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The Bad Girls Club, Chapter 4

“Oh, my Go-uack!” was all Kim got out before I shoved my nine-inch cock down her pretty throat.

I pushed in as deep as I could go before her gag reflex kicked in and she bucked and turned her head, trying to dislodge my cock. I pulled back out and she choked and coughed. 

“You mean to tell me that for all your smart ass talk and all your bragging, you can’t deepthroat a cock? You aren’t much of a slut, are you? Hell, you barely got half of me in your mouth! What would the guys say if they found out just what a pathetic cocksucker you are?”

“P-please, Sir…”

“Now let’s try this again and this time I want you to take my cock down that throat of yours. Show me how much of a slut you really are.”

Kim nodded and opened her mouth. This second time I took it a little slower – the surprise factor was gone and so I didn’t need to shove myself into her. I pushed at a reasonable speed until I felt her start to retch a bit. I backed up keeping myself inside her mouth just a little from her gag point. 

“Now Kim, I want you to take a good deep breath and swallow twice. On the second swallow, I will push past your gag reflex and you can take me deeper down your throat. Are you ready?”

I felt her nod a bit and then she took a deep breath she swallowed once and then the second time. 

I pushed in and got past her gag point pretty easily and then I moved further down her throat she started to struggle a bit because it was an odd feeling, but my reassurance calmed her and I was able to get a little further in. 

She wasn’t able to take me all the way – I didn’t want to push her too much and make this first deepthroat experience a bad one. I held her there with my cock about three-quarters of the way in until I felt her tap my arm letting me know she needed a breath. I pulled back out quickly, but I still bumped her gag point and she gagged and coughed a little. 

After that, I just let her suck my cock and get me even harder in preparation for fucking her. There would be ample time for her to practice deepthroating. But we needed to move on.

Once my already pretty hard cock had gotten even harder it was time to “take” this little slut the way she needed to be conquered. I had to admit, she did know what to do with a cock stuffed in her mouth!

“Well well slut, you are a decent cocksucker after all. Now let’s see if you can fuck as good as you suck!”

I walked back around to between her legs. I pulled her back so her ass was just at the edge of the desk. Spreading her legs wide once more, I got up closer to her drooling slit.

I took my hard shaft by the base near my nutsack and began rubbing it up and down her slit, letting the shaft slide between her lips and scrape against her protruding clit. She proceeded to get my hard thick shaft slick with her ample juices as she moaned and begged for me to hurry up and fuck her.

“Please, Sir! Please fuck me! Oh God, I need you to fuck me so bad, Sir. Please, I will do anything you want. Just please, please fuck me!”

“Anything I want, eh?”

“Yes! Anything, Sir, I promise! Anything you want! Please, please, please fuck me!”

“Well, that’s an offer that’s hard to turn down my dear. Okay, slut, get ready for the fucking of your young life!” 

I pulled back slightly in order to get the head of my cock down into position at the entrance to her slit. I rubbed it up and down a couple of times to lubricate the head and then I pushed in just enough to seat the head at the entrance to her tunnel. I gathered myself and then began pushing in slowly but surely. As I began opening Kim up, I saw her eyes get wide in awed amazement.

“Oh, fuck, Sir! Oh, your cock… it’s so… big! I can feel it… stretching me! Oh God, it feels wonderful!” she panted.

I continued to inch forward slowly, letting her feel every bump and ridge as I crept deeper into her warmth. She felt just as exquisite, her tight tunnel hugging and squeezing my cock. I felt her pussy muscles almost immediately rippling and squeezing me, trying to milk my cock of its precious load.

But I was a long way from that. I finally touched the bottom of her well and still had a couple more inches of cock left to go. I mentally marked that spot so when I began the hard fucking I wouldn’t hurt her.

Then I began pulling back equally slowly. I smiled when she whimpered pitifully as I pulled completely out of her. “No! Please, Sir, don’t go! Please!” She started to sit up and reach for me, thinking I was leaving or something.

I pushed her back down on the desk. “Relax my pretty slut, I’m not going anywhere.”

Then I pushed back into her, a little faster this time. I did this a few more times – pulling completely out of her only to push back in all the way. I love the feeling of opening a pussy and the visual is hotter than hell! 

