The Full Weekend Part One

Though she was a couple of years older than me she had in fact been my little brother’s girlfriend at one time and her name was Linda. She also had a boyfriend who she sometimes stayed with in the apartment below my sister’s home, but to whom as I unfold the events of what will be part one of a two-part story you will see she was totally faithless to.

My sister had been an avid drug user ever since getting hooked in her teens (luckily she has now kicked the habit so to speak and has been sober for quite a few years), my marriage had recently broken down and I was staying at my sister’s for a while whilst looking for a place of my own and her home was a hotbed of drug use and pot-smoking though that never interested me very much.

This two-part story begins on the Friday afternoon when I was just relaxing at my sisters as she was in her room sleeping, I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it there was Linda asking for my sister so I told her that she was sleeping but invited her in anyway as though I had lived away from my home town for many years I knew Linda from when she was kicking around with my little brother (who had since moved into exclusive gay relationships).

She came in and sat on the sofa and began smoking a joint and I must admit I did like the smell of the pot and tobacco mixture, though I had never been a smoker I did not mind others smoking around me. The more she smoked the more I saw her stealing glances at my body as I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt but I pretended not to notice and carried on reading my book with an occasional bit of small talk between us.

After a while she said to me, “You are quite an attractive guy, do you know that.”

To which I replied, “Its a shame my wife did not think so.”


By this time she was no longer sitting on the sofa but had moved off and was now with her butt on the floor and her back against the sofa, I walked over and picked her up into my arms and planted one hell of a kiss on her full lips and placed her back on the sofa. I might have gone further then but my sister had chosen to wake up and was coming down the stairs so that put paid to that – for the time being.

Later that night as I laid naked on my sleeping bag on the floor in the bedroom I had taken at my sister’s house as she had sold most of her furniture for drugs, once again she had succumbed to them and was sleeping. As I was reading my book I heard a knock on the door which was below the bedroom so I looked out of the window to see Linda standing there so I asked her what she wanted as it was quite late and everyone was sleeping.

She replied, “You’re not asleep, so why don’t you let me in.” I reiterated with her that it was quite late but she was insistent and really I guessed at what she was there for so I went down still naked and opened the door and let her in. She followed me back upstairs and I could feel her eyes on my nude form. She followed me into the bedroom and I feigned indifference and lay down again on my sleeping bag and picked my book up again.

She was staring at me and especially at my cock when she said, “Are you going to do what you did this afternoon again?”

“What was that,” I queried knowing full well what she was referring to.

“You know,” she replied, “pick me up in your arms and kiss me, like you did earlier.”


Obviously, I was very happy to comply and stood up, lifted her into my arms and kissed her full on the lips. I then laid her down on my sleeping bag and proceeded to take down the leggings she was wearing, which prompted her to ask what I was doing to which I replied that which she had come for. There was no resistance only submission and even the raising of her back to facilitate the removal of these and her panties, it had been a while since I had had any sex so once I entered her it was over quite quickly and she sort of let out a sigh and asked me if that was all that I had. Having lived in Spain for some years I told her that in Spain that is what we call a Tapa: but I was more than willing to give her both the half and full rations but that we would need to go to her house as I did not want my sister waking up and walking in on us as she nearly did that afternoon and ruining the moment.

As we walked to her house which was about a ten-minute walk I told her not to get any romantic inclinations and that I was only going with her to satisfy my animal lusts and she said that was fine as she was not getting much from her boyfriend anyway.

We finally reached her house and went straight up to the bedroom and divulged ourselves of our clothing ready to fuck each other silly. We began by her proffering me her rear as she wanted to be taken from behind and so I played with her by stroking her pussy with my fingers making her wetter and wetter until I inserted first one and then another making her writhe away to the rhythm of my finger movements.

I could sense that she was close to an orgasm so I brought forward my already stiffened rod and placed it were a few moments before my fingers had been at work and I started pumping in and out, in and out as she moved her ass to the same beat and we came together in a spasm of pleasure and as my juices filled her sweet hot fanny I could feel in turn her juices running down my cock and onto my ball sack.

