The Day Alka Bhabhi Became My Wife

Hi guys, this is my 1st story. I have visited this platform quite a few times and that’s how I got the courage to present my story for all of you. This story is about how I got involved with Alka bhabhi (26 years). To tell about bhabhi it is imp to know that bhai and bhabhi had a love marriage 2 years back but bhai’s mom and dad were not happy with this as bhabhi had some problems in her kundali.

Also I must tell that bhabhi is the most beautiful female in our entire family or I must say of all the people I personally know. She was from kashmir and was studying with bhai. She was very fair and had a perfect proportionate body. For me her most attractive feature was her smile. She use to give beautiful expression. I was a big admirer of her but in a good way. I was always attracted to her but sex was never on my mind. I just liked to be around her.


The details of the story might come as a bit lengthy or boring to some but I want to keep it as real and complete as it happened. To start with a brief introduction of myself- I am akash (name changed) 24 years old, working as a communication and marketing manager in a well reputed mnc in ncr. I have rented a 3 bhk apartment near my office where I stay alone but most of the time it’s crowded with my college friends and few close colleagues from office as some or the other day we have house parties. So over all my life is going on smooth for me as well as my family. Talking about the family- I have a big joint family that stays in dehradoon.

My father has 5 brothers and their respective families. Like all modern families my father and uncles also fight but the best part is that in the end we all stay together, love and care for each other. (guys talking about my family was important for the story I’m about to narrate further.)

So it was the festive season and I was to reach my home town for celebrations. More than the festival I was excited to meet all my cousins and family members. As expected we had a lot of fun and enjoyed our time to the fullest. On the day when I was about to leave for delhi somebody knocked on the door of my room early in the morning. I opened the door to find bhabhi standing with a little worried expression. I immediately took her inside my room and enquired the situation. She told me that bhaiya (my elder cousin) is complaining some stomach ache from past few days and also his appetite has drastically fallen. Local doctors have not concluded any problem so she wants to take bhaiya to delhi for proper health checkup. I immediately called one of my friends who is a doctor in medanta gurgaon. I told her the problem and she was quick to give us an appointment. In the evening we all flew to delhi and reached my apartment.

My friends have made a mess of my house and everything was out of place. So I excused my neighbor to let bhaiya bhabhi stay for a while at his place till the time I make my rooms habitable. I then settled everything else and we ordered food for dinner. Bhaiya bhabhi went to sleep and I went on to call my boss to extend my leave for 2 more days to which he readily agreed. Next day in the morning bhabhi served us breakfast after which we got ready to visit the doctor. We reached the hospital at the scheduled time and the doctor after the checkup gave few tests to be done. Bhabhi got worried as the doctor has also suggested biopsy (test for cancer). I consoled them both as these are just tests and it will all be fine. Then we all went on to have lunch. To lighten their mood I took them to a movie and at night we reached home. We sat there for some time before everyone went for sleep.

As I got up to pee around 2 am, I saw bhabhi standing alone in the balcony. I could sense that she was worried for something. I went to her and asked the reason. At first she ignored as if nothing has happened but after a while I could see her eyes sparkling in the moonlight as if tears are just about to roll down from them. In a moment she started crying and told me that they are running low at finance as bhaiya had some major losses in business and she has also taken money from her parents to help bhaiya set of his bank loan. They are facing so much credit crunch and now the issue of bhaiya’s health has come up…

She was baffled as to how she’ll be managing all this. As I was working for more than 6 years I had good amount of savings with me. I assured bhabhi not to worry about money and also that nobody at home will know about this. Feeling relieved she went to sleep. In the morning I got a call from the hospital and the doctor asked us for a visit. We went there and the doctor called only me and bhabhi in. He told me that bhaiya has 2nd stage cancer and he immediately requires an operation. We got shocked and bhabhi started crying. I tried consoling her and asked to be strong in front of bhaiya. We came out and told bhai that there’s nothing to worry it’s just a matter of a minor operation.

In the evening they left for dehradoon so as to come prepared for the operation and also other family members were needed to be informed. The next day I got a call from bhabhi that everything is set and they are about to leave for delhi. On call she started crying. I thought she is upset because of bhai’s health issues. So I again cheered her up and asked to call me when they reach delhi. In the meanwhile I got a call from my mom who told me that alka bhabhi has been scolded very badly by her mother in law as she thinks it was bhabhi who’s responsible for bhai’s health. Unfortunately this notion was accepted by most of the members in the family including my parents and only bhai and I seem to be standing in support of bhabhi.

Anyways bhabhi came to delhi and we admitted bhai to the hospital. I made all the payments they asked for and also extended my leave. Most of the family members came to delhi. All were staying at my place but nobody was even talking to alka bhabhi. As bhai was admitted to the hospital so she became all alone. At night as I was coming back from the hospital with bhabhi she asked me to stop the car for a while. She went out and went few steps ahead on the road. I followed her.

