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The New Boy In The Office – Part 2

Forty-eight-year-old Ruth Edrich awoke on Tuesday morning with a smile on her face. The smile was because the previous evening, she had been fucked by eighteen-year-old Liam Tabram but it partially disappeared when Ruth thought of the day ahead. The reason for the slight change in mood was that in less than two hours she would be facing Liam at work. It was not the facing Liam that was the problem but it was what the other eight staff in the office would think if and when they found out about the relationship.

Liam also awoke feeling happy and his parents and sister remarked that he was not usually this happy in the mornings. He grinned. “What’s not to be happy about, the sun is shining, I have got a job?”.

Liam had only started working on the Monday of the previous week and that was when he first met Ruth so things had happened between them very quickly. Liam had fancied her from very early in his time with the company but it was not until the latter part of the week that Ruth had started to feel an attraction to him.

Ruth decided that she needed to speak to Liam before they met at work so she rang his mobile, they had exchanged numbers the previous Friday. “Hey baby, how are you? Can you talk?” said Ruth.

“Hey, I am great and yeah I can talk,” replied Liam whose cock stiffened at the sound of Ruth’s voice.

“We must be careful at work, no touching or anything,” said Ruth whose body gave an involuntary flinch at the thought of Liam’s cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

“Oh, I was going to bend you over the desk and fuck you,” laughed Liam.

“Shit, I so wish that you could but we must not let anyone know about last night,” said Ruth.

“Right, but there will be other nights won’t there?” asked a concerned Liam.

“Oh yes, lots of them, but we must keep it a secret,” said Ruth.

“I will find it very difficult not being able to touch your arse,” said Liam who was now fully hard in his clothing.

“Oh baby, I will be wanting to stroke your cock but please understand that we have to be sensible,” said Ruth.

“Yeah, I understand,” said Liam.

“Good, see you soon honey,” said Ruth.

“See you soon gorgeous,”  replied Liam.

The call ended with them both knowing that it would be a struggle for them to keep their hands and feelings to themselves. Liam’s first problem was deciding whether the erection induced by talking to and thinking about Ruth would soften on its own or whether he would have to have a quick wank. He decided that it would go down by itself if he stopped thinking about her, although he rarely stopped thinking about her.

The previous day, both Ruth and Liam had arrived at work unhappy but today they both seemed full of life, a transformation that did not go unnoticed by Christine Haversham. “You seem much brighter than you did yesterday morning,” said Christine to Ruth.

“Yeah, I had a much better night last night, thank you,” beamed Ruth and she managed not to look at Liam when she said it.

Liam had only been in the office about two minutes and already, he was fighting the urge to kiss Ruth and tell her how much he loved her. It did not help that today she was wearing black trousers that really hugged her round and shapely buttocks. Liam faced the prospect of having to try to get through the working day trying to conceal a hard penis in his clothing.

Christine had worked out on the previous Friday, if not before, that Liam fancied Ruth but she had not yet been able to gauge Ruth’s feelings, if any, for him.

During the previous week, Ruth and Liam had mostly been side by side as she demonstrated to him various aspects of the job but now he had a desk of his own, although with the main office only having nine people in it they were never all that far apart. The office manager, John Stewart, had spoken to Ruth in his office about how Liam was settling in and she had replied that he seems to be picking up things quickly and doing well. She hoped that John did not notice her squirm a bit on her seat when she said about Liam picking up things quickly because in her head she was visualising him fucking her from behind the previous evening.

The way that their desks were situated, Ruth and Liam were seated with their backs to each other, but as the morning wore on, they were both itching to have some sort of contact. Ruth thought of a legitimate way in which she could have contact with him. She turned and said, “Liam, when you have got a moment there is something that I need you to see.”

Liam went to Ruth’s desk and stood to her left-hand side as she pointed something out on her screen. “This is that account we talked about the other day,” she started, as she pointed at figures on the screen with a pencil. Liam leaned forwards and put his right hand on her desk and his right hip was against Ruth’s left arm. As she spoke about the account, her left hand went to Liam’s right thigh and it would not have taken much effort for her to have stroked the lump that was forming in his trousers.

Nobody else in the office could actually see the contact that was being made between the two of them, but Liam was dangerously close to cumming in his boxers. Ruth, who had continued talking about the account whilst looking at the screen, then scribbled a note on a notepad in front of her. ‘Park lunchtime?’ read the note.

