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The Hotel Maid

My job as a management consultant requires me to travel quite extensively – I am gone more than I am home. Which I don’t mind, as I love to travel, seeing new places, and meeting new people.

But traveling so much doesn’t lend itself well to any kind of a social life or more importantly a relationship. It’s something I have come to accept over the years, although there are times when I question the path I have chosen and whether it’s all worth it. Oh well, if the job was perfect, they wouldn’t call it work, would they!

I’ve been traveling like this for about eight years now and I’ve been all over the country and also to a few places overseas. I’ve also become quite good at selecting where I stay when I’m traveling – you could say I am a hotel room connoisseur!

I seem to be able to look at the listings and choose the room that will best suit my needs even though the listings are typically vague or, at times, just plain bullshit!

On this latest trip, I was staying at this unremarkable little off-brand hotel set a few streets away from the regular tourist attractions and sights. I was in Miami on business, not pleasure. And I needed a place where it was quiet so I could concentrate on my work.

Additionally, the company that hired me chose to have me come down in March – prime “Spring Break” time for this area, which was another reason I chose this hotel. Hotels in Miami at this time of year are at a premium, and if I could save some money by staying in a smaller no-name hotel away from the “action”, that suited me fine.

As a management consultant, my job was to take a company or business having financial difficulties and show them ways to streamline their operations and work more efficiently saving them money by “trimming the fat” – getting rid of redundant or unnecessary operations the procedures.

A lot of people look at me as a company ax-man and it is true that some people who do these unnecessary jobs might have to be reassigned or even let go, but by showing them where they can work smarter, I save the company from complete financial collapse.

With my last two “assignments” being companies up north, I wasn’t really climatized to the hot, humid Miami weather. On the day I arrived, it was 85 degrees with about 80% humidity. I couldn’t wait to get to my hotel room and take off my suit coat and get the air conditioner going!

Unfortunately, when I got to the hotel room and was checking in, I was informed that, because the hotel was so small and low-budget, the rooms didn’t have air conditioning “but they do have nice big windows!” the desk clerk told me.

Well, what is a trip if it didn’t have a wrinkle or two! I knew that every place else in town was booked to the rafters and I was lucky I wasn’t setting up house in the airport itself, so I went on up to my room.

The room was decent I will give it that and as the desk clerk said it did have nice big windows which I opened. However, it didn’t help a whole lot since the hot humid weather I was trying to escape just came indoors! 

I have a regular routine whenever I first get a hotel room. The first thing I do is get the temperature set where I want it. If it’s too hot I turn on the air conditioner (in this case I opened the window). If it’s too cold I turn on the heater. Once the temperature is right, I strip the bed of the comforter.

I also pick up some alcohol wipes on my way to the hotel room and I wipe down the TV remote, all the door handles, and the telephone.

It’s not that I’m a germophobe, but those things are notorious for getting people sick and if I am sick I can’t perform my best. I also like to sleep with several pillows and so I called down to the front desk (after I wiped down the phone) and asked for a couple of extra pillows.

With my routine taken care of, I decided to lay down and try to get comfortable. I was still too warm so I took off my trousers and laid on top of the sheets to try to get used to Miami weather. I bring along my iPod loaded with my favorite music so I put my earbuds in and began listening to my music and relaxing after the long flight.

I guess I must have gotten a little too relaxed because I fell asleep.

Suddenly I felt a pair of soft lips wrap around my cock, sucking me into its warm, wet mouth. 

My eyes snapped open, and I sat up with a start. “WHAT THE HELL?” I looked down and saw a young and very attractive hotel maid, kneeling between my legs. She popped me out of her mouth just long enough to explain.

“I brought your pillows and knocked but no one answered. So I came in to put them on the bed. I saw you laying there with… well, I just thought I would help you feel a little more… comfortable, Sir. I hope you don’t mind.

How could I possibly mind? I mean being awakened with a blow job is never a bad thing, especially it is unexpected and given by such a beautiful and willing attendant.

“My name is Stacy,” she said with a smile. Stacy was a real beauty. About 25 years old, she had soft, brown hair that cascaded down to her shoulders to about the middle of her back. 

She had the most beautiful face I had seen in a long time, with soft hazel eyes, and a warm welcoming smile and full moist lips that just ask to be kissed. Her skin was soft and lightly tanned but lacked any tan lines, her breasts were large and rounded, and her legs long.

Her uniform seemed to be a little tight on her, almost as if it were a size too small, but that only made it cling to her curvy hourglass figure, showing her off and accentuating her magnificent bust. 

