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the first communion part 4

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Nancy and Giò toghether: i never dare to think about it!

I walk quietly in the corridor of the house. After a short break in the bathroom to piss and rinse my dick, I calmly head towards Gio’s room; i’m naked, and very relaxed. No need to hide, no need to pretend and no need to hesitate: Giò saw me while i’m fucking Nancy and she did nothing to interrupt or stop us. Actually, she remained there to spy on us until the end …. she can only mean one thing. I am at the door of the room and I see Gio in her bed: the sheets are spread over her as if she had thrown herself under them in a hurry.
“Gio, are you awake?” I ask, knowing that she can hear me. No answer: it looks like I’ll have to do everything by myself. I go to the bed and get on the mattress, i grab the sheets and throw them aside without hesitation, resting on my knees. From the window still comes a dim light, but enough to distinguish the shapes: I see Giò lying on her side with one leg folded over the other, her ass uncovered and her pussy clearly visible, her hands clutching the pillow while her hair is untidy as if she had run and dived on the bed. She’s wearing only a silk nightgown that doesn’t hide her boobs: she’s beautiful and just looking at her cock comes back hard.
I clearly feel her female smell; I caress her pussy, feeling it wet and warm.
“I knew: you are soaked wet” I say gloating.
“You enjoyed the show, didn’t you?” I tell her bending over her.
She doesn’t answer … I know she’s awake, but she wants to play sleeping beauty.
That’s fine: after all, I love it when she is docile. I straddle her leg stretched out on the bed, patting her thigh two times with my cock, just to get it hard, then I point it between her pussy lips, and push hard with the pelvis. My cock slips inside her all of a sudden. She still doesn’t say anything: better! I am in no hurry, I have already come twice with Nancy and I have full control of my erection: I settle better on her, grabbing her hip with both hands and I start to give her deep and rhythmic thrusts.
I see her push her head into the pillow squeezing it tightly with her hands, while her spasms and tremors pervade her.
“Have you already come? Fuck, Giò, you really needed it! You fingered yourself behind the door while I fucking Nancy, right? ” I tell her as I continue to fuck her with long and regular thrusts.
“What a bitch you are! But don’t worry: you know that the third erection can last for hours! I creampied inside Nancy first in her mouth, then in her pussy … now I’m all for you! ”
Giò tries to hold back the moans, but I feel that she is about to cum again. I stop inside her pushing up to her womb, and making her feel all my cock, while with my hand I grab her hair and pull her head back. She continues to keep her eyes shut, but she is panting hard. I come up to her and kiss her on the mouth. After a moment she moves away: she obviously doesn’t want to give me the satisfaction to kiss her. This makes me nervous: I pull my cock out almost completely and then i push into her, to the balls, all of a sudden.
“AAAHH” Giò feels it!
“Ok … let’s see how long you still want to pretend!”
I give her two or three spankings on her ass, and I start fucking her hard. With each slap I feel her pussy contract: I love to fuck her in this way, and I know she likes it too.
“Ah …. ah …. ah ….” Giò gasp on my thrusts and i push her more and more against the headboard of her bed. When I have no more room to move, I go out from her, settle at the foot of the bed, i grab her hips and pull her to me. Now she is lying on her back with her boobs bounce and her arms lie on the mattress, I grab her legs from under her knees and spread them apart: her cunt is open and wet, her clitoris erect. What a show! No matter how many times I look at her: she is always hot! I dip my face into her so inviting and generous cunt, tickling my nose with the tuft of well-groomed and soft hair and begin to lick it. She is very wet, and only now I realize how similar the taste of her is to Nancy, just more intense and more mature. As I devour her cunt, I grab her breasts with her hands, tormenting her nipples that are firm and hard, and I see that she continues to keep her eyes closed, as to pretend not to feel … !
Her breathing is heavy, her head jerks left and right, I feel her belly twitch with spasms every time I run my tongue over her clit, and delicious moans come from her mouth. I get up, place myself between her thighs, and in a second I penetrate her all the way: her head jerks back as soon as I touch her womb, and her mouth opens in a silent moan. I kiss her deeply and let her taste her own taste, while i push my cock as much as possible deep inside her.
