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The Neighbour's Mother – Part 2

Janice James was delighted that her daughter Sally, with whom she was staying, was needed at work, although she had to pretend that she was not. The reason that sixty-three-year-old Janice was delighted was that she could again have sex with the thirty-eight-year-old man next door, Jason Cantwell. They had first got together the previous day and now Janice was waiting for Sally to go to work so that she could again be with Jason, although he, as yet, did not know that Sally had to work.

“Mum, I still feel bad about having to work and leaving you here alone; you must get so bored,” said Sally, re-iterating her feelings about unexpectedly having to work.

“I have told you, it is fine. I am sure that I can find something to keep me occupied for five hours or so,” replied Janice.

“Well, I hope that I am not needed at work tomorrow but the way things are going, I am not too sure,” said Sally.

“If you are, you are, don’t worry about it,” said Janice, hoping that she would get part of a third day in bed with Jason.

Sally left for work shortly before ten in the morning and she had told her mother the previous day she was doing a five-hour shift. Jason saw Sally drive off but he did not know if she was going to work or elsewhere, yet she was hardly out of sight when his doorbell rang.

He opened the door to see a very sexy looking Janice there, “Baby, we have got five hours,” she announced.

“Sally is working again?” asked Jason, hardly believing their luck.

“Yep, let me in and let me get at your cock,” replied Janice.

Jason stood back and Janice came in. The door had hardly closed when they were locked in a long snog.

“Fuck Jan, you are so hot,” said Jason when they eventually stopped kissing.

“So how about showing me your bedroom, big boy?” said Janice as she caressed the bulge in Jason’s trousers.

“Yeah, you lead the way; I like looking at your arse,” said Jason, inviting Janice to go up the stairs.

Her arse was, for the moment, inside a pair of jeans which Janice’s large bottom rather stretched and Jason enjoyed the view as they climbed the stairs.

On the landing, Janice turned and they kissed. Jason seemed unsure as to whether his hands should be on Janice’s arse or her tits, so he managed to put one hand on each as Janice gently squeezed his balls.

Jason gently took Janice’s arm and led her into his bedroom, by which time another kiss was due and they snogged hard and long.

Jason pulled Janice’s blouse out of her jeans and unbuttoned it as she undid the belt, stud and zip on Jason’s jeans. Jason massaged Janice’s breasts over her bra as she managed to pull his jeans and underwear part of the way down his hips. Her hand was then stroking his exposed and erect penis.

Jason fumbled behind Janice’s back and undid her bra; He had no recent experience of undoing a bra as Janice was not wearing one prior to their encounter the previous day. He dragged Janice’s bra to below her tits and he fingered each erect nipple.

Janice undid Jason’s shirt and her tits were pressed against his chest as they snogged again. This time, Jason had both hands on Janice’s buttocks as his stiff penis tried to find somewhere comfortable between their bodies.

Jason decided that it was now time for Janice’s jeans to be undone and, with them now loose, he got his hand inside her knickers and started fingering her cunt. As he did this, Janice was wanking his cock and they were both concluding that complete removal of clothing would be a good idea.

They each removed their own lower clothing and also both got naked up top before embarking on some more heavy kissing and petting. They got onto the bed and managed to find themselves with Janice’s vagina on Jason’s face and his penis in her mouth as they started to pleasure each other orally.

Jason had not tasted cunt for a long time but he loved lapping at this one as his cock was stimulated by Janice’s lips and tongue. Jason’s tongue was sending Janice wild and she wriggled to try to press her soaking pussy even further into his face as her lips and tongue worked overtime on his cock.

They were both getting dangerously close to cumming and with them both sensing the other’s situation, they re-doubled their efforts and Janice groaned as best she could with a throbbing penis in her mouth as she came on Jason’s face. She had not stopped orgasming when Jason felt his spunk rise and he ejaculated into Janice’s throat.

Janice swallowed all that she could and she was still licking Jason’s cum off her lips as she lifted her cunt off of his face, “Well, that was enjoyable,” she laughed, as they got their breath back.

“Fucking hell Janice, that was a bit intense,” said Jason as he ran his hand over his face and licked Janice’s vaginal fluids off of it.