Once she had become accustomed a bit to my size I stopped, buried deep in her young womb. “Okay slut you’d better find something to hang on to…it’s gonna get pretty wild in about a second!” I warned her.

Kim reached out and grabbed hold of the edges of the desk just in time – as soon as I saw her get a grip on the desk I began pumping in and out of her like a jackhammer on crack! I fucked her hard, deep, and furiously as she began to wail her pleasure to the room.


I was sure glad that the school offices had been vacant for a while by now. Kimberly Henderson was a screamer! The only people left in the building now were the janitorial staff and right then I knew they were on the far side of the school and upstairs. They couldn’t hear this young girl screaming out her passions.

Still, I didn’t want to take any chances so I paused a moment to grab her panties. “Open your mouth slut!” I said and I stuffed her panties into her mouth. “There, that should quiet you some. We can’t have one of the custodians coming in and interrupting us, now can we?”

With my noisy slut now silenced, or at least quieted down to an acceptable level, I resumed what I was doing. I plugged back into her and fucked her like there was a time limit on her pussy. And in a way, there was – we had already been here for some time and I needed to get finished and get her home before her parents began to worry.

Because I wanted to show this little tart that she was playing in the big leagues now and not with some still-wet-behind-the-ears schoolboy still playing sandlot softball, as I fucked her, I used my thumb to rub and massage her clit. 

I could tell by the muffled squeal that this was an effective technique and her hips began humping up at my thumb as I continued fucking her senseless. I could tell by her expression, the muffled panicked cries, and her wild gyrations that she was close. It was time to secure my place with this slut just as I did with Holly.

“Spit that gag out now. I know you are ready to cum, but I want to hear you beg for it!”

She did as I said, now breathing deep through her mouth to get more air. 

“All right slut, I am going to make you cum now. And then I will take you home. But remember your promise to me. You promised you would do anything I wanted if I would fuck you and I think I’ve held up my end of the deal.

“So here is your part. You are my slut now you will not have sex with anyone else but me, understand? I do not share my sluts with these immature players and the staff here doesn’t want to get in trouble. So you belong to me from now on, get it?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“You may not realize it quite yet but you, my sweet, are a submissive. And I plan on bringing that out in you. You are going to be my slut and I will be your Dom. We will talk more about how this works next time – we have been here too long already to go into the details of that today.

“Just remember that from now on I own you. And I expect you to start behaving yourself and not getting into trouble anymore. If you want to keep being my slut, that is.”

“Oh I do, Sir! I do want to be your slut! Please! I will be good, I promise! Please, let me be your slut, Sir!”

“Good. I’m glad we understand each other.” And with that, I slammed into her just as I flicked her clit. And she screamed.


Kim emptied herself on my desktop once again thrashing around on her slippery juices to the point I thought she might slip out of my grasp and fall to the floor. But I held onto her despite her flopping around like a fish out of water.

As soon as the last throes of her orgasm had passed, I pulled her off the desk and onto the floor. I had been fucking her through her orgasm and her spasming pussy had gotten me to where I needed to be as well.

“On your knees slut, I’m going to cum in that pretty mouth!”

She knelt on the floor with her mouth open and her tongue, just waiting to be fed. And a couple short jerks later, she was. I shot a huge load into that sweet cocksucking mouth. I still carried the load meant for Holly, so Kim got a double-dose of my cum.

Instructing her not to swallow until I told her to, I filled her mouth to overflowing, watching the excess run down her chin and fall on her wonderful 34D tits, coating them in white man-sauce.

“Now show me,” I told her.

She opened her mouth showing me how she had held as much as her small mouth could. Then I smiled and she swallowed it all showing me afterward that her mouth was empty. She then cleaned my cock sucking out the last couple of drops from my urethra. When she was done she remained kneeling until I helped her up.

“Good girl. Now get cleaned up in the bathroom and get dressed so I can take you home. Your parents are going to start worrying.”

“Yes Sir.” She went to do as I said while I got dressed myself.

On the way to take Kim home, we talked a little bit about what had happened. “Sir, can I ask… how did you know I was a submissive? I mean I didn’t even know!”

“No, my dear, you knew there was something different about you… something that made you want to please people. You just didn’t know what it was. And because you are still a teen and at that difficult stage, serving seemed contrary to what you should be doing. So to counter it, you rebelled. But you see you were not fighting ‘the system’ as much as you were fighting yourself.

