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 few years ago we were invited to Ireland to watch Her Majesty the Queen’s ceremony of Kindness, i.e., actually receiving the Irish Prisoners that occupied the prison, and hearing their allegiance to her. When we got to the prison we accidently entered through the wrong door, and witnessed a very different scene. We saw the prisoners in their cells as we peered in, the light was awful, but we could see that their hands and feet were tied. In fact there were chains on their feet which dragged about two feet behind them when they are taken anywhere. The guards laughed at the prisoners there all the time and spat at them as they walked past, especially when they were being called to her Majesty’s pleasure.

Niall, which means either cloud, champion, passionate, or vehement is an ancient name borne by several of the high kings of Tara, the most famous of whom was the powerful semi-mythological fifth century king known as Niall of the Nine Hostages, ancestor of all the O’Neills and MacNeills that followed. The prisoner that we spotted was named Niall too, and was in fact the reincarnation of Niall of the Nine Hostages and called by those who imprisoned him Scuttie‼

Scuttie was a prisoner at Her Majesty the Queen of England’s pleasure. The Queen’s picture was on all the walls of all the prison, which were there so that the Irish prisoners would remember that they were subservient!

Five minutes after we crept in and began talking to Niall the guards arrived. The guards were either English or Irish whose allegiance was to the Queen of England, and as such bitterly hated by the Irish prisoners. We, of course discreetly disappeared around the corner, but not too far so we can watch the events going on. The guards arrived swearing and cussing and go into the cells and begin pushing and shoving the prisoners out; none came willingly. When they spat on the floor the guards spat on them, and pulled their pants down, and take the straps they had in their hands and gave them about 10 strikes.

The guards were yelling at them, “Dirty animals pull your pants up so that you appear at least to be decent human beings in front of Her Majesty.”

This happened at least 10 times as they crawl along the freezing cold and drafty halls of the prison basement, and the prisoners were muttering, “That old bag, whoring bitch.”

The guards said, “If she heard you say that you would pay with your lives, but as it is she enjoys watching you eejits getting punished.”

However, as we watched the prisoners move along the cold, wet basement halls of the prison they became more and more agitated. The guards become even more vicious with their slaps and strikes with the strap. When they reached the end of the corridor leading up to the big hall where Her Majesty is to receive them, there is a huge picture of her.

The guards yelled out, “Stop you fecking fools and bow down now to Her Majesty’s eminence here in front of you.”

As we look on, Naill being the most stupid of the prisoners decided to spit at the picture that’s why he was called Scuttie by the English! After which, one of the guards dragged him into a corner, away from the other eejits. His hands were still tied behind his back, but the guard hauled them up over his head and tied them on to the large meat hook that was inside the crevice of the dungeon-like corner which was used for punishments.

Suddenly, and again our stupid Scuttie yelled out, “Bastard, I’ll see you in hell before I will bow to that slut.”

As we peered into the punishment corner, which was pretty dark and quite difficult to see. We could see that Niall’s arms, which are tied to hook were swinging slightly, while the chain at his feet made a very slight clanging sound as his legs and feet shake.

“The guard whispered, “Fear finally getting to you, filthy Scuttie?”

Naill unfortunately spat at him!! “Ye Fecker,” the guard splutters, “We have a duine suarach one here. I wonder what we can do to tame the hoor.”

Slowly the guard’s head shook in despair, and we could see that he was thinking, and contemplating what course of punishment to initiate. Then he opened the draw string on Niall’s pants, low and behold up comes the most curved cock that the guard has ever seen. His face is a picture of lust for Scuttie’s cock was thick, not particularly long, but thick and delicious looking. The guard in his transfixed state bent down and touched it, which infuriated our Scuttie, and he began spitting so hard he had saliva all over his chin. As we watched, we could see that Naill’s cock loved the way it was being touch, and when the guard put his lips too it, Niall apparently, couldn’t help himself he ejaculates all over the guards mouth. It seemed that Niall’s punishment was by no means over however, and another guard joined them. With the guards looking on at the punishment spectacle we did wonder if Scuttie was about to be gang raped. What we didn’t know was that the guard who we were watching, and is getting closer to our Scuttie, is not the usual type of guard that works there. As the guard opened a shirt, out came the biggest breasts we have ever seen, the nipples are long and glistening with arousal. Niall although astounded and licking his lips is still not happy, or so it would appeared and he yelled.

