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The First Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives: The Phone Call

This is my first story on Lush. It is also the first story for a series of shorts.

He asked her over the phone call that he was making during his break at work, “Is the contract still valid?”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked.

“In light of recent developments within our relationship, are you still willing and ready to go forward and honor the terms within the contract we signed?”

“I suppose,” she responded.

“I suppose is not an adequate response, my dear.  Today is Friday and when I get home from work, I need a confirmation and an affirmation that you are ready, willing, and able to execute the expectations and demands contained within the contract.  This is your out.  If you want to continue life as if the contract does not exist, you must let me know now.”

Recent strains to their marriage had her feeling frustrated and indecisive regarding this matter.  She had been feeling undesired and unattractive to her husband for quite some time. She had recently caught him looking at erotic material with pictures and videos of other women.  Women that she did not resemble both physically and lifestyle-wise. He even admitted that he had communicated with some of them. She was hurt.  She was jealous.  She felt betrayed. This contract that he was asking her about was scary on so many levels because she didn’t necessarily understand what it was all about to him and to their relationship.  

Was he just trying to manipulate her or use her to fulfill his fantasies about those internet women he had talked to?  They had recently rekindled their romance but it had only been for a short time and this had the chance to change all of that.  ‘Why does he want this?  When did he start thinking about this?’  

While the exploration of new, erotic, and naughty experiences with the man she loves did intrigue her, it was still so far from the norm that it was intimidating, to say the least.  ‘He wants this but is it something that I want?  I just want him to want me.’

“Yes… I want to honor the contract,” was her reply.  The insecurity and agitation were apparent in her voice.

“Very well then… I will arrive home around four o’clock.  You should be showered and naked in our bedroom, waiting for me. I will text you when I am on my way. Prior to my arrival, you will assume the kneeling position near the foot of our bed, facing the door.  You will greet me when I enter the room and I may play with you for a short time… then you will get dressed.  Prepare an attractive dress and lingerie for the evening.  I expect you to be ready by six o’clock.  

“I am taking you to a nice restaurant so dress accordingly.  I haven’t decided as of yet, whether you will be allowed to wear underwear.  This warning is a courtesy that I may not always extend to you.  You should dress classy but your ultimate goal is to make me want to fuck you because tonight, I am going to fuck you.  If you meet my expectations, I may even be gentle… for a while.  Tonight, your purpose is to please me so that I will be encouraged to please you. Expect the night to end in pleasure but if your actions don’t please me, there may be punishment prior to your sexual release. Do you understand, my dear?


“That is your freebee… Now, I ask you again, do you understand the instructions that I have given you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Perfect… now one more thing.  I expect you to keep yourself wet for me throughout the entire weekend.  If that means that you have to periodically masturbate, you may do so with one critical requirement. You cannot allow yourself to cum.  The purpose is to maintain arousal.  You may only cum with my specific and verbal approval. Your orgasms are for me.  I own them, you earn them.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Excellent.  I love you, baby doll.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

“I’m looking forward to this weekend.  You are my life and my joy, baby doll.  See you this afternoon.”

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