“Aaahhhh.” I sigh after leaving Gio’s passive mouth.
“Your pussy is warm and welcoming as ever, Gio! Nancy, have a delicious but very tight pussy, at times I almost felt pain! But your cunt … I know it well! Do you know you almost taste the same as Nancy? Sweet and fresh, but you are tastier …. do you want to know what Nancy tastes like? wanna call her here? ”
Suddenly Giò opens her eyes wide and shouts
“NO ….” Gio has an expression of pure terror on his face which, for some reason, drive me creazy: I had never seen Giò so terrified while I fucking her, and a strange feeling of power goes trhought me: I feel my cock swell even more, I want to see that look of her again.
“So you’re awake” I tell her to tease her.
Giò’s hand flashes through the air and hits me in the face: it burns, but more from surprise than from pain.
“Bastard!” Giò hisses, frowning at her.
A hand from her grabs my neck.
“Lousy bastard! you Animal! You fucked Nancy! You deflowered your daughter! ”
he give me another slap with his free hand, but behind it there is no strength, even her grip is soft: I know Giò, and I know she doesn’t need help to unscrew the jars or to break the walnuts, but now behind these blows there is no strength. However, I don’t like being hit while I fuck her: I grab her arms and push them over her head, holding her wrists tight with one hand.
With her other hand I grab her neck, gently squeezing and looking at her face as my cock sinks deep inside her.
“Yes i did it!” I answer her
“I did and it was fantastic …..” I tell her as I continue pushing hard my cock into her. “and I would do it again, in fact I will do it again!”
“Bastard!” hisses Gio, with a red face … “but i am the one that …. ah …that i have to raise her! She will become a slut! A thirsty slut …ooooHHoooo ”her voice is broken by moans and gasps
“Yes!” I answer “just like you!”
I grab her tits, squeezing it, wile i keep to push inside her: I feel her pussy squeeze and wrap my cock.
“Did you see how I impaled her? I knew you were looking at us: I place her like this for you, so you could enjoy the view! ”
“Ah … AAAHH …. assholeoooo … you’re a damned pigooooooHHHHOOOOO”
She is already shaking into another orgasm, while I enjoy her expressions of convulsive enjoyment of her …. I don’t stop fucking her, I don’t want to give her rest! I want to fuck her until she dizzy! I get out of her from her pussy, lift her slightly and turn her on her stomach, spreading her legs. I love this position: she raises her ass instinctively, extending her arms in an almost submissive way. Her pussy is soaking wet, but closed, and I dive on top of her with my face, grabbing her hips and buttocks, sinking my tongue between those abundant and delicious lips. I rub my face between her buttocks enjoying that female flavor of her, giving her a few little bites on her ass. After a few seconds I get up, place myself between her thighs and penetrate her from behind. I feel her pussy wrap around me, I sink to the bottom and lean my hands on Giò’s shoulders. I feel like a lion! I push hard and long, enjoying Giò’s reactions, completely dominated by me and my cock.
Out of the corner of my eye I notice a light and movement to my right: Nancy is standing at the door of the room, naked, and she is watching us with curious and excited eyes. He looks at me with a questioning expression, as if she asking permission to look, while with his hands she caress her own hips and chest, nervously clenching his legs against each other, rubbing her knees: it is a delight for the eyes, I would be watching her for hours.
Keeping fucking Giò, I look Nancy in the eye and motion her to come inside, silently. She smiles, squinting, as if she’s starting to play hide and seek, she sneaks up to the bed, going behind me, to get a great view of my cock penetrating her mother.
Meanwhile Giò’s moans get louder, and she begins to push back with her hips, banging her ass against me with rhythmic jerks. I feel her pussy lips wrap my cock and glans, giving me fantastic feelinigs, even more intense by knowing that Nancy is watching us. I reject the orgasm with ease and push inside her even harder: she start to cum with a long moan that grow louder.
“OoooooOOOoooOOOoooOOOOOO …”
I take her arms and cross them behind her back, holding her wrists tightly with one hand, as I motion for Nancy to get on the bed. Nancy climbs onto the mattress, crawls to the headboard and lies down on her side. She looks at me with an accomplice and amused air: the sight of her mother under me excites her, but she shows no signs of fear or embarrassment.
