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The Fertility App

The woman stood naked in front of the reclining chair. “Close the fucking door,” she demanded with a loud whisper. The startled man stood there with a jar in his hands, uncertain, until she glared at him and motioned with her head. He twisted his body to close it without taking his eyes away from her. 

“I don’t think…” 

“Shh!” A well-manicured hand massaged the man’s crotch. “Don’t think.” She shoved a phone in his face. “The App says now. The App says you have to fuck me now.” 

“It does?” 

“Yes! I’m at my most fertile right-the-fuck now!” She grabbed a fistful of his hair and plopped herself into the chair, pulling him down with her and slamming his nose into her pussy. “Don’t I smell fertile to you?” 

Shapely calves held his face in place. “I don’t know exactly what ‘fertile’ smells like, but you do smell very nice.” 

“Thank-you.” She shoved him away with her feet and knelt as he stood up. Fast hands made short work of his belt, button, and fly. She tugged down on his jeans and his boxers to reveal a simple cock that was contentedly looking down at the floor. “Is something wrong with you?” 

“No, nothing wrong, I don’t think.” He looked around. “I was expecting magazines and videos.” 

“UGH!” She crawled to the table, slapped a magazine against his abs and weighed where to cram the remote control before slapping it up into his palm. She shuffled back to his disinterested cock, spit on it, and gave it a good rub. That seemed to work some, so she stuffed it into her mouth and gave it a hearty slurp ‘n’ suck, which did the trick because it quickly inflated and, when she spit it out, stretched lovingly, longingly up towards her face. 

Bobbing her head up and down, she looked up at the man who was assessing the value of the objects in his hands. “Hey,” she said between bobs. “Do you think I’m pretty?” 

The man looked down at the lips wrapped tightly around his manhood, blinked and refocused. “Yes you are, actually. Your eyes are quite striking, and I’m not saying that just because your tits are bouncing a little way past them.” 

“Thank you for saying that.” She gave his cock a long lick before going back to the ol’ slurp ‘n’ suck. “And you have a very pretty cock.” 


“I mean it.” She popped it out and wrapped her hand around it. “You have a nice girth – good and meaty. It looks to have a good length, too, but we’ll find that out for sure in just a few seconds, won’t we?” 

The woman scooted to the middle of the floor and spread her legs. “Let’s get started.” She held up the phone. “The App? Remember?” 

“Oh, yes, of course.” The man set aside the magazine and remote, stuffed the jar in his pocket, joined her on the floor and tenderly placed his tip at her moist entrance. She sighed, grabbed his rod, shoved it in, and started humping him. 

“No time for a relationship!” 

“Oh, yes, of course, the App.” The man met her pace and then some as she went even faster. 

“Oh, gawd, yes!” she shouted. Her hands shot up to cover her mouth. Relieved that nobody seemed to have heard, she stage-whispered, “I was right, you fit very well. I really hit the jackpot!” 

“Thank-you. You have a very nice pussy – very tight and slick,” he whispered in return. 

“I mean it,” she affirmed. “What do all the other men say when they see your cock?” 

“I try not to show it at all.” 

“Oh, yes, of course. Can we pick it up a little, here?” The woman thrust her hips double-time and waggled her love-button with her thumb. “I’m almost done. Is there anything I can do to help you finish?” 

“No, I’m quite close, thank-you. Can I ask you something? Have we met?” 

“No, I don’t think so. OH! Here we go: yes-yes-yes-yes-YES!” 

Her butt fell back to the floor and the man kept thrusting. “I’m ready. I’ll pull out now.” 

“NO!” She covered her mouth again. “No, cum inside, you idiot!” 

“What about the jar?” 

“You can fuck the jar later! You’re fucking me now!” 

The man shrugged, thrust, and came, his generous cock pulsing against the walls of her comfortable pussy. 

She counted five strong spurts and a couple of weaker ones. “Are you done?” She pushed the man off and proceeded to finger herself. “What?” she asked as he stared. “I’m just making sure it’s all good and packed in, you know?” 

The man wasn’t sure what all that “packing” was about as she breathed in with a long hiss and breathed out with a giggle. 

“Hey, look at me getting a two-fer!” The woman put her clothes on and told the man he should pull his pants back up. 

They heard a gentle knock: “Sir, it’s been a while. Is everything OK?” The nurse peeked in and when she saw the woman, flung the door aside and shouted “Goddammit! Security!” 

“Shit! Well, what do you expect when you charge so much and insurance won’t cover it?” She turned to the man, “Give me your phone!” 


The woman snatched the phone from his pocket and tapped furiously. “Call me!” she cried as she ran off with her hand in her crotch. 

The nurse sighed. “Sir, where’s the jar?”

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