The Demise Of A Loving Husband – 1

I am seventy-five years old and live in a wealth English suburbia where swingers and sex parties are regular occurrences. I am still as devoted to my wife as she is to me. Early on in our marriage, we had what I thought was a good sex life, but she eventually took a lover, my boss, who dominated our sex lives for several years and made me a submissive cuckold. My wife, although I loved her passionately and I would do anything to please her, became a bisexual dominating lady. This is the first of nineteen sections as the story builds to a climax.

My wife, Mary, and I, David, had been married for ten years. I was thirty-seven, and she was thirty-five with a very womanly shaped body, firm 36C cup breasts, slim waist, and a very well-rounded backside well packed into her tight-fitting blue cocktail dress. It was low cut at the front, showed a nice cleavage amount, and just finished above her knee, showing her firm shapely calves.


We had attended my Company’s Christmas Party. The business had expanded very quickly over the past ten years, and I had been headhunted from my previous job, much to my wife’s delight, to take the Head of Sales position.

We entered the Company’s boardroom, decorated in a nightclub-style for the evening. Tables were placed around a small dance floor with a stage by the far wall where a trio set up their instruments. I noticed my wife received many admiring glances, mainly from my boss, as he greeted us.

My boss, Robert, was a quite striking looking man, well built, around fifty-five years of age, who frequented the gym. He had, unfortunately, lost his wife about five years ago to cervical cancer, so he had no lady partner.

All the men, most of the Company’s senior staff, were dressed in evening suits and black bow ties, the ladies in an assortment of evening dresses or cocktail dresses. I noticed a few ladies were sitting together, one of which was my secretary, Carole, who had only been working with me for the last two months. We found our table and sat down and served drinks, after which Robert said a few words of welcome before a meal was served to us.

My wife, Mary, is a very ambitious woman, particularly for my career. She was an advertising executive in her company. During our ten years of marriage, our sex life had been good. As I thought, Mary always seemed very loving and appreciative during our regular activities in the marital bed, although she was more concerned about our careers rather than having children. I noticed that I could never get Mary to orgasm when I penetrated her with or without a condom. She would say that I had pleasured her. I was able to bring her to orgasm three or four times by satisfying her orally, licking, kissing, and sucking her shaved vagina and clitoris. It did not worry her; as I said, she was always appreciative of our lovemaking and always was very complimentary about what I did with my tongue, which she said, ‘was her pleasure’.

During the meal, we made small talk with the other managers and wives at our table. Mary received many compliments about her appearance and dress, not only from the men but also from the ladies. I could see, from their faces, what the men were thinking, what a lucky sod I was with such a beautiful woman sat next to me. When the meal finished, tables were cleared, and the trio, which had been playing quite soft music up to now, start with more upbeat tunes for the dancing.

I went to the bar to get more drinks for the table. As I got back carrying a tray, I noticed that Mary was not in her seat. I looked around and saw that she was on the floor dancing with Robert.

As the dance finished, Robert brought Mary back to the table and said to me. “I hope you did not mind, David, me taking your beautiful wife for the first dance; I notice you were not here.”

What could I say? “No, Robert, that was very good of you.”

He then said, “Thank you, Mary.” As he gave her a peck on her cheek, he whispered, “I will be back,” in her ear.

I could tell that Mary was feeling very chuffed and quite excited. She said to me, “What a very charming man. He seemed very virile and strong.”

I said, “You enjoyed that then?”

To which she replied, “Very much.”

I danced with Mary during the next dance, but no sooner had we got back to the table that Robert was there again. “Don’t mind, do you, David?”

I said, “Oh, no, go ahead.”

As they went off, I was joined at the table by my secretary Carole who was quite tall and slim, somehow not really what you would call attractive, but quite pretty, about twenty-five years old. I got her a drink, and we started talking. I was glad as we had only really spoken by exchange morning and evening pleasantries and about work.

She told me that she had been with the Company for quite a few years, starting as a typist, and was pleased when Robert promoted her to work with me. She also said that she had a partner but just left it at that. She always seemed quite shy and reluctant to talk about her home or private life.

I said, “I didn’t know that you would be here.”

“No,” she said, “my partner brought me; she’s a friend of Robert’s. That’s her over there.”

I saw this tall, thinnish woman, with short spiky auburn hair, dressed in a black trouser suit.

“Should we invite her over?”

“No, she prefers to be with those women at our table; I don’t think you will like her.”

I looked at her again and thought, yes, she does look a bit butch.

We continue talking, but I was not getting any more explicit information about her background. We danced and then had more drinks.

I was so engrossed with talking and dancing with Carole I had not noticed that Mary was missing.

As the evening was drawing to a close, Mary appeared. “Oh, there you are,” I said, “This is Carole, my secretary. You haven’t met her before.”

Mary made conversation with Carole while I went to the toilet. Discussion amongst the men in there was all about Mary. “She seems a real goer your wife, you lucky sod. Robert was getting onto her, wasn’t he?”

I said, “I had not noticed. I trust my wife fully.”

As I went back to the table, I felt a little confused and wondered what had gone on. At the table, Robert was there saying goodbye to Carole and then Mary, but I thought it seemed a pretty passionate kiss.

He shook hands with me and said, “I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.”

Mary replied very enthusiastically, “Oh yes, that was a wonderful evening, wasn’t it, David? Thank you, Robert.”

We all made our way to the exit and repeated goodbyes as we found our taxis.

In the taxi home, I said to Mary, “You seemed to enjoy yourself. What happened tonight?”

She said, “We will talk about it when we get home, not in the taxis, dear.”

