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“The Braid Up:” How to Create These Stunning Butterfly Locs

Listen, I love the look of some long, luscious dreadlocks just as much as the next person—but I don’t really feel ready for the commitment that comes with them. But let me fill you in on a little secret: If you want to live out your Chloe x Halle-esque hair fantasy without actually getting dreads, butterfly locs are the move. I mean, who knew that by just wrapping extra wavy hair around box braids, you could naturally mimic such a classic look?

This gorgeous and creative style is the perfect alternative to dreading your own hair (or even buying those pre-twisted locs that come in a pack) and we’re breaking it all down for you on this week’s episode of The Braid Up. Watch as hairstylist Ajao Omobolanle shows us exactly how this epic style comes to life.

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Feeling inspired? Here are some tips that’ll help you pull off this style:

1. Start by detangling and hydrating. Before you begin braiding, make sure your natural hair is in check. Spritz some water or leave-in conditioner through your hair before detangling it in small sections. That way you can avoid breakage and make the braiding process go way smoother.

2. Grab some wavy extension hair. The texture in this style is one of the main draws. Rather than buying the standard straight braiding hair, you’ll want a few packs of “water wave” hair for that added oomph.

3. Invest in the right crochet needle. A big step in achieving this look is adding in the extra hair that wraps around your box braids. You can make this process 100 times easier just by using a proper hook tool.

4. Don’t forget your baby hairs. Styling your edges is the most reliable way to pull a look together—and it’s v easy. All you need is a small damp brush, some good edge control, and an artistic vision of where you want your swoops to land.

braid up


Hair: In collaboration with Stasha Harris of Magic Fingers Studio
Makeup: Ashley Johnson
Videographer: Rob Mroczko
Production Assistant: Jay Aguirre
Director of Digital Series: Tara O’Connell

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