The dog is a rapist

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I’m 12 and my neighbours dog keeps raping me and I swear its possessed or something. Its too weird and I’m sick of it.

My neighbour’s dog is a violent threatening rapist, and I swear he is possessed by the even spirit of a human who was once a rapist, or his previous owners had trained him to rape young girls.

It all began when my elderly neighbours bought a dog home from the rehoming shelter, his name is Terry, and he is a big German shepherd, I’m only a small 12 year old girl.


At first he was cute and we always played together in their garden, one afternoon I stopped playing with him because it was late and I needed to take a shower, I finished showering and went in to my bedroom to dry and comb my hair, I was only wearing a towel wrapped around me at the time.

A few minutes later while I was drying my hair with my hairdryer, I heard a noise, so turned off the hairdryer and turned around, Terry was standing at my door, I guess I must have left the backdoor open and he somehow got in.

I walked over and squatted down and stroked his face all playfully, “Hiya. How did you get in here?” I said, rubbing his head.

The towel had ridden up my legs a bit and he was sniffing my pussy, I pushed the towel down between my legs, “Hey, that’s naughty.” I said, then he jumped up at me almost knocking me over, I stood up and he kept jumping and I lost my balance and stepped backward then fell backward on to the floor.

He stood over me and started licking my face and he wouldn’t stop, I assumed he was just playing, then I rolled over on to my front to get away from his relentless licking, as I began to crawl away, he pulled off my towel with his teeth and then mounted me, within seconds I felt something being pushed in to my pussy, it was his big red cock, he popped my cherry and fucked me really fast, he was mounted on my back so I couldn’t move, her very heavy.

I felt a warm sensation inside me, he squirted his come in me, and then he jumped off and ran away, when I told mom and dad what happened they called me an idiot and, “Stop being silly. He’s just playing.”


I thought about it and figured they were right, he probably didn’t know what he was doing and didn’t mean to hurt me so I forgot about it.

Then a few days later it happened again, I was in my room drying off and he appeared at my bedroom door, it was like he knew my shower schedule or something, this time I wasn’t having any of it, “Get out!” I shouted and pointed out the door, he growled at me and showed me his teeth.

He really scared me, I shouted again, “Just get out!”, this time he barked and moved towards me, he was still growling and I was so scared, I knew what he wanted so I dropped to the floor on my hands and knees, just like last time he took off my towel, mounted me, and fucked me from behind while I cried.

Mom and dad didn’t believe me last time so I didn’t bother telling them.

Then about a week later I was walking home from school, I hadn’t played with Terry all week because I didn’t like him anymore, I was walking along the footpath in the field when Terry suddenly jumped out from the bushes ahead of me.

I froze in fear, he growled at me again and moved towards me, so I stepped backwards matching his steps and keeping my distance, but it barked and growled more and it was like he was forcing me to go somewhere, I ended up being pushed behind the bushes.


He jumped on me and made me fall to my hands and knees, he pushed his nose up my school skirt and ripped my panties off with his teeth, and once again he mounted and fucked me, this time his cock knot went inside me and it fucked me really hard and it took nearly half an hour for his knot to come out of me before he ran away.

The dog is not normal, what dog knows how to remove a towel and panties with its teeth and how to coerce a girl in to bending over so he can fuck you.

The dog is a rapist and no one believes me. I’m sick of getting fucked by this damn dog.

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