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The Neighbour's Mother – Part 3

“Mum, I am so sorry, but I have got to go to work again tomorrow,” said Sally Freeman apologetically to her mother, Janice James.

“It is alright, love, it can’t be helped,” replied sixty-three-year-old Janice as her heart leapt and her pussy twitched.

The reason for the heart-leaping and pussy-twitching was that the news meant that Janice could again be with the man next door, thirty-eight-year-old Jason Cantwell, with whom she had been having sex for the last two days. Janice was having a short holiday at her daughter’s house whilst their spouses were on a golfing trip. Originally, Sally had not supposed to have been working at all, but staff shortages meant that she was needed. By coincidence, Jason had three days off from his work, with the next day being the last of the three.

The conversation between mother and daughter was not long after Sally had come home from work and Janice returned from being fucked next door, although Janice had told Sally that she had been for a walk in the local park. Both Janice and Jason wanted to keep their activities a secret from Sally because if she found out, both mother/daughter and neighbour/neighbour relationships might well be fractured.

Sally elaborated to say that her working hours the next day were to be from eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon and Janice promised that she would leave a note if she went out and did not expect to be back by four. Due to her and Jason falling asleep after making love the previous day, Janice had not been home when Sally got there, and Sally had no idea where she was. Sally accepted the walk to the park and falling asleep in the park story without query because there was no reason to doubt it.

The next morning was bright and sunny and Sally and Janice were in the back garden when Jason entered his own back garden.

“Morning, Jason, ” the two women echoed.

“Morning ladies, it is a lovely day today,” replied Jason happily as he thought how fuckable Janice looked.

“It is but poor Sally here has got to work,” said Janice, giving her lover the good news.

“Oh Sally, you are missing out on time with your mum, ” said Jason, trying to sound sympathetic and hoping that he was not grinning.

“Yes, and I feel bad about it because I feel like I am neglecting her,” said Sally.

“Do I look neglected to you, Jason?” asked Janice, hoping that she had not made a mistake by pushing Jason to say something.

“You look very happy and healthy to me, Janice, but I can understand your daughter being concerned, ” replied Jason, inwardly congratulating himself on what he thought was a diplomatic answer.

“I must admit that her few days here seem to be doing her good,” conceded Sally, not knowing that it was mostly her neighbour’s lovemaking skills that were doing that.

The three of them chatted from their respective gardens for a little while until Sally said, “Well, it is time for me to get organised for work,” and she went indoors.

With Sally well out of earshot, Janice said to Jason, “You mentioned smacking my bottom yesterday.”

“I did, and you seemed to welcome the idea,” replied Jason, whose penis, which had already been rather stiff, hardened some more.

“Oh yes, Sally is out for five hours, so we will have plenty of time,” said Janice.

“Best we do not fall asleep, though,” said Jason.

“I doubt I will fall asleep if my arse is sore,” replied Janice.

Just then, Sally came out of her house, “I am going to work now, mum, leave a note if you go out, ” she said.

“Yes, I am not planning on going far but I will certainly leave a note, ” replied Janice.

“Okay, bye, mum, ” said Sally, kissing her mother before saying, “Bye Jason.”

“Bye, Sally, ” said both Janice and Jason.

“Are you coming to me or am I coming around there?” said Jason to Janice after Sally had gone.

“I had better come around there because it would be a shame if Sally came home early and caught us in bed, ” replied Janice, although their first sex two days previously had been in Sally’s house.

Five minutes later, they were locked in an embrace at the foot of Jason’s stairs as their lips met, hands roamed over bodies and sexual parts got aroused.

“I plan to ride you, Mr Cantwell, but you have a choice,” revealed Janice.

“What is the choice, Mrs James?” asked Jason as he caressed Janice’s arse.

“Well, you can either look at that arse that you are pawing or at my tits; which way round do you want me?” smiled Janice.

“Seems to me that I will be looking at your arse when I spank it, so you can face me,” replied Jason.

They giggled their way up the stairs with Janice again leading and Jason, again, looking at her bottom, which today was in tight black trousers.

Having been there the previous day, Janice knew which room was Jason’s and on their arrival in it, there was more kissing and stroking. Their bedroom encounter the day before had potentially been their last but with Jason back at work the next day, this one was almost certainly going to be.

Jason unbuttoned Janice’s blouse and she did the same with his shirt and then Jason fingered Janice between her legs, through her clothing. Tongue swapping was next, as Janice massaged the bulge in Jason’s jeans and then Janice’s blouse and Jason’s shirt were both tossed onto the floor.

Jason undid and removed Janice’s bra and he spent a little time kissing and licking her tits and nipples as she closed her eyes and ran her fingers through his hair. The next stage was Janice kissing her way down Jason’s chest and stomach until she was kneeling with his bulging crotch in her face. After massaging the bulge, she smirked up at Jason before undoing the belt, stud and zip on his jeans.

