The Jogger

The Jogger

Chapter 1


When you want to meet women, the last place you’d expect to meet a woman is running a marathon. But lots of women run marathons, they train maybe 100 miles a week, and then they’re ready to compete. David was determined to run a marathon, and hopefully meet a kindred spirit. He expected to meet someone who was all legs and not much up top. But as fate would have it, he met Nancy who was all ass, and had too much up top. She was a dirty blond, 24 years old, and a heavy smoker.

David was from the UK, and people liked him. He was bright, 23, an honors student and had no enemies. Of course. These days David lived in Boston, more towards Framingham and that’s when he developed a desire to run. The big marathon starts in Framingham and 26.2 miles later ends up in downtown Boston.

Bookish, David wore glasses and you might take him for a Rhodes Scholar. His crisp British accent helped him get part time work as an announcer, especially on foodie shows. If you asked him the difference between a lamb chop and pork loin he didn’t have a clue. But he did have a huge dick. Because of the size of his affair, he wore polyester trousers. There was no way he could have squeezed into a pair of jeans. His figure was lean, and his cock was almost as long as his forearm.

His mother’s name was Mary, a common name for a very uncommon woman. She had been married four times, not being satisfied with any of the blokes she married. She was oversexed, as most women in their forties tend to be, whether they’ll admit it or not. It seemed the only man who could satisfy her was her son. It was motherly love, of course, and she taught him about the birds and the bees and how to lick pussy. Her figure was voluptuous with a fleshy ass and full breasts. She did not shave her pubis because she loved the Victorian style, where a well bred woman had a thick bush, and men fucked by the numbers.

How she corrupted David is another story, but she vaguely remembers him, wanking off in broad delight just before breakfast, and then after breakfast and a few times during the day. Was it because he wanted to be a doctor, or maybe go to law school? Whatever it was, he’d study for a while and got up and emptied his balls. Like a good mother, she was a voyeur, and watched his every move. When he realized he’d never have any privacy, he said to hell with it, and blatantly jerked off while she watched him.

They never spoke about it, David’s masturbation. What was there to say? It was something that young men did, maybe all young men, and David joked about it. He didn’t have warts on his palm, because he knew it was a joke maybe made up by a woman with penis envy. He was sensible enough to know that jerking off didn’t make your dick any longer or thicker.

Mary, not having a dick of her own, marveled at the size of his affair, and as he matured so did his cock. When he was sleeping she peeled back the blanket and stared at it, amazed at the way it would twitch when he slept, as if it knew she was watching. But she knew to leave it alone, because at this point in time, it wasn’t hers and maybe some day it would be hers. Mary was a patient woman when it came to her son.

To say David was hung like a donkey is to diminish the size of his limb. It’s impossible to study if your cock is always hard, always throbbing, and needs frequent rubbing with an aloe cream to polish its exterior. You might wonder about David’s wanting to run? To meet girls of course!

* * *

Nancy went to a private high school, and on to college in Putney, Vermont. It was a woman’s college and she had her share of lesbian trysts. She had affairs with female students, the faculty and the nurse at school. She even let the woman who worked at the 7/11 lick her pussy. She did not discriminate, except she avoided women who liked to be flogged. She herself was against pain because she felt sex should be fun and not something that sends you to the ER.

She developed a reputation for being lax about sex, and her friends never forgot her. Even though many of them married into money, they attended reunions only to see Nancy for some serious action. This college has long since been closed .

For a completely logical reason, Nancy became a runner. She smoked, and she felt running would help her kick the habit. She literally ran every morning, at 6 AM, because her current boyfriend was a runner. He encouraged her to have a goal, to enter a 10K race. It didn’t help her achieve orgasms but her thighs tightened up, and her dress size shrank to a size 12. She had curves!

Nancy’s first marathon was the Bonnie Bell marathon, a 10K race for women. She finished last, of course, and immediately had to have a cigarette. Over 7000 participants ran in 2020, and Nancy achieved some notoriety for having finished at all, smoking as she was.

You can attribute it to genetic predisposition, but Nancy never had an orgasm. Or maybe she was unable to achieve orgasm. When she had sex, like fucking, that kind of sex, she grunted like a sow. It appeared she really enjoyed being pummeled, but when it was over, she never climaxed. She once had a boyfriend who was a 5-star pussy licker. He could make anyone climax, except Nancy. Attributing her missing orgasms to her immune system she began taking supplements like horny goat weed and ginseng. After weeks of this regimen she began to grow a moustache, and this was the last thing she needed. Her boobs got bigger and this affected her running time. It seemed everything was against her. As a last resort she went to Bishop Flanagan and told him about her lurid past and how many women had licked her pussy. She could hear the good bishop wanking in the confessional. Assigning Nancy a regimen of Hail Mary’s did not help her pussy, but it did mitigate her concern. The Lord was always watching the priest told her. It puzzled her to think Jesus had nothing better to do, than watch Nancy.