Ruth turned her head to look at Liam, who was quite red in the face; he nodded ‘yes’ and Ruth withdrew her left hand from his thigh. Ruth screwed up the note and said, referring to the account, “So does that make sense to you?”

“Um, yes, yes, I think so,” said a flustered Liam who had a full erection in his clothing.

“Do you want me to go through it again?” smiled Ruth who felt a little bit bad about teasing him.

“No thank you, I will ask again if I need to,” replied Liam who, at this moment, wanted this woman’s trousers and knickers off and his cock in her cunt.

“Okay, I just thought that I should show you,” said Ruth.

Liam straightened up and made his way back to his desk and resisted the urge to put his hands covering his crotch as he went. Everyone seemed to be too engrossed in what they were doing to notice that the eighteen-year-old youth had a hard-on.

Liam did not know what the lunchtime date in the park with Ruth would entail, but he assumed that it would involve close and personal contact with her, so he was elated about that. Ruth also longed for close and personal contact with her young lover but how close and personal it could be would depend on how busy the park was.

Ruth and Liam did not leave the office together at lunchtime, they had not done so the previous day when they went to the park either. Liam arrived at the park and was delighted when Ruth got there shortly after. “Let’s try to find somewhere with a bit of privacy,” said Ruth although they refrained from touching at this stage because the entrance area to the park was busy.

The previous day, they had ended up in a small wooded area and that was where their first real physical contact had occurred with passionate kissing and Ruth even wanking Liam to ejaculation. They went in that same direction but then Ruth said, “Let’s try over here,” and she veered off towards a wooden shelter. Liam walked slightly behind her so that he could look at her arse in her tight trousers and after a few steps, he felt confident enough to reach out with his left hand and touch her buttocks.

“Oh Liam, I so want you between my legs again,” confessed Ruth, as they walked on with his hand still on her backside.

“I wish that I could be there right now,” confirmed Liam.

“You can be after work, tell your mum you will not be home until late,” said Ruth as they arrived at the shelter.

There were four separate sections to the shelter, each with a bench and a quick tour of the construction proved them all to be unoccupied.

“How late?” asked Liam as they sat in the section at the back of the shelter relating to where they had come from.

He did not get an immediate answer because Ruth’s lips were on his and they snogged seemingly endlessly. Liam was fully erect in his trousers and Ruth’s nipples and cunt were indicating how turned on she was.

“Ten o’clock, tell her ten o’clock,”  Ruth answered when they finally broke the kiss.

Liam massaged Ruth’s tits through her blouse and she had managed to get his trousers undone and her hand in his boxers and on his cock. The problem was going to be what happened to his spunk when he reached the inevitable climax, but another problem was the possibility of getting caught.

Ruth Edrich was normally a very cool and logical thinker, but she was not really thinking cooly or logically at the moment as the eighteen-year-old youth squirmed with his trousers and boxers partially lowered and his penis being feverishly wanked.

“Oh Ruth, oh,” Liam gasped as he started to cum and Ruth rapidly stood to the side to avoid getting her clothes spunk splattered and put both of her hands over the head of his spurting penis. She felt jet after jet of spunk hit her hands and cream started oozing through her fingers but still, Liam kept cumming.

Their luck had held in as much as nobody else had appeared but now, with Liam’s ejaculation finished, the problem was the disposal of the spunk that had made Ruth’s hands sticky.

With her eyes ablaze but fixed on Liam’s and with a smirk on her face, Ruth started licking her hands and fingers. Liam was open-mouthed and his trousers and boxers were still exposing his pubic area as he watched this woman, still with her eyes on his, lick and swallow all of the white fluid that he had deposited on her hands. She had to be careful that none of it that was trickling towards her wrists, reached her blouse cuffs.

Now she was thinking logically and as she licked a small amount of cream off her lower lip she saw a couple walking in their direction. “Better pull your trousers up, we have got company,” Ruth said.

Liam obeyed and, as the couple got closer, Ruth deducted that they were quite likely a boss and his secretary rather than a ‘legitimate’ couple. “Let’s leave them to it, go that way,” she said, indicating a route different to the one by which they had arrived.

When she started walking, Ruth realised just how wet she was between her legs; she had not actually orgasmed but had not been far off.

“Don’t expect that every lunchtime,” Ruth laughed.

“No, no, but it was amazing,” replied Liam who was still trying to mentally absorb what had and was happening to him.

“I expect a good fucking this evening as a thank you,” smiled Ruth.

“Oh yeah, I will give you the fucking of your life,” boasted Liam.

“Promises, promises,” giggled Ruth, although she knew that Liam would do his best to make his statement come true.