I can’t stop pushing my cock inside Giò, who gasps and shakes her head and finally notices Nancy.
“NANCY!” she yells at her.
“what are you doing here? go to bed, now! i’ll deal with you tomorrow!”
for a moment Giò’s sternly tone covers the creaking of the bed and echoes in the room. Of course, in another situation, after those words, Nancy would have run straight to her room without a word, but at that moment she didn’t seem impressed at all; on the contrary, she replied in a seraphic tone:
“why? i did something wrong? I’m just see…”
“You know why! … Luigi, let go me!” Giò says angrily.
Without loosening my grip on her wrists and stayng inside her pussy, I ask her:
“why? she did something wrong? ”
“You know very well, Luigi! I said let go me! ” she hisse as she tries to free herself from my grip.
“Come on, mom: at least tell me what I’ve done!” says Nancy with phony innocence.
“I saw you FUCK, Nancy …” Gio snaps to her daughter.
“Aaaahhhaaaaaa! Did you see us? …. Noooooo ”Nancy smiles and squints like a little girl caught stealing candy, putting her hands on her cheeks. She turns red as a poppy with an expression of sweet embarrassment on her face.
“Oh well … I’ve seen you too! And I see you even now! ”Nancy says with a joyful and disarming tone, so much so that I feel Giò relax under me.
“Even now I see uncle’s cock going in and out of your pussy …. it must feel good!” says Nancy approaching Gio.
“what you saying? Nancy, aren’t you ashamed? …. ”While Giò speaks, with an ever more meek tone I move, lying on my side, bringing her to turn on her side too, stayng inside her.
“Luigi, what are you doing?” Giò tells me with an almost resigned tone, while I grab her leg and bring it over mine, starting to fuck her from behind.
“I just want to show Nancy how beautiful you are while I fuck you!” I say, exposing her to Nancy’s gaze, who look at her with shining eyes.
“It’s true, mom! You are so beautiful when uncle fucks you! Your big boobs are bouncing, and you look so happy! ” says Nancy.
“And look at her pussy, Nancy! it’s all open and wet! She has already cum three times ”, I say to Nancy.
“Luigi! cut it out…. ”says Gio with no effort.
“Three times? Have you cum three times already? You are great, mom! ” says Nancy enthusiastic , who now lying naked on her stomach on the bed, with her face very close to Gio’s cunt.
“What a beautiful pussy you have, mom! I see uncle’s cock running in and out of you like a train! And what funny noises you make! -splat, splat! – ”
“What are you looking at, Nancy? … OOhhh … it seems to you … aaahhh .. right? Go to bed… ” Giò mutters in her panting. I place myself even more on my side, grabbing Giò’s leg from below the knee and pulling it towards me, so as to show even more clearly to Nancy my cock penetrating her mother’s pussy. Giò has no resistance, on the opposite it seems that her movements humor me.
“Help mom to cum, Nancy,” I say suddenly. With no hesitaion, Nancy puts her lips on Giò’s exposed clitoris.
“what? No, Nancy aaaaaaAAAAAAA ”Giò’s words is lost in moans, while Nancy start to lick her pussy.
“How sweet you are, mom … (slap, slurp) your bean is big and sweet like a lollypop” Nancy’s words are alternated at sucking and licking sounds that make me even more aroused. Giò shakes her head panting.
“Ah … ah..oooooh, Nancy..you’re very good … you are such a bitch… a born slut! What was I worried about? AAAAhhhhhhh …. ”
Giò finally let herself go: I let go of her wrists and she immediately reaches out to grab Nancy.
“Come here …. come my little one! I want to eat you all! ”
Giò grabs Nancy’s ankle and pulls it towards her. Nancy chuckles, taken aback, and settles her into a sort of 69 on her side. Giò, she bends over and buries her face between Nancy’s spread thighs, who lick her pussy.
“Nancy, honey, you are really sweet … (slap, slurp) … I also taste Liugi’s cum, in your pussy … you don’t know how many times I’ve dreamed of doing it to you! … oh..ooohhh .. .. ”
I see Giò’s head shaking between Nancy’s legs, while her hands grasp her little ass.
I’m on fire from this situation, i grab Giò’s hips and push hard, with rapid thrusts.
