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The Moon to His Earth

He was glad to be home, it had been a long twelve hour shift, and the second the front door was closed behind him, he reached up to unfasten his Kevlar vest and shed it and then his uniform shirt simultaneously kicking off his confining shoes one after the other, then shedding his undershirt; he deposited a trail of his discarded clothing as he furthered his way into his home. He had just let his uniform pants drop around his ankles when she came around the corner dressed in only her robe with her amber hair piled up high on her head and a pair of chopsticks cross-crossed through to secure it there, she had clearly just gotten out of the bath. Her cheeks attractively flushed from the heat of the bath water.

She winked at him and asked, “are you trying to give me a clue Officer McSteamy?”

He had momentarily forgotten that she was staying with him, but that didn’t stop him from playing her game, “Well I usually strip to blaring music, but since you’re here I thought I’d be considerate.”

They both laughed and she closed the remaining gap between them and greeted him with a more than welcoming kiss. Leo’s pants were still around his ankles. Fortunately he had already kicked off his shoes., so it was easy for him to step out of them without a struggle.

Once in only his boxer briefs, he turned his attention to disrobing her in the slowest most enticing way he could think of. First baring her left shoulder, sliding the satin of her robe slowly across her skin and watching the vein at the base of her neck jump before bending in to first breathe on her bare shoulder. Then he nuzzled into her neck to take in the scent of her before nibbling her earlobe. He slowly bared the other shoulder, and both her ample yet still perky breasts in the process. Her nipples firm and erect begging to be fondled, he generously spared one hand for the task. His other hand searched for the tie of her robe as his mouth forged a trail of sensuality from her earlobe to her shoulder joint. He then sought her mouth with his. Her response was electrifying in its passion. Crushing herself against him, he barely had time to save his fondling hand from the collision, which he took no time in finding another use for in heightening her lust for him.

He felt the intense heat radiate from her womanhood before even touching her, and when he touched her there he knew she was ripe for him. She arched her back and moaned softly. He gently stroked her along the length of her inner lips. She reached down to stroke him as well and hurriedly tugged his underwear down freeing his maleness to her sensual ministrations.

She cradled his testicles with her right hand gently tickling the taint with the side of her finger, while reaching down with her left to grip his erect penis.

He hurriedly guided them through the house to the bedroom never once taking his lips from her. He gently backed her up to the bed.

She leaned back and sat down a little harder than she wanted to. His bed was much lower than her own had been and so she had misjudged the distance between her butt and the mattress. This was a very minor speed bump in their haste to complete each other. His lips quickly found hers again and immediately he placed a knee carefully between hers; as he placed his hands on each side of her shoulders. Then he purposely lowered himself against her, his hard cock grinding against her hip.. She spread her legs further, legs widening the gap to accommodate him fully.

She felt herself start to throb inside her core and knew she would need him inside her soon.

He could feel the waves of heat radiating outward from her inner core. He entered her slowly but made sure to achieve maximum penetration while his thumb encircled her clitoris to stimulate her further. She was on the brink of climax already so he removed his thumb from her pleasure button and leaned against her again to suck on the base of her neck. All the while their bodies were both working at a greater and greater pace to complete the need for copulation and orgasm. She moved her hand to stimulate her clitoris and he could tell by her breathing that she would come within thirty seconds. He was right; she came hard and he enjoyed the ride that was her climax. He loved how her body pulled on his in her throws of her climax and also afterward, always drawing him in further. She had no idea the effect she had on him. She was the moon to his earth. He held her in his orbit and she in turn affected him on the kind of level that caused the earth’s tides.

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