Recalling and writing these memories as I sit here in the heat of a Mediterranean day my cock is stiff and I can feel pre-cum dripping, but hey back to the story:

As my cock began to droop she turned around and we kissed and checked each others back teeth out with our tongues and she stroked my rod back into hardness with her gentle hands and then took it into her mouth tasting both her own and my juices as I held her head and guided her speed over my now re-engorged member. I let her know that I was close and that soon I would be bursting forth and asked if she wanted me to remove it but she just tightened her grip with that sweet mouth of hers until I shot my load and she consumed it all.


It was now my turn to give her some oral pleasure and I was eager for this as I loved going down on a woman, I asked her if she had any ice cubes in the freezer and she went and got one with a puzzled look upon her face. As she lay down with that glorious hole in front of me I took the ice cube and played with it first on her labia and then on the interior, she had never experienced this before and was soon bucking wildly with the pleasure of the ice on her most intimate area. I then went to work with my tongue tasting the saltiness of her being and inhaling the beautiful musk of her nether regions.

Within minutes she was once again having an orgasm, her second that night, I asked if she liked the half and full rations better than the tapa and she kissed me once again saying nothing but enjoying the taste of her own cum on my lips.

We took a short break there in each other’s arms, gathering our energies to get down to it again just as the old term says we were snogging, kissing each other on the lips, the neck and ear lobes and down below the engines were once again stirring into life.

I lay on my back and she laid on top of me, we carried on kissing but my hands were roaming all over her body eventually cupping her beautifully rounded buttocks my fingers once again searching for her inner parts making small circular movements making her sigh and moan in pleasure. She then raised her body and sat astride me moving her wet pussy up and down along my dick, when it was hard enough she took it in her hand and guided it inside and rode me like a cowboy in a Texas rodeo, slowing down a little as she felt my twitches that signalled I was close to an explosion again. She was very skilled and time it perfectly so that once again we climaxed together.

I asked if she had any particular fantasies that I could help her fulfill and she replied that there was one but I could not do it alone as she wanted me and my brother at the same time but that would have been difficult even if my brother had not moved on to practically exclusive gay relationships as we were in East Yorkshire and my brother was living it up in the much more free and somewhat less repressed society and anonymity of London.

I mentioned to her that if that were ever to happen then obviously it would involve anal and she, like a little she-devil, laughed at that and invited me to do exactly that.


Old Willie was already well lubricated so bending her back over the bed again I gently probed pushing ever so softly until it started to enter her rear and I could tell it was not her first time doing this. I was soon in up to the hilt thrusting away with a passion as my balls slapped her cheeks obviously her ass was not as lubricated as was her pussy and so it did feel tighter which also increased my libido and I could feel my cock growing harder than it had ever done so before as it moved in the tight environs of her anus.

As I went in and out (almost) she masturbated herself playing with her labia and clitoris, things were really hotting up and once again we were both about to climax, this time she came first and I came inside her a few moments later.

We were both ridding ourselves of our sexual frustrations that night, I decided to ask her if she would like to do something to me that I had only heard of recently but was wanting to try and that was to put her finger into my ass and stroke my prostate which I had been told really increased the power of your orgasm and being the good little nymphomaniac that she was she readily agreed.

She lubricated her finger with some of her pussy juices and inserted it a little at the time probing for the prostate soon finding it as I moaned in the exquisite pleasure it gave and sending my cock back into the stratosphere. This was one of the best things I had ever felt and after a short while my balls emptied completely without even a touch on my dick but just from the rubbing on the prostate gland, I do not think I had ever had such a powerful orgasm and for the first time that night I actually moaned in pleasure.

Linda then said to me; “Oh you can make sounds whilst having sex then”, I asked her what she meant and she told me that I had not made a sound the whole night apart from the slapping of the balls and the squishing in her pussy. I had to laugh and tell her that was because I watched a lot of western movies – she had a puzzled look on her face when I said that and I told her that it was because I was the strong silent type which made her laugh and ended what had been so far the best night of fucking that I had ever had and according to Linda that she had had too. We said we would repeat very soon but sadly that was the only time that Linda and I got together.

I had received a job offer in London and as my little brother was there I decided to take it as it came with accommodation down by Kew Bridge which really was a lovely place to live right along the Thames. The weekend in East Yorkshire, however, was not yet over and my sister had another friend who would provide me with another day (and night) of great sex but that will be what forms the second part of this two-part story.

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