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The Chocolate Cream Pie Experience

My name is Jordan and live in Brooklyn, New York. I live in a poor neighbourhood but there’s no guns or anything like that. I live with my Mama since my daddy passed away. I go to community college as my mama wants me to have an education and not get into the life of crime and drugs. I try and not get into all that shit. 

I was home alone one day while my mama was at work at the local grocery store. It was late at night and I just finished eating a pizza. I switched on the TV and flicked through the channels nearly falling asleep to the rubbish that was on until I fell upon a porn channel and that made me sit up.

On the screen, there were four hot-looking naked men and two of them were holding one of the other two up in a shower. While a guy came up behind stroking his hard cock came forward and stuck his cock into the guy’s ass. 

I dunno what it was, but their moans of pleasure begun a stirring of arousal in my pants. I couldn’t believe it, I was getting turned on by gay sex but I wasn’t even gay. Not that I knew of. I knew I had to turn it off but it was captivating. The more I kept watching it, the more I felt my dick grow in my pants hearing the loud moans of pleasure on the screen. 

I leaned back against the sofa and my eyes widened in shock horror at how big my cock had gotten straining against the material of my jeans. I had to be released as it was getting uncomfortable. I unbuttoned my jean pants and pulled out my hard black cock and began stroking it up and down along the shaft. I let out soft moans of pleasure. The more I watched and heard them fuck harder and louder, the faster I moved my right hand up and down on my cock. I felt my breathing increase, my body was boiling hot, on the verge of climax. I cried out loudly as my body spasmed as I ejaculated over my hand. I breathed heavily. 

Ten minutes later, I switched the TV off and had buttoned up my jean pants. I walked into the kitchen and opened up the fridge to see what there was to eat. There was nothing except for a delicious chocolate cream pie. I took it out and placed it on the counter and licked the topping of it. 

The gay porn scene came back to me making my dick hard again making a very dirty thought come to mind. I undid my jean pants releasing my big cock to the air. 

I picked up the pie and placed it on the floor and then made a hole in the centre of it feeling how moist it felt and I wondered how it would feel around my cock. I lowered myself down over the pie and stuck my cock in it and then began moving back and forth. I closed my eyes as the gay scene entered again in my mind, their moans made me move faster. 

“You like it in the ass, don’t you?” I said aloud, remembering one of the lines.”Oh, God!” My body spasmed hard as I came deep inside the messed-up chocolate cream pie. I pulled my still-hard cock out of the pie but it was too messed up to fuck it again and I was still horny. 

I had an idea as I saw a banana in the front bowl by the sink. I stood up and picked the banana up and peeled it and took the fruit out and placed the skin around my throbbing cock and began rubbing it up and down and moving back and forth. My balls smacked against my thighs. I grabbed the banana fruit up with the other hand and began to slowly push it into my ass and pulled it out and then pushed it in again. 

I gasped with pleasure as my right hand was around my cock and my left sticking a banana in and out of my ass. I moaned and groaned louder as my body moved back and forth faster. “Oh, shit!” I cried as my body convulsed as I came nice and hard all over the banana skin. 


I looked up to find my mama standing in the doorway looking absolutely shocked at seeing me with a banana skin on my cock and a banana in my ass. Talk about awkward. But it sure did give me absolute pleasure. 

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