She pulled his jeans down and then nuzzled her face against the lump in the front of his underpants. She then, after another upward smirk, pulled the top of his underpants out at the front and pulled them down and she giggled as his erection sprung out. She wrapped her lips around his penis and gave it a few licks and sucks before helping Jason to step out of the clothes at his feet, thereby making him completely naked.

Janice stood and they kissed again as Jason squeezed her buttocks and his erection pressed against her body.

“On the bed, young man, I am going for a ride,” Janice said softly.

Jason lay on his back and Janice turned and slowly lowered her trousers, bringing her knickers covered buttocks into view. Jason reached towards Janice’s arse with his right hand but Janice knocked his hand away, “You will be doing plenty of touching of my arse later,” she smiled.

“Oh, I will be doing more than touch it,” said Jason, looking forward to giving her the spanking that they had agreed upon.

Janice completed the removing of her trousers and then slowly dropped her knickers before bending over and holding the pose much longer than she needed to have done as she stepped out of them. Jason drooled as he looked at the bare backside of which he had become very fond but resisted the urge to touch it and more.

Janice then got on the bed and stood with her legs on either side of Jason as she looked down at the rigid penis that she was about to ride. She squatted until her wet cunt was only just centimetres above Jason’s penis and Jason moved to try to close the gap, but Janice said, “It is my ride and it starts when I decide.”

A few seconds later, she decided it was time and she took Jason’s prick in her right hand as she lowered herself and cock and cunt lips touched. After a very brief delay, she lowered herself further as she fed Jason’s rod into herself and they both groaned “Ummm,” or similar.

Janice slowly moved down as she took the full length into her and she then remained still as her body got accustomed to once again having Jason’s hard penis wedged inside. Jason reached out and fingered Janice’s nipples as she started to move up and down his pole.

Janice gasped from time to time as she moved her body up and down and tightened and loosened her muscles as she felt tremors of pleasure. Jason was fondling her breasts as he felt his penis stimulated by Janice’s movements. Janice increased the pace and now she grunted as her arse slapped against Jason’s thighs as she completed each downward movement.

“Oh fuck, I love riding your cock,” she admitted breathlessly as she felt an orgasm approaching.

Her next utterance was, “Oh, oh, shit, fuck,” as she started cumming as her arse again slapped against Jason’s thighs. Janice bounced wildly as she kept cumming and Jason felt himself about to climax.

Janice was still panting through her orgasm when Jason groaned, “Mmm, oh fuck,” as his penis started spitting cum into her wet cunt. Janice kept moving until they had both stopped cumming although she was still feeling both Jason’s cock and her cunt twitch. She slumped forwards and they kissed with her tits on Jason’s chest and his penis still deep inside her.

After kissing for a while, Janice again sat up and she caressed Jason’s chest, “I am going to miss you so much,” she said, knowing that their time together was soon coming to an end.

“I am going to miss you so much too,” replied Jason, who had not only been having his first sex for almost two years but possibly his best sex ever. Jason still had his cock in her, although it had started to soften, so Janice tightened her cunt muscles, wiggled her arse a bit and giggled as she felt him stiffen again.

“Fuck me from behind, Jason,” Janice almost begged and Jason was very happy to do that.

Janice dismounted and got into position near the head of the bed as Jason got behind her and caressed her arse. He had made her cum the previous day by fingering her arse crack and arse hole and he briefly thought of trying that again but her cunt seemed to be pleading for his cock, so he lined it up and slowly thrust forwards, getting easy entry.

Janice reacted to every forward thrust with an “Mmmm,” but she became more vocal as Jason thrust harder and faster.

She grabbed the headboard and yelled, “Oh fuck, yes, yes, ” as her lover’s penis slid in and out of her and her next orgasm was on the horizon.

“Mmmm, shit, shit, shit,” Janice squealed as she came and Jason continued fucking her. He did not know how long he would last but he was determined to keep going as long as he could.

The bed was creaking and Janice was wailing through another orgasm when Jason could hold it off no more and he ejaculated hard into her. When he stopped cumming, he flopped onto Janice’s back and kissed her neck and fondled her tits, “You are so fucking hot, Janice,” Jason said.

“Ha, I am when I am with you, lover boy,” replied Janice.

There was no way Jason was getting hard again any time soon, so he withdrew and they lay side by side. They still had a fair amount of time before Sally was due home, although Janice thought it best that she get home before her daughter. Janice still had a spanking to come and both she and Jason were looking forward to that.

They chatted and just generally enjoyed each other’s company, but now Janice had rolled onto her front. Jason adored her arse and he was soon kissing her buttocks before he asked, “Would you like me to play with your arse crack again?”