Again, I felt confused, but Mary put her arms around me before I could think about things and started to kiss very passionately. As we did, I ran my hand along her thigh. The higher I got, I noticed how wet she felt down there and did not have her panties on.

We took our coats off at home, and Mary grabbed my hand and virtually dragged me into the lounge, and forced me to sit down. Immediately she kissed me and thrust her tongue between my lips and into my mouth.

After a while, I pulled away, and she said, “Before you say anything, I want you to know how much I love you. You are the only one for me. I only want to make you happy, and I would do anything for you.” She continued, “You seemed to be concentrating so much on Carole; I didn’t think you would mind me dancing with Robert.”

“Yes,” I retorted, “but I did not take her to my office and fuck her. She’s a lesbian and has a female partner.”

To which Mary was a little taken-back, “Now don’t get angry, I did it for you, your career.”

“My career?”

“Yes, your career. Robert was telling me about the sales director, Mr, what’s his name, he is due to retire in a few months, and you could get that position.”

I retorted, “So it was for me. I am to forgive you and forget about tonight?”

“Please, darling, let me tell you what happened. You will understand, I’m sure. Robert is a very wonderful man. A gentleman, as we danced, I could feel his erection growing as he pressed up against me. He even apologised for it and explained that he lost his beloved wife five years ago and had not had any female company since she died. I was invited to his office to show me her picture; she looked like a very nice lady. Before I knew it, he had undone his flies, and he took out what seemed an enormous erection. It looked magnificent. I have never seen anything so big. I could not help myself; I took it into my mouth.”

I interjected, “You have never done this for me?”

“I could not resist. It felt so good and big I struggled to get into my mouth. Compared to his, yours is quite small,” Mary continued. “After a while, he raised my dress and took off my panties, laid me on his desk, and slid it into me. It felt so good. I came almost immediately. As he pumped, the more I climaxed, I must have cum four or five times. It was so wonderful. I have never felt anything like it before. Even with you and how much I love you.”

Mary’s continued, and I felt a little more relaxed and my erection growing quickly, as her story sounded so erotic. Then I began to feel quite proud, in an unusual way, for my wife and what she had done for me. I kissed, and we went up to bed.

After undressing and getting in bed, I made love to her. After fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples, I came almost immediately, not getting her anywhere near an orgasm. So, as usual, I used my mouth. I licked and sucked, but I could not only taste mine but Robert’s sperm in her vagina.

On Monday, following the party, Robert said, “Good morning, David. I hope you enjoyed the party. I am sure Mary did.”

With a touch of irony in my voice, I said, “I’m sure she did!”

Nothing more was said about the party, only comments from my work colleagues. Robert and I spoke only about work during the rest of the week.

It was now two weeks before Christmas, and life went on, as usual. Working as we did, me getting home first in the evening and preparing the evening meal.

On Tuesday evening, Mary and I were in bed. I was kissing her nipples, and she was caressing me to an erection. I plunged my rock-hard dick into Mary’s waiting wet vagina. With more than a touch of jealousy. I was pumping her as hard as I could, determined to give her an orgasm. As Robert had done, but again I failed, miserably, shooting my semen far too quickly. From what Mary told me about Robert’s boner, I suspected I was nowhere near reaching her G-spot with my smaller tool.

As I withdrew, I asked Mary, “Were you thinking of Robert while we were doing that?”

She replied, “It was lovely dear, don’t be concerned, I was, thinking how Robert filled me, how long and tight he felt in me. But don’t worry dear, I still love you. I will always make you happy, and you can now make me cum with that wonderful tongue of yours.”

The following weekend, one week before Christmas Day, which was the next Saturday. Mary and I, as usual, shared the household chores, dusting, cleaning, washing. I knew how to load and start the washing machine, but Mary usually did it, as I did the vacuum cleaning. Mary does the ironing on Sunday while I did the garden or any household DIY jobs.

In bed that night, not having spoken about Robert during the past few days. I thought Mary seemed distant while we made love. I said, “You were thinking about him again, weren’t you?”

In a rather thoughtful way, she said, “I was thinking what a shame that Robert will be on his own, on Christmas Day. He lost his wife, and he did not mention any children.”

I said, “I’m sure he will have some relations he could spend Christmas with.”

“No, I think we should invite him to spend Christmas Day with us. Again, it could be good for your career prospects.”

“I’m not sure; I want to spend Christmas Day with you, alone.” I then hesitated and said, “Well perhaps, as long as it’s only the day.”

Mary said excitedly, “I’ll phone him tomorrow to see if he would like to come.”

She then threw herself on me and kissed me all over my face. While I was thinking, you’re having telephone conversations with him, are you?

I did not see Robert at work that week. We were finishing for Christmas on Tuesday evening. Mary came home Monday evening and said joyfully, or it was more like, a cheering tone in her voice.

“I phoned him, Robert. He would love to come and spend Christmas with us.” She continued, “As we are off work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we had better get the house cleaned ready for Christmas Day.”

That evening Mary was so passionate in bed, she even attempted to suck my cock for the first time.

Robert arrived about 10.00 on Christmas Day, after shaking hands welcoming each other. As I took his coat, he handed me an expensive boxed bottle of malt whisky. Mary came up the hallway and kissed him full on the lips. He then gave her an extremely expensive-looking jewelry box. As she opened it, she cried with joy.

“Oh, Robert, you shouldn’t have. It’s wonderful, look, David.”

As she showed me, taking it out of the box, it was a silver, emerald, and diamond necklace with matching earrings. Pailing my present, to her, into insignificance.