“The teen years are difficult for everyone. You aren’t sure of your place in the world or even what you want that place to be. You are still under the authority of your parents and other adults but you think of yourself as an adult as well. So rebellion against authority is common.

“And with Heather as your role model and The Bad Girls as your running partners, it’s not surprising. But we will work on those things as well as your submission this school year. I think you will do a lot of growing and growing up this year.”

As we pulled up to her house, I got out of the car to come around and open her car door and help her to stand. As she stood up, though she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me into a deep protracted, and very passionate kiss. 

“Kim, you parents might see us!” I said, pulling back from her.

“It’s okay, Sir, my parents had a dinner party to go to tonight. They won’t be home for three or four hours yet. They like to drink at these parties so they will be looking to head right to bed when they get home.”

Knowing that, we resumed our kiss until it was time I headed for home myself. I waited until Kim was inside and then turned my car towards home. 

Now that the pressure in my nuts was relieved, the next couple of days went by a lot easier. I had the last of the Bad Girls to start my weekend off on a good note and after Holly and Kim, I was looking forward to a little time with the ringleader of this terrible trio! 

Fridays at F.H are a little different than the other days. Everyone – staff, as well as the students – are eager to get the day over and get away from all things school to just have a good time.

There usually isn’t any homework (the teachers don’t want to face a big workload come Monday morning and the students probably wouldn’t do it anyway!)

Because of this, Fridays are usually pretty light for me as principal as well. With everyone in a good mood and looking forward to a couple of days away from school, people tended to be less confrontational and so I didn’t have to deal with disciplinary issues… usually.

But this particular Friday would break that routine. And wouldn’t you just know it would be Heather front and center in this brouhaha! 

It was around 3:00 pm and school would have been dismissed incident-free in only thirty minutes, when all of a sudden Mrs. Schmidt, one of our English Literature teachers came in with Heather in tow close behind her.

“Mr. Longfellow, I want you to do something with this… with Miss McNichols here. She called me Mrs. Shit again and I am not going to stand for her insubordination and abuse any longer. I had her last year in my class, and I refuse to be harassed and called names again this year!

“You are the principal, so I want you to handle this. I have to get back to my class and dismiss them for the day.” She turned on her heels and stormed out of the office, leaving me with a smirking and quite satisfied Heather.

I sighed. “Come on in, Heather.” 

I went over to stand by my desk as Heather slowly entered my office. “Close the door and lock it please, Heather.”

“Lock it?”

“Yes, please.”

She wasn’t sure about being locked in the office with me, especially since she was already in trouble, but I waited until she had locked the door before proceeding.

“Okay Heather, I’m not even going to get into why you and Mrs. Schmidt don’t get along. I don’t think it’s a personality clash – she is not the only person at this school you seem to have trouble with. But since you have been so kind to save me the trouble of waiting for you after school, you can start by removing your clothes.”

“Yeah, Kim and Holly both told me what our ‘meeting’ would be about. You want to have sex with us in return for giving us our diplomas. You are just like all the other guys. You want to get in our pants. Although you are using blackmail to get your way.”

“Oh, Heather, blackmail… that’s such an ugly term. I prefer to think of it as the two of us helping each other out. You help me by taking care of a certain need I have, and I help you by getting you up on that stage to get your diploma.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t need your help, Mr. Longfellow. I am a smart girl. I can do this all on my own, thank you very much!”

“Yes, you are a smart girl, Heather. I know that. But I also know that you are constantly getting into trouble. You may not always start it, but whenever there’s trouble, you are not far from it. And that propensity to be around trouble has brought you here to Franklin Heights Alternative School.

“This is your last chance, young lady, to get your act together and get through school with something you can use in your future. If you were so smart, you would realize how important a diploma is to your future.

“And if you were so smart, my dear, you would also know that playing ball with me will get you on that stage a lot easier and, as your associates have learned, having a lot more fun along the way!”

She didn’t have a smart-ass answer to that one right off, so she just didn’t say anything. I took advantage of her hesitancy to restate my command. “Now if you don’t mind, please remove your clothes.”

