The girl on the grass triangle

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A young teen girl plays on the grass triangle outside my home and I aim to make her mine

I’ve been watched the girl on the grass outside my house lately maybe 13 long blonde hair normal build but tall for her age ,she plays outside as if she has no friends and she does not live near me. She always smiles and says hi and it makes my cock move in my shorts the thought of her little tits and hairless pussy waiting to be fingered.Every day she is there rain snow sun she outside by herself kicking a ball around, I’ve decided to see who she is and how far I can go so I started talking to her normal stuff it’s nice out it’s raining you on your own and she started talking saying she lived 2 streets away her mum was always drunk or on drugs so she just goes out till bed time .Not nice at all but even better for me I have her a bottle of energy drink and some crisps she smiled at me and sat down on the grass even though it was damp ,I them told her if you need toilet or anything just knock as mine is only house overlooking the grass triangle .I went back in and watched her as I had a wank and it felt good all the thoughts in my head .
Was the next day when I heard my door it was her saying can I use your toilet please I let her in she was wearing a little dress and tights and trainers no coat even though it’s wet I showed her we’re it was and off she went when she come down I was on my Ps5 and she looked in and said wow never seen one before can I watch you not a problem I said as she sat on the floor as I looked at her I could see up her dress and see top of her tights which gave me a boner I so wanted to just get it out and wank but thought the better don’t know her that we’ll yet. After I whole she said I better go out I been too long you not want me here then I said your free to sit in here when ever even if I’m out just come in the back door her face lit up and off she went outside . The next few days she came in for a warmth and s drink or toilet then I had a plan I told her I was out tomorrow if she was around could she just pop in and feed my cat she looked amazed yes she said and I showed her where spare key was hidden and cat food was and she promised that she would , I wasn’t going out but I was going hide in loft and watch on my cameras I had around the house .
The next day arrived I was late when I saw her on the grass so I hide in the loft and after about 20 mins saw her come in the back she straight away fed the cat then sat down on the sofa where I had left the TV and a bottle of coke which I had put a few pills in.She drunk that and was watching TV when I saw her nodding off and it was time for me to go down, I crept into the living room and she was lying back on the sofa she was wearing a denim skirt and white t shirt tucked in I noticed that she didn’t budge when I come so I knew the pills had worked I went over and shook her nothing I groped her small boobs nothing so I lifted her T-shirt up and she had s white bra on very small but excellent by now my cock was at its hardest a full 10 inches I slid my hands under her bra rubbing her now erect nipples like mini jelly tots man was it nice I knelt down and slid a hand up her skirt and ran my fingers along her slit bet I was the first I got my cock out and was wanking it while licking her tit and feeling her slit not long before I was ready to shoot only one place this is going on n her mouth I opened it and stream after stream shot in and flowed down her throat . That was my first time with her and I knew going to many more I took some photos on my phone just incase never to happen again then pulled her T-shirt down and went out and watched on my phone from my car I had parked round the corner.She awake about 60 mins later just straightened her self up and left locking the door I drove home and she was on the grass I asked if all went ok she said yes but I was tired fell asleep on your sofa hope was ok oh yes it’s fine thanks . She never mentioned anything so you know the pills worked .roll on next time

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