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The Grocery Delivery

“Thanks! I’ll get them in a minute.” Mike called out from down the hall when the doorbell rang. Grabbing a towel, he wiped the sweat from his face. He had been lifting weights and forgotten that his wife had told him about the InstaShop order. It would be delivered just before she arrived home.

Mike had lost track of time because it was later than he thought. He didn’t bother grabbing a shirt. The delivery guy was always the same nerdy, fat guy. Mike never spoke to him. He was not in a hurry to answer the door because he knew that Sabine had tipped the guy and said to just leave the groceries. Mike would grab them, put them away, and then go finish his workout.

As Mike opened the door to snatch the bags, he gasped as he saw a petite blonde holding two insulated bags.

For a second, the girl said nothing. Then she smiled and spoke sweetly, “Hi there. I’m Lara. I would have dropped off your groceries, but Sabine bought a bottle of wine…”

Mike examined the girl as she spoke. His eyes traveled from her neat, white canvas shoes up her bare legs to her denim shorts and small white tank top. Trying to avoid making it obvious he noticed her nipples poking through her shirt, he lifted his eyes to meet hers. His mouth was agape without him realizing. He had never had such a hot-looking delivery girl. Where was she on the day his wife worked late? When he didn’t respond, he noticed the girl began to check him out in return.

Mike smirked, wiping a hand through his hair casually. “Oh, yeah? Well, I left my wallet in the kitchen. I’ll, uh, go get it.” As he was about to turn away, he heard the girl call out.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll join you and set these down while you get it.” She smiled and continued, “It’s hot out here.”

Mike smiled and answered, “Kitchen is this way.” He let Lara follow him so she wouldn’t notice the reaction forming in his basketball shorts. His mind couldn’t focus on anything else. He was thinking about finding a way to get Lara to come back another day. Reaching the counter, Mike snatched his wallet and retrieved his license.

Lara had walked past him and set the bags on the floor to unload them. She unzipped the bags and set them on the side of the counter.

As she bent over with her back to him, Mike groaned softly, noticing her ass. Trying some humor to distract himself, he said, “I know my wife already gave you a tip; you don’t have to do this extra.” Instead of helping her, he just watched as she turned and winked.

“Oh, I know,” Lara replied with a sly grin, staring him in the eyes. “But I figured maybe you wanted to give me your own…” her eyes darted to the tent forming in his shorts and then back up at his eyes before continuing, “tip.” Winking, she hooked her thumbs in her shorts and waited for a response.

Mike chuckled as he realized his body had given away his thoughts. “I would definitely love to give you something.” He paused as he glanced up at the time. It was twenty minutes until his wife was due home. “But my wife is due home in fifteen minutes.”

Expecting to see Lara frown, Mike was surprised at her reaction. He watched as Lara unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, slid them down, and turned around—all within seconds.

“I promise you’ll only need ten or less,” she giggled as she bent over the counter, exposing her bare ass.

Mike felt the sweat dripping from his brow as his erection grew further. He would have to do something to relieve himself of this hard-on, and her perfectly round bottom had presented itself as a solution. Giving into his need and thinking no further, Mike yanked his basketball shorts down and moved to Lara. Holding a fleshy cheek with one hand, he ran his tip along her moistened slit.

Hearing her moan, he pushed against her wet lips and into her without any hesitation. Her tight warmth wrapped around his shaft and squeezed him as he sank deeper. He was amazed at how wet she was. Holding onto her hips, he built a rhythm as his speed quickened. Seeing her upper body splayed over his marble counter only increased his lustful movements.

Mike felt his balls tighten, and he knew she was right about how quickly she would make him cum. Mike had never gotten off so quickly before. Perhaps two weeks without sex from Sabine had fueled his need. As he thrust deeper and harder into Lara, he noticed her gripping at the counter and heard her moan.

Feeling Lara’s walls squeezing him as he moved, Mike couldn’t hold off any longer.

“Fuck,” Mike groaned.

Gripping her hips tightly, he thrust one final time into her depths as he released his seed. Dizzy from the strength of his orgasm, Mike leaned against Lara’s back for a moment.

Mike stood up and slid out. Sabine would be home in five minutes. If he was back in the weight room, Sabine would never know what happened. Pulling up his shorts quickly, he asked, “Need a towel or anything?”

“Mmm,” Lara shook her head and fixed her shorts. “I’ll keep it. Thanks.” Turning towards the door, she announced, “I gotta go anyways.”

Mike watched Lara start to leave. He wished he had time for more. His ID was still on the counter. It would give him another minute with her. “Wait a second. My ID,” he called to her as she was opening the door. “For the wine.”

Lara walked through the door, looking back at Mike. “I forgot. Sabine didn’t order wine.” Giggling as she walked through the door, Lara called out, “Have a great day!”

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