Buddhism was fashionable at the time, so she took up meditation. Nancy was a heavy drinker and she preferred single malt scotch. She dated a serious boy, named Louis, a Buddhist, and they went to temple together. When Louis picked her up she was half in the bag. Maybe chanting did it to her, but after an hour’s chanting she needed to have a drink. Luckily she always carried a flask in her handbag, and by the time Louis dropped her off at her apartment, Nancy was blind drunk.

All in all, Nancy was a nice person. She liked to laugh, was a fine arts major, and she made friends easily. Her watercolors, which she had framed, consisted of close-ups of a woman’s vulva. She was a dirty blond, with hair that reached her nipples. Most important, she had good teeth, and delicate feet.

You may wonder if Nancy masturbated. Why bother? Women masturbated, presumably to achieve orgasm. Nancy preferred to drink, since it dulled her mind and she didn’t feel bad about not reaching that ecstatic milestone.

* * *

Nancy came from a religious family. Her mother was even more religious than her father. Even though Mom was Catholic, her father was a preacher. When her father preached, he preached love, that we should love one another, as ourselves. That was the problem: Nancy didn’t love herself, in fact she hated herself. When her mother got into the spirit, she saw visions of angels, not playing harps , but just hanging out there. She tried to talk to them, but they just smiled and she could have sworn one angel gave her the finger. Or pointing upwards, towards heaven. She was confused about that finger.

Her mother sometimes heard voices and when she spoke to her husband about it, she was told it was her imagination. She went to a psychiatrist and the first thing he asked her, ‘when did God speak to you last?’ He had a huge lump in his pants.

When you hear voices it’s not something you just brush away, like a lady bug on your arm. The voice has a message for you, otherwise why would the voice waste its time even try to reach you? Mary felt the Divinity had a reason to reach her, and could have sent an angel. But no, the Voice was there, not all the time, but when she felt depressed.

Because Nancy had very large breasts, she felt people didn’t like her, only her boobs. Since her nipples were unusually prominent, more so when she was aroused, women took an interest in her too. Women stopped her in the supermarket, at bus stops, and in church. But mostly in ladies’ rooms. They spoke to her in low voices dripping with lust. They offered to buy her a drink, take her shopping, to give her a massage. Nancy sensed these women were aroused, that her pheromones drove women crazy. She hoped running would help her lose weight, and she didn’t mind if women found her sexy.

Chapter 2

There were lots of women crossing the finish line that day. David, being a curious person, was standing not too far away as Nancy staggered in, and was close to collapse. He was always attracted to busty women and Nancy, with her boobs almost spilling out of her tank top attracted his attention. She was standing there, a cigarette between her fingers, and perspiring heavily. David thought twice before approaching her, but considering the size of her knockers, he gave it a shot.

“Hi,” he said, smiling from ear to ear.

“Hi,” she said, taking a drag on her cigarette.

He was obviously an intellectual type, and she usually avoided men who would rather read a book than fuck.

“Are you OK?” he said, his face showing concern.

“Sure. Why’d you ask?”

“Well, you’re smoking. People who run usually aren’t smokers.”

“Yeah, I guess not …”

“Especially after they’ve run a marathon …”

“So what’s you point?”

“Forget it … my name is David.”

“I’m Nancy …” She took another drag on her cigarette, and eyed him suspiciously.

“So what do you do? Do you have a job? Or just spend your time hitting on women?”

“I am a runner too. Except I’m not a smoker …”

She didn’t usually hang our with fitness buffs, especially nerdy types. Glancing down at the tent in his polyester trousers make her more receptive.

“How long have you been running,” he asked her, trying to keep her engaged. David was staring at her big jugs as he spoke to her.

“David, I’d appreciate some eye contact. You’re talking to my boobs …”

“Oops, sorry about that!” He laughed, embarrassed. “Hey, how about dinner? You must be hungry!”

“Sure. Why don’t you come home with me, and I’ll shower. I only live up Commonwealth Avenue. Two blocks away!”

It was easier than he thought, but he was happy to make a new friend, and with a bit of luck he might fuck her after dinner.

