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The Bad Girls Club, Chapter 3

I admit I was a little disappointed my plans had gotten off to such a rocky start, but I brushed it aside and looked forward to Wednesday with Kim. 

I had been given a little cautionary warning about Kim and Heather the first time I had them in my office. Miss Blakely had told me that the girls had a habit of trying to use their “womanly charms” to get out of trouble – and get the guys into it! They even flirted and teased the male teachers. So I was sure that I wouldn’t come up against that virgin obstacle with either of these two! 

Wednesday afternoon seemed like it would never get here – Holly had left me unsatisfied so I was randy as an old goat by the time Kim was to visit me. 

I didn’t blame Holly, in fact, I admired her dedication – in this day and age a choice to remain pure is a hard thing to maintain! However, that didn’t satiate the need I had for sexual fulfillment any.

After what seemed like the longest day I had ever spent in school, the final bell rang Wednesday afternoon and I knew that soon my hunger would be slaked by this young, but more carefree little cocktease.

“I’m here like you wanted Mr. Longfellow,” Kim said, standing in the doorway with her arms crossed looking bored of this little scene already. 

She popped her gum as she spoke. She knew the rule about gum in school but that was just one of many she chose to disregard. And now she was flaunting that disregard directly in my face. This little hellcat was going to be fun!

“You know the rule at F.H. about chewing gum in school, Kim. Now lose the gum,” I said, holding up my little desk trash can. 

Kim spat it out forcefully looking at me as she did. It was a show of brassy arrogance, an unspoken “fuck you”. We both knew the meaning behind it. She was daring me to do something about it.

So I did. I reached out and grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to me roughly. 

“Let’s see if we can find something a little more productive for that mouth, shall we? You know why I called you in here… you know the arrangement we have. So why don’t we cut out all this posturing and pretense and get on with it? Now get undressed. I want to see what you have been teasing all the boys here with!”

My sudden move and my stern voice must have caught her off-guard because she suddenly got a lot more complaisant and obeyed my directive. I can only surmise that the boys were so driven by their cocks that they did whatever she told them to and the other male teachers were afraid of her for fear of what she could say they did to her. But I was not intimidated by this little strumpet. 

“Go lock the door and then come back here and take your clothes off. Be quick about it, we don’t have all day!” 

I liked making these girls lock the door, especially this first time we meet – it’s intimidating and frightening for them to lock themselves in a room with me, knowing what will be going on. 

Having them lock the door themselves is like they are giving in to me and relinquishing the control they held so dear. They are basically surrendering to my will and my rules. Two things that I know these girls don’t want to surrender to!

Kim turned the knob on the lock and then paused for a moment before turning around. I knew the thoughts that were racing through her mind: Do I really want to go through with this? What will he want me to do? Do I really need that damn diploma this badly? 

I tried not to laugh as she drew a deep breath and turned around, trying very hard to act all badass and show her tough side. It wouldn’t be long before that facade would crumble like a sandcastle in the oncoming tide!

“Okay Mr. Longfellow, just what is it you want? A blowjob? What am I doing here?” It was so cute how she thought she still was in charge!

“Well first off, I want you to follow directions, young lady. I said to lock the door and then take your clothes off. You only accomplished the first half of my command,” I said, unmoved by her tough act.

With a humph of annoyance, she began taking off her clothes. That day Kim wore a white button-front blouse that plunged to just below her tits thanks to the top three buttons being undone for teasing purposes! 

She wore a loose-fitting men’s tie for accent. Her skirt was black and high enough that it showed the tops of her thigh-top stockings. Finally, she had white high heels shoes with black toe caps and black stiletto heels. 

She removed the tie and her blouse, revealing a low-cut lacy turquoise bra, Then she shimmied out of her skirt to show me that she had a matching turquoise panty that barely covered anything. 

When she was done, she picked up her clothes and tossed them casually onto the sofa, instead of folding them neatly as Holly had done. She obviously didn’t care about the cost of her clothes like Holly did – a fact I picked right up on. Kim was just a spoiled little bitch who had Daddy’s money to spend when she wanted something.

Kim stood there in her bra and panties, heels and stockings waiting for what was to come next. She still had her arms crossed defiantly and she was just shy of tapping her toe impatiently.

“Don’t stop. The bra and panties come off too. You can leave the heels and hose on – I like the look,” I told her.

Kim looked a bit shocked at that… I think she figured I wouldn’t go that far. But when she saw I wasn’t kidding she complied, a bit less haughty and egotistical now. She took her bra off easily enough, but when it came to her panties she was a bit more modest and she tried to delay things.

“Please Mr. Longfellow… I will behave myself. I promise…” she said looking all sweet and innocent. 

