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The Gym

I am a transman. I will not bore you with all the details of this condition nor give you a detailed anatomical life history. If you are unfamiliar with my situation, then google it.

My formative years got spent in a small town where I was initially considered a tomboy. Later, during my high school years, the possibility that I could become a lesbian got considered. When parents came to understand my situation and took me to see the appropriate experts, no one knew about my hormone treatments to deal with my ‘dilemma.’ As one would imagine, these were difficult years, but somehow I muddled through them. It was clear to me that not only did I want to be a man, but that I was attracted to them.

I was greatly relieved upon finally attending a faraway college after school. My life did not become much easier, but at least I was finally able to live as a man.

As one would imagine, however, this was complicated. I was not able to shower with the males, nor, understandably, able to use a urinal. As you would imagine, I had to be very cautious and could not expose myself to even the most appealing individuals at college.  

After jumbling through varsity, where I am pleased to report I did have a few discrete sexual encounters at some of the more remote pubs, I finally settled into a pleasant existence when I commenced working. By now, I had also fully realized that overtly masculine guys were my preference.

Despite my masculine lifestyle, I was, mostly seen by everyone as being gay. ‘You’re just too pretty to be a real man,’ became the universal assessment by most people who engaged me.

Understandably, I again, as at college, lived a double life. In my social life, I was content to interact as a man, albeit being considered gay. In my private life, I again trolled the more remote pubs. I also gave vent to my sexual proclivities by exposing my sexuality to anonymous men. There were the few who freaked out when I explained that I was a transman. In most cases, however, the intrigue of my ‘disposition’ proved to be rather alluring. I was also rather fortunate that I never got into a confrontational situation due to my bizarre status quo.

My highest success was with bi-curious men and quite often, I got propositioned to have a scene with a man and his girlfriend. This scenario did not appeal to me at all because I had no lesbian inclinations.

At this point in my life, I decided to join a gym. I was not a fitness fanatic but reasoned that keeping in shape could do me no harm. The gym I joined operated from five a.m. until nine p.m. daily. I always hated getting up early and decided that I would rather visit the gym after eight in the evenings. This arrangement suited me because the gym was empty by then, and I could deal with the change rooms far more comfortably.

With far fewer men around, I was also able to take advantage of the glorious steam room at the gym, which I adored. Naturally, I would have to do so with a towel around my waist.

On my three visits a week, I shortly encountered a magnificent male specimen who was heavily into bodybuilding. Esau, as I would come to know, was the embodiment of masculinity. What made him even more stunning was the shroud of tattoos that blanketed his entire frame. As if that was not enough, Esau also had an uncut dick like a donkey that he proudly allowed to hang between his open legs as he relaxed in the steam room.   

By the time I got to the steam room after eight-thirty, Esau and I were generally the last two occupants. Fascinated as I was, I did my best not blatantly stare at the treasure trove displayed between his muscular thighs. I was relieved that I did not have a cock, and therefore, had nothing to try to hide under my towel. My pussy, however, juiced with gratification as I stole glances. I surveyed every inch of his magnificence, from his enormous broad feet to his thick manly fingers. My daily voyeurism became like a fix to a junkie, and I could not wait for my next injection of lust.

For the first few weeks, we never communicated. It was, therefore, alarming one evening when this god finally spoke to me.

“Hi, I’m Esau,” he said.

“Oh, I am… Daryl,” I retorted in shock.

“Daryl, this is none of my business, and if you find me offensive, I apologize in advance… You always have a towel around your hips. Why is that?” he added with a smile, before continuing, “Are you uncomfortable being naked?”

“Yes… Have you ever heard of AIS?” I then boldly replied, chancing my luck after weeks of frustration.

“Huh… What’s that?” Esau asked with a puzzled frown.   

“Androgen insensitivity syndrome,” I answered.

“Fuck… That sounds complicated; what does it mean?” Esau countered.

After I rose to my feet and before departing, I looked at him and impishly dared, “Google it.” 

Seconds later, Esau joined me in the change room.

“Fuck… If I have offended you, I am sorry,” he pleaded.