“OOOOOHHH … yes, Nancy, right there, on the clitoris! Lick it, you’re so good…keep going!… (slurp, slap) … ”
Nancy doesn’t answer: her mouth is busy pleasuring her mother and me.
I feel Nancy alternating between licking my cock and Giò’s pussy. Suddenly Giò contracts, squeezing the pussy and shaking all over. I put a hand on Nancy’s head, pushing her mouth on Giò’s clitoris, who begins to tremble convulsively: “aaaaaaahhhaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! shouts Giò overwhelmed by a insane orgasm.
Finally, I feel my orgasm rise too: and this time I want it all! I focus on the bodies wrapped up in front of me: I fuck Giò from behind, who cum to faint, while she holds her face between Nancy’s thigts, who in turn doesn’t stop licking the pussy of her mother in a incestuous and lesbic 69! I give a few more strokes to Giò’s pussy, while I feel the orgasm mount from my balls.
“Aaaa … I’m cumming! Nancy, take it in your mouth, quickly! ” I say grabbing Nancy’s head.
I push in once more before exiting Giò’s pussy and directing the cock into Nancy’s wide open mouth; she takes it all, moaning and stroking the tip with her tongue.
“GhhrrrrRRRRRR AAAA!” I roar like a beast as my cock explodes in Nancy’s mouth in an unparalleled cumshot. She struggles to swallow it all in a series of loud swallows.
“Glup .. gulg .. glop … AAAhhhh …damn it, uncle… wanna drown me?” say Nancy, after breaking away from my grip.
I barely hear it, as I’m enjoying the after-effects of an epic cumshot. I feel all my muscles relax as I collapse on the bed.
Beside me Giò talks to Nancy in a languid voice.
“Come here, Nancy …. you were very good! You made me feel good like never before, and you even swallowed all the cum of your uncle! I’m so proud of you!” she tells her as she recovers from orgasm.
“thanks mom. You too are very good with your toungue! It was good, but… ”Nancy’s voice is almost disappointed… I know what she is going to say!
“But? … what’s wrong? Tell to mom … ”she tells her in a warm voice.
“But …i mean … I …. I don’t think I’ve … that is, well … I don’t think I…” stammers Nancy.
“You didn’t cum? Is that what you mean? Haven’t you enjoyed until the end? ” Giò says in a persuasive tone.
“Here …. yes. I think so…” Nancy says in a barely hearable voice. I’m sure she’s blushing right now.
“Oh, my baby, don’t worry… we’re here to be enjou ourselvs! don’t hesitate to ask for what you want! Come on, let’s wake up the uncle! He did a good job, but he was a little too cocky! Now we’ll deal him!”
I don’t know why, but at those words I feel slightly worried.
“Luigi, stop lazing around! Nancy is not done! ” Giò says in a peremptory tone.
“what’s up?” I ask naively, while my body start to gives me some signs of tiredness.
“rise up your dick! You’ve been so cocky so far, don’t tell me you can’t get Nancy to cum, are you? ”
“Girls …. I don’t have the “on / off” switch” I say panting and pointing to my now limp cock.
Giò she’s naked and kneeling on the bed, looks at me disappointly ( what a balls, after I fucked her for at least an hour straight) and she lets out a deep sigh.
“See, Nancy? … unfortunately men are like this: they think they are tireless, powerful and they would like to have dozens of women, but actually they are barely able to satisfy one or two at at time.” Giò says with an annoying, know-it-all tone.
“Oh? For real?” say Nacy with a almost surprised tone … “i mean…. earlier, when we did it … i mean … he was very strong! If now he’s tired, we can wait tomorrow…” Nancy mumbles the last few words with little effort, almost making me feel inadequate.
“not a chance, Nancy!” replies Giò now strangely deep into the role of teacher.
“It’s a big mistake not to tell to the men what you want from them. And believe me, it took me years to figure it out! ”
Giò continues with the tone of someone who knows a lot.
“she’s right, you know …” I say to Nancy.
“You also have to understand that boys have their limits: the older they get, the more they struggle to get the dick up, and after the third time it’s hard for everyone.” I continue, layng out in the center of the bed.
“So … you still can rise it?” Nancy asks me with puppy eyes.
