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The Bartender Was Right On The Ball

I was out with my sister Jan and her boyfriend at a party.

I was in between girlfriends at the time. My previous girl had accepted a job overseas and whilst our relationship had been intimate, we were not prepared for marriage or living together. It was basically the company and the sex which we both enjoyed.

Jan’s boyfriend Tony was teasing me a bit over the frequent relationships I have had. “Do you scare them off?” he asked. He was implying I was getting older and good women were usually all taken by the time they got to my age.

I tried to explain and be honest, that my job and the time it involved in being away from home, often overseas, would not have made for a stable relationship.

I admit when I am away, I can usually find somebody prepared to have a bit of a fling, knowing that it will not be a permanent thing. My work involves working with a lot of women in large office organisations and there are always one or more women that enjoy a bit of out-of-town experience, particularly from another country. It would be rare for me not to have at least two affairs when I am away which can be for as long as a month.

Jan then began to get involved. It seems both she and Tony were becoming more interested in my affairs and Jan, in particular, was wanting to know if the women in different countries were any different in their sexual habits and desires.

I went on to explain that I believed some women in some countries were far easier to seduce than in others. Then again, some were difficult to get into bed initially and were far more reactive and demonstrative once the foreplay started. Others who were easy, often just lay back and waited for everything to happen. Some were happy for a one-night stand and others you had to play your cards more carefully as they were looking for something more permanent.

After some time discussing my various experiences, some of which were quite erotic and others amusing or interesting in the ways and means I achieved them. Some were married women out for a bit on the side. These were quite interesting as they were seeking something different from what they had with their husbands. I am reasonably well built in the penis department and on occasions, they made no secret about the inadequacies of their husbands. I would cheekily offer to let them try something from down-under to see if they could handle it – offering a cheeky challenge would be one way of describing it.

Both Jan and Tony were showing signs that they were both becoming a little more than interested and more vocal recounting some of their previous affairs and I learned many things about my sister I had not previously been aware of.

She was not the innocent sixteen-year-old that I believed she had been back then. Now she was older, her previous experiences were paying off. At seventeen she had come second to another girl in a competition to have sex with as many boys as they could in a month. Some of her experiences since then have been interesting, to say the least. Tony added some experiences that they had both had at a swinger’s club. My sister and her boyfriend were twenty-six-year-old swingers and quite proud of the number of men and women they have had sex with. Age, it seems, had no barriers for them.

As the night proceeded, I had noticed a woman at the party who had attracted me. I excused myself and told Jan and Tony that I was going to make a play for her as she seemed in the mood for a bit of fun.

Tony laughed and said, “You know how to pick them. She has a bit of a reputation as a cock teaser. She has been known to flash herself at times with no underwear.”

“Well, this will be interesting. I have met my share of them, let me see if I can handle this one.”

“Good luck,” Jan said as I left them to challenge my ability.

It did not take me long to get a conversation going with her. She was more than willing for me to buy her a drink.

At the bar, the barman who had noticed my pickup strategy said, “Good luck mate, once she has finished the drink you may find yourself talking to yourself. She will be off to find the next sucker.”

I had been forewarned. I knew what to expect and use my charms to counteract it.

I was surprised that she seemed quite happy to engage in conversation as we sat and talked. The fact I travelled a lot seemed to encourage her as she wanted to know some of the details about a couple of the countries I had worked in. I soon learned she wanted to travel and with limited finances was working out the best country to give her the best value for her money.

I got a chance to not only use my charm but to tell her a few stories, some of which had a semblance of truth and others complete bullshit, but she was impressed and was falling into the trap.

After two more drinks, the bartender now assured me I was, “Right for the night.”

I gather she had a bit of a reputation. It wasn’t long before I felt her hand on my thigh. As she did that, I looked at her and she winked at me. I knew I was home and hosed.

Ten minutes later we were leaving the party headed for my apartment to see some of the photos of my travels. Well, that’s what I told her. As we were leaving, I went over to Jan and Tony and told them I had succeeded.

Jan said, ”I want to hear all the dirty talk tomorrow.”

Tony said, “We can swap tales.”

He gave Jan a big smile which she returned and said, ”Only if you behave.”

The girl’s name was Terri and the moment we were out of the house walking to my car she was all over me. We had not gone more than a few buildings and she pushed me up against a wall and kissed me passionately. Her hand took mine and pressed it to her breast as she ground her pelvis against mine to feel the boner I had ready for her.