“I hope that that cock of yours is going to get hard again soon,” said Janice, looking at Jason’s sticky but softening penis.

“Yes, I will give you a good fucking before your daughter gets home, don’t worry,” replied Jason.

By now, Janice had moved to have her head near Jason’s and the kissing that they now had tasted of sex.

“Can I be nosey and go and have a look and see what books you have on that shelf?” asked Janice, nodding towards a bookcase.

“Yeah, it will give me a chance to look at your lovely bare arse,” replied Jason.

Janice moved to look at the books on the shelf and deliberately bent over more than she needed to as she did so. Jason watched her but just looking at her arse was not enough for him, so he got off the bed and moved behind her. Janice remained bent over as Jason ran his fingers up and down her arse crack, “Oh Yesss,” purred Janice.

Jason fingered the crack between her large buttocks and ran his fingers over her arse hole, “Oh fuck Jason, this is so turning me on,” said Janice, who was fighting to hold her position.

Janice’s body was shaking and she grabbed at the bookcase, Jason had visions of her pulling the free-standing bookcase over but he kept teasing her anus with his fingers. Janice shook more and wailed, “Oh, oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” and Jason had to thrust his left arm out to hold the bookcase steady as Janice orgasmed.

“Oh fuck, I have never cum by having my arse hole fingered before,” Janice announced as she, very unsteadily, straightened up.

As Janice contemplated this new phenomenon, Jason checked to make sure that her orgasm had not upset the equilibrium of his bookcase.

As Jason had taken an obvious liking to her backside, Janice lay on her front on the bed, thus putting it on display to him.

“So, you liked having your arse hole played with then?” asked Jason, although he was stating the obvious.

“It was amazing, I have had people’s fingers in the crack back there before but it had never done that to me,” replied Janice.

Jason got on the bed and started kissing Janice’s buttocks. She had been willing him to do that and she was happy for him to do whatever he wanted to with her arse. She flinched when his fingers went back into her arse crack but that, combined with his buttock kissing, was going to make her lose control again.

Jason ran his fingers gently up and down the crack as he softly kissed her cheeks and Janice squirmed as she felt more stirrings in her vagina. Janice was now trembling as Jason’s finger teased her arse hole again.” Jason, Jason, oh Jason,” she murmured as another orgasm approached.

Jason’s penis was now hard again but he decided to try something that he had never done before; he replaced his finger at Janice’s anus with his tongue. As it happened, it was also a new experience for Janice but one that rapidly had her humping the bed as she screamed, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” as she had an amazing orgasm.

When she eventually calmed, she giggled, “Fucking hell Jason, you are going to give me a heart attack with these orgasms that you are causing.”

“I hope not because I was planning to give you some more with my cock in you in a minute,” replied Jason, whose penis was now standing proud after becoming deflated when Janice had sucked the spunk out of it.

“Yeah, put it in me, stud,” said Janice as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs.

Janice James had not had the quality of sex that she was getting now in thirty years or more if she had ever had it this good. Jason Cantwell had not been with a woman sexually for almost two years before the previous day, but this woman was more exciting to him than his ex-wife had ever been.

Jason penetrated her with his large cock and Janice wrapped her legs around him. Jason slowly moved in and out of her as he embarked on what he intended to make a long session of lovemaking. At the moment, they did not know if Sally would be working the next day and the day after that, Jason was back at work, so this could be their last ever sex together.

Jason slowly slid in and out and they frequently kissed as they enjoyed the moment of two sexually compatible lovers being together. Janice was in a state of just bubbling under another orgasm but she was very content as her younger lover’s rigid penis touched all of her sensitive areas.

Jason thrust a little faster and that brought Janice closer to cumming and after a few more thrusts, she did so, “Mmmm, yeah, oh yeah,” she breathed as she had a climax less violent than the previous three but no less satisfying. Jason continued his rhythmic shafting as the lovemaking went on and on.

Janice kept having sexual tremors as her lover’s penis moved inside her and they tenderly kissed. Jason eventually reached the stage where he could feel that he was close to cumming and Janice sensed it too. They looked into each other’s eyes as he spurted and they both broke into spontaneous giggling because giggling seemed the right thing to be doing.