I didn’t buy into her act for a minute. I casually walked up to the half-naked young girl and with a strike that would make a cobra jealous, I grabbed a handful of her long blond tresses and held her head back with one hand. My other hand shot down with equal speed to her panty-clad pussy and I began rubbing it as I talked to her. 

“Now now, Kim, you mean to tell me a girl like you is modest? A girl who everyone knows is easier to lay than a throw rug? Come on, Kim – I may be principal here and sit in an office most of the day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on here. It is my job to know the goings-on at F. H. and I have eyes and ears all over this school. 

“There isn’t anything that goes on here that I’m not aware of. Maybe not at the time it’s happening, but very shortly afterward. So don’t try to tell me that you are Little Miss Prim and Proper! Your reputation precedes you, my dear!

“It’s that very reputation as well as your disobedience and disregard for the rules here, that has brought you to my office tonight. You see, you like to tease and taunt the males of this school – both the students and some of the faculty – and you think it’s all fun and games. So let’s see how much fun it is when your bluff is called shall we?”

My words combined with my rubbing her pussy through her panties were beginning to wear on her. I had this girl figured out right from the start. She was a cocktease all right but she also had an Achilles heel… she’d had time over the past few days to think about and probably dream about what would happen today. 

And being a young, pretty, sex-driven girl, those thoughts and dreams invariably turned erotic. It wouldn’t have surprised me if she told me she masturbated to the idea of sex with me that day. I didn’t know if she had or not, of course, but that didn’t matter, she was quickly getting turned on by my domination of her and her own lustful imagination.

It was time to turn up the heat and see if I could get this young pussy simmering. 

“I’ll bet you have been wondering what was going to happen here today, haven’t you? I’ll bet all sorts of things came to mind about what we would do, right? Have you been having sexy dirty thoughts about being with me today, Kim? Have you been fantasizing about me?” I said in a low sexy voice as I rubbed her dampening pussy. 

“I… I…”

“You have, haven’t you! You have been fantasizing about me, wondering what I would do to you wondering if I would… fuck you. Well, I am going to fuck you, Kim… I am going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. 

“I am going to open that cockteasing little pussy of yours so wide you will think you are being ripped in half! I am going to fuck you so deep and so hard you will be begging me to stop… or to make you cum. Would you like to cum my little slut? Would you like to see how hard I can make you cum?”

“Oh, God…” she moaned her response.

“Let me tell you a little secret… I have a policy that I go by. A rule of my own that I always follow. Would you like to know what that rule is, Kim”

“Please… oh, please…”

“My rule is that when I am with a woman, especially a beautiful woman like you, I don’t stop fucking them until they can’t walk away. If you get up and can make it to that door right over there, we aren’t done fucking!”

I didn’t need to hear her “Oh, God, Mr. Longfellow!” or the pleading whimpering sound of her voice as she spoke… the sudden gush as the wet spot in her panties doubled in size told me all I needed to know! 

“Now, Kim, are you going to be a good girl and do as you are told? Are you going to cooperate and follow my directions or do we just stop right here and you go home still wondering what it would be like to be on the receiving end of a fucking like I described? 

“Maybe you could ask Heather after Friday. Or you could ask Holly about her time with me. It would be a shame just hearing about it though…

“No! No, please, Mr. Longfellow! I’ll be good! I’ll do whatever you want! Please, Mr. Longfellow, give me another chance! Please!”

I could tell by her expression and the passion with which she implored me that she was being sincere. Since I was just as horny as she was (although I didn’t admit it or let on that I was!), I decided to give her another chance… I mean, weren’t we there to have sex? That was the original arrangement after all!

“All right then Kim, how about those panties now?”

“Yes, Sir.” This time there was no hesitation, no backtalk, or negotiating. She simply did as she was told right away. She pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. I held my hand out and she placed the soiled underthings in my hand. I put them to my nose and drew a deep breath. I saw her knees wobble as I did.

“I always love the smell of an aroused woman… such a wonderful, exotic scent. You smell delicious, my dear!”

I noticed that the term “delicious” seemed to have an especially strong reaction in her. So I pressed her on it a bit. 

“Tell me, Kim do you taste as scrumptious as you smell?”

She was at a loss for words so she just stood there, trembling. And I knew it wasn’t cold in the room! 

I had cleared my desk off before Kim arrived just like I did with Holly. Only now I was going to use the top! “Okay Kim, up on the desk. Lay on your back… I’m sure you know the position.”

She climbed up on the desk and lay down. My desk is a massive imposing one – by design. I find a large stately desk to be an intimidating feature and I had a large enough office to pull it off. 

With a six-foot width and thirty-nine-inch front-to-back depth, it was plenty big enough for an errant young girl to lay on. While that wasn’t the reason for getting such a big desk, it was a nice bonus!

I walked slowly around Kim looking at her and taking my time. She watched me as well… lying on my desk, her tension and excitement were palpable. When I got to her legs, she still had them together, her legs hanging off the end of the desk from her knees down. 

