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The Best Theories About Who the Beach Ball Is on ‘The Masked Singer’ This Season

When it comes to guessing who is trapped inside the wildly over-the-top costumes on The Masked Singer, it’s more of a sport than anything. Some celebs are suuuper easy to guess, but others are, er, a little trickier. The Beach Ball on this season just so happens to be the latter, and it has us wondering who in the actual F is beneath the mask!!

The Beach Ball is singing for the first time tonight, so there honestly isn’t even much to go off here, but you KNOW that’s not stopping us from speculating about who is under this plastic-y exterior. The greatest detectives of all time (aka internet sleuths) are on the case, and I have no doubt it’ll be figured out before whoever this is has to deflate.

beach ball masked singer


The Clues

There’s not a ton of info about Beach Ball so far. The biggest clue is the costume itself: a giant red, white, and blue striped ball with orange eyebrows, big lashes, and bright blue eyes.

The Masked Singer Insta did drop a single clue about our new friend here, but it doesn’t exactly give insight. The clue features two bandaids crossed over one another, forming an X. All I can say in response to that is…”Huh??”

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The Theories

Beach Ball Is Actually *Two* Singers

OK hear me out. A YouTuber has a theory that the Beach Ball is really two singers trapped in one costume. According to Joey Contino, a video was uploaded (and then very quickly deleted) by a different YouTuber showing that Beach Ball has a secret second face!

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TBD if this checks out and/or if Voldemort/Professor Quirrell are doing reality TV now, but if so, congratulations to the internet for A+++ sleuthing skills.

Miss Piggy

miss piggy

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After Kermit the Frog was a contestant last season, anything is possible. Some people think that because Miss Piggy is known for causing accidents, the bandaid clue is a hint that she is Beach Ball. But wouldn’t her costume be pink?? Not sure if I buy this.

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2021 outside lands music and arts festival

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If there was an award for being the celebrity most associated with a bandaid, it’d go to Nelly, so I can’t really fault people for guessing him here. He was also just on Dancing With the Stars last year, so he’s no stranger to celebrity competition shows.

Colleen Ballinger

2018 from paris with love children's hospital los angeles gala

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Speaking as someone who prides themselves on being able to guess the singers on this show, this theory seems pretty legit! If you don’t know Colleen, you might be familiar with her character Miranda Sings. This double persona could make the whole two faces/one costume theory make sense AND Miranda also has a bandaid collection! Plus Colleen (who is, in fact, a singer) is very pregnant with twins rn, so a Beach Ball costume could be a fun and appropriate choice.

Be sure to watch Beach Ball take the stage for the first time on The Masked Singer tonight at 8 p.m. ET if you wanna see if these guesses track!

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