Mary was wearing a very tight-fitting, short green dress, which I had not seen before. She did look gorgeous in it, as it showed off her fully curved body and plenty of cleavage. I could see Robert thought so.

She said, “Thank you, Robert. Will, you put the necklace on for me? It matches my dress.”

She kissed him again as he completed the task, and Mary wore it all day, together with the very dangly earrings.

We settled down to the day I had made coffees. Mary sat next to Robert on the settee as I came out of the kitchen with the coffees. I noticed a slight hand movement by each of them as they moved their hand off each other.

Robert and I made small talk; we did not want to talk about work today. However, I did not get that much of a chance to get into any conversations. Mary dominated the talking with Robert all day, it seemed, only stopping to tell me to go and do something.

“Get the biscuits, David.”

“Clear the coffee cups, David.”

“Isn’t it time to start lunch, David?”

Mary was paying so much attention to Robert. I was glad to get away in the kitchen for a bit of peace.

I served the traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. We quickly seemed to get through the first two bottles of wine, and Mary sent me to get two more bottles. Robert talked about his wife during lunch, but it was still Mary dominating the conversation. I had not realised that we were sat at the table, having taken over three and a half hours to complete lunch. I cleared the table and washed up the plates and utensils, taking me a good half hour.

As I came into the lounge, Mary was sitting even closer to Robert, with both of them having their hands on each other’s thighs. I sat in the easy chair, trying to get into the conversation, without much success.

When Mary said, “Tea, David, please, and cake.”

So off I went into the kitchen again, when I came back with the tea and cake. I was sure Mary’s dress was higher up her thigh, and she was showing more cleavage.

After tea, we sat back at the table, Mary rearranging her dress as she moved from the settee. We played cards plays for a couple of hours where Robert seemed to have the winning hands, with Mary praising him. “What a good player you are, Robert.”

“Well done again, Robert.”

I just thought, lucky sod.

We settle down to watch T.V. at around 7.30, with Mary almost sitting on top of Robert on the settee. I again had to make do with the easy chair, which meant my view of them, was a little obscured by the side and back of the settee. I was annoyed as I could not see what their hands were doing. I could see their heads keep turning towards each other.

At about 9.30, during a commercial break, Mary got up, smoothing out her dress as she did so.

Taking my hand, and said, “Come on, David, we need more drinks and nibbles.”

Despite Robert’s insistence that he had had more than enough, she pulled me into the kitchen.

As we entered, Mary immediately put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She said, “I have had such a lovely day. You have made me very happy.”

I indignantly replied, “Can’t think why you have virtually ignored me all day. Making me into your skivvy and dominating Robert.”

“I’ve done it for you, David, your promotion.” Mary continued, “Don’t you think Robert’s had more than enough to drink. It would be too dangerous for him to drive. He should stay the night.”

“He could get a taxi.”

“Not now.”

“You want to sleep with him, don’t you?”

“Oh, David, that would be the most wonderful Christmas present you could ever give me. I’m doing it for you, David. I want you to be happy. He’s staying. You can sleep in the guest bedroom.”

“Why can’t he?”

“No, David, it’s settled. He is staying, and he will sleep in our bed with me.”

She then kissed me on the forehead and walked back into the lounge. I carried the drinks in as Mary whispered into Roberts’s ear while grabbing hold of his hand. Robert was, at least, appreciative of another drink.

At about 10.00, Mary and Robert got up from the settee. Mary said, “Will you clear up, David? We are going up to bed. We will see you in the morning.”

Robert shook my hand and said, “Thank you, David. It has been a most wonderful Christmas for me.”

I cleared the things up and went upstairs to the guest bedroom. I was lying naked on the bed listening to my wife’s distorted shouts of exaltation, screams of erotic joy, and begging, through the wall.

“Give it to me, Robert, yes, – yes, make me cum again, oh this is wonderful.”

With Robert’s occasional grunts of satisfaction, as I listened, it sounded so erotic. I got the most aching enormous erection. I just hand-pumped it and must have ejaculated three times.

I did not get up very early on Boxing Day. I just read my book for a while. My concentration was interrupted by the occasional sexual chorus from next door.

When I did get up, as I open my bedroom door, I got a shout from Mary, “Can you bring us tea, please, dear?”

When I took up the tea, I thought I had better knock on the bedroom door, but I did not hear any voices. I thought I heard the water running. I open the went in and put the tea on the dressing table. I saw through the steamy cubical both Mary and Robert together in the en-suit shower, soaping and washing each other.

As I went downstairs, I felt very jealous, and I thought to myself, I got that en-suite refurbished with a double-sized shower cubical deliberately, for the express purpose of Mary and myself using it together. I have to make do with the old shower in the main bathroom.

I was in the kitchen when they came down the stairs, and they went straight to the front door.

When I heard Mary shout, “We are going out, be a dear, can you clean the house up a bit? Change our bedsheets and put them in the wash? We will be back about fourish. Can you have dinner ready by then? Love you!” as the front door closed.

I did what I was asked to do and had the leftover diner ready for 4.00.

Mary and Robert got back about 4.15, and I served them their dinner.

As we ate, we chatted about where they had been. Of course, Mary dominated the conversation, saying, “We had a nice walk along the river, went into a pub, had a light lunch, and walked back.” So on and so on.

When Robert finished his plate, he said, “Please excuse me, I’ll have to go. I have an early flight tomorrow morning, from Heathrow to America. Business goes on, David, I’m sure you will understand.”

In the hallway, Mary finished a very long and passionate kiss with Robert. He hugged me and whispered in my ear, “It’s been a wonderful two days, one of the best Christmases I have had. Thank you, David, you’re a good man and husband. You have handled this situation very well. See you next weekend?”