“Well …. let’s try!” I say with false concern, while Giò and Nancy stand at my sides.
“Giò, show to Nancy how good you are at giving blowjobs!” I say to giò with a defiant tone.
“Show her all the tricks and techniques you’ve learned: you know how to make a man aroused!” Giò sits on her heels next to me, and puts her hands on her hips. her boobs move following her breathing, and his gaze is one of challenge. She turns to Nancy: “What did I tell you, Nancy? Men always want more than they can handle. Better don’t make a fuss of it, don’t we? That’s the way they are. Luckily we women can take out of them as much as we want: the only thing is to know what to do and not be afraid to do it. ”
“And what should we do?” asks Nancy curiously.
Giò makes me lean my back on the headboard of the bed, and withdraw my legs. Then she reaches out to Nancy, giving her such a lustful look that just seeing her makes me jump.
Giò grabs Nancy’s hand and she pulls her to herslef, hugging her while they are both kneeling on the bed, right in front of me. Giò’s hands run along Nancy’s back and hips, skilfully caressing her in the right spots. Nancy’s face is buried between Gio’s breasts, and she still wait for an answer from her mother.
“what we should do?” Giò’s voice is deep and hoarse: that horny tone that she uses when she wants to arouse me, or when she wants to be forgiven some mess.
“We have to have fun … and enjoy in front of him” says Giò, looking Nancy in her eyes and kissing her passionately. Nancy don’t say nothing and she melts into that lesbian and incestuous embrace: their hands run through their bodies almost with frenzy, touching and caressing every inch of skin. Nancy takes Gio’s nipple in her mouth, which push her chest forward to offer herself better. With one hand she grabs the nape of Nancy’s neck, pressing her on her breast, and with her other hand she massages her little ass, pushing her fingers between her buttocks and into her wet pussy. Nancy massages Giò’s tits with one hand, while with the other she caresses her pussy lips. Delicious sighs and gasps follow their movements, and I can already feel my cock throbbing.
Suddenly Giò get off from Nancy and she goes behind her: she grabs her arms and carries them up, as if to show me everything of her.
“Nancy remembers: don’t be afraid to be watched! I’m sending you to dance school for this. Show him everything: he is dying to look at you! ” Saying this Giò brings Nancy’s hands behind her neck; with her hand she caresses her small tits, now erect and with hard nipples, while with her other he lifts her thigh, to show me her pussy. The warm light that comes from the corridor is more than enough to make me enjoy that spectacular view to the fullest.
“she already know that!” I reply to Giò.
“what?” she asks curiously
“Before going to bed, she gave me a show of dance with towel that would make horny even angels! She is truly talented!” I say smiling.
“is it true?” Giò asks Nancy in that hoarse voice.
Nancy blushes and nods, looking at her mother with almost guilty eyes.
“so you are really talented!” she say, while with her hand he reaches her pussy and slides a finger inside her. Nancy begins to moan.
“I want you to do it for me too. I want to see what a whore you are! ” she tells her in a both persuasive and imperative tone.
“AaaAAAhhh … yyyeeeaaaaaa…. sure mom …. I’ll do whatever you want …. AAAAh” Nancy gasps, abandoned in Gio’s arms.
“Do you see the uncle? His cock is getting big …. now go to him and take it in his mouth: I want to see you clearly while you suck it, okay? ” Giò says calmly.
“AAAaaaa … yes … now…” Giò let Nancy go, that she come to me on all fours with feline move, her eyes ligtly open in an expression of pleasure and desire.
Nancy reaches me and grabs my cock, but at that moment I see Giò grabbing her little ass and starting to massage it.
“What a nice little ass you have, honey! You really got from me! I see why Luigi drooling behind us …. ”Gio bends over and gives some licks and kisses to Nancy’s beautiful ass, she sighs and moans as she looks in my eyes. Her eyes are so shining and deep that no words are needed: “I want you …. I want you so much”. In her hand, my cock start to swell. After a few moments Giò come next to Nancy. “Why don’t you have it in your mouth? Come on, don’t make him begging for it” Giò puts a hand on Nancy’s head “… wait, I move your hair… here, so … open your mouth wide … “Nancy takes my cock all in her mouth.