I have had fantasies from time to time in my travels, of one day getting a chance to have one of these delightful and hard-working young maids and show my deep appreciation for all they do to make my stay as comfortable as possible. 

And now those moist lips were wrapped around my cock, that mouth sliding up and down my eight inches of rigid flesh.

My dream had become reality, thanks to Stacy’s initiative and eagerness to please. And this was no fantasy.

After I overcame my shock at feeling her on me, I relaxed. “No, I don’t mind. By all means, please continue,” I said. 

Then Stacy sat up. “Just a moment,” she said and got up, going to the door. She pulled her housekeeping cart into the entry of my room. 

“We don’t want anyone to see the cart outside your room and wonder what we’re up to, now do we?” she said with a mischievous grin. Then she reached into one of the pouches in her cart and pulled out a condom.

“You certainly come prepared don’t you?” I said.

“Well, Sir, you are not the first guest that has dreamed about having one of us housekeepers. It’s a common fantasy and we all understand that.”

“Oh? And how many guests have you entertained, Stacy?” I asked.

“Only three or four. I haven’t been doing this as long as some of the other girls. And I’m pretty selective. I’ve been asked a few times, but I only go with guys I like.”

“Well, I will do my best to make sure you have made a good choice then!” I said. 

“Sir, I’ve been horny all day. I was supposed to go out tonight but my boyfriend had to go out of town for a couple of days. He works for a moving company. And I got called in to work. But I could sure use a good fucking. Think you can help me out?” 

I nodded dumbly, it was all I could think of to do at the moment.

“Good.” She peeled off her maid’s dress, an off the shoulder white and blue gingham number with a white bust area, white apron front, and short puffy sleeves.

Under her dress, she wore a turquoise bra with a sexy black lace upper section. She also wore her white tights and her clear uniform heels with the cute blue bow on them. But my eyes were primarily focused on her tits. God this woman had tits to die for!

I sat there with my mouth hanging open as she unfastened her front hook bra and set her girls free. “You like them?” she asked. I was so transfixed by these wonders of womanhood that I just stared at them, not even bothering to respond to her question.

At that point, she crawled up on the bed, straddled my lap, and shoved her 32E sized tits in my face. I immediately went to town on the massive mammaries, taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking and chewing on the hard nub for a few moments before moving to the other nipple to give it a turn as well.

I brought my hands to her tits and began to squeeze and play with her mounds and I alternated my mouth between them, keeping both of the buds hard and stiff. Her breathing became even more labored as I continued to enjoy her tits. Apparently, she was enjoying what I was doing also because she started moaning softly and running her fingers through my hair.

Stacy’s other hand slid down my chest to find my cock again and her thin fingers encircled my throbbing member. Her hand was slightly cool compared to the hotness of my raging cock.

My cock was as hard as iron and Stacy pulled up towards the head of my cock from the base where she had begun. I sucked gently and clamped my lips around as much of her wonderous breast as I could possibly take in my mouth.

She pushed her upper body up off me for a moment and I saw her tits hang free. What a wonderful sight. Like huge melons hanging from a tree ripe to be eaten, they hung down and I grabbed and cupped them with my hands.

“You have amazing tits, Stacy,” I said as I admired them some more. 

She smiled, “Would you like to fuck them a little?” Before I could answer, she started sliding down my body, dragging those immense globes down my chest and over my abdomen until my cock nestled happily in her valley.

She was kneeling between my spread legs and she used her hands to push her tits together around my hard cock. It was clear that she was enjoying the way my cock was sticking straight up with just the head poking out the top of her cleavage.

Like a porn actress, she spat on my cock using her saliva as lubrication, then began pumping up and down on my cock. It felt amazing and I laid back moaning in sheer pleasure as this young woman serviced me.

She pumped up and down my shaft and each time my cock got close enough she took the head of my cock into her mouth. It was an exquisite feeling with her tits wrapped around my shaft and the head in her warm mouth. After a number of strokes though, she stopped. 

“I’m sorry, but I just have to have that cock in my mouth again. I love sucking cock and yours tastes sooo good!” she said. 

I learned long ago that when a woman wants you to put your cock in her mouth, you don’t ask questions and you don’t argue! 

Stacy’s small hand wrapped around the base of my cock, as she took my cock into her mouth again, her eyes never leaving mine.

She gave me a playful wink and then started sucking harder as I lay back to enjoy the exquisite sensations she was giving me.

Aren’t you going to put on that condom? I asked her.

“Not just yet, baby. I hate the taste of the damn things. So let me enjoy this nice, fat, juicy cock and get you all nice and hard. Then we’ll wrap you up all nice and tight so you can fuck me, okay?”