“I want it, now,” She said.

“Right now, right here?” I replied.

Her hand was down unzipping me, and she had my cock out in a few seconds. Holding it in one hand she lifted her skirt with the other and guided my cock straight into her cunt. We were standing in a well-lit street having a knee-trembler. I was against the wall, and she was grinding herself onto my cock and gyrating her ass rather than pumping my cock into her. It was a unique feeling.

“God that feels good, you are bigger than I estimated. I like to size my men up in my mind before I fuck them,” she said. “You have surprised me; it feels better than I imagined. Don’t you cum in me until I have cum.”

She was doing all the work. All I was doing was making sure I did not cum. She was working hard to bring herself off and enjoying herself.

It would have been an interesting sight with her grinding her hips against me. It was not a thrusting fuck as her legs and hips were the only things moving. Her arms were around me as mine were around her ass pulling and holding each other tightly to each other, ensuring my cock remained inside her. Fortunately, we were about the same height. She was virtually grinding her cunt against my deeply buried cock and rubbing her pussy against my pants. I imagined making a big wet patch there.

The way she was fucking me had me enthralled. I had never in my life been fucked, or fucked a woman like this ever before, and never in a public street in full view.

At one stage another few people left the party and fortunately and gone the other way. Had they come past us they would have had no doubt what we were doing against the wall.

Then she began to grunt, and it was obvious she was cumming. She had done everything necessary to get herself to this point.

“I enjoyed that; are you close?” she asked.

“Not far to go,” I replied.

With that, she just slid down and took my firm cock into her mouth.

She was an expert at giving head and with all the previous excitement, she only took about a minute or so and she was devouring the product she had generated for me. I was filling her mouth with my cum.

She was sucking, licking, and swallowing all at the same time. She was well versed in the joys of cock sucking. When we were fucking it could have been mistaken for a passionate kissing session, there was no hiding the fact she was sucking my cock.

After she stood up, I began to rehouse my cock and close my zip. She didn’t attempt to kiss me.

“I needed that; you took your time in there chatting me up. Now we can take our time and you can fuck me to your heart’s delight. I am sure I can make the most of that cock of yours it feels extremely comfortable in there.” Terri said as she took my hand, and we began to walk down the road.

We had fucked openly in the street and sucked cock. It had taken about ten minutes to complete all our pleasures, and nobody had seen us. My head was still spinning a bit what with the cool air and alcohol and after the most unusual fuck I have ever had, possibly in the most public of places I had ever fucked a woman.

Once we got into my car, Terri again unzipped me and took my cock out, and said, “Drive.”

I was driving along with the woman sitting next to me gently masturbating me. She put her finger into her cunt and sucked it. “That’s yummy,” she said.

She repeated her action and gave her finger to me to suck.

“Unadulterated cunt juice,” she said.

As we drove, she asked, “How much longer?”

About fifteen minutes, the traffic is light at this hour of the morning,“ I replied.

“Undo your belt and let me get at it,” Terri instructed.

As I was doing this one-handed with my other hand on the steering wheel, she slipped her dress over her head and unclipped her bra. She was now naked.

My cock was now sticking out of my underpants and my trousers fly spread wide. Terri immediately got up on her knees on the seat with her bum visible through the passenger’s window. Then she began to suck my cock again. I could not believe how good it was as I was consciously trying to concentrate on getting my cock sucked and follow the route to my place as I drove the car.

I also had one hand tweaking her nipples, which were hanging down as she knelt over me the other hand was on the steering wheel.

I had never had sex whilst driving a car before.

She was giving me a most exquisite experience.

I had driven a car while I had masturbated myself but never had my cock sucked while the car was moving. For me, who I believe had more unusual experiences with women than most, I was completely astounded at what she was doing.

I was within ten minutes of my place, and I started to cum. She was going hard on my cock and my mind was in half a dozen places at once and it just happened. I was cumming, and cumming hard.

She had one hand on my balls fondling them as she sucked the tasty juice out of my cock and for some reason, I remembered the barman telling me, “You are right for the night mate.”

‘Right’ was not the word. I was over the moon.

It was then I realised was halfway over an intersection against a red light. ‘Shit I hope there are no cops about,’ I thought. I imagined hearing a siren and a female cop coming to the window of the car and asking me, “You just drove through a red light. Do you have a reason for doing so, sir?”