“good … breathes through the nose… good job, little one! If it reaches your tonsils, just relaxes your throat muscle…. ”
Gio instructs Nancy as if she were doing it for the first time … better not tell her more. I enjoy Nancy’s blowjob, while Giò continues to give her advice.
“Well, well… move your tongue, like when you eat an ice lolly, do you remember? .. good … now take a break” Nancy gives way to Gio.
“You are very good at licking the tip, but remember that the cock is sensitive in all its length, and don’t forget the balls.”
“The balls?” asks Nancy in amazement. “But doesn’t it hurt the boys if you touch their balls?”
“Yes, of course …” Giò says with a patient tone.
“actually you have to be delicate and use only your lips for touch, never your teeth. Look at this…”
Giò takes my cock in her mouth for all its length, moving her tongue with skill: I feel like a voluptuous vortex, her lips rhythmically tighten the shaft as if to kiss every inch, moving her head to the side and up , as if she want to remove it with the suck. Her mouth comes off the tip of my cock with a loud “pop”, but only to licking the shaft. After a few long licks, Giò lowers his head and starts caress my balls with her tongue. Nancy looks excited and curious: for sure she will not forget this lesson. “Now look carefully, Nancy: do you see this sort of skin bag, where ther’s the balls? This part is very sensitive: you have to open your mouth wide and suck gently, moving your tongue … obviously if ther’s no hairs it’s far better … ”
Saying this Giò opens wide her mouth and take all of my scrotum, enveloping it in a hot suck: her tongue caresses my balls with skill and I feel my cock harden like a marble obelisk. After a few seconds Giò stop and look to Nancy “come on, try to do it too… come closer, … good … no! Not with your teeth: you don’t have to bite it! With the lips: like a big kiss … good… like this…. ” Nancy takes my scrotum in my mouth, not all of it sure, but her little mouth is still fantastic. Giò continues to give excellent advice: “don’t suck too hard: you could hurt him … very good …. and now grabs the shaft with the hand, good …. like that… do you feel how it puls? Well done…. go up and down with your hand …..good …. now he’s all in your hands …. feel it and enjoy it as much as you want..”
This is, for sure the best blowjob ever ….
Nancy pulls off my cock from her mouth.
“Please …. I’m dying for it… I want it inside! I want it in my pussy! ” Nancy’s pleading voice startles us. Giò acts immediately:
“Of course, my little bitch …. now your mom let you take uncle’s cock, Rigth, Luigi?”
“sure! I’m hard as a rock! ” I say enthusiastic.
Giò lies down to her back to the headboard of the bed, keeping her knees up and her legs open. “Come here, Nancy … leans your little ass on my belly, don’t worry: you don’t hurt me. Now open your legs as far as you can…. here I’ll help you ”
Giò grabs Nancy’s knees and spreads her thighs wide, revealing her soaked wet pussy, then she puts a hand on Nancy’s pussy and starts stimulating her clitoris.
“see how wet my little slut is … Luigi, it seems like she really wants your dick …. what are you doing standing there?”. In fact, I was enchanted for a moment looking at that incestuous and perverse scene, yet so exciting.
“I’m coming” I say, as I approach Nancy’s open legs.
My cock is hard as marble, and I rub my tip against Nancy’s pussy which feels hot and wet. Nancy can’t take it anymore: “come on uncle … come in! i want it so bad! ”
“NO” says Gio suddenly … “if it go inside in one hit, it will hurt you”
“It doesn’t matter … I want it!” sighs Nancy
“No: I’ll put it inside, so it won’t hurt … Luigi come closer” Giò grabs my cock and directs the tip between the lips of Nancy’s pussy.
“Here …. Nancy, relax, now it will go inside … slowly …. here … do you feel it goes inside?”
Giò slowly pushes the tip of my cock inside Nancy.
“Aaaaaahhhhhh yyyeeeeeeaaahh …..” Nancy sighs and groans.
“Good my little bitch! … feel the tip of Luigi’s dick? Now take a deep breath and relax ”
Nancy breathes deeply and Gio pushes my cock halfway inside her.
“AaaaaAAAAAHHH ….” Nancy screams, and Giò stops me.