When he had gone, I turned to Mary, saying, “What did he mean, see you next weekend?”

Mary put her arms around my neck and kissed me. “Oh David, I do love you, I want to be happy, I know you want me to be happy, and you do make me happy. I will never leave you; you’re the only one I will ever love. Robert gives me something different, a greater fulfillment. I cannot resist him. It will not affect our marriage, don’t you see David, and I’m doing it for your career. I have told Robert; he can come and stay over every Saturday from now on.”

My protest was cut short by Mary put two fingers over my mouth saying. “No arguments David, I’m sure you understand my needs.”

“Anyway,” I said, “next Saturday is New Year’s Eve.”

“Ah, Robert’s got that planned for us, dear. He is taking us to a party with people he knows.”

“When was this planned?”

“When we were on our walk this afternoon, we met two of his friends, seemed a very nice people. They made a few phone calls, and it was all decided. It’s at that big exclusive mansion, the other side of Watford, he is picking us up at about 6.30. I am sure it will be a perfect experience for us.”

“I suppose he will come back here and stay Saturday night?”

“Yes, he will. Now don’t get upset, dear. It’s good of him to invite us.”

She kissed and cuddled me, and we walked into the lounge, sitting down to watch T.V.

That night in bed, I kissed Mary then said, “What about my needs?”

“Oh, don’t worry, David, I will make sure you have your sexual needs met. But not tonight, dear. I need to recover from that marvelous weekend.”

She just turned over and went to sleep.

Wednesday, we were in bed. Mary started to kiss my lips and rubbed my hardening cock, she slipped it into her love channel, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not bring her to orgasm.

Mary said, “Never mind, dear, we’ll try again next week.”

So, I went down between her legs, kissed and licked her vagina. Sucking out all of my sperm, but even with my taste on my tongue, I could still taste Robert. But I brought her to orgasm twice with my tongue.

As we settled into sleep, I said. “Oh, does that mean that Wednesdays are our only loving day?”

“We’ll see, dear, don’t you think it’s for the best, dear. I need days to recover and days to prepare for my fantastic night with Robert.”

Being off work that week, we did all the housework. Mary even showed me how to do the ironing.

“You never know when you might need this skill,” she said.

Looking through her wardrobe on Thursday afternoon, Mary came and sat on the bed looking somewhat troubled. “I haven’t got anything to wear for the party. Will you take me shopping tomorrow morning?”

“Can’t you go on your own? You know I hate shopping?”

“No, I need your advice about a dress. You know what looks good on me.”

I reluctantly agreed to go with her.

At the shops that morning, the usual procedure was going into several shops and trying on two or three dresses in each shop. Mary was trying on more cocktail-type dresses, which I knew she preferred, rather than long flowing evening gowns. After the fifth shop and god knows how many dresses.

Mary said, “Do you know. I think the best dress I’ve tried was in that first shop, that nice deep red one. What do you think, David?”

I nodded in a fed-up sort of way.

“Good, we will go back there, and I’ll try it again.”

Mary came out of the changing room, twirling around.

“What do you think, David?”

“It’s very nice but rather revealing, low cut at the front and quite short.”

“I know you like to see me showing off my gorgeous body. I’m sure Robert will like it. I’ll buy it.”

I whispered to myself. I’m sure Robert will.

Mary said, “Did I detect a sense of jealousy there, David? That’s not becoming of you, dear.”

We were ready and waiting when Robert arrived in a taxi. He gave Mary a very passionate kiss which she returned. He was very complimentary about her dress. The drive took about three-quarters of an hour to get to the venue. We entered a large reception area where they served us drinks.

Robert and Mary chatted to a few people, but they never included me. As I looked around, I thought it strange that there seemed to be many more men there than ladies. We were summoned to our table, there were twelve places set, where there were two men to every lady. The ladies did the introductions as Mary did, introducing me as her husband and Robert as her friend. The other wives did the same. The other husbands sat with their heads lowered, not looking at their wives or friends. I was bewildered at this point.

During the meal, five courses in all, went on for quite a while. It was the wives and friends that did all the talking. The husbands remain silent.

As I tried to get into the conversation, Mary would touch my arm, telling me to ‘shh!,’ ‘be quiet’ or ‘don’t talk.’

By the time the meal finished and the tables cleared, it was gone eleven. The dancing started, but it was only the wives and friends that danced.

The husbands sat at the table, sipping their drinks. I tried to talk, but none of them said anything other than, can’t speak, and was not allowed to say anything.

I went to the toilet in which there was one other chap. I asked him, “What the hell is going on here?”

He said, “Are you, husband or friend?”


“Oh, I shouldn’t talk to you.”


“If I get caught talking to you, my wife could punish me. I’ll be denied sexual favours for at least a month.”

As he undid his trouser fly, I noticed he was wearing a cock cage.

“What is this about?”

“The friends are the couples’ ‘Masters’ or rather ‘Lovers’. The husbands are not able to sexually satisfy their wives, so they take lovers. The Masters come and stay at the weekend and sleep with the wives while the husband serves and service them,” he said while he was carefully looking around. “I’ve had it for over a year now.”

I said, “My wife’s friend is my boss. Tonight will be only the second time he has stayed over.”

“Are, you’re new at this. They will grind you down.”

At that point, someone else came in, so he walked away. As I went out of the door, he whispered, “good luck” to me.

At midnight there were kisses and handshakes, and even the husbands were allowed to join in with ‘Auld Lang Syne and the knees up that followed. The party began to break up at twelve-thirty, and we found our taxi.