She turned and hugged me tightly and started crying. She was saying I truly love vinay (bhai) and I don’t want to harm him in any way but whatever vinay is suffering today is bcz of her. She started blaming herself of bhai’s condition. I broke the hug and wiped off her tear and holding her both hand I told her that this is all rubbish thinking and you are not responsible for anything. If I would have been in place of bhai I would have done the same. The only thing which matters is that you and bhai love each other. Opinion of others should not weaken your bond and moreover you will always find me standing by ur side you’ll never be alone. Alka bhabhi looked in my eyes with few drops of tears rolling and hugged me again. She didn’t say anything and just stood me hugging for around a minute.

Then came the day of operation. Everyone was tensed when bhai was taken to the ot. But even in that tensed environment few did not kept away from cursing alka bhabhi. Anyways the operation went around for 4 hours and when the doctors came out they told that operation is successful but the next 48 hours are critical. So we got little relieved. At night I decided to stay with bhabhi in the hospital. As bhai was taken to the icu for 48 hour observation and we had taken a private room for bhai so it was only me and bhabhi in that room. After everyone left I took alka bhabhi to the hospital canteen for dinner. She was refusing to eat anything so I forced her at least to have some fruit juice which she took.

She started crying and again hugged me and said thank you for everything …thank you for standing beside me when everyone was against me..Thank you for supporting me I was alone and thank you for cheering me up at all the times when I was low. I told her that you are my brother’s wife and that you are like a sister to me, you will always find me standing beside you and supporting u. Hearing this she put both her hands on my cheeks and gave me a forehead kiss. Believe me guys it was the purest form of affection and there was no sexual feelings involved.

After a brief walk we reached to the room allotted to us. There were two beds and a recliner (one bed was for the patient fitted with medical equipments) so we’re left with only one bed. As we were tired I sat on recliner and asked bhabhi to sleep on the bed. Though she insisted me to sleep on the bed as she is not feeling asleep but I knew that she wanted me to have rest and sleep comfortably. Also it was the time of winters and weather in delhi was extremely cold. Tired like hell bhabhi went napping very quickly while I was shivering as I just had a thin shawl to cover me. After an hour bhabhi got up from the sleep and saw me struggling. She asked me to come beside her and sleep. I rejected it saying I’m comfortable here don’t worry but she said even she’ll not sleep in that case. Forcefully I had to obey bhabhi and went beside her to sleep. Bhabhi told me that she will go to see bhai after sometime so I should sleep towards the wall. Hence I came to the other side of the bed which was touching the wall. I tried to maintain distance with bhabhi but I was blocked with the wall.

After 15 minutes I saw bhabhi was in sleep but I was shivering in cold. Bhabhi soon realized my state and came near me and covered me with the blanket she was in. I was instantly relieved of the cold due to the blanket and the bodily heat of bhabhi. After 10 minutes I was normal and was about to fall in sleep but suddenly bhabhi turned her sleeping posture and turned facing away from me. That is she turned her back towards me. Now I was in another problem and this was a grave one. Nothing was under my control and slowly I started getting hard on. On top of that bhabhi was wearing a thin saari. I was worried as to what will happen now. After sometime bhabhi got up and went to see bhai and did not come for around half an hour. I was feeling ashamed on my act but being too tired I fell asleep. In the morning when I got up I saw bhabhi sitting in front of me. I was scared as hell fearing what she will say to me. So I acted to sleep for some more time.

After 15 min she went to check bhai and in the meantime I got an opportunity to get away. As I went outside the hospital I got a call from bhabhi enquiring where I am. I told her that I have to go to the office for 40-45 mins. After that I’ll come and see u. I felt bad that I had to avoid her at such time just bcz of my foolish act. Gaining strength I reached back to the hospital. I saw bhabhi sleeping in the room. I understood that because of my act she avoided her sleep. I was feeling really bad. But my presence woke her up and she wished me good morning and behaved normally. This relieved me a bit but my guilt was not over. Anyways the critical 48 hrs passed and bhai was absolutely safe now. Doctors shifted him to private room and I asked my mom to accompany bhabhi that night.

After 2 days bhai was discharged from the hospital but he was asked to stay in delhi and visit hospital every alternate day for the next 2 months. So I took bhai and bhabhi to my flat and settled bhai to a room. Bhabhi went to make breakfast and I went to office. When I came back I saw bhai and bhabhi talking and there was a smile on bhabhi’s face. I felt good to see bhaiya in a better shape than before. Bhai called me up to him and thanked me for supporting bhabhi all the time. Things came back to normal between me and alka bhabhi. Now I started going to office regularly. I made a habit of getting chocolates for bhabhi when coming back to home (she loves chocolates). On saturdays we use to see movies and on sundays I took bhabhi for some shopping (vegetables and fruits).