“English bitch, slut just like your Queen I’ll give you something you haven’t bargained for. I hope your cunt stays dry forever.”

The male guards whispered to each and slowly hauled our stupid Scuttie down from the hook that he is tied too, but just before they allowed him down completely his cock and scrotum are tied up so that his cock is already standing to attention. When they get him down from the hook they say:

“We will show you exactly what the bargain is here, you eejit of a Scuttie. You will now get on all fours, without resistance.”

Before he went down on all fours, the female guard took out a short strap and slapped our Scuttie’s cock with it 50 times, again, we see him spitting and cussing at the female guard‼ The male guard then told him that if he does not comply they would string him up again, Scuttie looked at him with murder in his eyes.

Scuttie says, “What is it you want from me, you Gobshite?”

The male guard said to the female guard, “Take your trousers off and spread her legs,” while Niall watched. The male guard put his fingers inside her pussy and they come out so wet. He then took his wet fingers and smeared them all over Scuttie’s face!

Niall, like his ancestors raised his head to spit at the guards, at which point the male guard came over to him and finally said:

“There will be no more spitting from you, you ignorant eejit,” and places a ball gag in his mouth. We of course could hear him screeching and still cursing behind the gag‼!

The female guard took out a blindfold to cover his eyes, and shoved his arse down on the ground, so that he was indeed on all fours now!

“You, Scuttie,” said the guard, “Are to lick her pussy on your knees, until I tell you to stop, and you are not to cum yet.”

Naill, being our Scuttie said, “I’ll not put my tongue on an English female slut, you fecking eejit,”

The strap whistled across our Scuttie’s back, as we watched on, and just touches the tip of his scrotum. Scuttie finally screamed!!

The male guard then took the butt of his gun, and said, “Would you like this inside your arse?”

Our poor Scuttie succumbed and nodded that he would do as he is told! The guard removed the ball gag and out came Niall’s tongue and he began the task of licking the female guard’s pussy. We noticed that he was dying to cum, but held it together. In the meantime the male guard was alternatively stroking his own cock and Scuttie’s scrotum, which Naill was not amused at, but was watching the guard’s gun!

Then the guard put two fingers inside Naill’s arse, who consequently spluttered and screamed swear words that even these guards had ever heard before. The male guard asked him again if he would like the butt of his gun in his arse.

Scuttie came to his senses, and yelled sharply, “No, sir.”

The female guard however is not satisfied with Scuttie and decided that she will suck his yummy looking cock, she warns him not to ejaculate into her mouth otherwise he will be very very sorry. As she began she felt his cock getting even thicker than it was, and as she warned him again, as the male guard brought down the strap against his back 30 times. What the guards didn’t know is that Scuttie actually enjoyed himself. He told us afterwards that just the sound of the belt made him hard.

After the male guard had finished the 30 strokes on Scuttie’s back, he straightened up and said, “Right, eejit now you don’t get to ejaculate, at all, if you know what’s good for you, but you will watch me fuck her.” Naill then, surprisingly begged them to let him join in, but the guard told him that the only way they will allow him to participate is if he agreed not to make a nuisance of himself when they took him up to see Her Majesty the Queen. Scuttie was not happy, but on the other hand he had not had any sex in this prison for months, he didn’t really like men; so he would take anything.

They tell him that after he is brought back from the visit to the Queen he will be visited later that night by the guards who will allow him to participate. Then they take Scuttie to join the other prisoners, as they get near to the hall where the Queen is receiving them, it is obvious to us at least that Niall’s cock is getting harder, and harder again. Obviously, as a prisoner he only has skimpy pants on, and as they enter the hall he can feel his cock getting even harder. He told us that his mistake was thinking about the female guard’s huge breasts, and nipples as he walked towards Her Majesty.

The prisoners line up inside the hall, and the guards instruct the prisoners to go up to barrier, which is within 2 feet of Her Majesty and bow. Of course these are all Irish prisoners, they don’t like the sound of that, but what choice do they have? So up they go each one, with a face like thunder, but not speaking of course. They go in, one at a time to within two feet of her and bow. Everything goes really well until our Scuttie’s turn, he walks up with great difficulty, he has this massive hardon, and it’s stopping him from walking well.

As he reaches the two feet border with Her Majesty he adjusts himself to bow before her and his cock pops right out of his flimsy pants in front of her!!!!! Of course our poor guy is punished for disrespecting Her Majesty under her orders, while she sits and watches……..

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