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The Ferry Crossing

All characters are over 16 years of age.

It was a beautiful summer day. I was out driving with no real destination in mind, taking the scenic route. This included a ferry that I usually avoided due to the delays involved.

When my turn in line came, I drove my pickup down the loading ramp and was directed to the right side of the ferry.

This was a small boat with a short crossing. There were signs posted stating that motorists were encouraged to remain in their vehicles, parking break set and motor off for safety. I turned off my motor and set my parking break. I then opened all my windows to enjoy the sea breeze.

A green MINI Cooper with racing strips pulled up on my left as the loading continued. Because of the size difference between our vehicles, all I could see through the open window of the MINI was the lap of the passenger.

What a delightful lap it was. Slender tanned thighs mostly uncovered by a brightly colored lightweight skirt that was billowing in the breeze giving me peeks of red lace. The lace panties were small and transparent. The impression I got was the lap belonged to a young woman.

I am a voyeur. This teasing show had my attention. The erratic exposures introduced by the breeze meant that I dared not look away or I might miss something. My eyes were further riveted when a pale white hand with pink nails from the driver’s side landed in the lap and started to softy caress a bare thigh.

Pedestrians and bicyclists walking up the sides indicated that the loading was finished. A few thumps and the ferry got underway.

The thighs of the lap I was watching spread open and the caressing hand slid up to stroke the red lace gusset. This also pinned the skirt in placed and exposed the thighs completely to me.

A slim tanned arm popped out of the MINI’s window and the hand slapped down on the top, fingers splayed. The tension in the arm seemed to indicate some pleasure was evoked by the driver’s stroking fingers. I know my sexual tension ratcheted up!

The arm being out of the window also brought the side of the young woman over. She was wearing a sleeveless tank top. The large underarm opening fully exposed the side of her breast and nipple to my view. The breast was full and firm with no tan lines. The nipple was standing proud.

With the ferry at the halfway point, the driver’s fingers began to move with urgency, finding their way inside of the red lace. The arm out the window and thighs on the seat began to tremble.

I glanced around to see how the other passengers were reacting to this blatant sex show. Nobody else had noticed. It was my private public show, so to speak!

Looking back down I saw the red lace panties were pushed aside and two fingers were working in and out of the exposed vagina. The thumb was rubbing on the clit.

I hadn’t touched myself. My hands were still at nine and three on my steering wheel. With nothing more than watching eyes, my own orgasm was building.

While the ferry bumped into the landing I watched the thighs clamp shut and the hand rapidly pound the MINI’S top. Further evidence of climax, I heard a closed lip moan, causing several pedestrians to look over. This very public exhibition was more than I could handle as I came too.

The ferry unloaded and I drove off with damp undies and a happy smile.

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