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Long Island is the beach season

Summer on Long Island is the beach season. For those true sun worshipers there was no place better than the south shore, particularly the area by the Fire Island lighthouse. To add to the fun of the area is the fact that there is a section of National Seashore right by the lighthouse and this meant that nude sunbathing was allowed. Other sections of nearby beach may be slightly crowded but this area was almost always full. Nudists flocked to this part of the beach and so did many voyeurs and the curious.
When I go there I look for a place away from the middle of the crowd, more on the periphery where people would relax and mingle without much interference. It is a great spot for natural freedom.
One time I went during the week when it was less crowded and found a nice place for my towel midway between the water’s edge and the dunes. I could hear the surf and smell the sea while watching people walk along the breaking waves as well as those heading down to the water from farther back on the beach. People were friendly and there was plenty of light conversation.
As I was walking back from the water I met a fellow a bit older than me, early fifties I imagine, well-tanned and fit, and we spoke for a minute or so in passing. A little while later he stopped by my towel and we chatted some more. He was nice enough and had a friendly smile. He mentioned that he wouldn’t mind some company if I felt like moving farther back and pointed out where he had set up his wind protectors and blanket. I told him that I might take him up on his offer once I went for a swim and dried off.
The breeze picked up and there was some sand blowing around so I decided to take my things and go visit my new friend. It doesn’t hurt to have some protection from the wind when you put on suntan oil and a little company could be interesting as well. Bob welcomed me and showed that he had ample room behind his wind barrier where I could arrange my towel and place my supplies. Before long Bob and I were talking like old friends and sharing some life stories.
At one point Bob asked if I wouldn’t mind putting some suntan oil on his shoulders and back and he would do the same for me if I desired. I agreed and sitting behind him, liberally spread oil on his shoulders and evenly rubbed it down his back, buttocks and legs. I could feel how toned the muscles were and knew that he worked hard keeping fit. He seemed to enjoy the semi-message and the ritual spreading of the oil on his body and appeared very relaxed as he lay face down on his blanket.
After about a half hour on my back I was ready to flip over and so was Bob. He asked if I wanted some oil on my back and I readily agreed. He motioned for me to move onto his blanket where I would have more room and so that he could properly do his job, and it was the right decision. It was more comfortable and I could stretch out.
Lying on my stomach with my arms over my head felt good as did the sun warming me all over. Bob took some oil and started on my shoulders, proceeded down my back, over my buttocks and down each leg. His hands felt wonderful; strong but gentle, kneading the muscles to sooth and relax them. In a few minutes Bob straddled me saying that it would give him more leverage as he worked my shoulder and neck muscles. His massage felt wonderful and I could feel the stress leaving my body.
I was drifting away in my own dream world as Bob rubbed my neck and arms, stretching out on top of me as he did so. I could feel his legs on top of mine at first and then sliding to the inside between them. He exerted gentle pressure to move my legs apart and before long I could feel his erect penis sliding along the crack of my buttocks. I was relaxed and enjoyed feeling his weight on top of me, and I also enjoyed feeling his penis probing the edge of my anus.
All the suntan oil made our bodies very slick. It took almost no pressure on Bob’s part for him to push his firm dick into my ass; it was not uncomfortable and my feeling of relaxation continued. Bob was slow and gentle at first but became more forceful and intense as the session progressed. I was stretched out, his hands now gripping my wrists, my legs forced apart and his firm cock buried deep into my ass. Bob’s mouth was close to my ear as he whispered, “You have a nice tight boy pussy and I really enjoy fucking you.”
I could not wriggle out from under him and could not struggle free even if I wanted to, which I didn’t. I was pinned by his weight and his strong hands held me in place, outstretched, while his stiff cock was thrust in and out of my ass. “You’re my bitch now” said Bob quietly.
Bob eventually stiffened and pushed his cock as far as he could into my ass, held it there and shot his load of cum. He exhaled and slowly released his grip on my wrists. He pushed himself up from on top of me with his arms and rolled off to one side. He lay on his back limp and exhausted. I could not move for a few minutes but when I did roll onto my back, I felt sore and bruised like after a rough massage and drained of all energy. My soft penis glistened in the sun from the precum that leaked out and my balls felt wet from Bob’s cum dripping from my ass.
After a few minutes I propped myself up on my elbows and Bob did the same. We looked at each other and slowly began to laugh gently. I said that it might be a good time to go to the water and rinse off and Bob agreed. My legs were rubbery as I walked and this made me smile. Our bodies brushed against each other as we walked and Bob said, “That was fun.”
Invigorated after a cooling swim we made our way back to the blanket in the fortress behind the wind protection. We dried off and sat sharing a beer. I told Bob that I was going to head home and hoped that he has a nice evening and he wished me the same, saying it was a pleasure meeting up. He then asked if he could have my phone number as it might be fun to get together again, perhaps for a drink this time, something to loosen us up. I giggled at his joke before slowly reaching into my bag for a piece of paper and a pen.

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