I began to laugh at the scenario I was imagining. A naked woman on her knees with her head firmly over my cock, playing with my balls, as I fondled her tits, and her sucking me cum out of my cock and the cop asks do I have a reason for driving through a red light?

I imagined the reply I would give her, ‘Sorry officer I was just filling my girlfriend’s mouth with my cum and I completely missed seeing the light.”

Terri took her mouth off my cock and said, “What’s so funny?”

“Bloody hell, do you know what I just did?” I asked.

I then explained to her what had happened while I was cumming and she was sucking my cock. I recounted my version of the cop stopping us.

“I would have said, ‘Your turn next,’” Terri joked.

By now, I was outside my apartment and so everything came back to earth.

Terri made no effort to cover herself. She opened the door which then illuminated the inside of the car, picked up her clothing, and began to walk from the car to the lobby, a distance of about twenty-five metres, completely naked.

I was trying to put my cock back into my pants and do up my fly and lock the car.

I had to chase her before she got to the lift. I could imagine somebody leaving the lift to be confronted by a naked woman with an arm full of clothing, with cum on her chin.

Fortunately, she waited for me. She had no choice as she had no idea which apartment I lived in or the floor it was on.

The lift was already on the ground floor, so we did not have to wait or confront somebody leaving the building. I bundled her into the lift and hit the button to close the doors and then my floor number. I hoped nobody would be also going up at that time of the morning, it was about 3 am.

On the way up, Terri said, “I haven’t had so much fun for ages and the night is just beginning.”

I thought, ‘just beginning? Hell, it is almost daylight.’

As soon as we were inside my apartment she said, “Bathroom,” and I directed her to it.

I followed and picked up her clothing she had dropped on the floor and took it to the bedroom, and I had a pee in my en-suite bathroom. I could hear the shower running so I assumed she was having a shower.

I undressed and started to shower myself.

Terri arrived shortly after and got straight into bed.

“I am waiting,” she said as she positioned herself in the missionary position, legs back and her cunt sticking up like a ripe peach.

I got out of the shower, didn’t dry myself, and stood beside the bed with my towel and said, ”You will have to work on this before it can do you justice.” In the past hour, it had cum three times. It had fucked her once and she had sucked it off twice.

Teri then began to wank me as I dried myself. It took about three minutes before I was hard and dry.

She then relaxed and I got into bed beside her, and we kissed and in doing so she maneuvered herself into position and began to fuck me, cowgirl. Within seconds my cock was buried deeply in her wonderful bald cunt. The both of us were soon fucking each other as we both got into the rhythm of our fuck.

After three previous ejaculations within a couple of hours, I was having problems becoming worked up enough to cum. Terri came twice in the cowgirl position. We swapped positions and I was working hard at keeping my cock firm enough to give her the pleasure she was seeking.

I guess I had been fucking her for at least twenty minutes and working hard at it. She came once more before I began to get that feeling I was about to cum. She knew exactly what to do to make herself cum and she did it without any help from me.

It was not the most amazing ejaculation I have had, not after three previous times. My cum just leaked out,

“I was expecting fireworks,” Terri said.

“I am afraid it was a bit of a fizzer. Sorry, I don’t normally have four orgasms in two hours.”

‘OK. Lick me out and we can have some sleep before we get back into it,” she said.

Fortunately, I have had some experience at licking a woman out after I have just cum in her, so I was able to get down on her and give her the treatment she wanted.

I was able to lick up what she was leaking back, and it wasn’t long before I could feel her stirring and her orgasm was close. This woman was insatiable. My guess was she had had at least five or six orgasms since the first one against the wall and was still wanting more. I thought I was a bit of a sex case, but she overshadowed me in every department. That bartender was right on the ball.

After she came and made it obvious, she enjoyed it with the actions and sound personified. Fortunately, the apartments are soundproof, or half the building would have heard her.

We rolled over cuddled together and we went to sleep. God knows how long it would be before she was wanting to fuck again.

It was daylight when I awoke, and the sun was streaming into the bedroom. I felt for Terri, and she was not there. I thought she has cleared out while I was asleep. Then the smell of toast reached my nostrils. I was just about to get out of bed and Terri arrived.

She arrived with a tray with a plate of toast and two cups of coffee. This woman was amazing.

She was still stark naked, and we chatted about the party, ate our toast, and drank our coffee.

