The French Kiss

Hannah was frustrated. She had come to Europe three weeks ago with her two best friends on vacation and had a wonderful time in England seeing the sights and exploring the cold grey streets of London before heading for Paris. They had gone to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame cathedral and loved it.

But her friend, Louise, had taken off last night with a tall Frenchman and still hadn’t returned to the hotel. They had planned a boat trip along the Seine river today but couldn’t leave till she returned and there was no word from her yet. Rebecca, her best friend from college didn’t seem to care and wanted to go without Louise but Hannah wanted to wait for her. 

“What if she comes back and we aren’t here?” she said. “She wanted to go on this cruise, we can’t leave her.”

Louise was an impulsive girl, she always did what she wanted, especially men, and there was no way to know if she would come back or stay with her new lover all day, so Rebecca convinced her they should go without her. “We will miss the trip if we wait, and she is probably still fucking his brains out! Send her a text and she can meet us there if she wants to,” she said, throwing a smile to Hannah.

“She will be fine.”

So they left the hotel and walked down to the banks of the river in the late morning sunshine, Hannah in a flowery dress and Rebecca in hot pants and a very low-cut top that didn’t really leave much to the imagination. She was very cute in that outfit, thought Hannah as she watched her friend go down the stairs in front of her, watching as all the guys turned to look at her as she passed, then seeing the look of desire in their eyes as they walked on. She knew how they felt.


She had secretly had a crush on Rebecca since college but she could never tell her. She knew Rebecca liked girls, but Hannah was far too shy to tell her about her feelings and had got used to just looking and dreaming about her as she lay in bed at night, imagining herself being naked with her best friend and what it would be like to feel her breasts caress her body as she kissed her best friend. She pushed that thought from her mind, not for the first time, and followed Rebecca to the mooring point and boarded their riverboat along with perhaps ten other people.

She watched the shore for Louise as they waited but there was no sign of her as the boat pulled away, so she stopped thinking about her and sat chatting with Rebecca as they watched the beautiful historic city flow gently past them. 

The guy opposite was didn’t seem very interested in the sights, however, and had been watching them the whole trip, so Rebecca leaned in to whisper, “Which one of us do you think he wants to fuck?!” Making Hannah giggle as she looked at him. He was looking directly at her and she blushed furiously, knowing she was the object of his desire. 

“Bonjour, mademoiselle,” he said in a husky french voice. “J’mappele Bertrand,” as he rose to greet her, offering her his hand.

She smiled sweetly at him and replied in English, “Hi, my name’s Hannah and this is Rebecca, we are here on vacation in your wonderful city,” and reached her hand to his to shake it. He gripped her fingers lightly and bowed his head, looking in her eyes as he raised her hand to his lips and lightly kissed her hand. 

“Hello, beautiful American girl,” he said, and did the same thing with Rebecca, causing her to blush too. 


“Well, hello there!” she replied, “I see chivalry is still alive and well here,” and he smiled at her.

He turned back to Hannah and asked, “Are you enjoying your visit?”

“It’s wonderful,” she answered, “but we have only been here two nights so far. We haven’t seen much so far.” 

“Ah, such a shame. Would you like me to show you and your friend some of the sights of Paris? I could be your personal tour guide, show you some of the more interesting places to go?!”

“That would be nice,” Rebecca said quickly. Hannah shot her a glance, but Rebecca carried on. 

“I was told there are old passages and tunnels full of strange things here in Paris, have you ever seen them?” she asked. 


“Ah, but of course I know them,” he replied. “The catacombs are very close! I will take you there!” 

Hannah looked at him, he was tall, with dark flowing shoulder-length hair and deep blue eyes and very well built,  exactly the type she would normally like, but much more exotic than her last few boyfriends and she found herself thinking about how she would like him to fuck her, feeling her nipples stiffen as she did. He had noticed it too, looking at her chest and smiling as he saw the shape of them under her dress. 

They got off the boat together, the two friends in front as they walked down the gangplank and stopped at the end. He gently bumped into Hannah as he walked behind and she felt his groin against her hip as he apologised, feeling his bulge grow as he did, and liking the feeling of his cock against her. She smiled and they carried on together, heading to a small locked doorway just off the main street that didn’t seem to be connected to any shop or home. He pulled the lock free, knowing it was only there for show, and the door creaked open, revealing a dark passage leading to some ancient staircase cut straight from the bedrock and gestured for them to enter.

As he followed he pulled the door behind him, leaving them in pitch black as he tried to locate the lights. When he did find it he saw the two friends standing nervously together, Hannah had grabbed Rebecca’s hand in the dark. 

“Do not worry,” he chuckled, “nothing scary in these tunnels, this is where I come when I want to be alone,” he told them. Hannah laughed nervously but didn’t let go of Rebecca. She could tell Rebecca was afraid too but he led them down the staircase to the tunnels below. They followed for perhaps 100 yards, coming to a small side tunnel to the left, which opened up into a large open space filled with furniture and things. 

