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The Naked Negotiator

This is a slightly fictionalized account of the experiences of Lush member Nika S. Names have been changed, and some of the events simplified for descriptive purposes, but the events are true. This is the twentieth chapter of Nika’s life as a slut and sex slave. The photo is of Nika.

What Ivan didn’t know was that every time I went with him for a weekend or a few days – and there were several of these interludes – I would always go see Hans in person afterwards, and he would debrief me. Then he would de-pants me, and then he’d fuck me.

I was never really sure if he just wanted to be able to quiz me in detail after I’d been with Ivan, whether just he enjoyed having me, or if he got a special thrill of following Ivan into my kitty, mouth, or ass.

And, truthfully, I didn’t care. As I had told him earlier, Hans didn’t do anything to me that Ivan didn’t – but he did it better. And again, I’m not entirely sure if his technique was better or not. Ivan was a skilled and enthusiastic lover. But it might have been that I pretty much loved Hans, in part because he was my Mistress’ twin, which made me think of him as a kind of male version of her.

Whatever the reason, somehow I always wound up in bed with Hans after I’d finished with Ivan. Or the shower, or the floor, or on top of a boardroom table, or the arm of a chair, or once in a shelter in a public park during a rainstorm…

You get the picture, right?

We had fun – and I came to think of it as part of my payment for spying for him. And, of course, I told him so.

But one thing started to annoy me about my role, and it began with Ivan…


It was our fourth “date” weekend when things changed. I had been seducing and sexing Ivan so successfully that Kristol regularly called me to spend a few days with him when he travelled. All told, I eventually stayed with him seven times over a period of about six months – twice in Den Hague, twice in Berlin, twice in St. Petersburg, and once in Munich.

This was the second trip after I spent three nights with Ivan in Den Hague. We were in St. Petersburg, Russia this time, and I spoke English, with some German thrown in, continuing to pretend I didn’t understand my rapidly improving Russian. Ivan wasn’t in meetings about his possible joint venture with Hans this time, but on altogether different business.

That didn’t stop him from pumping me for information about Hans – even as he pumped my body with his cock!

The time before had been in Berlin, and Kristol had joined us for two nights, which was both a special treat for me, but also a real danger. I knew I could fool Ivan about what I was doing and feeling, but Kristol was a professional sex worker like me – and a very good one.

I was gradually moving up my game with Ivan, and letting him think that he was teaching me new things about how to fuck generally. But Kristol knew that it took time for an innocent university student to pick up the sophisticated techniques of a pro, so I had to be careful to be ingenuous around her.

I thought I had successfully walked that tightrope after she left, but apparently, I hadn’t been as convincing as I had hoped. She must have said something to Ivan. I thought he looked a little pensive after she was gone, but he didn’t say anything, and I sure wasn’t going to.

Meanwhile, Ivan kept bringing me to meetings with his business associates as eye candy, whether in hotels, or up in our suite. They always assumed I was his whore, and although they smiled and said hello at the beginning of the meetings, mostly what they did was ignore me – or try to cop a feel, thinking it was okay simply because they imagined I was a pro.

To his credit, Ivan stopped them doing that, even if he didn’t correct their beliefs that I was a whore, maybe because he felt possessive, and didn’t like to share.

But as these particular meetings in St. Petersburg finished up, and the time was approaching when my plane would leave, Ivan sat up in bed, propped his head up on his arm, and looked down at me.


“Yes, Ivan?” I was getting a strange vibe, so I was suddenly alert.

“Will you do me a favor?”

I smiled, “Sure!” and I started to move down the bed.

He put his hand out to stop me, “No, this is different. I’d like you to tell Hans that I don’t blame him.”

I felt a cold chill run down my spine. “I’m sorry?”

“Tell Hans I don’t blame him for setting a spy on me.” He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand, and smiled, “And thank him for finding such a pretty one, hein?”

I stared at him, unsure what to say, but decided I should avoid confirming his suspicions. “What…what are you saying, Ivan? I’m confused.”

Ivan smirked. “You’re too good, Katja – is that your real name? Whatever.

“Kristol told me she thought you were too skilled and too comfortable with sex to be the ingénue you were pretending to be. After watching you this week, I think she’s right.”

He smiled, “Oh, don’t look so scared! I’m not mad. I’m a businessman, and I know that this is just part of Hans’ play. But it does tell me that he’s serious about this deal, and wants it badly! You don’t use such talented people for trivial deals!

“Now, will you deliver him a message for me?”

I decided there was no point in pretending any further. I felt my shoulders relax. I hadn’t realized I had been so tense! “Sure, Ivan. What would you like me to tell him?”