“easy, Nancy, easy ….. you just tightened your pussy a bit …. now take a breath ….” Gio starts massaging Nancy’s pelvis, touching her clitoris. Nancy takes a deep breath and relaxes her pussy muscles …
“Good ….. that’s how to gets a big cock …. Take it…. recive it….. ”Gio says wile she caresses Nancy on her breasts and neck. I feel Nancy’s pussy relax almost completely.
Giò pushes the last inches of my cock inside: now I’m inside Nancy up to the balls. “Mmmmmmhhh ahhhh … it feels so big ….. throbbing …… aaAAAhhhh!” Nancy moans like a real slut.
I’ve already cummed four times tonight, but feeling my cock wrapped in that nice tight pussy wakes me up completely. Giò reads my desire in my eyes.
“Nancy … uncle wants to fuck you hard …. like he did before … do you want him?”
Nancy squints, and she looks at both me and her mother
“Yes, I do …. I want you to fuck me hard … like you did before! Fuck me … ”
Gio puts her hands on Nancy’s hips to keep her still.
“Did you hear our little bitch, Luigi? fuck her. fuck her hard, and don’t stop until I say so! ” Giò says in a peremptory tone.
“Yes … fuck me, uncle … Luigi .. fuck me”
Nancy calling me by name and telling me to fuck her lights a fire in my belly.
I begin to move slowly, thinking to push harder after a few strokes ..
“I said FUCK HER HARD!” Giò yells at me.
I won’t hold back anymore.
I contract my muscle I begin to give strong and deep blows, the same ones I reserve for Giò.
“Aaa … aaa.AAAA … AAAAAAHHH” Nancy start to moan and scream, but only for pleasure.
“Yes … that’s my little slut…. come… come as much as you want”
I keep push like a beast. I grab Nancy’s shoulders and push her more towards my cock.
“AAAAAaAAAaaaaAAAAAAAA” Nancy is cumming profusely and she shaking with spasms. i keep pushing and enjoy her pussy, until I see her collapse on her Gio.
I try to get out of her pussy, but Giò stops me.
“Who told you to stop? Keep it going!” he says she impatiently
“She’s half stunned ….” I reply ..
“really? Now I’ll wake her up! ” Giò puts his hand on Nancy’s dripping cunt and takes her clitoris between her thumb and forefinger, tightening.
“AAAAAAHHHHAAAA” … Nancy shakes herself violently and opens her eyes suddenly.
“keep it going!” Giò tells me
“What … what? .. No … AAAAAHHHHHHH” Nancy mumbles something, but again she’s too into the thrusts of my cock.
I feel her pussy twitch and relax, but my orgasm is still far away.
“AAH … AAAAHHH uncle … that’s enough …. you make me die …. AAAAA” says Nancy as if to free herself, but Giò keeps her still.
“No, no, no my little slut … Did you want the cock? Now you have to tame it. Move your hips and squeeze the pussy …. ”
“wha… AAAAHHHH” moans Nancy “… mom …. I can’t … HHAAAAAA …. it breaks me ..”
“Noo, dear… you have to let it in … you have to give up, you have to swallow it all in the womb. Do you feel how it hits you inside? ” Giò says in a tone I had never heard her use.
“AAAHHHHH yeeeeehaaa…. yeah … I feel it… ooOOOOOhhh … OOMYGGGOOOOOOOOO” … I keep pushing in and out of her keeping the rhythm …
“Luigi keep on like this: she is close”, Giò tells me with a very mischievous look.
I keep pushing, amid Nancy’s groans.
“Close? … what do you want to do?”
” you’ll see it …. tilt your cock: aim high … here! hit her G spot!”
“OooooOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAA” Nancy starts moaning loudly. I see Gio that titillates Nancy’s nipples with one hand, rubbing her clit with the other hand.
“Now, Luigi: Push! deeper! Smash her!”
I obey. I push into Nancy’s pussy with sharp and violent strokes, while I feel Giò’s hand torment her clitoris. Suddenly Nancy contracts all her muscles and opens her mouth
“AAAAA ….. AAAAAAA ….. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA” Nancy screams like never before and shivers all over.