I took her knees and spread them suddenly, causing her to gasp loudly. Then I lifted each foot and put it on the end of the desk so her knees were up and her legs spread wide. I looked down getting my first really good look at Kim’s pussy and I was surprised and pleased to see that she was shaved.

“Why Kim, you shave your pussy?”

“Yeah, all of us do, I think. At least Heather and I do – I’m not sure about Holly. It’s a turn-on for the boys and makes me feel sexy too. Do you… do you like it?”

“I like it very much, Kim.” And it was true, Kim had a very nice pussy… tucked in nice and tight with only the very edge of her lips peeking out a little and that was probably because she was so turned on. There was also a glint of moisture on those lips which confirmed what I thought – this peach was ripe for the eating!

As tempting as it was to just plunge in and begin trying to chew my way through her sweet pussy, I refrained wanting instead to get her even more “tenderized”.

You see I had this girls’ number right from the start. I’d seen her kind before many times. She had come into this bargain thinking that because she had the pussy, she made the rules. And for the most part, she had been right with everyone else that she had “granted her favors” to. 

In this day of PC and women empowerment and all that, women were getting to the point where men were almost afraid of them – afraid to talk to them, afraid to interact with them for fear of a lawsuit or being branded as some kind of sexist or womanhater/womanizer.

But I was a different breed than what she was used to. I didn’t give two shits about being PC or not. And I talked to women like I would talk to anyone else. Okay, maybe I held back the cussing and foul language a bit. But I didn’t dance around touchy subjects. I was polite, but I was clear in what I said and meant.

So when “Little Miss Attitude” started her I’m-in-charge-here act, I quickly shut her down. And now the girl who would be queen was lying naked and exposed, waiting for me to vanquish and conquer her.

Actually, she wasn’t much of a fight, truth be told. Kim tried to act tough, but she was, in reality, a latent and undeveloped submissive. She secretly wanted to be dominated, but because of her current “standing” or the mindset she had been programmed with, she resisted. 

She would have to be taken… dominated in such a way that she comes to realize that this was what she was looking for all along. Such types are called “brats” or “brat submissives” in BDSM circles. I wasn’t really a part of that world – not to a big extent, at least – but I did know a little bit about it.

And to a degree, I had already begun with her. By giving her a choice of playing ball with me or not graduating and struggling the rest of her life, I had put her in a position she pretty much had to submit to me… to refuse meant a lot more suffering than she was willing to go through.

I let my finger slowly run up and down the insides of this young girl’s creamy thighs. Lazily, carelessly, I trailed my fingers over her smooth velvet-soft skin feeling little trembles of eagerness as I get closer to her core. 

But with each pass, I avoided the most sensitive of places, although I did come perilously close and she drew in a sudden breath each time as if it might be the last she gets in a while.

Finally, after five or six of these false passes, Kim had had enough. “Please Mr. Longfellow, if you are going to do something just do it, please! I can’t take all this teasing! Please!” she whined.

“What is it you want me to do, Kim? What do you want? Tell me.”

“Use your mouth… you know… down there. Isn’t that what you were going to do?”

“No, Kim, I want you to tell me. Tell me what you want me to do.” I repeated.

“I-I don’t understand…”

I stood up and moved over her like an owl swooping down on a helpless mouse. I grabbed her by the throat, pinning her to the desk and squeezing hard enough to make it hard, but not impossible, to breathe.

“Don’t play games with me, slut! You go around teasing the boys all day long, shaking that ass, and flaunting those tits. Don’t tell me you don’t know what to say. Now, what do you want from me? Tell me, dammit, tell me NOW!” I yelled at her. 

“Please Mr. Longfellow! Please eat my pussy! Please! Oh God, please! Holly told me what you did for her, please eat me like that please!” she pleaded, quite emphatically.

“So Holly told you about me? What did she say?”

“She said that you made her cum so hard… that you were amazing, and that she’d never felt anything like it before! Please Mr. Longfellow, please show me what you did to Holly! Please…”

“She did cum hard…it took her a few minutes to recover. It was a shame that something came up and we weren’t able to finish. But there’s time for that. Right now, it’s our time together. And you can start by calling me James instead of Mr. Longfellow. Or better yet, call me Sir. It’s high time you girls learned a little respect!” I said.

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“That’s better. Now let’s see what we can do for that wet and very hungry little pussy shall we?”

I lowered myself down closer to her steaming hole and inhaled her scent deeply. I used my elbows to prop her legs wide open and my fingers pulled apart the thick pink lips of her pussy. 

She was indeed very wet – I could see the woman honey dripping from her walls like an overfilled honeycomb. With one long, slow lick I began and Kim’s moan started as soon as I did.

“Ohhh, Gaaawd!”