“My own little cave, away from the world,” he said as he motioned to a comfortable-looking bed in the corner. “Would you ladies like a drink?” he asked, heading to a fridge in the corner. 


“Sure,” Rebecca said, sitting on the bed with Hannah. He brought three glasses and a large bottle of champagne and poured them in silence, watching Hannah as he did.

They all took a drink and sat together quietly for a moment, until Bertrand said, “I think you are the most beautiful American girls I have ever seen! I would like to show you something.” As he did, Hannah smiled.

“What is it?” She asked. 

“Look behind your head,” he told her, pointing out a faint drawing on the wall behind her. “This was done by Vincent Van Gogh over a hundred years ago, while he lived here in Paris. He painted it as a tribute to the prostitute who lived here under the city. He was her favourite customer, and he painted it as he lay in this very spot making love to her.”

They looked at the faint image and saw it was a portrait of a beautiful girl, naked and demure, with a glint in her eye that said as much as any words. This girl wanted whoever was painting her, her eyes full of lust and desire, her pretty features seeming to move in the flickering light. Hannah looked as Bertrand came up behind her and leaned into her.

“I lie here often thinking about her, how beautiful she is and how much she liked the man painted her on the wall.” She felt him against her and reached out to him subconsciously, touching his leg and feeling how strong his thigh was.


“Oh, sorry,” she stammered at him but didn’t move her hand. She liked his muscled body and felt his hand on her back. She turned to face him, looking into his eyes as he stood there, feeling her hand on his leg and gently kissed her lips, as she pushed herself into his body. She could feel his cock twitching in his pants as the blood flowed into it, her hand drawn to the bulge as his tongue traced her lips and his hand running up her back. She felt her nipples against her dress as he stroked her hair from her face and he obviously did too, his cock reacting and growing in her hand as he kissed her. She started to reach for his button, releasing his cock to spring up to its full length as he kissed her and she stroked his now stiff cock, Rebecca watching from the bed. 

“Mmmm,” she said, “that looks tasty.” Hannah looked at her and agreed. 

“Would you mind if my friend sucked your cock?” she asked him as Rebecca’s hand reached out for his dick and gently touching her lips to his swollen glands as Hannah pulled his cock towards her. She fed his cock into her friend’s mouth as he pulled her dress over her head and felt her tits as Rebecca sucked him, and Hannah stroked him. As she stood there naked Rebeccas hand found her bum, gently rubbing her buttocks as she flicked the head of his cock with her tongue. 

“He tastes delicious,” she said to Hannah. “You should try him!” So she sank to her knees in front of him and cupped his huge balls as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, her eyes looking into her friends as they both tasted him. She took his length in her mouth as Rebecca stripped and lay on the bed in front of them, her hand rubbing her pussy as she watched her friend suck off a complete stranger in this dark cavern, Hannah getting wet as she watched her secret crush play with herself. She could feel his cock rock hard in her mouth as he watched her too, so she stopped and led him to Rebecca, feeding his cock into her mouth again as she bent down to her friend’s pussy.

She kissed it, gently at first but eager to taste her friend’s pussy that she had craved for years, slowly running her tongue around her clitoris and tasting her wet pussy as she pushed a finger inside. Rebecca moaned with pleasure as she did, feeling her wet pussy in her friend’s lips for the first time and grabbed her head, pushing herself into Hannah’s face. She ground herself deeper into Rebecca’s vagina, all her dreams coming true as she tasted her friend for the first time, savouring her juices as she licked her. Bertrand moaned, Rebecca was sucking him deep and he was about to cum, so Hannah told him to fuck her now as she lay eating Rebecca’s shaved snatch, rubbing her own pussy as he came up behind her.

As his cock touched her she could feel Rebecca come to orgasm, her body stiffening as she did, her pussy gushing all over Hannah’s face just as Bertrand slid his cock into her. He fucked her hard from behind as she licked Rebecca’s pussy, cumming herself as she did. She screamed out, her pussy pulsating on his cock as he fucked her hard and deep and her friend cumming again. After yet another orgasm, Rebecca pleaded with her, “Let me suck it again, I want to taste your cock with her cum all over it!”


He pulled out and stood in front of the girls as Rebecca sucked him first, then passed him to Hannah, taking turns on his cock as he tensed, his cum shot all over them both. They sat there as he spurted his load of sticky white cum over them both, coating Rebeccas black tits and Hannah’s face as they both rubbed their pussies.

Rebecca leaned to Hannah and licked the cum off her face as Bertrand watched, his cock still dripping. They both licked his dick, not wanting to waste his cum as they looked at each other with his dick between them. Hannah started to lick his cum from Rebecca’s tits as she continued to clean up his cock. They all lay there catching their breath before the girls had to dress, just as Louise text to say she was back at the hotel. They went back and opened the door for their friend without speaking of their encounter, but both knew the next time she wanted to go out alone they would be going nowhere, they would be fine in the hotel room exploring their newfound sexuality together!

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