she had not yet given him a blow job, although there was no time for that now. They cleaned up, and then Ruth went back to get her skirt and knickers that were still on the floor in John’s office. “I wonder if anyone has been fucked over this desk before?” pondered Ruth.


“Well they have been now,” said Liam, who got one more grope of Ruth’s bare arse before she put her knickers and skirt back on.

They thought it best to not be caught in the office even though they were now fully dressed and not engaged in sex, so Ruth reset the alarm and locked up. They had not moved far from the office when they saw the cleaner arrive, so they had not had much time to spare.

“Well my announcement to everyone seemed to go okay,” said Ruth.

“Yeah, but what did Mary want?” asked Liam.

“Oh, just asking me if I knew what I was doing and saying that she hopes that nobody gets hurt,” answered Ruth.

“And do you know what you are doing?” asked Liam, looking into her eyes.


“Not really, do you?” laughed Ruth, who longed to give her lover a big hug, but as they were now in a busy street, she thought that she should not.

“When can we be together again, in bed I mean?” asked Liam.

“Hopefully very soon, I just need to know that Dave is not going to show up unexpectedly,” replied Ruth.

It seemed that one obstacle had been overcome without too much problem, that of no longer needing to be keeping their relationship a secret in the office, but there were others. Liam’s parents and particularly his mother would likely go ballistic if they knew that their son was fucking a woman thirty years his senior.

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