Chapter 3

They were sitting around in Nancy’s large studio apartment after dinner. They had gone to a French restaurant on Newbury Street. Nancy had invited her girl friend, Mona, and with David, that made three.

“I’d like to be naked with you two,” Nancy said. “The adoration in your eyes when you look at me gives me pleasure. Every girl likes to be admired.”

“We do admire you, darling,” Mona said. “I’m glad I dropped over so we can be David’s little harem tonight, and I’m sure he is thrilled.”

Mona and Nancy often went to bed together.

David was visibly on edge. “My little harem, huh? Think I can keep up with you?”

“We don’t expect you to, sweetie,” Nancy replied. “Between myself and Mona we can make anybody happy. But for me, I prefer girls … why do you think I invited Mona to party with us?”

“Because you like to lick pussy?” he laughed.

“She isn’t the only one,” Mona said. She put her hands on Nancy ‘s cheeks and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Your mouth is very sexy,” she said softly.

“It’s too big,” Nancy whispered.

“Not for sucking cock and kissing,” Mona said with a sexy giggle.

“I like to suck cock and kiss,” Nancy replied with a soft whisper.

“David, come here, honey,” Mona said.

He joined them and put his arms around them. Mona put her hand behind Nancy ‘s head and slid her spread fingers through her hair, then ran the tip of her tongue lightly over the blonde’s lips as she mashed their tits together. Nancy parted her lips and let Mona’s tongue enter her mouth and returned the kiss with slowly building passion.

Mona broke the kiss, held Nancy close and kissed David the same way. “Mmmmmmmm, Nancy’s lips are softer,” she murmured.

“Let me do it,” Nancy said. She gave Mona a tongue kiss, then David. “Yeah, you’re right. I like both.”

“So do I,” Mona said. “I want to try something else.” She put the middle finger of her left hand in Nancy ‘s pussy and gripped David’s huge cock in her right hand. “Mmmmmmm, interesting.”

David caressed their asses as Mona slid her hand up and caught Nancy ‘s large joy buzzer between two fingers. Nancy shivered and put her arms around Mona’s neck and held on tight as Mona’s fingers moved gently up and down.

“Oh, God, that feels so good,” she whispered. “My pussy is on fire!”

“It feels like a little oven,” Mona said.

She ran her fingers up and down the blonde’s gash, spreading juice from one end to the other, wetting it thoroughly, then attacked her clit with furious finger action.

Nancy bent her knees and tilted her crotch up and twitched and shuddered as she thrilled to the lascivious fingering.

“Oh, God, I love it!” she moaned.

Mona fingered Nancy’s pulsating clit faster, and she humped and jerked harder. Mona licked her nipples, then kissed her on the mouth, and Nancy moaned louder. Mona stuck two fingers up her cunt, and Nancy really went wild as Mona finger-fucked her with two fingers.

Nancy ‘s pupils dilated and she almost started coming and her moans of pleasure became screams as Mona’s busy fingers shoved her close to the brink into a pink abyss of deep carnal pleasure.

Mona kissed Nancy and tongue-fucked her mouth, and Nancy shivered and looked like she might come. Her legs almost gave way, and she stiffened, but Nancy ‘s orgasm was elusive as always, and Mona played with her pussy, pulling at the lips and running the tips of her fingers up and down the hot slit.

“Ohhhhhh, God, that felt good,” Nancy said with a deep sigh.

Mona laughed and tickled Nancy ‘s clit. “Did you come? You did, didn’t you?”

“God, you’re beautiful,” Nancy said softly. “I almost made it …”

Mona smiled. “Maybe next time …”

“Thank you, sweetie.” She cupped the blonde’s ass and pulled her closer. “You’re a beautiful, sexy woman, too.”

Nancy put her hands on Mona’s cheeks and very slowly put their mouths together, her lips came alive and she thrust her tongue into Mona’s mouth. She broke the kiss and leaned back, her face flushed a rosy pink with passion. She ran her hands over Mona’s pointy tits, exploring every inch of the pliable flesh, watching with enchantment as the nipples swelled and lengthened. “Oooooo, I love your tits,” she whispered. She caught one of the long nipples between her lips and sucked tenderly, then lifted her head and looked at her own tits. “Your tits are not bigger than mine!”

“You don’t have to be mean. Not by much,” Mona said. “Yours are very pretty. I love those big nipples.” She ran her hand over Nancy ‘s ass and between her legs. “Your skin is so smooth, so silky.” She slid her hand over the bottom of the Nancy’s hairy slit and pushed her fuck finger into her honey pot.

“Aaahhh,” Nancy moaned softly. “Your hand feels so good,” she murmured. “Makes my skin tingle.”