They kept walking, with Ruth rather enjoying the feeling of a sticky cunt, and Liam phoned his mother.

Mrs Tabram did not understand why her son was suddenly mysteriously staying out, but she did not question him.

They split up before leaving the park and arrived back at work separately. They had made the same arrangement for Ruth to pick Liam up two streets away from work after the office closed for the day.

They got through the afternoon in the knowledge that every minute that went by was a minute closer to them having sex together.

Christine Haversham still had it in her mind that there might be something going on between her friend Ruth and the new young employee, but she was not yet going to pursue her theory.

Ruth knew that she and Liam would be undisturbed in her house in the evening, because even if her husband Dave had not been in the process of moving in with his girlfriend, he was currently working in another town and was staying there overnight. Until Dave finally moved out, evenings in the immediate future might be risky though.

After work, Ruth picked Liam up as arranged and with him having told his mother that he would not be home until ten, they had a full four hours to do what they wanted to do with and to each other. Liam was not getting a meal whilst these lunchtime and evening assignations were going on but he was certainly getting something else.

“Quite a lot of spunk you got rid of at lunchtime, I hope you have still got plenty for me,” said Ruth as she drove home.

“I am going to fill your cunt with it,” replied Liam.

“We should be able to do quite a lot of fucking in four hours,” said Ruth.

“Yes, I told you I am going to give you the fucking of your life,” repeated Liam.

“Oh yeah, you did, didn’t you?” smiled Ruth.

They were now at her house and, once inside the kissing was more sensual and loving than the passionate snogging that they usually did. They were still downstairs and Liam was squeezing Ruth’s quite substantial buttocks as their tongues played.

Ruth stood back a step and, with her eyes on Liam’s, she undid his trousers and then his shirt. She caressed his chest as Liam undid her blouse and then Liam said, “Turn around.”

Ruth smiled as she wondered what Liam had planned, but she turned and then moaned as Liam caressed her arse over her tight-fitting trousers. Liam had not paid too much attention to Ruth’s backside the previous evening, but he had decided that he was going to now.

He caressed it a little bit more before undoing the zip on the hip and slowly dragging Ruth’s trousers down. His cock was rock hard in his undone trousers and he was ready to fuck but they had four hours so he was going to try to maximise the pleasure for both of them. He caressed Ruth’s arse through her knickers and then pulled them down so her bare cheeks were just in front of his face.

Liam took in that sight for a moment before gently caressing Ruth’s buttocks and then kissing them. “Mmmm, feels good,” purred Ruth. Liam then traced a finger down her arse crack and she momentarily clenched her cheeks, trapping his finger, before she again purred.

“Oh Liam, I need you to fuck me now,” Ruth announced and that was an arrangement that appealed to Liam.

He stood up and removed his trousers and boxers as Ruth got out of the clothing at her feet. “You wanted to fuck me over a desk, take me over the kitchen table,” said Ruth. She still had her undone blouse and her bra on and Liam still had his undone shirt as Ruth led the way to the kitchen.

She bent over the kitchen table and gripped the sides as Liam moved behind her and stroked his erection against her buttocks. “Fuck me good, big boy,” said Ruth.

“The best of your life,” said Liam as he held his cock against Ruth’s wet gash and then thrust in causing Ruth to squeal a bit.

Liam slid his large penis in and out of Ruth’s cunt and soon had her ‘oohing’ and ‘aaahing’.

He then started thrusting a bit harder and faster and Ruth gripped the table tighter as she panted. “Mmmm, yes, yes, oh,” as Liam’s body slapped against hers on each forward movement.

Liam had told her that he was going to giving her the fucking of her life and he seemed to be well on the way to doing it when Ruth shouted, “Shit, oh fuck, shit, oh, oh,” as she orgasmed. Still, Liam slid his rock hard cock in and out of Ruth’s boiling cunt and he was delighted that he was giving this hot mature woman such sexual pleasure.

Ruth was breathing in short bursts and her knuckles were white from her tight grip on the table as another orgasm hit her. “Oh god, mmm, oh fuck,” she panted as she convulsed.

As Liam drilled on, Ruth was either having an orgasm or about to have one and she was finding being fucked over a kitchen table by this youth to be sensational. Liam kept shafting her and Ruth was completely incoherent with her utterances now and it seemed that she was indeed getting the fucking of her life.