We were living like a perfect family. On one fine day I got a call from my aunt and uncle (bhai’s mom and dad) about them coming to delhi. I told bhai and bhabhi about the same. Next day I went to receive them to the railway station. We reached home and settled after having dinner. While we were sitting my aunt asked bhabhi to go to some other room as she wants to talk with bhai in private. It was awkward to me but I kept my silence. Now aunty started convincing bhai that she has seen some astrologers who have told that bhabhi was the reason for all his problems- business losses, health and this problem will go on in future also. So it is better if he divorce bhabhi and look for someone else to marry. Although bhai objected to this but his emphasis was very weak. I think somewhere he also has started to believe on the lines of aunty.

This came as a shock to me. In the evening I took bhabhi for a walk and hinted her on the things going around. She got nervous and I consoled her and asked her to be strong when we reached home aunty and uncle were packing their stuffs along with bhaiya’s to leave for dehradoon. Seeing this bhabhi started crying and went to bhai to clear out things and make him understand how much she loves him. But aunty stopped her. Even bhai did not make any effort to talk to bhabhi. Soon they left and asked bhabhi to go to her parent’s home. Bhabhi was shocked when she saw a divorce paper lying on the dining table signed by bhai. She was totally shattered and was crying like anything. Even I had nothing to console her and was just standing there. Soon she stopped crying and went inside a room. After sometime I went on to see what she is doing (as I was worried). I saw her lying on the bed looking at the roof silently. I went to the kitchen and made two cups of coffee.

I came and sat beside bhabhi and gave her the coffee after 3-4 sips she asked me akash – am I so bad & unlucky that even vinay left me. I had no answer for this. I just said- bhabhi calm down …I’ll speak to bhai about this. Till then you don’t tell your parents about this. After that I went to sleep. In the morning I called up bhai and asked about his health and when I started to talk about bhabhi he asked me to talk to his mom and ended the call. I tried to persuade him many times but no use. I told bhabhi about this. But this time I didn’t see her crying or upset. She just listened and went inside the room and started packing her stuffs. I was feeling bad for her and I didn’t want her to leave but I also had nothing to say or convince her to stay. After an hour bhabhi called me on the dining table and served me dinner. I asked her why she is not eating to which she said she is not hungry. I told her to have little food else I will also not eat. She sat down beside me and took a bite from my plate and fed that to me and I did the same.

We both fed each other. It was an emotional experience which I’m sure bhabhi was also experiencing. Soon after that bhabhi went inside her room and came to me with divorce paper and signed it in front of me and asked me to give it to bhai. (which I mailed to bhai along with a screenshot on his whatsapp) I was feeling bad and asked bhabhi – bhabhi if you have to ask me anything what I could be. She said that she would like to drink if I don’t have any problem. I am not a regular drinker but even I needed it since last few days have been very tiring both mentally and physically. So I went to take some whiskey and came back home within 30 mins. I took the mattress and blanket and set it up in the balcony. I put off the light (it was a full moon night) and we settled there. I made two pegs and gave one to bhabhi. She finished it on one go. I was surprised to see this. She started making another one for herself. When I had finished one peg she was down with three when I reached the third one she was on her fifth. I could see that she has gone out of senses now. Bhabhi said- akash you should change yourself. I asked how? Bhabhi- one should not be so caring and selfless in this filthy and mean world.

You are gem of a person. Anybody who’ll have you in their life is truly blessed. I kept silent as I knew it was the alcohol talking. Bhabhi stood to go washroom but was unable to walk properly. So I hold her and left her in front of the washroom. She did not locked the door and seeing this I turned away to avoid any scene. After that she came out and fell on my back. She was not able to walk properly. So I lift her in my arms and went inside the room and laid her softly over the bed. When I was about to leave bhabhi pulled my hand and asked me to sit beside her. I sat on the bed and bhabhi was sleeping holding my hand. After 10-15 mins when I tried to free my hand from her grip she again got hold of my hand. This time even more firmly. Now she changed her side and kept my hand in the hugging position. My hands were kept against her breast and I was experiencing her soft melons every time she breathed.

I got excited and started to feel my bonner. At the same time I remembered the incident happened at the hospital. Hence, I pulled my hands away and went away to the balcony. There I had 2 more pegs with my rod still rock hard. It was uneasy for me so I went in the washroom and for the first time fantasized about bhabhi getting crushed in my arms. Believe me guys I had the largest and thickest cum of my life. It may be bcz of 2 reasons – one it was almost over two months when I had last sex and second that I was super excited to imagine my bhabhi. After that I felt bed that I am thinking such things about my bhabhi especially when she is going through the roughest patch of her life. But believe me guys ….People get immense sexual desire and satisfaction at the oddest situations. After that I went to the living room and put on the tv so as to divert my mind to something else. Soon I fell asleep. Bhabhi woke me up around 10 am. I was having severe headache. She made me a black coffee and sat beside me.

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