Of course, Mary was full of the evening. “Oh, thank you, Robert. I’ve had such a wonderful time.”

“Yesss…” Having had far too much to drink, Robert slurred, “I can’t wait to get that dress off you, Mary,” who just giggled.

At home, Mary said to me, “Wasn’t that a lovely evening?”

“It was very confusing, I’m not sure what to make of it, and it seemed very strange,” I said.

As he dragged Mary up the stairs, Robert said, “You’ll learn, David, you’ll learn.”

While lying in bed, I heard Robert, in his drunken state, being much more verbose than Mary in their lovemaking. I still got a massive erection which I furiously jerked.

The following two weeks went off virtually uneventfully. Wednesdays were our love night. Robert came Saturday afternoon, and Mary took him to bed while I watched T.V.

In my bed, the love chorus, as I named it, seemed to get louder each week, giving me the real hard-on which I wanked several times each night.

It was the last Wednesday in January. Mary was kissing my nipples while holding my little man and gently stroking it.

She just stopped and grabbed my cock tight in her hand. She said, “You know since I have been with Robert,” slightly shaking her hand and my cock, “this little thing doesn’t do anything for me when you are inside of me. From now on, I will give you a handjob to satisfy you and leave Robert to penetrate and please me. I will let you cum over my breasts; you can then lick me clean. I know you like kissing and licking my nice titties and use your lovely tongue in my love hole to satisfy me. Is that alright?”

“No, I don’t like that suggestion,” I barked.

“You’ll do as I say and like it,” Mary retorted.

I knew then that I was beginning made to accept the situation of our love life. I wondered if Mary was being instructed, by Robert, to do things, although she never said. I was sure she was having conversations with him during the week.

The following Wednesday, Mary was stroking my cock while playing with my balls. She went down and kissed my little man’s head, which was unusual for her. Mary then started to pump it and suddenly stopped, squeezing my cock hard while bringing her other hand down to grab my balls. It was hurting so badly I could hardly hear what she said.

“Are you doing this in the other room while Robert and I are in here making love?”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!, what do you mean?”

“Are you wanking yourself while Robert and I are in here?”

“Yeeeeeeee…..,” as she squeezed my balls harder.

“I didn’t hear you.”


“Tell me,” she demanded as she eased off my balls.

“Yes, your sex chorus, as I call it. Your cries of ecstasy, shouts of joy and encouragement, Roberts occasional grunts, are so erotic they give me a massive erection. So, I have to relieve myself.”

With that, she whacked my cock, saying, “Finish yourself off tonight.” Then she turned over and went to sleep.

When Mary got home on Thursday evening, she said. “I am sorry, my love, I was rather hard on you last night. You were only trying to get satisfaction for yourself.”

She kissed me, “But I must tell you that Robert is coming tomorrow night. He will be here at about 6.30. You will make sure there is enough dinner for him, dear.”

“Okay, but what’s that all about?”

“He is taking me shopping on Saturday. We will probably be gone all day. So, you will need to do all the housework by yourself.”

She put her hands on each side of my head, pulled me down, and kissed me. “You’ll do that for me, won’t you? You wonderful man, David. I do love you, sweetie.”

Robert arrived the following evening, and we had dinner, making small talk about our past working week. We had a few drinks when Mary and Robert went up to bed quite early. While I stayed for another hour watching T.V.

In bed, I had to listen to the sex chorus and, as usual, and got a massive erection. I was concentrating so hard on pumping my dick. I did not realise my door was pushed open where Mary and Robert stood watching as I shot my load all over my belly. They shut the door and went back to enjoying each other.

The following day they were gone straight after breakfast. Not a word was said about the previous night. I did the housework and washing as ordered and had the dinner ready for 6.00.

They came in soon after, and Mary was full of the day. “We have had a lovely day, hadn’t we, Robert?”

Who nodded in agreement?

“We will tell you all about it after dinner, David.”

At the table, Mary was in full voice. “We saw some lovely things. I got two new dresses.”

“You looked gorgeous in them, Mary,” Robert interrupted.

“And Robert got a new shirt and tie.” On and on, she went.

I cleared the dinner things away to the kitchen and washed up when Mary came up behind me and turned me around. Then she grabbed me with her hands on either side of my face and pulled me down to hers, and kissed me.

“You have done a wonderful job today, David. The house looks immaculate. You are such a loving husband, and I am appreciative of what you do for me. I could not wish to be with a better person than you.”

She kissed me again.

“Now, when you have finished here, I want you to go upstairs and have a shower.”

“But I don’t need a…” My words were interrupted by her fingers on my lips.

“No arguments or protests, David, you will do as I tell you, please. Go up to the bathroom, and I want you the shave your pubic hair. I’ve been doing that for ages. It is much more hygienic for you, and then you should clean yourself in the shower.”

She continued, “It may feel quite sore when you finish. That area is susceptible so rub in some cream that’s in the cabinet. When you have dried yourself, don’t get dressed. Just knock on our bedroom door and come in so that we can inspect you. Be careful not to cut yourself there. You will do that, won’t you, David? Now be a good boy and don’t protest or argue.”

Then she was gone.

When I finished shaving and showering, I wrapped a towel around my waist to hide my shyness. I knocked on the door and went in. Mary was lying on the bed with just her bra on, and Robert was naked. I gasped when I saw his cock for the first time. It must have been a good 6 or 7 inches long and not fully erect. His pubic area was completely bald. I noticed that Mary could not get her hand fully around it as she was holding it. Robert sat up as he took his hand away from between Mary’s legs.