I licked around the edges of her pussy just at the entrance to her fuckhole. The tip of my tongue flicked over her clit when I came to the top and then I went down the other side. 

I could feel her squirming already – apparently what Holly had told her the other day had been brewing in her mind and she was already very turned on even before we began! With the first couple of licks, she was shooting towards the heavens!

After my first taste of Kim’s sweet pussy, I started eating her out in earnest. My tongue plunged deep into her honeypot and began scooping up her delicious sauce. Kim responded instantly, squealing as she bucked and pitched, trying vainly to throw me off. 

But I wasn’t going anywhere and her writhing and squirming only convinced me I was hitting the right spots. And so I continued doing what I was doing, my tongue snaking and wriggling around deep inside Kim’s warm depths as it searched for every sweet droplet it could find.

I looked up from between her spread and quivering thighs from time to time to see how she was doing. The girl was beside herself, scratching and clawing at the desk to try and find some way to lessen her torment. 

When that didn’t work, she added to it, clawing at her tits and pulling at her nipples – I can only guess to distract her from what I was doing to her pussy. But that didn’t work either… it only managed to send more pleasure signals to her already overloaded mind. 

“Oh fuck! Oh God, yes! Oooh, right there… lick me right there! Oh Sir, yes! Yes!” she moaned, her head thrashing to and fro and sending her blond hair flying in a white tornado. 

With a lot more to do and precious little time to get it done, I had to rush this first stage a bit more than I would have liked to. Normally, I love eating pussy and I can spend hours leisurely licking and lapping and bringing my intended off multiple times before I tire. 

But I didn’t have the benefit of that kind of indulgence. Regretfully, I would have to make short work of this stage of the game. But I didn’t want to deprive Kim of what she had obviously looked forward to. So I concentrated on getting her to the edge of her cliff and pushing her off – albeit, in an expedited manner.

As I licked and lapped her drooling slit furiously, my tongue plunged in and out of her fuckhole and she went mad as it did. I remembered how Holly acted when I rubbed and played with her asshole and I wondered if Kim would react the same. 

So while I was busily munching on her box, my hand slipped down and I began rubbing lightly across the little brown star. 

Sure enough, I heard Kim gasp and buck her hips up at my first touch then grind back down onto my thumb, trying to drive it into her. So much for that question! 

With that knowledge secured, it was time for my final assault on this young girl’s pussy (at least orally!) I was going to really give it to her too. 

Using my mouth to suck on her hard button clit, I shoved two fingers deep into her pussy palm up and curled up behind her pubic bone to access that infamous place on a woman called the g-spot. 

I fingerfucked her rapidly, rubbing that spongy pad while the finger of my other hand went lower and pushed into her eager asshole.

The combination of clit, pussy, and asshole stimulation was deadly to Kim and I had only started when I heard the inevitable.

“Oh fuck Sir! Oh, I’m cumming! I’m cumming, Sir… Oh FUUUCKKKMEEE!” 

The orgasm that I ripped from her would go down in her diary as one of the all-time great orgasms of her life. I swear she lifted clear off the table like Linda Blair’s character in The Exorcist. Only she didn’t spit up pea soup, instead, she spewed out her juices like a broken faucet. 

Instantly my face and my shirt were drenched and there was girl water all over the desk and the floor below. I didn’t mind, I had cleared my desk of any paperwork, knowing something like this might happen, and the school janitor could clean up to puddles easily. My shirt could be easily washed… I just enjoyed the forcefulness with which she came!

Her back bowed like the St. Louis Arch and she stayed like that, frozen in a seizure-like pose, trembling and quaking from the strain. She collapsed back onto the table, panting and writhing as the orgasm worked through her. 

Finally, the orgasm had done its work and left her sweaty and dripping her juices from her as she gulped down great mouthfuls of air.

I stood up, admiring the sight of this beautiful woman in the glow of her orgasm. Kim was really a very lovely young girl – all three of the Bad Girls were, which explains a lot of the power they held over the male populace here at F.H. It wasn’t hard to figure out why these three got away with what they did, both in school and outside the educational system.

However, I was paid and paid well, to run this school according to the rules and bylaws of the school district and State. I needed to remain immune and above this kind of distraction. 

And so, as beautiful as this young hottie was, I had a job to do. I had to make this naughty little tramp learn to toe the line. What’s more, I needed to make her want to toe the line. And the only thing that interests a hot-to-trot cockteasing slut like Kim is sex. Which is why she was here.

I gave her just enough time for her breathing to slow a bit before I started up with her again. As she was resting and recovering I moved to where she could easily see me and got undressed. I took off everything save my boxers then moved around to her head. 

I pulled her towards me until her head dropped over the edge of the desk. There, with her head upside down, I dropped my boxers, showing her for the first time why my name is Longfellow!

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