Heather saw there was no sense in sparring with me like this so with a derisive groan, she began taking off her clothes. Like the two delinquents before her, Heather thought I would somehow be satisfied with her just removing her black vest, white blouse, and black skirt.

“There. Happy now?”

“Well, it’s a start. Now take off the bra.”

“Aaugh!” she said as she reached behind her and unfastened the clip on her bra.

She took it off and threw it at me angrily. She was mad because I was winning this test of wills! I calmly caught it before it hit me and put it down on my desk. Then I got up and slowly walked over to her.

“Heather, Heather… what am I going to do with you? You are a very beautiful, very capable young woman, yet you insist on rattling everyone’s cage you come across. You could do so much more if you just learned to get along with people instead of butting heads with them.”

“Miss Shit is a bitch! Everyone knows it and everyone hates her! They are just too afraid to stand up to her!” 

“Maybe so – I don’t know her all that well. But whether she is a bitch like you say or not, she still stands between you and a diploma. She still can determine how hard or how easy you have it from here on out. You have to pass her class to earn the credits you need to graduate.

“So you two will have to come to some sort of understanding. I’m not saying you have to be ‘besties’ and go shopping and get your hair done together. But you do have to work together to get the job done.”

“I try, Mr. Longfellow, but I hate her class. In all my other classes I get along with the teacher. But she is always mean to me and won’t give me a break!”

“I understand what you are saying, Heather. In the Marines, I had this one Sargeant that it seemed like he made it his mission in life to screw with me every chance he had. But I learned that if I did things his way – whether I thought it was right or not – I could get along with him.

“And when he was wrong on something, it was his mistake, not mine. I was just following orders and doing what I was told. If you take the same attitude, you and Mrs. Schmidt will get through this semester a lot easier. And let her take the blame if something goes wrong – at least you will have done your part, right?”

“I suppose… but it’s going to be hard. What if she picks on me again?”

“Heather, class periods here are only fifty-five minutes long. Just go along with her for fifty-five minutes and then when the bell rings, move on to your next class and forget about her. One fifty-five minute argument isn’t worth your future!”

“I’ll try Mr. Longfellow…”

“Tell you what, Heather. You and I have already entered into this agreement due to your past problems. What if I gave you a little incentive to get along with Mrs. Schmidt and your other teachers. Would that make school a pill that is easier to swallow?”

“What kind of  ‘incentive’?”

I reached out and put my hand behind her neck pulling her towards me and into a kiss. My move caught her off-guard, although I don’t know why… she knew that she was there for sex – Holly and Kim had already told her what I’d done to them when they were in my office earlier that week. And I was sure that she would catch on to the double entendre when I said incentive.

But it didn’t matter. I crushed her lips to mine and kissed her like I wanted to feast on those sweet full lips. Startled at my sudden move at first, she wrapped her arms around my neck and melted into my kiss readily. She told me later that the other girls told her what a good kisser I was and she was hoping to find out for herself. I am glad I didn’t disappoint her!

With Heather’s arms around my neck, mine went down her side to her hips and then around to her tight, panty-clad ass cheeks. I reached under her ass and hefted her up. Heather instantly wrapped her legs around my waist and I carried her, reverse-piggyback, to my desk. I set her gently down on my desk and then broke our kiss. 

I spread her legs wide and started rubbing her pussy over her panties as I had done with the other two girls. As I rubbed her pussy, I talked to her in a low voice.

“You are a very pretty girl Heather… you have a very nice figure and such a lovely face. I’m almost glad you are so mischievous… you and I are going to have a lot of fun this year, my pretty.”


“Speaking of having fun, rumor around the school is that you are a nasty fuck. Are you a nasty fuck? Are you going to be my nasty fuck girl, Heather?”

I rubbed her pussy harder, concentrating on hitting her clit more. I knew it was working because the wet spot in her panties grew considerably larger.

“Ohhh god… you’re making me… ohhh”

“Tell me, Heather… are you going to be my nasty dirty fuck?”


 “No, Heather, I want you to ask to be my nasty fuck. Beg me and show me how much you want to be my dirty little whore. I’m looking for a nasty, raunchy, little high school whore who likes to fuck and fuck hard. I’m hoping that you’ll want to be my whore, but you need to show me you’re sincere and you’ll do whatever I say. Now, do you want to be my high school whore?”

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