He said, “Drop the towel, David, and let’s see what sort of job you’ve made of yourself.” I dropped the towel; he continued, “That seems a good job, David, now came over here and let Mary inspect you.”

Mary rubbed one hand around my balls and lifted my cock with the other, and said, “It feels nice and smooth, Robert.”

I felt a twitch in my cock, and Robert noticed it as well. He snapped, “Slap it down, Mary, that’s not happening today. You will get hard when we let you. You will make sure you keep that area nicely shaved from now on.”

Robert continued. “We saw what you were doing last night. Mary and I have discussed the situation. What we saw last night was very degrading, demeaning, and not good for you. It is also very disrespectful to your wife and me. It will not happen again while I am in your house, is that clear.”

I nodded.

He continued, “From now on, you will only talk, in this room, when you are spoken to, and you will address me as Master Robert and Mary as Mistress Mary.”

I started to mumble.

Robert snapped, “There will be no arguments or objections. If you are not going to adhere to that, we will make you wear this.”

At which point, he pulled from a bag at the side of the bed a ball gag.

“I think you had better fit it on him now, Mary.”

As Mary strapped around my head, I felt a tear slide out of my eye. I thought back to the conversation I had in the toilet on New Year’s Eve. I thought it strange that, so far, it had always been Mary taking the lead, but now Robert had taken complete control and was telling Mary what to do. Perhaps it had been like that all along. Robert is not only dominating me but Mary as well, but she was enjoying it much more enthusiastically than me.

Robert carried on, ” David, you have accepted this situation and done well. Things are going to change, for the better, from now on. I expect you to show a lot more respect to your Mistress and Master. You will serve and service all our needs when I am here. To stop you from playing with yourself, you are to wear this.”

He pulled a cock cage from the bag.

“Fit it on him, Mary.”

She slipped the retaining ring over the top of my cock, and then started to stuff my balls into the ring. She had to push one ball through at a time, which was very painful, but I could only moan through my gag. When she got both balls into the ring, she grabbed and pulled my scrotum, making sure it was secure. She then started to stuff my cock into the chrome wire cage; it was very stubborn. Mary had to lick her fingers to give it some lubrication as she pushed and prodded my shaft into the cage. Mary fitted it to the retaining lugs on the ring the locking rod pushed through, and the padlock secured.

“It looks a bit tight and uncomfortable, but you will get used to it, David, the longer you wear it. That will keep you from defiling yourself and disrespecting us,” Robert said.

With a key on it, Robert placed a long gold chain around Mary’s neck and spoke. “Don’t worry, David, Mary will release you from the cage from time to time. She will give you a handjob if you remain a good boy. Now let’s see what else we have got for you.”

He pulled out the bag four pairs of short frilly nickers, pink, yellow, purple, and red, handing Mary the pink ones. “Put one pair on him, Mary. It will cover that unsightly cage up.”

“To be sure that you can never play with yourself, when I’m here and when necessary, you will wear these and this, put them on him, Mary.”

He had a pair of wide thick, leather pink wrist straps connected with three small steel chainrings, in one hand in the other hand, he held a wide pink leather dog collar with a lead attached.

My hands were cuffed behind my back, and the collar was secured around my neck.

“Now starting next week,” Robert continued, “when we come to bed, you will come with us, and you will pay tribute and respect to your Mistress. First, you will sensually massage and kissing her feet and remove her stockings while paying attention to her legs. Secondly, you will start at the top, slowly removing all her clothes, kissing each area of naked skin you uncover, finishing with that beautiful area between her legs. Then you will be respectful to me, your Master. You will then be dismissed to your room.”

“Remove the ball gag, Mary,” Robert then said.

As she did, she wiped tears off my cheek.

Robert demanded, “Stand up and let us look at you,” with a big grin, “you look, wonderful boy, what do you think, David?”

Remembering what he told me, “Good, Master Robert.”

“Now that is your uniform. You will wear only that when I am here.”

Grabbing the lead, Robert maneuvered my head across to Mary, hovering me over her vagina.

“Now show respect to your Mistress and get her wet for me.”

He was pulling me down onto her awaiting sex organ. I worked there for four or five minutes when I was pulled away by Robert using the lead.

“That’s enough. You will never bring Mary to orgasm with your tongue in my presence. That is my privilege. Now respect this.”

My face was maneuvered to inches from his enormous cock.

“Kiss it, lick it, and take it into your mouth. Get me hard ready for your Mistress.”

I was sucking it for about ten minutes when he pulled me away.

“You can make me cum in your mouth another time. You’re taking too long now. Stand in the corner and watch a real man make love to your Mistress.”

Mary crawled over him as he lay back, and she lowered herself onto his rock-hard cock. She slipped up and down on it very enthusiastically, screaming cries of joy as she went down.

As I watched, I began to realise how much Mary was enjoying the sensation. The thrill was making her so happy.

The tears were rolling down my face, but they were tears of pleasure and love for my wife. It was so erotic. My cock was straining in the cage. With that pain, I could not stand straight. My knees were buckling.

“Stand straight, boy, and watch,” Robert shouted.

They were banging away for what seemed ages, changing positions several times. Him on top of Mary with her legs over his shoulders. Then sideways and doggy style. Mary had climaxed several times, and finally, with a big grunt and two final hard shoves, Robert shot his load into Mary.

“Come here, boy. Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now clean your Mistress.”

So, I went down on Mary, licked and sucked his cum from her sex tube.

“Now clean me,” he demanded, which I did.

He then dismissed me, saying, “We will be sleeping late in the morning. You will bring us tea, but do not disturb us. Go to your bedroom now. Put the gag back on him, Mary.”