Ivan smiled, his suspicions confirmed. “Just this: everything I’ve told him is true. I know he’s checking up on me – as I am on him! So, start by telling him that I’ve been absolutely straight with him, because I, too, really want this deal to happen. But tell him as well that my Russian backers are giving me a hard time because they think they’re not getting a good enough deal. Okay?”

I nodded, “Okay, Ivan. I’ll tell him.”

“Good. Now, may I ask you a question – ‘Katja’?”

I smiled. “Sure.”

“Were you faking the whole time? I mean, you’re very good – as good as I’ve ever had – but my tender male ego wants to know whether any of it was real, or were you putting on a show the whole time?”

I smiled at him, amused, and said, “Well…” drawing it out.

His eyes opened, then he threw back his head and laughed. “You really are a brat, aren’t you?”

“So I’m told!”

Then I turned thoughtful. “Seriously, Ivan, yes, I did do some faking from time to time, mostly at the beginning, but you really are an exceptional lover.” I paused, then smiled again, “No one had ever done that pinch-thing to me before, you know, where you put fingers up my ass and in my pussy, then pinch them together. And it blew my mind!”

His smile broadened, and he paused. “Nice to know. Now…you were going to do me a favor, ja?”

I smiled, and slid down the bed, taking his hardening cock in my hand and opening my mouth to him.


I was sitting, legs crossed, on a chair opposite Hans in the suite he had taken in the Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin once again. I had just given him my report – and the message from Ivan.

He sat back, looking displeased, his jaws working.

“I did the best I could, Hans. It was actually Kristol that found me out, not Ivan.”

He took a deep breath, then blew it out, and nodded. “No, it’s not your fault, Nika. You did a great job. I was just hoping we could string him along a while longer.”

He looked away, pensively, then back down at me, speculatively. “But…you know, everyone underestimates you. And not just once, but repeatedly. I don’t know what it is about you – your petite size, or your pretty, ‘girl-next-door’ looks, or what, but…”

He thought for a moment more, then, “Tell me…did he…did he give you his normal gift this time?”

I nodded. Ivan had surprised me by giving me the same €5,000 Euros in an envelope he had the previous two trips. “Yes, he did. I wasn’t expecting it, but he did. And he kissed me goodbye as well. Just like before.”

Hans looked away again. Then turned back to me decisively. “If Ivan contacts you again…”

“It’s more likely to be Kristol. She’s always made all the arrangements.”

He waved it away, “If either of them contacts you, you go, okay? I’m betting that Ivan – and Kristol – are still underestimating you. So, go if they ask, and talk to him. You can talk openly now, but see if you can’t find out what he really wants – or rather, what his backers really want.”

I snorted. “I can tell you that. They want the deal for free. And they want to steal the technology. Oh, and they all want to fuck me, too! They’ve been handsy enough.” I shook my head. Men.

Hans smiled. “I’d pay to watch if any of them seriously annoyed you!”

He thought further. “Look, next time – if there is a next time – tell him that I have backers, too, and they have expectations as well. So, if he really wants this deal to happen, he’s going to have to work with me, okay?”

I nodded, then said, “Sure – but why don’t you just sit down with him and negotiate directly?”

Hans shook his head. “No, too many moving parts. We’re not close enough to finishing. Besides, if you can move his negotiating position now, I can move it further later. This is a better idea.”

I had my doubts, but he was the CEO, and I…well, I guess I was just a whore after all.

He thought for a moment more, then smiled and stood up. “Nika, I know this has been a strain for you, so…what would you like to do now?”

And he gave me a knowing grin.

I stood up, grabbed him by his tie, pulled him down to me so I could kiss him, and said, “Now who’s being a brat?”

Somehow, we wound up in the shower again. We both seemed to find that warm wetness a particularly sensuous pleasure. I know my kitty found it a warm, wet pleasure, too, especially when he picked me up as if I were a doll, and rammed himself into me, pushing me back against the shower wall while we mashed our tongues in each other’s mouths.

Hans was a fabulous fuck – and he knew it.

It was a pity he was married, and I was Mistress’ loving slave because otherwise, I’d go after him…hard!


While all of this was going on, Mistress and I were in heavy negotiation as well about our baby. We were trying to figure out how to go about it.

Or rather, she was. I already knew what I wanted to do.

I let her ramble on about sperm donors, and in-vitro fertilization clinics, and syringes, and even turkey basters! And I listened, like a good little slave. But it wasn’t going to happen that way, yet I had to let her ramble on because she always thought she was in control.

Silly woman.

When she finally ran down, as we lay in bed, I said, “No.”

She stopped and looked at me. “What?”

“I said ‘No.’ ”

She shook her head. “No, what?”