As I now removed my towel, his eyes focussed on my crotch. With his eyes spinning in his head, he cried out, “Jesus… I thought you might be cock shy, but… You don’t have one!” he exclaimed.

I laughed inwardly at his honest faux pas.

“Is… That a real pussy?” he innocently blurted.     

 “Yes, I am a transman, a man with a pussy,” I countered.

“But… Is that possible?” Esau stammered.

“Yes, apparently, I’m one of those 0.1 percent people in the world,” I answered with a laugh.

“Shit… Can I take you for a drink because I want to hear all about this.” Esau enthusiastically responded.

After agreeing, we both put on our tracksuits before I followed him outdoors.

“Follow me,” he said as he climbed onto his motorbike.

On the short journey, I was both nervous and excited. Much as I found Esau gorgeous, this was not a done deal, and I reminded myself that he was possibly just curious.

After we entered the pub, however, his demeanour toward me changed. I began to feel like a girl on a date as he began doting on me. Over the next twenty minutes, as I gave him the lowdown on my situation, he was mesmerized. Along with his fascination, a growing lust began intoxicating me. As his sexy hands moved around the table as he frequently embraced his beer bottle, all I could think about was the sight of his hand around his cock. 

In summation, Esau eventually said, “So, no babies or periods.”

I found this very amusing and began to laugh before he joined in.

“So, Daryl, what was your former name?” he asked.

“Darryl, with the extra R,” I answered.

Esau now looked at me pensively before he asked, “So… What are your plans in life?”

“To live as a man and be happy,” I answered.

“But what about marriage?” he countered.

“Well, I can’t have kids, and I am happy being a man, so I have no plans for that,” I concluded.

“Mmm, but that could be complicated. I mean, if you do marry one day, your husband might not be happy being considered a ‘gay man,’ he challenged.

“That is a long way off, Esau. I’ll deal with that if and when it arises,” I answered, before continuing, “But, that enough about me. Now I want to hear your history,” I countered.

I was not astounded when he told me about his ultraconservative religious upbringing. With a name like Esau, that was not surprising. In conclusion, he told me that he and his folks were estranged and that with all his tattoos and etcetera, his father saw him as the Antichrist.

“Does that make you sad?” I questioned.

“Nah… It is what it is,” Esau resignedly replied.

“So, do you want to marry and have kids?” I asked.

“That is a long way off,” he mischievously answered, echoing my earlier answer.

Much as I was dying to have sex with him, I decided to show discretion and said, “Listen, buddy, I need to go home. I had a heavy day and need an early night.”

This was a lie, and I needed to have something to eat, having skipped lunch that day. Additionally, I reasoned that a bit of restraint would make me more alluring.

A flash of disappointment crossed his face at my revelation, and it was as if his eyes were willing me to stay.

“Oh, okay,” he replied, before adding, “So… I’ll see you at the gym?”

“Sure,” I answered before departing.

That night in bed, I had a difficult time trying to fall asleep. The excitement of my evening soon had my fingers excitedly strumming my pussy. With three fingers eventually spearing into my snatch, all I could think about was Esau’s enormous cock ramming into me.

Although I had no plans to visit the gym the following evening, I was very tempted to do so. With great control, I did not.

The following day, however, my heart lifted as I saw him hard at work when I got busy on my first of five disciplines.

When I got to the cardio-cycling machine, Esau sauntered over to me. There was nobody in proximity.

“Hi, how are you?” he asked as my legs hurriedly did their thing.

“Fine,” I answered as I slowed down.

Next, Esau extended his hand before enclosing it around my fingers. I had never had physical contact before with him, and his touch sent a bolt of electricity through me. This deed got enhanced further by the tender look in his eyes.

“Will I see you in the steam room? He asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Cool, don’t take too long,” he answered before heading for the change room.

When I entered the steam room, he was sitting in his customary position. The only difference was that his cock appeared semi-erect and even more impressive than usual.

“Remove your towel and sit next to me, baby,” he instructed in a gravelly tone.

“But what about the other patrons?” I nervously questioned.