I just lay on the bed with the handcuffs and my cock straining its cage. What could I do but listen to the sex symphony being played next door?

The following day, I struggled to get my legs through my arms and over the cuffs. So I had my hands in front of me to make the tea. I took it to their room.

Mary was awake, but Robert was sleeping. She said, “Come here, dear, let me take your gag and cuffs off.”

When she had done that, she tenderly put her hand on the side of my face and kissed me on the forehead, saying. “We were a little hard on you, but Robert likes things done correctly. You are such a good boy, David; I do love you.”

I went downstairs to get on with the housework. I felt rather silly doing it in just my uniform. I tucked the lead in the back of my panties to stop it from tickling my back. I retrieved the tea things and saw that they were both in the shower enjoying each other’s bodies.

Eventually, they both came down the stairs. Mary shouted, “We are going out for lunch, we’ll be back for dinner, and Robert’s staying tonight.”

Then they were gone. It was unusual for Robert to stay on a Sunday night, but then I’m not the Master in my own house at the weekends.

At bedtime, I was pulled up the stairs by my lead. I started by doing my duty for my Mistress while the Master undressed. He was watching me closely then snapped, “Do it more tenderly, show proper respect, caress her more tenderly.”

I was working my way down across the Mistress’s stomach.

The Master said, “Stop, that has not been good enough. It needs to be more respectful and tender.”

Seated on the side of the bed, he pulled on the lead, and I was across his knees. Pulling down my panties, he gave me five very hard slaps across each buttock.

When finished, he demanded, “There, that’s what you get if you don’t please me. I want to see you do better next time.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now get Mary’s knickers off and worship that gorgeous vagina.”

When did he think I had been there long enough? The Master, now on the bed resting against the headboard, pulled me over to his giant stiff cock.

Saying, “Tonight’s the night you are going to make me cum in your mouth, so get started. Come here, Mary,” she positioned herself so her vagina was level with his mouth.

“We’re racing, boy; you’ve got to see if you can make me cum before my tongue makes Mary climax.”

I knew that was a race I could never win.

The following day, the Master was leaving when Mary eventually released him from her clutches.

He came to and put his hand tenderly on the side of my face. “Well done, David, you’ve taken this weekend very well. You’re a good boy.”

With that, he slapped my face and, with the other hand, vigorously slapped my bum.

“You’re going to be my new Sales Director.”

When Robert was gone, Mary jumped on me, hands around my neck, legs around my waist, kissing me all over my face.

“Oh, well done, David, I am so proud of you. Congratulations on your promotion. I said I was doing this all for you, and it’s worked. I do love you, you wonderful man.”

There were more kisses, but my emotions were somewhat different and mixed, some pleasure at the promotion but frustration, anger, jealousy, and a lot of love for my wife. I thought that my transformation was almost complete.

That evening as soon as Mary arrived home, obviously still feeling excited from the morning’s declaration. Jumped on me, while kissing me, she said, “Take me up the stairs and undress me, darling. I’ll show you how to do it more tenderly and carefully.”

When I had made her cum twice with my tongue, she released my cock, which immediately sprang to attention. She stroked me with a firm grip. I was soon shooting over her chest. I cleaned her, sucking gently on each nipple, then my tongue made her climax twice more.

“Let’s go and have dinner. Mary said, “Then we can come back and celebrate some more.”

At work Tuesday morning, I was summoned to Robert’s office. As I walked in, he came around his desk and put his hand out, I thought to shake mine, but his hand went straight to my crouch and tapped.

“Are good. I see Mary is keeping you in check. Now sit down. We need to talk about this Directorship. I presume you will want to keep your secretary, it’s a promotion for her, as well. Carole, isn’t it? She seems like a nice girl, but Mary tells me she bats for the other side, is that so?”

“I thought you knew her; you know her partner. She is a bit shy but very conscientious,” I said, “We work well together, and she does have a female partner.”

“It takes all sorts, I suppose, good I’ll get my secretary, who has all the papers we need to sign. Get your secretary, and we’ll work through everything.”

Carole and I were in with Robert and his secretary for most of the morning.

Back in my office, Carole said, “Robert still into your wife, David?”

“Why do you ask?”

“He is certainly into my partner.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, he has a very dominant and strange lifestyle.”

“Yes, I think I would say my wife is into him.”

“You poor love, David, you poor love,” as she left my office.

Wednesday morning Carole buzzed through to me, “Mary’s on the phone, David.”

“Okay, put her through.”

“Hello dear, everything okay?”

“Yes, getting to grips with this director thing.”

“Good,” Mary said, “I just wanted to let you know that I will be staying at Robert’s tonight, is that alright?”

“What’s that all about then? Tonight is supposed to be our night?”

“Yes, I realise that, love, but you did have Monday’s pleasure, and I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Robert wants to discuss a few things with me, don’t be upset, love, you know I love you.”

“I am not pleased, but there’s nothing I can do about it, is there?”

“So, it’s okay then. I’ll let Robert know. I will be back home in the morning to change. I expect you will already have left; goodbye, sweetie.”

Thursday evening, when Mary came home, I asked straight away. “What was last night all about?”

“Oh, don’t worry, dear Robert will explain everything when he gets here Saturday. Now, if you are a good boy tonight, I will release your cock, after you pay me the proper respect, okay?”

I thought she must be still excited about my promotion.

Saturday, I met Robert at the door. As instructed, I was dressed in my uniform.

“Good, David, I have brought you a present.”

He took out a silk, almost see-through, housecoat with frills all-round the sides from a bag.