“No, we’re not going to do any of those things.”

She drew back to look at me, as if seeing me for the first time. Finally, she said, “So, what are we going to do?”

“If I’m going to be the one carrying this baby, and I’m going to be the one putting up with all those hormones, and all the aggravation of walking around with a bowling ball in my lap for months on end, and all the pain of childbirth, and, I’d guess, breastfeeding, then I’m at least going to have some fun when the baby is conceived!”

She smirked at me. “And how are you going to do that?”

“This baby is going to be conceived the old-fashioned way. In bed. With my vagina wrapped around a dick.”

Her smile broadened. “And whose dick did you have in mind?”

I smiled back at her. “I think we both know the answer to that!”

She threw back her head and laughed. “Yes, I guess we do!”


Meanwhile, I was getting sick and tired of acting as the go-between with Hans and Ivan. I mean, the travel was fun because I always got to go First Class, and it was nice staying in classy hotels, and having someone else cook all the meals and do all the cleaning, not to mention the money Ivan paid me. But it was getting boring.

Plus, Mistress was getting fed up with me being taken away on days-long trips where she was getting nothing out of it. Of course, Hans told her it was for the family business, but that only went so far.

Finally, Mistress and I decided to get these two guys into bed with each other. Figuratively, of course. I mean, here were two, supposedly grown men playing silly games, so we decided it was time for us women to do something about it. Accordingly, the next time Ivan and I met in Berlin, Mistress hatched a plan, and I executed it.

Ivan was finishing a series of meetings, and we were supposed to go to dinner, and then a show later on. That morning, I had persuaded him to meet me at the restaurant early, in a private room. I hinted that there might be more on the menu than just food, which was why we needed a private room. He gave me his wolfish smile, and agreed, patting my ass as he walked out of the hotel suite.

Then I told Hans I needed to see him before Ivan took me to a show that evening. I said I’d arrange to meet him in a private room at the restaurant where I was going to meet Ivan.

Ivan was already seated at the table when Hans walked in, with me right behind him. Hans walked two steps into the room and stopped short.

“What’s he doing here?” Hans asked.

I didn’t answer, but turned and locked the door, then put the key in my bra, with my back against the door.

Both of them started to bluster at me, but I just smiled, and waited for them to run down.

Finally, they stopped, then turned to me, and Ivan said, “What’s going on?”

I leaned against the door and said, “I’m tired of you two playing badminton with me as the shuttlecock,” and I smirked at Ivan. “Hans tells me to tell Ivan this, then Ivan tells me to tell Hans that…and we go ’round and ’round, getting nowhere.

“So, this is what’s going to happen: you two are going to sit down and hammer out a deal, right now, and we’re going to stop playing silly buggers, okay?”

We had all been speaking German to this point, but now Ivan muttered to himself in Russian, “бля голландская шлюха” (“Fucking Dutch whore.”)

I looked at him and said, “Глупый русский укол!” (“Silly Russian prick!”)

Then smiled when he looked shocked and went white.

Hans, who didn’t speak Russian but saw Ivan’s reaction when I spoke Russian to him, stopped, and I saw a small smile playing on his lips. I think he realized he’d underestimated me again.

Realizing that this was the turning point, I told them, “Look guys, it’s time to cut the bullshit and get a deal done.”

Ivan snorted, and got up, pulling his jacket off the back of his chair and putting it on, huffily. “Fuck that. I’m out of here,” and started walking towards me.

I pulled out my razor, and said, “Don’t try it, Ivan, or I’ll cut you a whole new asshole.”

He looked at me as if I’d grown horns. “You?” He snorted, then made as if to push me out of the way.

Hans put his hand on Ivan’s arm. “Don’t do it, Ivan. She’ll carve you up like a sausage.” And he was deadly serious.

Well, so was I.

Ivan looked at Hans, uncertain. “Seriously?”

Hans just nodded.

So, I spoke up. “Look, you two have been dancing around each other for months, I’ve been listening to both of you plotting and scheming. It may come as a surprise, but you’re not actually very far apart. Let’s finish this crap, okay?”

“Now, why don’t I order some appetizers for us, and we’ll finish this dance here and now, hmm?” I moved over the Ivan and whispered in his ear, “And you can eat me for dessert later, okay?”

He looked at me as if seeing me for the first time, then nodded slowly, and turned to Hans.

Hans shrugged. “People tend to underestimate Nika.”

Ivan looked at him. “Nika?” He turned to me, “Is that your real name?”

“I’ll be whoever you want me to be, Ivan. Now, why don’t you just ignore me for now. You two just have a nice, profitable little talk, okay?”

Looking at each other, they finally shrugged, sat down and started talking.