They could not really tell each other that they loved them, although they were both thinking that as what was possibly their last ever sex together came to a conclusion.

They cuddled up together and they were both so contented that they actually fell asleep. Jason was awoken by Janice shouting, “Shit! It is nearly three o’clock.”

They scrambled out of bed because the original idea was for Janice to be home well before her daughter got home from work but Sally was likely to be back within about fifteen minutes.

“I have got to wash; I must stink of sex,” said Janice, who, like Jason, was anxious that Sally did not know about their activities.

“Yes, go and wash but there is no way that you will get home before Sally does,” said Jason.

“But what shall I tell her? How do I explain where I have been?” said a panicking and still naked Janice.

Any thoughts of Janice getting back to the house before Sally got home were dashed as Jason saw her car swing into her drive.

Jason was calmer than Janice and thought logically, “No need to hurry, tell her you went for a walk and fell asleep in the park,” he suggested.

“Yeah, I suppose; otherwise if I had known that I was not going to be home before her, I would have left a note,” said Janice.

“Yeah, you go and have a shower but try not to get your hair wet,” said Jason, who then watched her bare arse, possibly for the last time, as she headed for the bathroom.

Sally obviously wondered where her mother was when she got indoors and as she could not find a note explaining her absence she thought that she should phone her mobile.

Jason heard the mobile buzzing and discovered it in the pocket of Janice’s jeans on the bedroom floor but he could obviously not answer it and Janice was now in the shower. An increasingly concerned Sally left a message on voicemail and when the very sexy-looking Janice came back into the bedroom, Jason said that she must phone her daughter back.

“Sally, so sorry, I went for a walk and fell asleep in the park and only just woke up. I will be home soon,” said Janice, although she hated telling lies. In fact, most of what she said was true, except where she fell asleep.

“Mum, I was worried; you should have left a note,” said Sally.

“I know, but I expected to be home way before you, so did not think there was a need,” said Janice and all of that was true.

The women agreed that Janice would be back in about fifteen minutes and the conversation ended.

“I am a naughty girl, aren’t I, Jason?” giggled the still naked Janice.

“You are. I should smack your bottom,” laughed Jason.

“Fuck, I would love you to do that but I don’t know if we will get a chance,” said Janice, who loved the thought of going over Jason’s knee.

The sexual tension was intense but they knew that they could do nothing now so Janice, reluctantly, got dressed.

“Sally must not see you leaving my house, so we have to be careful,” said Jason, who was also now getting dressed.

“Yeah, it would be useful if she was in the back garden when I went out your front door,” said Janice.

Jason and Janice were now downstairs in his house and luck was with them as they looked out of his patio door and Sally was in her back garden, “I will go and speak to her and make sure she stays there while you go out the front,” said Jason.

The couple had one more long and lingering kiss, not knowing if there would be others, and Jason went out of his patio door.

“Hello Sally, how are you?” he asked, feeling slightly guilty about fucking her mother.

“Hi Jason, I am fine but I have had to work again today, left mum on her own again,” said Sally.

“Oh, I have not seen her in your garden today,” said Jason, truthfully.

“No, she is out, went for a walk and fell asleep in the park apparently,” said Sally.

Just then, Janice came out of Sally’s back door, “Sally darling, I am so sorry,” said Janice.

“She didn’t leave a note telling me where she was,” said Sally to Jason by way of explaining her mother’s apology.

“I did not know that I was going to fall asleep,” said Janice to her daughter before saying, “Hello Jason,” to the man in the garden next door.

“Hello Janice, you are looking well,” said Jason to the woman he was fucking without her daughter’s knowledge.

“She is actually; this break seems to be doing her good,” interjected Sally.

“It is very, um, relaxing,” smiled Janice.

Both Janice and Jason were anxious to know if Sally was working the next day but neither of them thought it appropriate to ask at this point.

Sally and Janice went into Sally’s house, although Janice deliberately swayed her jeans covered arse for Jason’s benefit as they went.

Jason wondered if he would be seeing, and maybe even spanking, that arse without clothing the next day.

Time would tell.

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