“Let me put it on you.”

I put my arms in, and he tied the ribbons down the front. It came about halfway down my thighs.

“There, that completes your uniform.”

Mary came down the hallway, “Oh, isn’t that pretty? Now thank Robert.”

“Thank you, Master.”

I was feeling a proper fool, standing there with both of them looking at me.

Partway through dinner, Robert said, “Now Mary and I have discussed a few things and made some arrangements, you tell him, Mary.”

“Now, you must not worry, David. There is nothing that will affect our relationship. You know I love you and want to make you happy, so does Robert. It is very kind of him to have made these arrangements. First of all, Robert has arranged a holiday, just the two of us, in the Seychelles.”

Mary mentioned the dates we would be away. “It’s a very exclusive resort. Robert used to go there with his wife, he showed me some photos, and it looks nice. I’m sure we will have a wonderful time, David.”

I said, “Just the two of us?”

“Oh yes, I won’t be there. It’s just for you both. You deserve it,” Robert said.

Mary continued, “Next weekend, Robert is taking me away to the country, the Cotswolds. But you are not being left out, David. Robert has arranged for you to visit and stay with two nice ladies that he knows. They are going to show you the proper way to respect and serve your Master and Mistress. I will drop you at their place on my way to pick Robert up.”

I started to mumble in a very disdained way. “That’s great, isn’t it, taking my wife away, making her drive him, pushing me off to some school. What the hell is that all about?”

Robert snapped, “There will be no arguments or no protests. We’ve both decided it is the best thing for you. It will make you a better man. If you say anything else, I’ll take you upstairs, put the ball gag on, and punish you. It’s in your best interests. Carry on, Mary.”

“In three weeks, Robert is away at a business conference, so he cannot be here.”

Bloody hoo-ray, I thought to myself.

“But he has kindly arranged for us to go to a party with some of his friends. We are going to be the quests of honour.”

What sort of party is that going to be? I wondered.

“Now, don’t be a spoilsport, David. Robert has done all this for our benefit. I am sure we will enjoy ourselves.”

I’m sure you will, but I have grave doubts, I thought.

I very begrudgingly did my duty that night. I was thankful that the Master did not cum in my mouth while I pleasured him.

I lay on my bed. At least they did not put on the ball gag and cuffs on me before I was dismissed. I tried to think about how things had got this way and what I could do to stop it. I concluded that they had me by my balls and resolved to have it out with Mary tomorrow night.

Sunday, when Robert had left, I was moping around, Mary pulled my lead, and we sat down together on the settee. She kissed me and said, “Now come on, David, tell me what the matter is. You look so sad and miserable.”

“Well, it’s this situation. Look at me, dressed like this. Robert is completely controlling me, you and our weekend, and now our future, it seems. He’s made me a weekend sissy slave.”

“Come now, David, it’s only one night a week, and the term is a weekend cuckold.”

“Is it? You talk to him about it all during the week.”

“Don’t get upset. You know Robert gives me what you can’t. He gives me fulfillment. I enjoy it, and he makes me happy. I know you try and that you love me, and I love you.”

“I don’t know, perhaps I should end all of this by chucking my job in, and we could move away. This relationship seems such an unnatural lifestyle.”

“No, you can’t,” Mary growled, “Robert has some very influential friends. He will ruin you and make sure you could never get another job. You will be destitute.”

“I’m sure he will ensure you’ll be alright.”

“Yes, I’m sure he will. I am enjoying this way of life. I have never been so happy. Can’t you see, David? You will get used to it. Next weekend will show you how to enjoy it. I want you to enjoy things. I want you to be happy. I love you, David.”

She kissed me all over my face and then said, “I know it’s early, but let’s go up to bed. I’ll make you happy.”

I helped Mary undress. She took off my uniform, even releasing my cock from its cage. I thought it seemed even smaller since it had been caged up. We got into bed, but I could still smell Robert on the sheets.

I whispered, “Oh god, he is still with us now.”

“What was that, dear?”

As she kissed me, then caressed my little man, which quickly grew to attention and continued to tenderly stroke it.

She said, “Robert is a strong, determined man. He told me that during his marriage, his wife could never satisfy him. She did not like it and was not interested in sex, so he took a lover. It was a similar situation to us but in reverse. His lover came and stayed at weekends while his wife did everything for them. After she died, he had several lovers, and he still sees one of them during the week.”

“So that story, of not having the company of another woman, was just a hook to get you?”

“Just a little white lie, dear.”

As she kissed away down my chest and then kissed the head of my erection and sucked it a few times.

I said, “And you don’t mind?”

As she came back up, “No dear, I don’t, I’m enjoying my life now. That’s such a sweet little thing,” as she gave my erection a little squeeze.

With her hand still holding my cock she continued, “Robert introduced me to some of his lady friends, and I have been meeting with them at lunchtimes. One of them, Marjorie, who used to be his lover, has a cuckold husband. She told me that Robert is referred to as ‘Lord Master’. Marjorie is referred to as ‘Madam Mistress’. So, Vivian, another friend, told me she has a lover but didn’t mention a husband. Together they run a society of like-minded people who meet and have parties. New Year’s Eve was one of those parties.”

“I suppose the one we are invited to and are to be the guests of honour, is one?”

“Well, sort off, dear.”

She started to rub my erection gently and continued. “Robert said it would take time for you to get over your objections. You’ve not yet got yourself in the right frame of mind about this situation. That’s why he has arranged for you to see those two ladies next weekend.”

With that, I shot my load on her tits. She said, “Now clean me and make me happy.”


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