The Hot Maid And Her Boss’s Erotic Story

Hello, everyone. Neha again. This erotic story about the maid Sony was written to me by one of the Desi Tales’ fan. Raj and Sony had a nice and romantic relationship. Sony married a guy who would abuse her every night after having drinks.

She had one son and one daughter. When they grew up, the guy loved a girl and eloped along with her secretly. Well, her daughter followed his footsteps and left the home. This made her husband drink more and abuse her more.


At one point in time, he sent her out of his home. Sony found nowhere to go. She had one friend who helped her once. She went to her and she was the one who referred her to Raj. Raj, on the other hand, did not have a good married life.

His wife Swetha divorced him and took her daughter along with her. So, he had stayed alone for his whole life. His daughter would visit him once in three months. He stayed faithful to his estranged wife in these years.

Since he had nowhere to spend his earned money, he agreed to hire Sony as his maid. He could not cook and do not like to eat outside all the time. So, he agreed to have a maid. When he looked at Sony, he could not believe his eyes.

She did not look like a mother of two grown-up kids. She had a tight body with nice curves around her. People would love to see her hot ass swing when she walks. Raj used to wonder, why do men hate when he has such a hot wife.

Anyways, he tried to control his feelings for her. He had an utmost respect for the women. But before hiring her, he wanted to know something else about her. Actually, he wanted to know what she could do and what she could not.

Raj: So, What do you do?
Sony: Well, I can cook. But I would not say that I am a good cook.

Raj: What else?
Sony: I could clean the home and wash the clothes.

Raj: Good. Anything else?
Sony: Well, apart from this, I can make you happy.

Raj did not expect her saying that. For a second he thought she said that in an erotic way. So, he asked her again and this time with more clarification.

Raj: What do you mean that you can make me happy?
Sony: I mean, I will do anything you wanted me to do.

Raj did not ask her anything further since he did not want to know anything bad about her. So, he just decided to ignore that and would face the consequences if the situation turns worse.

That evening, she cooked something which he did not like. But she served with the smile on her face. When he looked at her pleasing personality, he could not refuse. He kept eating. While eating, she would sit on the floor.

He felt sorry for her situation. More than that, deep inside her, he felt a bit horny looking at her. So, he wanted to impress her. He asked her to sit at the dining table while eating. She agreed without any hesitation.

Without him mentioning about the place, she would serve him food and would sit next to him in the dining hall. Slowly, they had started to chat and talk personal stuff while eating. One day, he looked at her while cleaning his room.

She did not spoil the sari and hence she had pulled it to her knees. From his place, he could see her blue panties. She too had noticed him and looked at the place he was starring.

She did not say anything but just smiled at him. When she worked in his home, she would show off her cleavage all the time. One day, he bought a movie to watch. Before playing it, he called her and asked her to join him.

But she passed the movie was an English one. But he cheered her up and told her that he would translate the dialogues for her. Soon, she agreed and sat next to him on the couch.

For each and every scene, she paused and asked him the meaning of the dialogues. Soon, there came an intimate scene. She paused and asked him the meaning. Raj made use of the opportunity and told her something more than what happened in the film.

Raj: Well, the hero tells her to take off the clothes since he wanted to gran and suck her big boobs.
Sony: Oh. Then? What did she say?

Raj: She tells him to remove his clothes first as she wanted to touch his penis.
Sony: Cool.

Looking at her reaction, Raj slowly placed his hands on her shoulders. She too kept her hands on his thighs but still kept watching the TV with her full attention on the movie. When the hero kissed the heroine and tried to take off her clothes, he came closer to her.

Sony looked at him and he locked his eyes with hers. He came a bit closer and she too made her advance. They started to kiss and soon the took off her sari. In a minute, she stood naked in front of him. She kneeled and grabbed his dick. She just looked at him with the lust and started to jerk off his penis.

After a while, she took it inside her mouth and began to suck it like a pro. She had not done that lately but she did well. He made her lie on the sofa and began to fuck her hairy pussy. Within a few strokes, he came inside her.

From that day, they started to live like a husband and wife. When he came to know that Sony had conceived his son in her womb, he married her and they lived happily ever after.

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