The Baby Sitter

This is all fiction, this story is about a teen baby sitter, and the family she sits for.

“Hi Mrs Harris,” Elle called as she let herself in.


“Hi Elle. Keep an eye on the boys. And call me Jean, for the thousandth time.”

Elle had been babysitting for the Harris’ for 6 months on date nights. She had become almost part of the family — on her sixteenth they had even taken her out for a swanky meal.

Elle gathered the two boys into the kitchen, kept them busy, and organised their meal, and something for herself. Being the eldest of six, Elle could not remember a time she was not being a surrogate Mum.

Jean came into the kitchen, in a bathrobe.

“I don’t know how you cope so easily, how I could manage without you.”

Elle smiled — a pretty girl, long blonde hair, a slim frame, but very ‘booby’, in her uniform straight from school.

“Could I take a quick shower? I came straight here.”

“Yes, use the ensuite, and don’t clean it. David will shower when he finally gets home.”

Elle kicked of her shoes, and bounced up the stairs. Jean watched her two boys eating happily for a moment and followed Elle upstairs.

Jean heard the shower start, and finished drying herself. Elle had left the door to the ensuite half open, and Jean found herself staring at glimpses of the teenager through the frosted shower door. Jean tore herself away from the erotic show, crossing the room to select underwear. The shower stopped; Jean crossed the room and froze. Elle was standing outside the shower, naked, towelling her hair.

Jean felt entranced, rooted to the spot, Elle turned and smiled, unconcerned by her nakedness. She knew Jean loved to watch her shower, and wondered if today would be any different.

Jean felt drawn as never before to approach Elle, to marvel at her flawless pale skin, the perfect swell of her impressive breasts, and today she also noticed her perfectly smooth pubic area. Jean felt her feet moving, inevitably into the ensuite.

“Could you dry my back?”

Elle turned her back, held her towel beside her, and allowed Jean to begin to dry her. After a short while Elle turned around, hands on her hips.

“Do you think they are starting to sag?”

Jean stared and shook her head. At 34DD they defied gravity, topped by small pink nipples.

Jean finally gave in to her pent up lust, after weeks of watching and fantasizing, held out her hands and cupped one full breast in each hand. The skin felt tight, firm, perfect. She leant forward and took a nipple in her mouth, kissing and suckling.

Elle pulled her close, and Jean felt a hand slide into the top of her knickers, fingers brushing through her pubes, and cupping her mound. A finger found her already wet with excitement, thrilling at the encounter, so long a fantasy. Elle steered Jean and pushed her out and back onto the bed, dropped to her knees, and began kissing up the insides of Jean’s thighs. Jean spread her legs wide, grabbed her own small tits, and moaned.

Elle reached the soaking gusset of Jean’s knickers, and pulled the black lace to one side, her tongue, surprisingly experienced, found her clit and began to thrill in the way David never managed. It took just a few minutes for the orgasm to build, Elle controlling the pace, faster and slower, harder and softer. Jean moaned, grasping her tits, pinching nipples, urging Elle on, willing herself to cum. Elle delaying the exquisite release until a sudden hard and fast assault with her tongue and fingers brought Jean shuddering to a climax.

“Hi Honey, I’m home.”

Elle broke away, back into the ensuite. Jean got unsteadily to her feet, wrapped the dressing gown and went downstairs to greet David.

“Sorry I’m late, quick shower, and I’ll be ready.”

“Elle is in the ensuite, she asked if she could shower.”

“No worries. Make sure the boys are fed.”

David made his way upstairs, two at a time. In the bedroom, he stripped out of his work clothes, the ensuite door firmly closed. He knocked gently on the door, and Elle pushed it open, still naked, walked past him, and laid back on the bed, legs raised where Jean had been moments before. David felt his cock already hard. He knew how sweet Elle tasted, how tight her pussy is, ever since driving her home after her birthday.

“God, you are soaking. Have you been thinking about me?”

He pressed two fingers inside, marvelling at how ready she felt. He climbed onto her and felt his cock being guided inside. In a single thrust he felt himself completely covered by her hot, wet, tight, pussy. Her hands held him close, legs wrapped around him, urging him, whispering.

“Quick, quick, hurry up, Mrs Harris is downstairs, quick I need you, cum for me.”

David needed no urging. He began to thrust fast and hard, amazed how wet and ready she felt. Elle was always keen, always enjoyed their brief moments, but this was so much more. Elle bucked her hips to meet him, matching his speed, both urgent to climax and cum, Elle struggled to stay silent. David lifted himself up on straight arms, enjoying the sight of Elle; he loved to watch her breasts shake and surge with her body. Already he could feel his balls tingle, the surge of spunk beginning to build, his head almost dizzy with the feelings.

He fucked harder and faster, felt Elle’s pussy convulse and clench his cock, her nipples hardening, her flesh blotchy and red. His cock exploded, cum pulsing into her.

“Elle, give me a hand when you’re ready.”

David snapped into reality, and made for the ensuite.

Elle pulled on her knickers, and in a dressing gown composed herself walking downstairs. Cum pooling in her gusset felt naughty and thrilled her. ‘It would be so much simpler if they just talked to each other about me.’ She thought as she entered the kitchen.

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