I was all smiles, unlocked the door, left the room, and came back shortly with their favorite drinks, plus some nibbles, which I put down in front of them. They both stopped short and looked at me. “Would you like me to order dinner, gentlemen?” I asked sweetly.

Hans laughed, and shook his head, no. Ivan looked at me for a while, then said, “Nyet,” in a huffy voice, then turned back to Hans.

It took some time, but they did get a deal done, and both looked relieved when they were finally able to shake hands. Then they both turned to me, and Hans said, “And now may we go, please? Oh, and thank you, Nika. You were right.”

“Thank Miriam, Hans. It was her idea.”

“Who’s Miriam?” Ivan asked, clearly realizing that there was more going on here than he understood.

“I’ll tell you later, Ivan,” I said, “but we have dinner and a show to get to…and a date for later on, right?” And I leaned in to kiss him briefly. He looked at me cross-eyed when I got close to him. Then sighed, kissed me back – and pinched my tit! I chuckled. He’d be okay.

Then I walked over to Hans, kissed him, too, then whispered in his ear, “Later…Master…” He smirked at me and nodded, then got up and excused himself.


Ivan and I had to have a quick dinner as the talks had taken up much of the time he had allocated to eat, and Ivan seemed quieter than normal. I understood that his male ego needed some stroking after the kicking I’d given it, so played footsie with him at the restaurant as we ate, and made goo-goo eyes at him.

Finally, he asked me if I would really have carved him up. It was clear he really didn’t believe I could. I gave him a big, warm smile, and simply said, “Ja.”

He wasn’t quite sure how to take that, but eventually cheered up. We subsequently had a great time at the show, and he was unusually…well, vigorous in our sexing afterwards.

The next morning, when we were lounging in bed, once again in the afterglow of sex, Ivan said, “You know, you’ve killed my plans for today. I was supposed to be working on this deal – but now that it’s done, I don’t quite know what to do with myself!”

I reached down and tweaked his pecker, and he laughed. “Yes, well, there’s always that.”

Then he turned towards me suddenly, as if he’d had an idea. “Hey, I know. Why don’t we go to the gym and work out first? Then, once we’ve worked up a sweat, we can come back here, and … I don’t know…figure out something else to do with our hot, sweaty bodies. What do you say?” And he gave me what I thought was a phony smile.

I pushed back from him a bit to look at him, then shrugged and said, “Okay, why not? I could use a workout.” But I knew something was up, I just couldn’t figure out quite what he had in mind.

Ivan had a gym membership that included local gyms in most of the major cities in Europe, so I got my workout clothes and shoes, which I always kept with me when I traveled, he got his togs, and we went off to the local gym.

Only it turned out it was more than a gym. It also had a boxing ring. And Ivan seemed eager to try it out – on me.

I smiled to myself, then allowed him to coax me into the ring, “You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine!” he kept saying, “We’ll just spar about for a bit. It’ll be fun, you’ll see!”

Of course we would.

So, we put on sparring gloves, and he started dancing around the ring, a big smile on his face, then started throwing jabs at me. I didn’t dance the way he was, boxing-style, but crouched in a Tae-Kwon-Do defensive posture, making sure he missed with his blows. I knew he was strong, and I knew he thought he had a score to settle, but he wasn’t going to do it with me!

So, we moved around the ring for a while, with Ivan getting irritated that I wouldn’t let him connect. As a result, he got impatient – and I saw the opening I’d been waiting for.

A major part of martial arts is balance. You need to keep your balance, and look for ways of putting your opponent off-balance, because when an opponent is off-balance, the major part of their strength is gone.

When Ivan rushed towards me, he momentarily had his weight up high, so that he was effectively standing on his tip-toes, and both of his feet were together.

Without thinking, I immediately went for a foot-sweep, knocking both of his feet together, and sweeping them out from under him. He fell heavily on his right arm, and I glided over the top of him as he hit. I placed both of my thighs astride his neck, locking it between my legs without hurting him, but with the potential to cut off his airway if I had to. I was facing towards his feet, reached into his trunks, grabbed his balls, and pulled.

Not too hard, though, as I had plans for them later. Just enough to let him know that I could have ripped them off.

I think I had finally found a way of convincing him that I could have carved him up.

And although I met him in other cities after that, and spent weekends with him, serving as eye-candy for his lunch and dinner meetings, and his whore in bed afterwards, he always treated me with more respect after that.

I mean, I did have him by the balls – and let him go.


But, even though I enjoyed Ivan’s company, both in and out of bed, and even though it was always quite lucrative to spend time with him, eventually I stopped seeing him.

You see, I went off the pill, and he wasn’t my intended sperm donor.

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