After we had finished, I needed the bathroom and Terri took everything back to the kitchen. By the time I had finished having a piss and cleaning my teeth she was back and just getting into bed again.

“It’s Sunday so let’s start the day off with a nice slow lick,” Terri said.

Both of us were familiar with giving and receiving oral sex. She placed a pillow under her bum and quickly had herself in a position. I was just as quick in getting myself ready.

I opened her lips with my fingers and began to lick her.

Terri began to giggle and wriggle then said, “I have never had it feel like that before, it is amazing, you are making it tingle. What are you doing?”

I wondered what she meant and looked up at her and asked, “What do you mean?”

“It’s all tingling, you are making it tingle, I have never had that feeling ever before.”

Then I realised, I had cleaned my teeth and used Listerine mouthwash. The alcohol and aniseed flavor or whatever was still active in my mouth, and it was reacting with the sensitive skin of her labia. She was getting the effect you feel in your mouth when you use toothpaste or mouthwash.

I laughed and explained what I believed it was.

“Go and get the bottle, I want some more of that, it feels so good.”

I returned to the bedside with the bottle of Listerine in my hand. I was about to take a mouthful and repeat what I had done a few minutes before.

“No, drip a bit onto my cunt, and then go down and rub it in with your tongue.”

I did exactly that.

The effect was that she began bouncing her ass up and down and squeezing her legs together and saying, “Wow, that stirs it up big time, it sort of stings my clit a bit. Give me a lick.”

I went down and licked her now aniseed or was it mint tasting cunt? I was enjoying it as much as she was. The taste of her was unique. The scent was of the Listerine and the tingle was on my tongue as it was on her clit. I licked and sucked on her clit for a minute which soon had her clit feeling minty cool before the sensation passed

“God that was amazing. I have never had anything like that happen before. I loved it. Kiss me, you will taste nice too,” Terri said.

We kissed for a minute or two and then she said, “OK, fun is over let’s get down to some serious business.”

I went back to licking and sucking on her now quite tasty cunt. It wasn’t long before everything was normal, and I was performing the ritual of oral sex on her like a professional.

I licked, sucked, and fingered her for at least ten minutes before she came.

When she approached her climax, she said, “Hang on, this is going to be a beauty.”

I then wrapped my arms around her thighs so I could get the grip on her that would ensure that I could keep my face on her cunt as she bucked and bounced about. I knew she was experienced and would more than likely let herself go and have a wild orgasm.

I was not wrong. She moaned, groaned, and bucked and bounced her bum around on the pillow. I managed to maintain my grip on her legs and keep my mouth hard down on her vagina with my tongue on her clit. It was difficult keeping engaged the entire time her climax was driving her to the heights of satisfaction.

When she had exhausted herself, she collapsed panting on the bed pulling each of her breasts as she pinched her nipples.

I let her enjoy the euphoria of her orgasm which I would say was a little stronger than her normal orgasms, while I lay beside her and just enjoyed her satisfaction with her.

“Fuck, that was amazing. I will have to learn to tweak it up like that again. I want to do that again before I leave. That was amazing. Did you enjoy it too?” she asked.

“Like you, I have rarely seen a woman react like that. Do you think the mouthwash had anything to do with it?”

“I am sure it did. That’s why I want to try it again later, just to be sure. That is going to be added to my repertoire, for sure.”

She took my hand and placed it on one of her breasts, and I did not need any instructions to do what I knew she desired.

The morning progressed and we both were really in the mood for a passionate orgy. We fucked and sucked each other more times than I could remember. The bedsheet was all over the place with the constant shifting of our positions. Each time she came, she grabbed a handful of it to hold on tightly as she shifted her ass to get her clit onto my cock head. Once she began to cum, she told me to pinch her nipples.

Somehow, I could still manage to get my cock hard enough to satisfy her. Using her experience, she manipulated herself on my cock and bring herself off without much effort from me. So long as my cock was firm and inside her, she had the ability to cum as frequently as she wished. She came far more frequently than me and she never seemed to tire of having orgasms. Her nipples were red raw from the constant pinching and twisting of each one when she came. Another favorite thing she enjoyed was me biting them. She enjoyed the effect of having her nipples involved each time she came.

After what seemed like hours of having sex, she got up and went to the bathroom and showered.

I lay on the bed enjoying the rest from the constant attention she desired. If we were not fucking or sucking, we were kissing. My cock was up and down like a bride’s nighty with the constant arousal and necessity to fill her cunt or mouth.