“Go for it, baby, ” replied Janice, who had cum twice the day before as Jason had used his fingers and mouth on the channel in between her large buttocks.

Jason ran two fingers up and down Janice’s arse crack, lightly at first and then with a bit more pressure and she was soon squirming as her sex juices built up. He then fingered her arse hole and Janice started to hump the bed, “Oh hell, oh fuck, gonna cum,” she announced and promptly did just that. She came and came hard, soaking her thighs and giving Jason some bedclothes washing to do.

“Oh Jason, when I am home, I am going to masturbate every chance I get, thinking about you and how you made me feel,” said Janice after her body had stopped trembling following her latest orgasm.

“I will be wanking thinking about you Janice, I have loved our time together,” replied Jason, all too aware that their time together was coming towards an end.

They were silent for a while as they lay cuddling and feeling sad about the upcoming separation.

“Time for your arse spanking, I think, Mrs James,” said Jason after their period of thought.

“Yeah, I want it to be long and hard,” said Janice, not immediately seeing the double meaning.

“I will do my best, after your spanking,” laughed Jason and Janice joined in the giggling when she realised what she had said.

“I want you to put your tight trousers back on to start with,” announced Jason.

“And knickers?” asked Janice as she got off the bed.

“No, just trousers, they will not be on for long,” said Jason, who was now moving a chair as Janice put on her trousers.

Jason sat on the chair; he was close to full erection again, so he tried to get his cock comfortable between his thighs. Janice stood to his right-hand side and he eased her over his lap. Her body weight stopped his cock from springing upright. Jason ran his right hand over Janice’s arse, caressing it before raising it and then bringing it down with a loud SLAP on her left buttock.

He continued spanking for a while, sometimes from cheek to cheek and sometimes with consecutive SLAPs on one cheek. He had delivered between twenty and thirty slaps and Janice was bucking and writhing but not crying out when he said, “Right, take your trousers off.”

Janice scrambled up and removed her trousers. Her face was red and her eyes glistened with a trace of tears but they were also ablaze with sexual excitement. With Janice getting up, Jason’s erection had shot up, but he pushed it back between his thighs as the now naked Janice draped herself over his lap again.

Her buttocks were pink and felt warm to Jason’s touch, but he now set about making them hotter and redder as his hand bounced off Janice’s mounds SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP.

Janice was now much more vocal but not protesting as such, as she got a very thorough spanking and Jason’s hand was stinging, so he knew that her buttocks must be. On and on the spanking went and Janice’s arse glowed as she bucked and twisted but at no point did she ask him to stop.

Jason eventually did stop and he was out of breath and Janice was sobbing as her arse felt like it was on fire.

“Spanking’s over,” said Jason softly and after a brief delay, Janice scrambled up. Her face was bright red, as was her arse, and wet with tears but she also had a sort of smile on it.

Jason’s erection had again sprung free and Janice’s pussy was glistening as she rubbed her buttocks, “You know that I have got to try to sit on this later,” she smiled weakly, thinking of having her meal with her daughter later that day.

“Well, you said yesterday that you wanted a smacked bottom and now you have got one,” said Jason.

“And now I want a good fucking, put it in me again, big boy,” panted Janice as a prelude to what would almost certainly be their last fuck.

Janice painfully sat on the bed and raised her legs, and Jason slid into her very ready cunt. A good fucking was what Janice had asked for, and that was what Jason set about giving her as he rammed her hard and fast. She did not actually cum during the spanking, although she had got close; it only took a few thrusts of Jason’s penis to have her cumming now.

Jason was grunting and groaning with the efforts of fucking after delivering the spanking as he had Janice shrieking, “Oh, shit, oh fucking shit,” as she again had an explosive orgasm. She was well into a third orgasm of the fuck when Jason let out a long groan and spurted his spunk into her again.

They took a while to recover from that fuck before bursting into laughter, although neither of them really knew what they were laughing at. Janice had a look at her spanked arse cheeks in the wardrobe mirror before having a shower.

Jason also showered and they both got dressed, although the shower had done little to cool the burning in Janice’s nether regions.

They kissed tenderly and were both close to tears with the realisation that that was probably their last ever intimate moment. They did not say much because there did not seem to be much to say. Janice went next door to her daughter’s house and had still not attempted sitting down when Sally got home.

Janice did have to sit down when they had their meal but she squirmed, “You alright, mum?” asked Sally.

“Yeah, just an itch,” replied Janice as she tried to get her well-spanked arse comfortable on the chair.

Janice and Jason did see each other in the back gardens on both of the next two days but had no private time because Sally was also there.

They did have each other’s mobile numbers, and they both had their memories of the times that they had had together when Jason’s neighbour’s mother had visited her daughter.

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