“I’m an old hand in this gym and know everyone. There is nobody left that uses the steam room,” Esau replied self-assuredly, as he tapped the seat next to him.

After I sat, he leaned over and kissed me. As I tried to pull away in surprise, his bulky hand cupped my head and anchored my head to his whim. Esau was not a gentle kisser, and his kneading lips and lashing tongue quickly set the pace for our rigorous oral encounter. It was heavenly!

“I am sorry that I am acting like a randy dog, but all I have been able to think about for the past two days is you,” he grunted before again attacking my mouth ardently before I could respond.

The melee that followed was glorious as my body got forcibly lowered back onto the slatted bench in the steam room. Esau’s head then zeroed in on my pussy. Duplicating as his lips and tongue action, as he went ballistic on my snatch. Although I did not have female breasts, this did not stop him from vigorously tweaking my nipples simultaneously.

I gaped like a fish out of water because his double stimulation was incredible. Esau muffed me as if he was seeing pussy for the first time.

“Fuck, I cannot believe I am eating pussy in the steam room,” he gasped before again suctioning onto my cunt. I was in ecstasy as I clamped onto his shaved head.   

After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, Esau rose and presented his dick to my mouth.

Jesus, this thing is fuckin’ huge,’ I thought, as my lips began to nibble on his foreskin.

With his left hand behind my head and his right hand cupping the bottom of my jaw, Esau made it clear what he wanted next. When his fat knob commenced force-feeding my mouth, I began to think that was jaw was about to dislocate.

“Eat my fuckin’ meat,” he intoned, vigorously assailing my mouth. 

Much as my jaw was straining, I let him use my mouth as he saw fit. After a minute or two of our session, we got a reality check, as a voice from outside the steam room boomed that the gym would be closing in ten minutes.

We both darted off to the change room instantly and began to dress.

As we did so, Esau looked at me and commanded, “This is far from over. As we leave, you will follow me home.”

“Where do you live,” I meekly questioned.

“Close by,” was all he proffered.

When we got to his place, he pulled into his garage and instructed me to leave my vehicle on the driveway.

Once inside, Esau did not indulge in welcoming niceties before being frogmarched toward the bedroom. After our tracksuits vanished off our bodies, before being flung onto the bed for his next cunnilingus savouring. It was clear that my enlarged clit appealed to him enormously. Esau’s, spirited lip action as he tormented my man in the boat in a hurricane of saliva was breathtaking.  

When Esau finally moved up my torso before inserting his cock, my bloated sailor got flogged vigorously before his animated entry. With his hips in full cry as he hovered on outstretched arms, I yelped as my cunt got badgered by his oversized phallus. I had never experienced anything close to this before and whimpered like a virgin on her wedding night.

“You’re fuckin’ incredible. No PMS, no pregnancy worries, just tight delight,” he gushed as he plowed into me. I’m going to fuck you all night,” Esau growled, as my legs got spread as wide open as my joints would allow.

Watching his animalistic undulations was riveting as he hammered into me, especially with the escalating moistness of his excited frame.

As Esau began to grunt, the harshness of his thrusting reached a fever pitch when his primordial dance became hectic.

“Oh, fuck, yes, you little bitch, now I’m going to flood you with my spunk,” he growled.

“Ah, Ah, Aah, Aaah,” he roared as his jizz flooded my cunt.   

After collapsing on top of me, he groaned, “You do realize that this is no one-off thing. Daryl, your pussy now belongs to me.”

I was in ecstasy!

We did have a relationship after this. Initially, it was easy but became more difficult after a short while. With Esau already alienated from his family, the familial association was not the issue in that regard. Explaining our relationship with friends, however, proved more difficult. Much as I loved him, when he suggested that I revert to being a woman, I made it clear that this was not an option.

Fortunately, one by one, his friends were enlightened and appeared to be cool with it. Oddly, after that, my only problem was keeping some of his friends at bay when Esau was not around. I regularly got fingered by one or the other and was often quite tempted to go all the way, but always refrained from doing so because Esau was enough for me.  

The future possibility of an orgy, however, constantly played on my mind. 

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