Mona fucked her finger slowly in and out of Nancy ‘s hole. “Your pussy is very tight. I see why David would want to fuck you. You’re so beautiful and vibrant and sexy.”

“And lewd and lascivious and perpetually horny,” Nancy said playfully. “You’re making me so fucking hot!”

David squeezed their buttocks and said, “Are we going to do a daisy chain?”

“No, darling,” Nancy said quickly, “Mona and I are going to lick each other.”

“Then I’ll just sit down and watch and enjoy the sight,” David said. He checked his phone for messages.

Nancy put her arms around Mona’s neck, and the feel of their tits rubbing together made her blood roar through her like a runaway freight train. Mona put her hands under Nancy ‘s ass, cupped her buttocks and ground their groins tightly together, and they swayed and wiggled their naked bodies against each other as their eroticism built and their holes filled rapidly with slick warm secretions.

Mona kissed Nancy tenderly, and Nancy thrust her mound forward and returned the kiss amorously. She liked the tenderness of a girl’s lips, liked making it with a girl, especially while her new boy friend watched. She slid her hands down Mona’s back and caressed the satiny skin of her full, shapely ass and fucked Mona’s mouth with her tongue and moaned with hunger.

Mona took a step back and cupped and caressed her tits. “I get hot just looking at you, Nancy .” She squatted and kissed Nancy ‘s mound.

The licentious young woman moaned deep in her throat. “Mona, darling Mona,” she whispered.

Mona stood, and they hugged and kissed and rubbed their naked bodies together passionately again. They sank to the floor, wrapped in each other’s arms, and Nancy ‘s legs fell open when her back touched the carpet.

“You’re so beautiful,” Mona said, her voice low, hoarse with lust. “Thinking about tasting you, pleasing you, really turns me on.”

“Just think what it does to me,” Nancy said with a deep, lecherous chuckle.

Her mind reeling with turbulent excitement, Mona cupped the blonde’s luscious tits and squeezed gently as she planted a hungry kiss on Nancy’s sensuous mouth.

Nancy returned the kisses with equal enthusiasm, letting Mona lead, charmed by her soft purring sounds. Another girl’s kisses and caresses always excited her, and she got more turned on by the moment. Mona’s hands flitted down her body and caressed her soft belly, and a titanic wave of desire shot through her and brought a wet, hot flow in her cunt.

Mona thrust her tongue deep into the blonde’s mouth as she caressed her mound and explored the curly tangle of yellowish pubic hair. Her fingertip grazed Nancy’s clit, and the blond stiffened and moaned as her finger delved into the wet heat of the sexy valley and caressed her turgid love bud.

Nancy squirmed and moaned louder and bit Mona on the lips, tiny, frantic little love nips, and jerked her hips restlessly as the brunette’s fingers played in the pouting, thickly furred nether lips.

“Oh, my, your pussy is so wet,” Mona whispered.

“Ummm, yes, and so hot,” Nancy murmured in reply. “What are you going to do to me?”

For a moment, Mona stared at Nancy with blazing eyes, savoring her own anticipation, knowing exactly what she was going to do. “I’m going make you come, darling. My mouth is already watering for the taste of your sweet pussy.”

Nancy ‘s ripe tits heaved, her nipples peaked with excitement and her eyes misted with passion. She trembled and spread her legs wider.

Her breath coming in short, nervous gasps and her heart hammering in her chest, Mona slithered on top of the tantalizing blonde’s luxurious body and squirmed anxiously. Her heart beat faster and her blood ran hotter as their velvety tits and humid cunt mounds met. Quivering with excitement, she broke the kiss, seized a rigid nipple in her lips, and nipped the rigid bud, teasing it until Nancy ‘s moans became whimpers of pleading.

Mona slid down, tracing fiery kisses beneath the swollen tit mound, down over the exquisite skin of Nancy ‘s stomach, ending up lying prone between the blonde’s splayed legs. She gazed hungrily at the lush, coral-colored lips peeking through the forest of light curls as she stroked the satiny flesh on the inside of Nancy ‘s thighs.

“Your pussy is like an ornate, exotic blossom,” she whispered, “and I’m a little bird, filled with hunger for your delectable nectar.”

Nancy trembled in anticipation. She put her hands on Mona’s cheeks, urging her forward, and raised her ass off the floor. Mona murmured with pleasure and inched forward, aroused by the intoxicating fragrance of Nancy ‘s honey pot, plunged her tongue deep into the succulent twat, and Nancy groaned louder and arched her back sharply.

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