When she returned, I was stunned. Both her nipples, areolas, and vagina were white. She stood there proudly displaying herself. She had her hands behind her back.

I was completely stunned. “What in hell have you done?” I asked.

“I played around with your mouth wash and then saw your toothpaste. I have covered myself with it and the effect is amazing, everything is tingling like Christmas Bells. It feels amazing, it feels cool, and the sensation is something I have never had before.”

Then I heard the buzzing of my toothbrush. She produced it and said., “Now you can brush them for me.”

I was gobsmacked. She gave me the toothbrush and said, “Go gently and see if you can get them to lather up.”

I applied the brush to one nipple gently and she giggled and wriggled and broke contact. Then she presented her nipple to me again and this time she persevered with the discomfort or pleasure I wasn’t quite sure which it was. She liked the sensation and gradually added the pressure she wanted herself by pressing each nipple against the brush. Her nipples were bright red showing through the white mix on her areola. After a minute or two, she said, “Now for the climax… my cunt.”

She got onto the bed, and she spread her legs exposing her toothpaste-covered vagina which by now had begun to become more liquid than paste due to her wetness.

I used two fingers to spread her lips and then gently applied the brush to her labia. She shook from the roughness of the pulsating brush but soon adapted to the sensation and the longer I applied the brush the more lather she created with the constant leaking of her juices.

“Oh God. that feels amazing. It feels like my cunt is on ice, it feels so cool. You have just applied the right pressure.”

“I gather it’s the mint or whatever in the toothpaste,” I told her.

“Whatever it is it feels great, I have never felt anything like it,” She told me.

Then she said, “Oh shit, it’s running down between my legs over my ass. My asshole is now tingling too. I can’t believe how amazing this feels. It’s almost as good as fucking.”

I then applied the brush very gently to her clit and she jumped. “THAT was a bit too extreme. It is so sensitive, the toothpaste is enough to give it the max sensation,” she said. “No more there please.”

I put the brush down on the bedside table and then without asking her just prepared to fuck her again. Looking down at her lying there was amusing with all her bits covered in white soapy toothpaste and her cunt looking like a snowfield.

“This is going to be interesting,” she said as she realised what I was about to do.

I slipped my cock into her warm wet toothpaste-covered cunt. It felt strange but not uncomfortable. It was as she had said. It felt cool with the mint or whatever in her cunt full of soapy toothpaste. The head of my cock felt it and then the skin just under the head where I was circumcised. Now I was understanding the feeling she had described. It was a unique sensation and not uncomfortable.

Without any further discussion, I began to fuck her.

Neither of us said anything. We just lay there fucking together and experiencing something that we had never experienced before. The sensation of the toothpaste had added a unique feeling and she was enjoying it as much as I was it seemed. Gradually my balls became covered in the froth I was making inside her and they began to tingle too.

After a few minutes, the sensation seemed to diminish but I was almost ready to cum. I was about to say something, and I immediately realised she had started cumming and had wrapped her legs around my waist. Neither of us said a word but the sounds of two people cumming together were most obvious as we were both grunting and enjoying the sensation that is unique to each of us.

I added my cum to her toothpaste-filled cunt. The fucking motion and the cum together with her juice had her cunt and my balls covered in a soapy froth. The smell of toothpaste permeated the room overwhelming the scent of sex that we had generated in the previous couple of hours.

Again, without a word, we kissed. There was a feeling between us that I had not experienced with her before. It was a feeling of pleasure and desire. After we had exhausted ourselves kissing and grinding our soapy cum covered bodies together, we both realised we had reached the climax of our union and that we were both exhausted.

Both of us were covered in a sloppy mix of toothpaste and cum, it was a most unusual sight.

I climbed off her and headed for the bathroom, she followed. Showering together we again managed to kiss and shower together making sure we had removed all the toothpaste from within her and from my cock and balls.

We dried each other and then went to the kitchen completely naked and made a cup of coffee and chatted together as if we had known each other for as many years.

A couple of hours later we fucked again and then I drove her to her apartment. I was flying out a few days later and we knew what we had achieved was unique.

“When I get back can we catch up again?” I asked.

“Only if you promise to bring that bottle of Listerine again,“

You can provide the toothpaste,” I joked.

I would love to revisit that bar and fill the barman in on the wonderful experience we had enjoyed.

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