The Lady in Red

She stepped behind me and looked at our reflection in the mirror. We couldn’t be more different. She was tall and elegant in a terrific sheath dress — me shorter, more Rubenesque in a cocktail dress that showed off the girls prominently. She had the look of a hunter and she was looking at me like I was dinner. I had a nervous look on my face, torn between trying to meet her eyes or looking down at my wringing hands. Then she touched me.

The party was a company-sponsored event at the best hotel in town. I was there with all eighty-two fellow employees; it was mandatory — not that it bothered me. I loved getting dressed up and playing a bit. The ballroom was packed with us, our partners, and every customer who wanted an excuse to eat, drink, and be merry. Since this little gathering had become an annual event, there were more and more people each year. I knew many of the people there, and always got a bit of attention, well, mainly my girls got the attention.


I’m not kidding myself, I am rather ordinary-looking except for my two best features. I’ve known this since I sprouted in high school and have no problem taking advantage of it. That’s why I rarely bring anyone to these events, but I always get a hotel room. I might be going home alone tomorrow, but tonight I was going to use my assets to find a guy to join me in my room for some late-night fun and games. I never pick the same one from year to year and avoid married ones like the plague. But with so many to choose from and the looks the girls always got, I usually do well. Most years, anyway!

Like many high-end hotels, the ballroom and even the restrooms were lavish. Dark marble tiled, waterfall sinks, floor to ceiling walls for the stalls. None of that registered this year because I came in here to catch my breath. There was a woman I didn’t recognize who seemed to appear in my view at every turn. She was strikingly beautiful, dark-red sheath dress, tall and slender, and tanned to a wonderful shade. For some reason, I was having trouble not looking at her, even if she never seemed to notice me.

Her hands touched my bare shoulders as she pressed against me. As they moved, I expected to see a scorch mark on my skin, her touch felt that hot. She didn’t say anything, she just looked at me while her hands made my knees weak, and that was just my shoulders! My mind wondered what those hands would feel like in other places, which was a new idea for me. I always preferred men, handsome men, the kind that accepted a titty-fuck with my spectacular bosom if there aren’t any condoms in sight.

Speaking of titties, she slipped a hand inside my bra and cupped my breast. Her hand still felt hot as hell, but I could only moan at the sensation. That’s when her other hand ran up the back of my thigh and under my skirt. I was wearing pantyhose and panties, but for the first time in forever, I wish I wasn’t. She rubbed against me hard and in a moment had me pushing back.

I pushed my hands down on the counter as she frigged me mercilessly, my eyes kept trying to close, but I couldn’t look away from her face. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but her predatory gleam was still there. She knew exactly what she was doing to me and she was relishing in it. I stopped trying to figure her out as the rush of feelings crashed over me. The feelings were impossible to describe. I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted to.

I heard myself making noises no one had ever elicited from me before. She took me higher and faster than anyone before but refused to let me go over the edge. She would slow when I got too near it, it was as if she knew my body better than I did. Part of me couldn’t believe any of this was happening, but mostly I was loving it.

I crept up that mountain again, edging closer and closer and this time she didn’t just let me go gently over the edge, but practically shoved me over so hard and fast I couldn’t breathe. Just as I crashed over, I heard the restroom door.

I forced my eyes open and the lady in red was gone and I was just standing in front of the mirror, still holding myself up.

Two ladies came in and one asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, just needed a break.”

She glanced down at my chest, “Guys come on a bit strong once the alcohol starts flowing, don’t they?”

I replied, “They always do!” If only she knew what had just happened. They left and I quickly checked, but there was no sign of the lady in red. I left the restroom and tried to find her in the throng of partygoers, but she had disappeared like smoke. We hadn’t exchanged a single word, not even a name.

For the first time, I left the party solo and since I already paid for the hotel room, I figured I might as well not waste it. But the idea of bringing a guy up had lost its usual appeal. Normally it wouldn’t be an issue, but tonight it felt wrong. Something had changed within me and I needed to figure it out. I wanted so badly to talk to her, but she was nowhere to be found.

No, that wasn’t true, I wanted something from her that didn’t involve much talking if I was being honest. As I headed for the elevators, I dug through my purse, “Funny, I know I put my key card in my clutch!”

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