At last, Liam groaned and started spurting cum into Ruth’s now very well-fucked cunt and he came every bit as hard and as long as he had done into her hands at lunchtime. Although she had got tremendous pleasure from it, Ruth was almost thankful when Liam stopped cumming because, although his cock was still in her, she could gradually get back to breathing normally.

Liam eventually withdrew and Ruth slowly raised herself off the table. “Shit Liam, you have just given me the fucking of my life,” she said although she still sounded breathless.

“Told you I was going to,” said Liam, who was feeling rather pleased with himself.

“What do you say we go upstairs and have some more fun?” asked Ruth because although the kitchen table fuck had consumed quite a lot of time, they still had ample time before Liam was due home.

Liam was happy to do that because he knew that before long he would be ready to go again and he loved having sex with this woman.

Ruth still had her blouse and bra on, but Liam jettisoned his shirt so he was naked as he followed Ruth up the stairs, her gorgeous arse just a couple of stairs ahead of him caused his penis to stiffen despite its recent exertions. In the bedroom, he stood close behind Ruth and pressed against her arse as he fondled her tits which were still being contained by her bra.

“It feels like your cock is getting ready to play again,” said Ruth with the youth’s penis prodding her buttocks.

“Yes but perhaps you should take your blouse and bra off,” suggested Liam and Ruth, still with Liam behind her, removed her blouse and bra. Liam then kissed her neck as he massaged her tits and pushed himself more firmly against her backside. Ruth turned and they kissed as Liam’s hands went to her arse and she stroked his erection.

Ruth then backed to the bed and Liam’s cock was back inside her as another fuck got started. Liam was unsure if he would be able to last as long as he had done downstairs but he soon had Ruth heading towards another orgasm. For the next several minutes, they writhed on the bed as Liam continued to hump Ruth and Ruth again had a series of orgasms.

Considering it was only nine days since a then nervous and slightly shy Liam had been introduced to the very attractive mature Ruth, things had progressed rather well. The future was full of potential complications but for now, the age difference lovers were fucking like rabbits. Eventually, Liam ejaculated once more inside Ruth but he did not cum quite as hard and long this time.

After calming a bit from their latest fuck, Ruth was resting her head on Liam’s chest as they started to think about and chat about the future.

“I don’t think that you can be here tomorrow evening because until he has completely moved out, my husband could turn up at any time,” said Ruth. She did not know what Dave’s reaction would be if he knew that his about to be estranged wife was getting fucked by an eighteen-year-old, but she did not want to risk him knowing.

“But when he has moved in with his girlfriend can we spend more time together, maybe all night?” asked Liam hopefully.

“I would love for you to be able to spend the night here, we will have to wait and see what happens,” replied Ruth.

She then thought of problems from Liam’s end. “I don’t suppose your mum would be too pleased about you fucking someone as old as me, she must be younger than I am,” said Ruth.

“She is younger and I don’t think she would be pleased,” conceded Liam

“Then there is everyone at work, I don’t know what they would think,” said Ruth, a bit dolefully.

“Are you saying that you wish we had not started this?” asked Liam.

“Fuck no, I have just had the best fucking of my life haven’t I?”  laughed Ruth.

“You have and I might give you an even better one someday,” replied Liam.

“Shit, that would need to be something special,” said Ruth before kissing Liam’s lips, kissing that turned to snogging as Ruth moved to lay on top of Liam.

Liam caressed her buttocks as her tits mashed against his chest and, to both of their delights, Liam’s penis started to harden again. After more kissing and more arse massaging, Liam was fully erect and, given their current positions, Ruth shifted so that she was hovering above the hard cock that she had in her hand.

She lowered herself and fed Liam’s penis into her very welcoming cunt and she then proceeded to ride him. She bounced and her tits swung and she seemed to grunt, “Mmmm,” as she completed each downward movement.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Ruth then shouted after spending some time moving herself up and down the length of Liam’s rod and not long after that, spunk again left Liam’s penis.

They both knew that that would be them done for the evening, but they spent some more time contemplating their quite uncertain futures before Liam had a shower. As he had not eaten, it was decided that he would get a pizza when Ruth dropped him off although she did offer to cook him something.

They thought it best to stick to the ten o’clock time that Liam had given his mother so Ruth drove him towards home in time for him to get a pizza before meeting his return home time. They did have a long lingering kiss before he got out of the car though.

“See you in the morning baby,” said Ruth.

“Yeah, see you, I fucking love you,” replied Liam.

Ruth refrained from saying that she loved him, she really did not know in her own mind what she really thought but smiled at him as you stroked his face, and then he was gone.

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