She sucked my cock, and held it in her mouth, letting it grow as I quickly stiffened again inside her.

She licked the length of my cock, sucking along the shaft, letting my head pop out of her mouth with a loud, wet pop. We both laughed at the noise, for a second, and then she went back for more. 

She ran her wet tongue down my length, down to my balls and beyond. I pulled my knees up and apart, exposing more. She repeated her movements, but this time more slowly, lingering at certain places, her tongue wet and sensual against me.

Her eyes, bright and smiling, were still on mine as she held my cock flat against my belly and popped first one, and then the other, ball into her mouth, sucking on them, rolling them around her mouth, licking them.

When she had finished with my balls, she licked under my nutsack before her tongue moved back up my length, my cock slipping back into her mouth. She sucked hard, drawing half of me into her.

With one hand she stroked me slowly, complimenting her wet sucking. With her other hand, she cupped and caressed my balls, squeezing them gently. Her movements became faster, all in time. Her sucking, her stroking, her squeezing.

When she finally came back up for air, she stood up and left me in a blissful daze on the bed. But she wasn’t finished with me by any means.

She kicked off her shoes and shimmied out of her tights and panties. I was sprawled out on my back, my hard cock sticking straight into the air.

She took the condom she had gotten from her cart and ripped the package open. She placed the rubber over the tip of my cock and rolled it down my shaft, still slick and shining from her mouth. 

“There we are. Now I want you to fuck me, Sir. I want you to fuck me like the hotel whore I am. Use me and use my pussy for your pleasure!” She climbed on top of me, and then she slid her wet pussy down onto my condom-clad cock.

She moaned as I rocked deep inside of her, then she moved her hand down to her clit and began slowly rubbing. I gripped her perfect ass cheeks in my hands and began pumping. God, she felt so good. It was unreal, the way she slid up and down on my cock, I knew she must have been soaking wet.

“Oh,” she moaned, “When you are ready to cum, Sir, just stay still inside me. Please, I want to feel you fill me up while I rub my clit.” 

Now I love a girl who tells me what she wants, and especially if she tells me with “dirty talk.” And I was happy to do as she asked. I pressed up and toward her belly a bit, but other than that kept pumping my steel-hard cock in and out of her. She moaned and began rubbing her clit faster. 

“Oh fuck! Yes… oh God yes… right there, Sir! Please don’t stop!” I held her tight in my hands, held her down hard on top of me,

“Fuck… I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes, baby, cum for me!” I said, encouraging her to let go.

“When I cum…” she said, in between heavy panting, her voice lilting up in a hyper-sexual moan, “I want you to fuck my brains out, you got it? That way I can cum extra-hard.” 

I nodded that I understood. A moment or so later, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, gripping it in a vise-like grip. Then she fell down on top of me and gripped the pillows hard around my head. She looked me in the eyes, her own eyes going wide.

“Now! Fuck me now!” she cried out.

I thrust upward with everything I had as the first clenches of her orgasm hit her. I didn’t slow down either – I pounded her harder than I’ve ever fucked anyone in my life, relentlessly, savagely, like I wanted to hurt her (but, of course, I didn’t). And she came, hard, around my cock. I could feel her pussy throbbing as I jack-hammered into her. 

“Fuck me, Sir! Fuck me and use me, damn it!” That just about did it for me, and I began to slow down to avoid cumming too soon.

But she bucked down hard on me and screamed, “Fuck me hard, Sir, please! Fuck this pussy! Fuck this pussy! Oh, fuck!” I pounded her hard for another minute before unloading into the condom.

She lay on me then, both our chests heaving, her breath smelling like hotel mints, sweat clinging to our bodies. Eventually, we both calmed down and she rolled over and got dressed again. 

She straightened her hair, checked herself in the mirror, and went over to her cart. “So, how long are you planning on staying here?” she asked, looking back at me.

“I’m not sure but probably a couple of days. I have a meeting tomorrow and I might stay an extra day… if I can find something worth staying for…”

“I get off in an hour, I gotta go home and get out of this outfit.” She smiled that wicked smile again, “But I could come  back if you like and give you a reason to stay that extra day.”

“What about your boyfriend?” I asked.

“He won’t be home for a few days. He is driving the moving truck to Denver. He said it will take at least two days to get there, one day there, and two days to get back. You will be long gone by then, I’m sure. Besides… he left me alone. He knows I’m not good when left alone!”

“Good,” I said. 

“Yeah, that gives us plenty of time for fun. Don’t you think, Sir?” I nodded as she laughed, straightened out her skirt, and rolled her cart out of the room.

It looked like this was going to be a very good trip after all!

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