The Big Kids

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I always wanted to be liked by the older kids, so, I did what told me to do.

As a kid I grew up in an apartment complex. We were all poor kids living in a relatively well to do area. Being that we were poor, we were all social outcasts and tended to stick together.

I was 11 when Sarah moved into the complex. She had hair as red as a fire engine and freckles. She was in my class that year and we spoke on occasion. She was quiet and shy and so was I.


Downstairs from me was also a red headed girl named Missy. She was a year younger than I am and our mom’s were good friends. Missy was the first girl I ever saw naked. We would bathe together from time to time. The last time was when I was 7. To the best of my recollection, nothing ever happened.

The thing about Missy was she had two older brothers, Scott and Ryan. They were both a few years older than I was and would regularly let me play sports with them but beyond that, I was rarely included with them. As much as I tried to get their attention, it didn’t happen.

One day Missy and I were playing tag in the field behind our complex with a few other kids when Sarah came out to join us for the first time. Missy encouraged her to play and Sarah obliged. By the end of our game, Sarah felt like a regular and we were all laughing and playing as 11 year old kids do.

Slowly each kid went inside one by one until it was just Missy, Sarah and myself. It was just about sunset and we had all been playing for a few hours now.

Scott, and Ryan suddenly appeared as if they were there the entire time and told Missy that she had to go inside because her mom needed her for something.

The older boys wasted no time in trying to get Sarah and I to do stuff.


“Hey, have you ever kissed a girl before?” Scott asked me.

“Just my mom and my sister.” I replied like an idiot.

“You should kiss the new girl.” Ryan blurted out

Scott agreed with his younger brother and they began to urge us on like we were to heavyweight boxers. Chanting “do it, do it!” and “go for it!”

I wanted to impress the older kids so that I could hangout with them so I agreed, but Sarah was scared. She started to tense up a bit and she got really quiet again. Scott and Ryan told her to just relax and nothing bad would happen. They were just having fun, right?

Sarah reluctantly agreed to kiss me. I leaned over and put my lips on hers and kissed. Her lips were thicker and softer than they looked and I rather enjoyed that kiss.


“Use your tongues. French kiss!” Ryan said

I didn’t give Sarah a chance to say no. I had to impress the older kids, so I leaned back over and stared kissing her again. This time I put my tongue in her mouth. I had never French kissed a girl before this but I knew how, sort of.

Sarah pushed me away at first but after some urging/intimidation tactics from the boys, she let me kiss her again.

Next they brought us into some bushes where the older kids went to smoke and do stuff when they didn’t want their parents to know about it. Scott asked Sarah if she had ever seen a boy’s wiener. She said no, and so immediately after that I was told to pull my pants down. My need to be accepted by them made me comply with their every demand.

I dropped my pants to my ankles and they boys just laughed. My penis is above average size now but at 11 it wasn’t much to brag about. Having two older boys that you idolize laughing and pointing at it while a girl is present isn’t good for your self esteem either.

Sarah was wearing a dress and the boys then told her to pull down her panties so we could all see hers as well. She was much more scared now but she couldn’t do much about it anymore. She was boxed in the bushes and surrounded by three boys.


She slowly pulled down her panties to her knees and before she could even look up at the older guys, Scott grabbed the front of her skirt and pulled it up revealing her little pussy.

“Dude, you should hump her!” Ryan said to me nudging my shoulder.

“I don’t think she wants to.” I replied

“Sure she does, she pulled her panties down for you already. If that doesn’t say ‘fuck me’ then nothing does.” Scott said “lay on you back.” He added looking at Sarah

Scott didn’t give her much of an opportunity to lay down on her own as he put his hands on her as assisted her to the ground.

“Now, lay on top of her and rub your dick against her puss.” Scott told me


I climbed on top of Sarah. I could see that she was scared but now that I think about it, I would’ve thought she’d be more scared. She seemed half scared and half just going for what ever she was told.

“Hump her!” I heard Scott and Ryan say in a loud whisper.

I started to move around, not really knowing what the hell I was doing. I mean, I wasn’t even inside her. I was just trying to mimic what I had seen my parents do. My dick was hard and I was beginning to enjoy it. Then I heard Scott and Ryan’s mom calling for them. I jumped off of Sarah and stood straight up.

“We should go now.” I said

“Nah, we still got time.” Scott said back

“Time for what?” I asked “Besides I have to pee.” I added before they could answer my original question.


“Oh sweet! You should do what our step dad does with my mom.” Ryan said excitedly

“What?” I asked

“Pee on her!” Ryan yelled out with his brother immediately punching him in the shoulder as if to tell him to shut up and settle down.

“I don’t wanna..” Sarah tried to say

“Yeah dude, you should pee on her. That’s what daddy’s do to mommies when they’re done humping.” Scott explained

Again, without Sarah’s consent, Scott just “assisted” her into a position on her knees. Ryan once again nudged me closer to Sarah and told me to “go for it”


“You gotta open your mouth Sarah.” Scott said as her held her head in place. “Do it man! Piss in her mouth!”

I wasn’t sure where they were going with all this in the beginning and if you had told me this is where it was going to end up, I wouldn’t have done it but because I had spent the last 11 years trying to impress these two older kids, I was totally on board with it.

I started to pee. My aim was off a bit but Scott was still holding Sarah’s red hair keeping her head in place and I quickly corrected my aim. My piss started to ricochet of her tongue and splatter ever where. Scott and Ryan were laughing and cheering me on now and my head was sweeping with knowing I was one of them, or so I thought.

When I was done peeing, they both congratulated me and told me and Sarah not to tell anyone about this.

“If you tell anyone, we’ll kick your ass!” They said to me. “And we’ll all pee on you next time if you tell.” They said to Sarah.

Sarah got up off her knees covered in dirt and my piss, pulled up her panties and ran home.


Scott and Ryan pushed me down and walked away laughing.

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