“DO NOT STOP!” Gio yells at me, and I continue to push …
“AAAAAHHHAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” she trembIe like a creazy….. i keep to push inside her gently, enjoying the contractions of her pussy. Nancy seems faint, but her tremors still follow my movements: she is still feel it.
Giò now caress her and embraces her so as not to let her fall.
“Here good….. good my little bitch …. congratulations on your first full multiple orgasm. It was grate, isn’t it? I got horny too” says Giò in Nancy’s ear.
“pity you didn’t manage to get your uncle to come, but that’s okay… don’t worry: mom will take care of him”
Gently, Giò pushes Nancy, who is still trembling, away from me, letting my cock out of her wet and now open pussy.
Giò puts Nancy on the side of the bed, to make her rest, then she stands in front of me.
“So, you pig, did you have your fun? You fucked Nancy’s brain out tonigth, and you half raped me ….. do you realize how filty you are? ” her voice is a mix of excitement, anger and perversion. I’m a little shocked at first, then i answer right away:
“Of course I know! I’m your worthy cousin! ”
She grins, and she grabs my cock.
“Dare to run away …. dare to get away from us … dare to leave us and …”
she squeezes my balls with a steady hand: I petrify myself … she could tear my balls off right now.
“As if you needed me … as if you ever needed me so far” i say.
“And what do you know? …. and what do you understand about? … but who cares.”
without loosening her grip he kisses me in the mouth pushing her mouth against mine so much that it hurts.
She pushes me onto the mattress, taking off her crumpled and torn blouse.
“My cunt is on fire,” she says, looking me in the face almost fiercely
“Dare to cum before I say to you and you can say goodbye to your balls.”
I feel aroused and scared at the same time … I don’t have time to argue that she places her hands on my chest, then she spreads her legs and impales herself on my cock in the “easel” position, her favorite move.
“Squeeze my boobs, you pig!” she orders me. I do not make me repeat and I begin to feel her boobs.
She begins to push down with her pussy, going back and forth to feel better my cock inside her.
“I’ll have to teach her this too, now,” she tells me, turning to Nancy. “To clamp pussy to please the cock …. can you feel it, asshole? Feel my pussy, how does it wrap you around? it has always drive you crazy … ”
It ‘s true .. her way of squeezing the pussy is something amazing… I feel it wrap me, that it squeezes me, that it sucks me in … I start to pant.
She too has a short breath: she is enjoying it so bad.
“Oh, no …. don’t even think it will be that easy … I’m not Nancy.”
She settles better on my cock, taking the right position, then she starts twerking on my cock. Her ass goes up and down, quickly, pushing hard down and wrapping my cock in a whirlwind of pleasure. “You like it, right? … do you feel how hard I fuck you?” say Giò panting. ther’s non need to answer: she’s really wild … and I just want to let her do it. I caress her and squeeze her boobs: it’s a fantastic vision.
“Aaaaahahhhhhaaaaaa ….. you really have a nice dick … now Nancy will want it too”
“it will be there for both of you … always” I tell her as I hug her and kiss her on the mouth …
“always?” she moans …
“Always”, I reply ….
“…. asshole … shut up and let me enjoy!” Giò answers, but now her tone is almost one of emotion. I start to push with my belly, while she lifts one knee and keep impaling herself hard on my cock.
“… AaH … AAhhhh … yes..yeeessshh” .. Gio is about to cum … and I feel a powerful orgasm rise too …
“I cum, asshole, I cum … fill my cunt! pour your cum in my womb! I’m your whoreaaaaAAAA! ” she says bending over me …
I flex my legs and start to push with my pelvis like a bull.
“AAAHHH AAAHHH AAHhhhhAAAAA…. yyeeehaaa… HIT MEEEEEEEE…. I CUUUMMMINNNNGGGG…” Giò yells, while her pussy contracts on my cock. I feel my almost sore balls and my cock explode again in an overwhelming orgasm. I cum inside in Giò’s womb, her cunt squeez me so much that I can’t my cock out of her.
I feel Gio tremble and collapse on me, after that i’m going numb and everything goes black…..I fall asleep.
I wake up all of a sudden… there are screams in the house. I try to get what happen, wile the memory of the nigth come back to me….After a few moments I realize that Giò and Nancy are fighting over the phone i gifted to her.
I’m going back to sleep.

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